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Harlino has often played alongside Naysila Mirdad as lovers, leading to the two being called
the "Dunay Lover";[1] at the time the two were also reported to be dating, although both denied
it.[7] As of 2009, Harlino is dating Asmirandah, with whom he costarred in Dalam Mihrab
Cinta.[8] But the relationship ended in December 2011 shortly after announcing their
engagement because she left him for Jonas Rivanno.[9]
Harlino is known as a devout Muslim, who often prays on set while filming.[10] He has
expressed interest in becoming a preacher of Islam if he is no longer able to act.

Dude Harlino (born 2 December 1980), also spelled Dude Herlino, is an Indonesian
actor. He is known for his numerous roles in soap operas.

Dude Harlino was born in Jakarta on 2 December 1980[1] and his name, Dude, is taken
from the Indonesian form of his birthdate, Dua December.[1] He attended the banking
program at the University of Indonesia, graduating in 1999.[2]
He acted in the sinetron (Indonesian soap opera) Di Sini Ada Setan, as well as its film
adaptation.[1] In 2009 it was reported that he earned Rp 25 million (US$3,000) per
In 2011, Harlino played an uztad in Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2.[1] That year he also
opened his first entrepreneurial venture, Sushi Miya8i, with several other entertainers. [4]
He has expressed interest in opening a private school in the near future.[5]

Feature films
Tusuk Jelangkung (Stab of the Jelangkung; 2002)
Di Sini Ada Setan (Here is Satan; 2003)
Gue Kapok Jatuh Cinta (I Give Up on Falling In Love; 2005)
Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2 (2009)
Dalam Mihrab Cinta (Shielded by Love; 2010)
Soap operas

Janji Hati 2 (The Heart's Promise 2; 1999)

Tersanjung 2 (Pleased 2; 1999)

Bidadari 1 (Angel 1; 2000)


Nauval Yazid, writing for the Jakarta Globe, notes that Harlino tends to play characters
who are moral yet spiritually conflicted
Harlino received the Panasonic Award for favourite actor in 2007; the following year,
he was nominated in the Best Actor category.[1] He won the Panasonic Award for
favourite actor again in 2010

Personal life

Anakku Bukan Anakku (My Child is Not

My Child; 2006)

Pintu Hidayah (Door to Blessings; 2006)

Intan (20062007)

Kalau Cinta Jangan Marah (When in

Love, Don't Be Angry; 2001)

SurgaMu (Your Heaven; 2007)

ABG (2001)

Maha Kaish (The All-Giving; 2007)

Sephia (2002)

Maha Cinta (The All-Loving; 2007)

Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta (Who Is Afraid of

Falling In Love; 2002)

Kakak Iparku 17 Tahun (My Older Siblingin-law is 17 Years Old; 2007)

Yang Muda Yang Bercinta (The Young Fall

in Love; 2002)

Janji (Promises; 2007)

Aisyah (2007)

Cintaku Di Kampus Biru (My Love on the

Blue Campus; 2003)

Cahaya (Light; 2007)

Who Ai Ni Indonesia (2003)

Aqso & Madina (2008)

Nikita (2009)

Manohara (2009)

Doa dan Karunia (Prayer and Blessings;


Disini Ada Setan (There are Devils Here;


Kisah Sedih Di Hari Minggu (A Sad Story

on Sunday; 2004)

Bawang Merah Bawang Putih (Red Onion

and Garlic; 2004)

Kisah Adinda (Adinda's Story; 2004)

Cewek Cewek Badung (Girls from

Seindah Senyum Winona (As Beautiful as

Winona's Smile; 2009)
Ketika Cinta Bertasbih Spesial Ramadhan

Bandung; 2004)

Dia Jantung Hatiku (S/he's My Heart and

Soul; 20102011)

Ada Apa Denganmu (What's Up With You;


Ketika Cinta Bertasbih Meraih Ridho Ilahi


Dari Sujud Ke Sujud (From Sujud to Sujud;


Dewa (2011)

Jodohku (2013)

Cinta Anak Cucu Adam (20

Dara Manisku (My Sweet Maiden; 2005)

Khayalan Tingkat Tinggi (High-level

Imagining; 2005)

Cincin (Ring; 2006)

Dua Hati (Two Hearts; 2006)