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Update for June 2010

School Improvement Grant (SIG) – Summer Bridge/Transition and Intervention Programs

at Select QEIA Schools: Congratulations to QEIA Schools on receiving the School
Improvement Grant awards. The Beyond the Bell staff will continue to provide support to
schools with the implementation of the Bridge/Transition and Intervention Programs.

Elementary and Secondary Intervention Statistical Reports: English Language Acquisition

Program (ELAP), CAHSEE Intensive Instruction Program (CIIP) and Intersession Programs
should be completed by June 4, 2010. Statistical reports must be submitted to the Local District
Office no later Friday, June 11, in order to recapture state funding.

Elementary Intervention Student Information Services (ESIS):

• Local Design Intervention Programs - Schools that are
funding a local design intervention program before/after school
or beyond the school year, i.e. summer program must continue
to enter student intervention services in ESIS, Screen 26-
Option 10. Use program code, L- locally designed programs
funded and paid by school site funds and reason code 2 or 3.
Attendance taking procedures remain the same and finals hours
must be entered in ESIS to document student participation.
Generate Statistical and Exception reports for each program 5
days after the end of the session and send copies to the Local
District Office.
• Retentions - Although the Standards-Based Promotion Policy
is suspended for this year, schools may handle retention on an
individual basis. It is essential that schools enter retention
information for retained students in ESIS, Screen 4:
o Field 144 Retention Grade
o Field 145 Retained Date
o Field 289 Retained Type:
o REG - if student in grades K-5/6 is retained based on recommendation of
administrator/parent and a parent signature has been obtained.
• Extended School Year Program (ESY) Elementary - Each elementary sending site
was responsible for entering Summer ESY student information in ESIS by May 21,
2010. The following information should have been entered in Screen 26, Option 10
Summer Screen, for students that returned an application to attend ESY: grade, parent
confirmation, intervention program, reason code, subject, start and end dates,
intervention location and attendance location. Be sure the following fields and codes
are entered for the ESY program:
o Field 801 – Enter Y for all students attending ESY
o Field 802 – Enter Y for students who qualify and
need transportation. If this field is omitted, students
will not be scheduled to receive transportation.
o Program - Enter A for ESY
o Reason - Enter reason code 6 for ESY
Call the Special Education Support Unit for your school if you need additional information.
2010 – 2011 Summer School – Summer School programs are tentative and may be impacted by
state and district budget reductions:
•2010-11 Summer School is cancelled for elementary and middle schools.
• Senior high schools on the “traditional” calendar will provide a 6-week Summer Credit
Recovery Program for a total of 120 hours from Wednesday, July 7 – Tuesday, August
17, 2010. Student hours are 8:00 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.
• Senior high schools on the “early start” or “balanced” calendar will provide a 4-week Summer
Credit Recovery Program for a total of 120 hours from Wednesday, July 7 – Tuesday, August 3,
2010. Student hours are 8:00 a.m. – 2:35 p.m.
• The Extended School Year Programs will provide a 4-week program for a total 80
hours from Wednesday, July 7- Tuesday, August 3, 2010 for eligible special education students
based on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Student hours are 8:30 a.m. – 12:50 p.m. on
elementary sites and 8:00 a.m.-12:20 p.m. on high school sites and special education centers.
• Online/Virtual Summer School is available for the first time this summer. Students
will be able to take selected District designed courses through the internet from home
or other remote locations. 12 courses will be offered this summer: English 9 A/B,
English 10 A/B, Algebra 1 A/B, Geometry A/B, World History A/B, and US History
A/B. Interested students may enroll with their regular school counselor. The online
program may be the first large-scale effort by a large urban school district to offer
this kind of program on a system-wide scale. For more information, please contact
Dr. Edward Trimis, 213-745-1100.

Recent Changes
• Central High School #9 in
Local District 4 will not be hosting a Credit Recovery Program this summer.
Students will have access to the Summer Credit Recovery Program at neighboring
sites including Belmont Senior High, Contreras Learning Center,and Roybal Learning
• Maywood Academy High will have a 4-week Summer Credit Recovery Program
due to calendar change.

Pre-Planning for Summer Credit Recovery Program: Pre-planning is important to ensure

that all eligible continuing students for the Summer Credit Recovery Program have registered for
summer school. Student Registration Day for Summer School should be moved up to June 17
and June 18, 2010 to accommodate the shortened school year. Continuing students must
complete the registration process by June 18, 2010. Instruction shall begin on the first day of
summer school, July 7, 2010. The following steps will support schools in completing the
registration process prior to June 18, 2010:
1. Inform students, parents and community through newsletters, phone calls
and parent meetings that the senior high schools are now accepting
summer school applications.
2. Conduct public announcements during advisory to inform eligible students
about the Summer School registration time period and process.
3. Encourage students to meet with their counselors to discuss A-G
requirements and program needs.
4. Send home parent notification/summer school application to eligible
students who have failed or received a D in a core subject(s).
5. Follow-up with students about parent notification/application letters prior
to June 18, 2010.
6. Program students in the appropriate credit recovery course(s) to avoid
changes in July.
7. Staff summer school credit recovery classes based on registration data and
summer school norms.
8. Senior high schools must prepare two “Pre-enrollment Summer School
Classification Reports” including AT74 and CL76 by teacher within
department (R-2) during the pre-planning period.
9. The classification reports are due on June 4, 2010 and June 18, 2010 to the
Local District office.

Time Reporting for Pre-planning/Organization/Pre-Registration: Payroll time reporting for

preplanning must be completed prior to June 18, 2010.
• High School summer administrators or registration advisors receive a total of 32
hours per summer school site.

Late Applications: The summer school application system is open to eligible certificated and
classified staff to file a “late” application electronically beginning Monday, April 26, 2010.
Summer School applications filed after April 9th are forwarded to the District Summer School
Pool. The Summer School Staffing Pool will be available on May 27, 2010. Summer School
applications are on-line at

Memoranda for Summer School/Intersession: The Summer School/Intersession

memorandum has been updated and is available at INSIDE LAUSD and the Beyond the Bell
• Memorandum MEM- 5043.1, 2010-2011 Summer School/Intersession dated April
26, 2010.

Summer Playgrounds/Youth Services: Due to budgetary challenges, the Youth Services

permissive Extended Summer Program will not be in operation this summer.

Summer Enrichment Programs: The Beyond the Bell Branch will operate Summer
Enrichment Programs at 150 traditional calendar elementary and middle schools during the 2010
summer vacation period. The programs, funded under the State’s “After School Education and
Safety Program” – (“ASES”) will provide daily activities Monday through Friday. Each
program will include 3 components—academic, enrichment and fitness. Activities will vary
from school to school and may include but are not limited to, drum-line, multi-media production,
computer technology, hands-on science, drama, arts and crafts, language arts games, math games
and a full array of traditional playground games. Programs will be operated by Beyond the Bell
Branch employees who work for LA’s BEST, Ready-Set-Go, Youth Development Program
(YDP), and YS-PLUS programs during the school year. All programs will operate at a 20:1
student to instructor ratio. Additionally, the Los Angeles Unified School District – Food
Services Branch is currently coordinating community meal programs at many of the schools
which will host the Summer Enrichment Programs. School selections, program dates, and hours
of operation are still being determined. More information will be provided at a later date and
will be posted on the Beyond the Bell Branch website.

Beyond the Bell Website: Beyond The Bell has its own website where you can access
bulletins, memoranda, reference guide and attendance accounting forms/materials that pertain to
intervention programs and summer school. The address is