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National Disaster Management Authority Governmnet of india During earthquakes, drop to the floor, take cover under a sturdy desk or table, and hold on to it so that it doesn’t move away fro you. Wait there until the shaking stops. af ane ee ge Qe mugs emer ae Pe ge nae ee & see ania wa! Sor geet send ye eu wel ee at aE Do not use elevators. If you are in a structurally sound building. stay there, If you are inside an old weak structure, take the fastest and safest ; stay calm and take Do not rush to the exit Co ao "etre anes ad 91 Do not Pante ; necessary action aaah @ ar, ea, ar are ai pint, Get out calmly cade, fed ge tra gen Ga are fe wag Point. Get out calmly Seen a, oe in an orderly manner. ‘Move away from power lines, posts, walls, false ceiling, parapet, falling flower pots and other elements that may fall or collapse. ‘ata oh feral aah gael A ae eT Stay away from buildings with glass panes. te iS — wos eee cos Ge gat venta @ wee A art J falling rocks {ate set oe a) ‘sama sty and falling rocks. When driving a vehicle pull tothe side of Boone the ne the road and stop ‘which may have been damaged. aR ave Ph art aah weer we a eran ate Pe weer & wea Ifyou are on a steep hillside, ‘move away in case of landslides aft ame ad ae wet Eo ee