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(On 6th & 8th April 2013)

Department Of Electrical Engineering,
B. H. Gardi College of Engineering, Rajkot
The department of Electrical Engineering, B. H. Gardi College of Engineering, Rajkot
organized educational/Industrial visit to 132kV Transmission Substation on 6th and 8th of
April, 2013 for 4th Semester E and R division Electrical Engineering students. Visit was
organized as per GTU university guidelines and recommendations regarding syllabus of
Electrical Power 4th Electrical Engineering.
Visit was organized with the prior permission and guidance of Honorable Principal
Prof. S. B. Jadeja. It was supported by HOD Prof. A. D. Ved Class coordinator of 4th Electrical
Prof. Shilpa K. Patel and Rakesh Vasani along with Prof. Dilip Moyal accompany & guide the
students during visit. Total 71 students of Electrical E-Div. and 51 Students of Electrical RDiv. visited the transmission substation.
Visit started with welcome address by Executive Engineer Mr. N. M. B Sir. He gave
brief introduction about substation and its working. He also explains Single Line Diagram
(SLD) of substation & also introduces other engineers and technical staff to student.
All Students First visited Switch Yard along with Executive Engineer Mr. N. M. B Sir.
On yard they saw various substation equipments. Working principal and application of
each equipment was explained by Sir. Students also raise various questions which were
answered by Sir. After the Switch Yard Students divided into two groups to visit the Control
Room. One by one students group visited Control Room and Battery Room. In control room,
they saw various control panels, relays and also got an idea regarding control of substation.
Sir also explained application of computers and softwares for controlling substation. They
also visited battery room which was heart of any substation. Details regarding maintenance
of batteries were shared with students. Working principle and application of PLCC was also
The main points discussed during visit to transmission substation are:
1. Working of High Voltage Transmission Substation.
2. Details of Various Substation equipments (Working principle and application).
3. Details of different Control Room Equipment are used in substation.
4. Various Protection Schemes and equipments used for Transmission substation.
5. Application of Computers and softwares for better operation and control of substation.

Various Substation Equipments: 1. Lightening Arrestor

2. Coupling Capacitor
3. Bus bar
4. Wave Trap
5. Insulator
6. Circuit Breaker
7. Isolator
8. Current Transformer
9. Voltage Transformer
10. Protective relay
11. Transformer & Transformer Protection
12. Metering CT and PT
13. Control Panel, Battery Room & PLCC Control Panel
At last some students also shared their experiences during visit. They also thank
Department and Substation staff for organizing such an informative visit. Educational visit
to 132kV Transmission substation organized by Department of Electrical Engineering was
very informative. The substation, we visited is one of Rajkot major Transmission
substation. The guiding staff both college staff as well as Substation staff was very
supportive to all students. We hope that this visit will help us in our future practical life and
bring a positive change in our thinking and practical behavior regarding Education and
specially Engineering.
Prepare By: Assistant Professor
Dilip Moyal
Department of Electrical Engineering
B. H. Gardi College of Engineering, Rajkot