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Portfolio 5

Portfolio 5 Assignment
Karina Solovieva
College of Southern Nevada

Portfolio 5
Jonathan, is a tenth-grade student who has multiple disabilities. His disabilities include
metal disability, spastic quadriplegia and seizure disorder. Due to his condition, Jonathan,
requires special care at all times by a trained nurse. His parents would like him to attend a school
in a progressive school district. Debbie Young, the principal in this school district is refusing the
request. Young is refusing his placement in one of the schools because it is extremely expensive
and she does not believe this is appropriate placement for Jonathan. Is Young making the right
In, Board of Ed. of Hendrick Hudson Central School District v. Rowley, we can see both
sides of the case. Amy Rowley, who has been death from birth, successfully finished
kindergarten with the assistance of a hearing aid. Afterwards, she also received services from a
tutor and speech therapist. Once the time came to renew her IEP, her parents also wanted the
school to provide a language interpreter. The U.S. District Court agreed that Amy should receive
assistance from a language interpreter so she is able to achieve her full potential. Unhappy with
the ruling, Hendricks Hudson Central School District filed for an appeal to the U.S. Courts of
Appeals for the Second Circuit, which was ultimately denied. Taking further action the district
filed with the U.S. Supreme Court. Where the decision of the U.S. District Court was overruled
because they believed Amy was already received appropriate assistance. (Hendrick Hudson Dist.
Bd. of Ed. v. Rowley, 458 US 176)
Looking at, Cedar Rapids Independent School District v. Garret F., we could see a
different outcome. A quadriplegic student requires a nursing service at all times. The students
parents provided this service until fifth grade, then they wanted the school to provide this
service. The school district refused. Under the IDEA the school required to provide this service
because the district court ruled this is a related service. (Underwood, 2006, p. 154)

Portfolio 5
In our book it states while the courts have supported parents in their attempts to secure
an appropriate education and expand services for their children with disabilities, they tend to
accept the most reasonable program rather than to require the best possible program
(Underwood, 2006, p. 144). In other words, the schools have to provide minimal services for
them to be successful in their academic goals. I believe due to this Youngs decision is
defensible. Not looking at cost, Young believes this is not the right placement for Jonathan,
meaning he needs someone who could give him the time and attention he requires. Which he
could possibly not get at this school, resulting in depriving him of his education.

Portfolio 5
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