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Brains, Beauty and an Amazing RACK

What do you get when you combine incredible talent, extreme beauty, and
amazing intelligence? The RACK STARZ! These are athletes who possess amazing
attributes destined to tame the savage beast or at least save him. Rack Starz
is a group of brilliant and beautiful women poised to reinvent the game of pool,
bring it into the mainstream and create a sensation that will captivate the
country and the world.
In 2011 the game of pool is coming out of the smoke-filled back room and into
the limelight. Lying ahead is a once in-a-life-time opportunity to capitalize on
the potential of an extraordinary revolution so incredible and dynamic, you
wont want to miss it! The women of Rack Starz are the hottest thing to happen
to pool since, well ... Nothing!
Jackie Gleason got your attention; Paul Newman and Tom Cruise made pool
cool, but the Rack Starz are poised to make pool bigger than the WWF and
larger than life. The astounding Licensing, Reality Television, and International
Marketing opportunities will make this a Brand recognized around the World.
There is nothing hotter than a sexy woman bending over a pool table to take a
shot, but the women of Rack Starz crank up the temperature to a steady boil.
When the players are also well-educated and conscientious, you have a winning
and marketable combination and contradiction that no one will be able to get
enough of.
With the recent surge of interest in pool, girls and young women are taking up
the sport in record numbers, making televised womens billiards more popular
than mens. The women of Rack Starz are perfectly positioned to create a viral
phenomenon and frenzy that people will be desperate to be a part of.
The Rack Starz are a diverse group of beautiful, educated women from all over
the World brought together by their passion for the game of pool. Men love the
women of Rack Starz, women idolize them, and no one can get enough of them!
These athletes are already being sought out for television and personal
appearances, and are quickly becoming a household name. They have created an
insatiable desire for more with their "Shoot to Thrill, Play to Kill" approach.
The women of Rack Starz came together because of their love of the game and
take everything they do very seriously. They all share a no-nonsense, take no
prisoners attitude and they want the world to know it. These extremely
talented ladies are quickly becoming the Rock Stars of the billiards world and
are truly a dominant force to be reckoned with.

The Rack Starz

Supadra Geronimo
Miss January
Supadra was born in Lopburi, Thailand, a small town
whose claim to fame are the free-range monkeys who live
there and are feted annually by the townspeople at the
Monkey Banquet. She credits her family - her mother
and grandmother who are tough as nails yet kind as
saints, her father, a happy go lucky, brilliant lawyer
for building her character, and her older brother for
showing her how to use charm to succeed in life! Her
athletic inspiration is tennis champ Roger Federer.
In addition to pool, Supadra enjoys playing both tennis
and golf, and visiting the Florida Keys and Kauai, her other favorite places in the
world. Through her involvement in the Rack Starz, she would love to change the
sometimes negative perceptions about pool and help the sport become more
accepted and appreciated.
Amsterdam Straight Pool League Winner
Amsterdam 8 Ball League Winner
Amsterdam 9 Ball League Winner
Amsterdam Team 9 ball League Winner
Tri state Invitational Tournament Scotchdoubles Winner
Tri state 9 Ball Tournament Winner
BCA Nationals Team Master 8 ball Winner
WPBA Qualifier Tournament Winner
2009 Player representative to WPBA from Northeast
Ranked 38 in WPBA at the end of 2009.
Nickname: The Chief
Dream dinner date: Paul Newman, the all-time
handsome man who could shoot pool, or Daniel Craig I want to get the best of James Bond just once!

Olga Gashkova
Miss February
Olga grew up in Odessa, Ukraine, where she was taught to
play pool by her father at age six. A competitive gymnast
throughout her youth, Olga honed her pool skills playing at
a local bar. The owner took away the pool cues to
discourage the girls from playing, but that didn't stop
them. As Olga explains, We used old broom handles
instead, so that is where I developed my technique!
Aside from pool, Olga is passionate about animal rights and
has worked as an actress, model, cosmetologist and
masseuse. She is a graduate of the
New York Film Academy and is
fluent in Russian, English and
Ukrainian, making her a fitting
international ambassador for the

APA 8 ball National Team 2006

APA 8 ball classic Singles 2008
APA 8 ball classic
National Singles 2009
APA 8 ball classic National Singles FINALIST
BCA National 8 ball Championship Women's
Team Open
World Leisure Cup Trickshot 1st place 2010 ,
ChunCheon Korea
Ukrainian Championship , 10 ball 1st place,
Kiev Ukraine 2010

Nickname: OG or Barefoot
Personal motto: Everything happens for a
reason! Positive energy! Smile!

Borana Andoni
Miss March
Borana is an up and coming player who is capturing
the attention of billiard fans throughout the world
for many reasons. In addition to her budding
competitive career, Borana is also featured in the
"Kiss of Death" web series which created a rabid fan
base for the team, and just completed her first
acting role in a movie coming out on
Borana, originally from Albania, attended music
school all of her life, studying piano for 12 years and
violin for 4 years. She moved to New York in 2009,
graduating from Fordham University with a
in Finance and a minor in
Mathematics. She is now pursuing her
Masters in Statistics.
Only in the sport since 2006, Borana
has racked up some impressive wins.
In the past two years, she has
competed successfully in the BCAPL
Open 8-ball National Championship (with her team Kiss of Death), three TriState tour co-ed events and at the World Mixed
Doubles in Manila where she and partner Mika
Immonen placed fourth overall. Currently, she is
ranked in the top 5 in the North East Women's
tour and second highest female in the Predator 9
ball tour.

Nickname: Queen Bee or Killer Bee

Favorite quote: Be careful what you wish for you just might get it!

Yomaylin Feliz
Miss April

Yomaylin, a native of the Dominican Republic,

is a self-proclaimed science geek who majored
in journalism and computer graphics in
Always athletic, Yomaylin always
enjoyed sports and played soccer as a girl.
Yomaylin learned to play pool by
with the guys in college and
parents - who oppose her playing
it a waste of time - for showing
fight for what she wants in life.

hanging out
credits her
pool calling
her how to

Yomaylin is a creative soul who goes out into the world each day wondering what
new things the world will present. She doesn't know what makes her different,
but doesn't want to be defined by what she does.
"I just am. I don't label, I don't define, I don't describe, I don't analyze. I live
thinking that the choices I make are mine and that they are not right or wrong
but just a way of living. What I do, "model"; "play pool"; "get along with
everyone"; does not make who I am but just what I do. I want to understand my
journey in this life and what I want does not affect the person I am. I am fairly
motivated to kick some major ass in the pool world. Play like I am having fun
and learning as long as I can, and all I can."
Nickname: Smiley
Favorite place: 42nd Street and Times
Square. You can find anything there except
free parking!

Gail Glazebrook
Miss May
Gail is an anomaly a gorgeous All-American blond
with an IQ of 141! Formerly the Controller of a
billion dollar company in Manhattan, she quit to
pursue two businesses of her own: a tax accounting
firm and the National Amateur Pool League. This
CPA grew up in Miami, FL competing in softball and
skeet shooting as a kid. After graduating from the
University of Florida with a BA in Accounting, Gail
moved to New York City where she met her longtime coach and partner, the Silent Assassin
himself, Tony Robles, one of the top pool players
and instructors in the country.
In addition to competing, Gail is also deeply involved in many of New Yorks
billiard businesses. She works closely with the Predator 9-Ball Tour, is a writer
for PoolSynergy and also writes a blog
called Confessions of G Squared.
In 2009, her team Kiss of Death won
the BCAPL Womens Open Team
National Championship. This past year,
Gail herself became the 2010 BCAPL
Womens Open National Champion.

2010 BCAPL Women's Open Singles

National 8-ball Champion.
2009 BCAPL Women's Open Team National 8-ball Champion & Captain: Kiss of
2009 Predator 9-Ball Tour Female Player of the
2008 Predator 9-Ball Tour Female Player of the
2008 Tri-State Tour Invitational Runner Up.
2007 Tri-State Tour Female Player of the Year.

Nickname: Double G or G Squared

Favorite character: Scarlett OHara is my kindred
spirit with her determination to be victorious in the
face of adversity.

Neslihan Gurel
Miss June
A native of Ankara, Turkey, Neslihan Gurel
started her athletic career as a swimmer, taking
first place in the Ankara Swimming Championship
in 1995. She then tackled football and volleyball.
Neslihan is also a champion dart player, having
garnered over 30 cups from international and
local tournaments.
Neslihan started playing pool in 2002 and came to
New York in 2008 to learn more about the game
by observing the best players.
When she is not playing, she enjoys
spending time by herself and with
her Golden Retriever, Ma Cherie.
She is also majoring in fashion
design with a focus in shoes.
Neslihan hopes that Rack Starz will
garner enough media attention to
boost interest in pool as a televised
sport; in fact, she would like to see
a cable channel devoted only to
Nickname: Ness
Favorite quote: JUST BELIEVE!

Jennifer Barretta
Miss July
Since she first picked up a pool cue 12 years ago,
natural athlete and born competitor Jennifer has
become one of the top female 9-ball players in the
world. Originally a tennis player and fitness
competitor, Jennifer is no stranger to the pressure of
competing and winning. A one time AAU "Ms.
Philadelphia" fitness winner, she has seamlessly
translated her discipline and desire to win into the
world of professional pool.

By October 2003, Jennifer achieved the

prestigious "Touring Pro" status with the
Association, and in December 2004 she
defeated the #1 ranked player during an
ESPN televised match, ultimately finishing
the event in 3rd place, and securing her
ranking at #12 in the world.
Jennifer has been named to ESPNs "25 Sexiest Female Athletes list and was
also voted one of the top 16 Sexiest Female Athletes by In
November 2005, she was featured in a 4-page
article in Playboy Magazine. Numerous television
Scoreboard, "McEnroe, "The Best Damn Sports
Show, "One Life to Live," and an instructional
series on Comcast On Demand, have made Jennifer
one of the most marketable athletes on the
professional billiards scene.

9-Ball Movie Lead Actress

2006 Empress Cup Champion
2003 Chesapeake Area Tour POY
BCA Master's Team Champion
#12 World WPBA Rank 2004,2005,2006
Top 100 Sexiest Women - #31

Favorite movie:
The Shawshank Redemption
(watch it and youll know why).
Biggest inspiration: My son. I could accomplish
anything for him!

Alison Fischer
Miss August
This Wausau, Wisconsin native says her passion for
the sport of pool began at the age of 13, when she
practiced for countless hours on her parents
Brunswick Gold Crown, Illinois. She grew up in a
household of pool lovers, and had a natural knack
for the game. At age 15, she began playing in local
bar box 9-ball and 8-ball tournaments.
Alison graduated with a BA in Communications with
a Media & Technology emphasis from the University
of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. While in college, she
joined her first pool league, then joined an allfemale team on a mens BCA league in
2004. From there, she went on to play
on the Dr. Pool Native American Casino
Pool Tour and the Six Arrows Native
American Casino Tour. In 2008, Alison
relocated to New York where she found
her dream job as the editor and
photographer for the online pool
magazine Currently,
Alison plays on the Predator 9-ball Tour,
Tri-State Tour, J. Pechauer Northeast
Womens Tour, and the Amsterdam
Billiards 9-ball team league.

2nd Place: 2010 Wisconsin State BCA Women's

Masters Championships
1st Place: 2009 BCAPL National Women's Open
Team Championships
2nd Place: Amsterdam Billiards Team 9-ball
League Finals
2nd Place: 2008 National ACUI Women's
Collegiate 9-ball Championships
1st Place: 2008 Wisconsin State BCA Women's
Masters Team Championships
1st Place: 2008 ACUI Region 8 Collegiate
Women's 9-ball Championships

Nickname: The Quiet Storm

Favorite quote: Be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma

Caroline Pao
Miss September

Caroline was surrounded by pool growing up in New

Jersey and the Philippines. However, it wasnt until
late 90s that she got hooked on the game, intrigued
by the technical aspects and the strategy of the
game. Pool was just a hobby for this NYU graduate
who earned a Masters degree in Marketing and
entered the corporate world, but her heart was not
content with just work. Caroline joined leagues and
began competing at local tournaments and women
qualifiers to help enhance her competitiveness.
As Caroline started winning tournaments and
titles, as well as J. Pechauer Northeast Tour
(JPNEWT) Women Qualifiers, pool became more
of a passion. The turning point came in 2005
when she claimed the JPNEWT Player of the
Year and was invited to play on the Womens
Professional Billiards Association (WPBA) Tour
in 2006. She is currently ranked 28th on the
WPBA Tour. During her precious free time,
Caroline works on her business ventures,
Billiard Life, an apparel line for pool and
billiards, and Mezz USA, which distributes one
of the most reputable cue lines in Asia.

2009 Blaze Tour Female Player of the Year Runner

2008 WPBA San Diego Classics 9th Place Finish
2008 WPBA Ranked 28th in the world 2009
2008 National 8-Ball Masters Scotch Doubles
Runner Up
2008 Blaze Tour Female Player of the Year
2007 National 8-Ball Womens Open Runner Up
2007 National 8-Ball Womens Masters Team

Nickname: Capow!
Most interesting former job: Pastry chef at famed
restaurant The Fat Duck in England.

Emily Duddy
Miss October

Emily has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from

University of California at Santa Cruz that no doubt
helps her outwit her opponents in pool and at cards
(Poker, Blackjack and Gin). Emily was introduced to
the game of pool by her father and four uncles, who
taught her the value of hard work as well as how to
be competitive.
from California to
couldnt be happier
with her decision. There is new energy all
around, the electricity of the city is like magic,
and the constant intellectual and physical
stimulus is off the charts. Her love of good food
propelled her to work for Restaurant Associates,
the largest catering company in New York City,
where she is known as the pool player.
She hopes that Rack Starz will be able to change
the portrayal of pool on television and to expose
more women to the game.

Earning The Rookie of the Year Award on the

WPBA for 2010
Qualifying for the Women's Professional
Billiards Association through the WPBA
Regional Tour Championship in 2010
Winning the 2009 BCAPL National Women's
Open Team Championships with my team Kiss
of Death

Nickname: The Butterfly Effect

Favorite song: Piece of my Heart by Janis

Liz Ford
Miss November
Liz Ford is often described as fearless and full of
heart - both on and off the pool table. Born in
Newton, Massachusetts, she started playing pool
while a student at Reed College in Portland, Oregon,
where she earned a BA in Psychology.
Lizs talent, hard work and devotion to the game led
her to become the Northwest Regional Tour
Champion in 2000. She moved to New York with the
goal of becoming a professional pool player and
shortly thereafter became the number one ranked
amateur player in the Northeast U.S. She earned her
Touring Professional status with the WPBA (Womens Professional Billiards
Association) in 2005.
Taking her game to the next level, Liz
now competes regularly against top
male players in the Northwest US. In
her spare time shes a choir girl and
writer, and loves watching old movies,
including her favorite, Its a Wonderful
Life. Hey, its cheesy but it won a
bunch of Oscars!

2011 WPBA World Top 16 Player

TV appearances on ESPN and the Discovery
Represented the U.S. in four World Championships
High profiles match wins against some of the top
male pros, including Hall-of-Famer Earl Strickland!
2009 National Doubles Champion

Favorite song: Tom Pettys Free Fallin

Best asset: My brain - it never stops working!

Michele Li
Miss December
This analyst for a global finance company has been
shooting pool since she was 16 years old. She also
plays tennis and badminton and loved to swim as a
child. Her home town, New York City, is her
favorite place on earth, and she says Central Park
and FAO Schwartz were her stomping grounds
growing up.

At first Michele may seem shy and quiet, but dont be

fooled, Michele is a former street car racer with need
for speed and thrills! Racing against the guys, Michele
was obsessed with suped up cars, stick shifts and
high speed racing. That was, until billiards filled her
passion for competition.
When she is not competing, Michele enjoys
frequenting coffeehouses with good Java, bowling,
belly dancing and therapeutic baking and cooking.
Her pet peeve about the billiards world is the lack of standardization of rules
and people who dont respect the equipment in the pool rooms, and she hopes
Rack Starz will bring more attention to the game and increase the level of
professionalism involved.
Nickname: Shelly
Pool heroes: Willie Mosconi and Paul Gerni

Coming Soon ...

The Rack Starz plan on
achieving national and
global domination in a
big way! Look for:

Rack Starz New York

Rack Starz LA
Rack Starz Florida
RackStarz Europe
Rack Starz Asia
Bustin' Balls with the RackStarz, a Reality Show
Rack Starz Apparel
Rack Starz, the brand

...and so much more!

You can meet the Rack Starz at 35th BCAPL National 8-Ball Championship at
the Riviera Hotel & Cason in Vegas May 11-22, 2011.

Animals Behind the Eight-Ball

The women of Rack Starz came
together because of their love of pool.
They are major players in the
competitive pool arena, but they are
also major players when it comes to
raising money to a cause close to their
hearts. The founders of Rack Starz have
developed a project called Animals
Behind the Eight-Ball, working closely
organizations around the country that
support animal protection. A portion of
the proceeds from all Rack Starz
merchandise will be dedicated to
helping this well-deserved cause.

Behind the Rack Starz

Larry Busacca
Founding Partner
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Larry Busacca's images would fill
volumes. He has a unique and interesting way of looking at the world that is a
true gift, with an astounding ability to capture the essence of the individual not just how they look, but who they are inside.
Busacca has had a camera in his hands as long as he can remember, and
photographing people has always been second nature to him. His endless
curiosity about human nature compels him and fuels his passion for capturing the
perfect moment. He enjoys connecting with his subjects, whether they're
famous or not, and creating a positive and exciting experience with them.
For over 20 years, Busacca has been a leading entertainment photographer on
the New York and Los Angeles celebrity scene. From Gorbachev and Reagan to
Lady Gaga, from MTV to HSBC, from AC-DC to Tony Bennett, Busacca has been
the man behind the camera, offering the world a unique view of every subject
he tackles.
Busacca discovered the enormous potential of the women of billiards when doing
a photo shoot with the women. Not only does he love billiards, but he believes
that the sport, especially women's professional billiards, has never been fully
organized and placed on the pedestal where it belongs. With Rack Starz, the
ingredients are in place to make that happen on a global level.

Robert Moore
Founding Partner

Born and raised in New Jersey, Robert Moore has been working since he was 11
years old. After high school he worked two jobs and took classes at local colleges
when he could. In 1980 he landed a position as a clerk at a Wall Street
Investment-Banking Firm where he worked 10-12 hours a day on top of a 2-hour
commute each way.
Being a quick learner combined with his hard work ethic he got the attention of
the Trading Desk who brought him on as a Traders assistant and soon became an
Assistant Trader. Word spread quickly on the Street about Moore and within a
year he was offered a Traders position at Shearson American Express where he
became an Asst. VP.
Two years later he became VP in charge of New York Municipal Trading Dept. at
E F Hutton. After E. F Hutton closed he worked at various Investment banking
firms as Sr. V.P of Municipal Bond Trading where he ran the departments.
Wanting to do something different, he partnered with a group of other
executives to buy L.F Rothschild's assets and reopen the firm. Moore had a great
20-year career with his last day being September 11, 2001, where he was
fortunate to survive (but lost 60+ friends) and began the next phase of his life.
After taking some time to sort things out and regroup, he started to work on
various businesses and ventures he had previously started and wanted to pursue.
Moores business interests run from a condom company to food, apparel, games,
novelties, collectables etc. He also owns various Intellectual Properties (Patents,
Trademarks and Copyrights) including the saying; "In a New York Minute" Besides
Rack Starz, he currently has two additional companies in the works. One is a
sporting goods company called NBLR Sports and the other is a wholesale
company exclusively for moms. Moore currently lives in Central New York with
his wife of 16-years Franca, his 14 year-old daughter Francesca and their Golden
Retriever Gucci.

For more information about the opportunities available with the

Rack Starz, please contact Robert Moore at 315-461-9955 or by
email at