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APRIL 1988


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i, New Laughs,
New Adventures, New Productivity.
Yours Every Month. From UPTIME.
"Last Night I Shot a Round of Golf and Created a UpTime. A Masterful Mix. With i he younger mem-
Mailing List in my Pajamas." UPTIME subscribers say bers of the family in mind, i i' i tMEdelivers games, ad-
the funniest things. They tell us UPTIME makes die most ventures, fascinating puzzles and intriguing mysteries.
of their leisure time and helps them get the most from (OK. you can play too!) Add to that valuable uptime
their personal computers. There'sone more thing they reviews and news, and you've gotone highlyentertaining
teil us. UPTIME gives them value. With S programs on disk monthly.
ever)1 disk, a subscription to UPTIME builds a software You'd Expect to Pay More, But Right Now.. .;i ■ >] u -
library quickly and affordably. No wonder it's the besi year subscription to I.TTIMK delivers i|u;ilit\ programs
selling disk monthly in America. for less than one dollar each.
Man Cannot Live by Games Alone. Nor by busi Your Guarantee, If, for any reason, you decide
ness soft ware. Today there's a UPTIME isn't for you, simply
disk monthly offering more- cancel. We will refund the
variety, change, and a fascinat subscription balance with no
ing mix of programs and in UPTIME questions asked.
Start Your Subscription
formation guaranteed to keep THE DISK MONTHLY

you up past, your bedtime. with the very next UPTIME.

Every Disk Delivers the Call Toll Free and place
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grams directly to you.

Look for us in Waldenbooks, Also available for

B. Dal ton and other hook and Apple II, Macintosh and
computer slores in your area. IBM & compatible PCs.

Here's an example of a typical issue of UPTIME; Yes, tliis family is ready lor entertainment, education and
home management programming, too!
^ Apartment of Mystery ► Blackjack

► Color Tiles ► Quad-Link /r.12 6 3 1

Disk issues Disk Issues Disk Issues Trial Issue
^ Woic! Master 128 ► Taxable Income
□ $69.95 Q $40.95 D 529.95 D S11.95
► Data Cruncher/Data Uncnincher □ Payment enclosed (Please make checks payable to UPTIME.)
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Please send me a full year." north hauook.iu

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ii.Ill:I v.

Rhode Island 02840 Telephone: 401-849-4925 cm ...

Michael Schneider

Publilhor/ Editor
David Allikus

Art ana Production Director

/imm I'altini

Managing Editor
Michael R. Davila

Simii>i Editor
Cleveland M. Blakemore

Technical Editor)
David Barron
Bob Lloret

Consulting Editors
Morton Kevehon
Tim Moriarty


Entertainment Editor
A View from the Bridge...of the April issue o/Ahoy! 4 Arnie Kati

Scuttlebutt. ..what's around the corner for your Commodore. 7 Art Production
Christopher Carter
Art scenes as seen by our artistic readers. 20
Circulation Director
Tips Ahoy!...send your 64 through hoops—or at least hops. 30 W. Charles Squires

Commodores...fools and Commodore users rush in.... 49 Adverriiing Director

Lyuae Dominick
Reviews...crack the whip on your 1541 with speedup utilities. 57
Director of Promotion
Program Listings....superior software at your fingertips. 67 Mark Kammerer

Promotion Art Director

Stacy Weinberg

Dan Tit nick

FEATURES Advertising Repretentative

JE Publishers' Representative
Rupert Report: BASIC Obscurities by Dale Rupert 32 6855 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Entertainment Software Section {contents on page 41) 41 (213) 467-2266
Boston (617)437-7628
Amiga Section (contents on page 53) 53 Dallas (214) 660-2253
New York (212) 724-7767
Chicago (312) 445-2489
Denver (303) 595-4331
San Francisco (415) 864-3252


IRQ Messenger for the C-64 and C-128 by Richard Curcio 13 Abaft (ISSN wtTsu-1 i!i * i a patdUwd monthlj l>>
Ion Internmiona! Inc.. 45 W. 34lh St.. Sulk SMI.
Nep York, NY 10001. Subscription rale: 12 Issues
Barricade for the C-64 by Tony Brantner 16 fur S2100, 24 i -i . ■ for S44JM (Canada S3O00 and
S55JM mpmlivel)!. Second claw tmiUgc paid at
Hi-Res Windows for the C-128 by Dennis Furman 18 New York. NY 10U01 addilinruil mail inn nfTh-rv
ri-.'i i.i Ion [in. i ii.iiiini ■■! Inc. All ■ ':■'■■'• i- -u > .1
Sprite Exploder for the C-64 by John Fedor 22 c under l:(iiirrMil Inii-rnui^mu] unil ILjn AllMlkVI
Cop)riKhl ninivnliiim. Hc|HiK!uc(inn uf nllturiiil or

Time Subway for the C-64 by Cleveland M. Blakemore 47 pk'Eifrlul eiimcnl In am jniuiniT Ls prxthiblli-d. ,N.. i.
■ l".iiv[[lr|iiv tun In tor mi i' .1 niiilpfl-
III. hhtmu-tler. *-iLnil Jidtln-ss changes In Ahoy!. 45
Bug Repellents for the C-64 and C-128 by Buck Childress 68
W: 34th Stint, Suite 509. New Va-k. NY 10001. Di
rer! all .uli N .■■.- .!:...i ,;i - i ir mattenc ccinctrninK >™ir
Flankspeed for the C-64 by Gordon F. Wlieat 69 subsciipllonla'Ucri'.MV), Bcn#341,MI. Murrk,!],
61054 i|ih-nv Ni- ■' I- li-i i All t-dltnrinl bqalrlEI
1 |ir iniir. i t. i .^ shnuld ha ■ n1 (■■ Ahoy', J5
Cover art by Jomei Regan; photography by Don Carroll/Tne Image Bank and Mlchaal H. Davila
W .*4th Sf., Suite 500, Srw Virk, NY lOOO'l.
ecause this month's special announcements are pit of New York," Cleve Blakemore's Time Subway helps
so special that we don't want lo risk your miss students of all ages acquaint themselves with over forty his
ing them, we're not going to go into them in torical events while tracking a mad scientist through time.
the lext portion of this page. Cleve Blakemore's (Turn to page 47.)
Grim Oak Manor, a free bonus on the back • The generosity of Ahoy'.'s game programmers know no
of this month's Ahoy! Disk, merits its own box below. So bounds. First Cleve revealed some of his most guarded pro
does our reminder to subscribers about the change begin gramming secrets in February's Screen Wizardry. And now
ning next month, to an 8-issue Ahoy! and 4-issue Ahoy'.'s John Fedor hands you Sprite Exploder-ix routine that will
add a truly professional touch lo your original games. (Turn
• Richard Curcio's Ahoy! programming debut—TextSave
Unless we hear otherwise from you, you will begin re (Jan. '88)-was a tough act to follow. So tough that it took
ceiving Ahoy! on an 8 issue per year basis. You will re him three months to come up with a similarly exceptional
ceive the number of issues your subscription calls for, spread second effort. But it's arrived, in the form of IRQ Messen
out over a greater period of time. ger, interrupt-driven programs for wedging into the 64 or
Every third month beginning with May 1988, Ahoy'.'s Am- 128's processing to insert your own routine. (Turn to page 13.)
igaUser will appear instead of Ahoy! You will not receive • On the subject of long waits-five months between Tony
these issues unless you request them. If you wish to receive Brantner programs is, we agree, excessive. But Tony returns
Ahay!'s Amiga User in addition to Ahoy!, or instead of Ahoy!, with this month's Barricade, in which your only defense
you must contact our subscription service at Ahoy!, P.O. against rampaging robots is trapping them in makeshift
Box 341, Mt. Morris, IL 61054-9925 (phone: 815-734-4151).

AmigaVser format. And our joint venture with Firebird to

send one lucky Advanced OCP Art Studio user/Ahoy! read BONUS PROGRAM
er to Paris gets its own page {page 6).
Grim Oak Manor, an intricate text adventure for the C-128,
Not that the contents of the April Ahoy! aren't special: features windows, an expanded vocabulary, and routines
• Even if you're familiar with most of the BASIC Ob to save or load games to disk. It comes free on this month's
scurities in this month's Rupert Report, Dale's examination Ahoy! Disk, courtesy of Senior Editor Cleve Blakemore.
of (he neglected commands of BASIC 2.0 and 7.0 can serve If you would like further documentation for the game and
as a valuable refresher course. (T\irn to page 32.) detailed instructions for solving the adventure, send $1.00
• Meanwhile, Dennis Furman provides you with a capa and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
bility that BASIC 7.0's programmers left out: using win
Ahoy! Magazine
dows to create animation effects in high resolution. His Hi-
Ion International Inc.
Res Windows can add just the touch your original C-128
Grim Oak Docs
program needs. (T\irn to page 18.)
45 W. 34th St.-Suite 500
• Inspired in part by his daily commute through the "arm-
New York, NY 10001

IEMV structures. (Turn to page 16.)

" One of the true constants in the microcomputing world
is the 1541 disk drive-just as slow in 1988 as it was in
CRYPT OF FEAR (Jan. '88) 1983. What have changed are the third-party products for
When certain diagonals are entered, Crypt of Fear craps speeding up the drive - they're getting better all the time.
out with a RETURN WITHOUT GOSUB ERROR IN 70. This month, Morton Kevelson and Donald Graham report
A correction to Line 1280 solves this problem. on the latest generation of 1541 accelerators. (Turn to page 57.)
• If you've switched from an Amiga 1000 to a 500 or
1280 JY=FNJS(.):J=FNJF(.):IFJ=.THENONJYG 2000, Richard Herring helps you overcome the Printer Port
OTO136O,1370,,1390,1290,1290,,1380 Blues by adapting that connector to fit your 1000-compat
ible peripherals. (Turn to page 55.)
Also, the word PRINT was misprinted as PRIT in Line We're sure that all the Amiga owners in the audience will
570. Enter PRINT to get the correct checksum. be back next month, when Ahoyl's AmigaUser premieres.
For our 64- or 128-specific readers, Ahoy! will return with
POWER TO THE COMPUTERS [March '88) the June '88 issue (on sale May 3). Whether we meet again
The diagram and caption on page 14 was switched with in 30 or 60 days, well be knocking ourselves out for you
the diagram and caption on page 30. in the meantime. We hope it shows. -David Allikas

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Contents of Issue #4L
• Programs from major software
developers, Expedition Amazon Complete role
• Lots of applications. Games, playing game from Polarware!
utilities, educational and financial Video Poker Hi-stakes for 1 -4 players.
programs. Sliding Checkers Frustrating tile
■ Not copy-protected. Make your own puzzle program!
backup disks. Secior Editor Disk hacker's utility
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I Visa Z MasierCard D AmEx I Payment enclosed (US. funds)


(In Louisiana cult.-.



Firebird's Advanced OCP An Studio has been heralded as the leading graphics package for the Commodore
64 and 128. And America's best amateur computer artists have been filling Ahoyl's An Gallery for years.
So what could be more natural than Firebird and Ahoy! combining to send some digital Dali to Paris
to see the masterpieces of the Louvre museum?
The holiday of a lifetime, including roundtrip airfare and hotel, awaits the lucky reader who produces
the best work with the Advanced An Studio. But don't be scared off by the word "best - in this case, it
doesn't necessarily mean most professional. Entries will be judged on the basis of creativity, originality,
and artistic merit, in that order-so it could be you sunning yourself on the banks of the Seine.
Send as many entries as you like, postmarked by June 1, to Firebird at the address printed below. For
more information, call: 718-847-0234. Bonne chance!


1. First prize consists of round-trip air transpor

tation to Paris, France, and hotel accommodation
for one. No cash equivalent prize is offered unless
the winner is beiow the age of 18 and his/her next
of kin will not travel with him/her. Trip is subject
to winner's French visa eligibility.
2. Fifteen runners-up will gut their entries prim
ed in the July 1988 issue of Ahoy!
3. Ail entries become the property of Firebird
Licensees, Inc., with rights lo include intellectual
property rights and worldwide publishing rights.
Firebird undertakes not to sell any entries for com
mercial gain.
4. Competition ends June 1, 1988. Neither Fire
bird nor Ahoy! are liable for entries postmarked
after this date.
5. Judges' decision will be based on creativity,
1I originality, and skill. Judges'decision is final. List
■ of winners can be obtained by writing to AAS Win

m ners, Firebird Licensees, Inc., 71 Franklin Turn
pike, Waldwick, NJ 07463 after June 1, 1983.
6. All entries must be submitted on Commo
! ? r- ; ^ i) r a ■
dore-compatible disks as Advanced An Studio files
direct to Firebird at AAS Competition, 71 Franklin
TWnpike, Waldwick, NJ 07463 or uploaded into
the Firebird section of Q-Link. Include with enlry
the statement "The enclosed entiy is entirely my
own work. I hold the rights to its use, and guar
antee that I have not infringed on any copyrights.
I am legally entitled to pass on the rights for the
use of my entry to Firebird Licensees. Inc. Signal,
(name and date)." Neither Firebird nor Ahoy! can
take responsibility for entries lost or damaged,
whatever the cause.
7. Winners will be checked to insure that they
are not connected with Firebird Licensees, inc.,
its associates, or agencies, or with Ahoy! Maga
zine, its associates, subsidiaries, or agencies.
8. Competition is open to all residents of the
United States and Canada. Competition is void
where prohibited.
1WI 1

IntelliCreations1 Video Title Shop
VCR utility program and its Graphics
Companion I supplemental disk of 25
predesigned canvases, previously sold
for $29.95 and $19.95 respectively, arc
now packaged together for $29.95.
IntelliCreations, Inc.. 818-886-5922
(see address list, page 12).

PrintPower ($14.95) lets C-64 own
ers create personalized greeting cards,
invitations, multiline banners, tent
cards, signs, posters, and the like. Line- EXPRESSIONS
by-line tcxl editing is provided, as is
an onscreen template for visualizing the
item as it is created. The user can
choose from 40 border designs, 60
graphic designs, and seven variations PrintPower includes 60 designs for
on six fonts. The program is compati use in signs, posters, flyers, and more. READER SERVICE NO. 216
ble with graphics from Hi Tech's
AwardWare program.
Hi Tech Expressions, 800-848-9273 places. borders. For example, a birthday seg
or 305-584-6386 (see address list, page Percent Wbrd Problems presents real- ment could incorporate a birthday cake
12). life situations requiring students to find that appears in a spiral wipe; or a Hal
the percent of a number, io find a num loween party could open with a witch
ART HISTORY ber when the percent is known, etc. riding her broom across a full moon.
Art Gallery: American History Essential Grammar covers common Epyx. Inc.. 415-366-0606 (see ad
($39.95) supplies PrintMaster Plus and and proper and singular and plural dress list, page 12).
NewsMaster users with over 300 nouns, verb tenses and agreement, ad
graphics illustrating the nearly 500 jectives and adverbs, and subject, ob TRAVEL SERVICES
years from the discovery of America ject, and reflexive pronouns. American People/Link has added
to ihe present day. Included are all the Essential Punctuation deals with end airline reservation and travel-related
states and presidents, plus historical punctuation, periods in abbreviations shopping services to its online network.
scenes like the Pilgrim's landing at Ply and initials, commas, advanced com A joint venture of TWA and Northwest
mouth Rock and the Scopes trial. An mas, semicolons, colons, hyphens, Airlines, Travelshopper lets subscrib
included timeline poster shows the apostrophes, and quotation marks. ers view flight schedules and rates for
graphics in chronological order. Price of each disk is $44.95; with all airlines, book reservations, and ob
Unison World, 418-848-6666 (sec backup, $54.85; class pack, $164.95. tain other Information such as weather,
address list, page 12). Gamco Industries, 800-351-1404 or currency conversions, and mileage be
915-267-6327 (see address list, page 12). tween cities. The Electronic Travel
MATH/ENGLISH DRILLS Agency sells discounted cruises and
C-64 math and English programs: VIDEO EFFECTS lours, as well as travel guides, maps,
Percent offers students practice in Home Video Producer ($49.95) lets and other travel-related products.
fraction/percent and decimal/percent C-64 users spice up home videos with People/Link's new rate for subscrib
conversions, mixed number perccnts. special effects created from over 75 dif ers accessing through the direct num
and perccnts with one or two decimal ferent graphics, 10 typefaces, and 8 ber in Chicago is $3.00 per hour (down

• Over 600 Digital ICs
• 74/54 TTL + CMOS
• 14/4 CMOS
■ 9000 TTL
• 8000 Naiional and Signetics Defend the USA's interests with blazing guns and international espionage in
• ld-24PinCHips(.3"+ .6" widths) a pair of Cosmi releases. READER SERVICE NO. 223

Pressing a single key idenlifies/lests

chips with ANY type of output in seconds. from S4.95), 24 hours a day, at any die East. You'll escort tankers through
The CHIP CHECKER now also tests popular baud rate. The same rate is available the straits of Hormuz, receive teleme
RAM chips. The CHIP CHECKER is available to subscribers who connect prepaid try from airborne AWACS and naviga
for the C64 or C128 for SI 59. The PC com through any of the packet networks. tional satellites, detect destroy mines
patible version is S259 Members of the Frequent Plinkers in the shipping lanes, and defend
Club (S10 per month) receive a 25% against high-speed boat raids. Finally,
DUNE SYSTEMS discount. you'll confront the Ayotollah's main
2603 Willa Drive
American Home Network, Inc., 800- strike force and battle surface ships,
St. Joseph, Ml 49085
(616) 983-2352
524-0100 or 312-670-2666 (see address submarines, and incoming Exocet jet
list, page 12). aircraft.
Cosmi (see address list, page 12).
NAMES OF THE GAMES Based on the bestseller by Tom Clan
COMMODORE Two C-64 games from Cosmi: cy, Red Storm Rising ($39.95) focuses
The President is Missing! ($24.95), on the tactical operations of an Ameri
AUTHORIZED and the only clue is a single audio cas can nuclear attack submarine in World
sette left behind by his terrorisi abduc War III. The sub's futuristic features in
SERVICE tors. The tupe contains the kidnappers' clude sonar that can identify ships by
demands, and information to help the the sound of their propellers, compu
player unravel the mystery. With the aid terized databases that list the speed and
POWER SUPPLY (C-64) $29.95 Of the central computer of (he Coun weaponry of enemy vessels, and torpe
C-64 REPAIR 44.95
ter Terrorisi branch of the C.I.A., you does that can turn and home in on their
1541/1571 ALIGNMENT 35.00
search for clues to identity subjects and targets. The player's tactical success and
evaluate information. failure has a realistic effect on the stra
C-128 REPAIR 75.00
Navcom 6: Tiie Gulf Defense tegic progress of the war. For the C-64.
1571 REPAIR 95.00
($24.95) puts you in charge of the fu MicroProse, 301-771-1151 (see address
POWER SUPPLY (C-12B) 84.95
turistic Weapons Control Center of a list, page 12).
US Navy warship patrolling the Mid- A second Tom Clancy novel finds its

Free Return Freight ■ Continental US

The Hunt for
Add $10 lorAPO, FPO, AIR
Red October be
Save COD charge - send Check or
gins off the coast
Money Order. (Purchase Order Accepted)
of Iceland, where
you must etude
Second Source
NATO attack
Engineering subs who don't
2664 Mercantile Drive know you plan to
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
(916)635-3725 SERVICE NO. 229

way to the computer screen in Data- the LA. Crackdown (S39.95), you di evil mastermind Elvin holed up in a
soft's Ttie Hunt for Red October, cast rect a rookie on the trail of a major fortress filled with destructive devices.
ing the player as Soviet submarine cap- drug ring. You instruct him in photo The player must maneuver through
lain Marko Ramius. Ramius wants to graphing clues, planting bugs, and tail tunnels, avoid surveillance cameras,
defect to the US and take his state of ing and questioning suspects, then fol dodge robots, and somersault over time
the art vessel, Red October, with him. low his actions through the video mon bombs as he collects the code numbers
His goal is to rendezvous with the itors in your surveillance van. that will provide access to the control
American Navy, fake a radiation leak Sporting News Baseball ($39.95) lets room.

so that he can evacuate the crew, and players choose from among 26 major 4x4 Off-Road Racing ($39.95) lets
smuggle the ship into a US port. The league teams or create their own by players choose their own rigs and out
113-man crew must be kept unaware of mixing new players with over 100 stars fit them with the equipment they'll need
the defection plan, and contact with So of the past. Managers can steal bases, \o negotiate hills, bog through mud
viet, US, and NATO subs must be pick off runners, throw brush back holes, and overcome heat and freezing
avoided. $39.95 for the C-64; $49.95 pitches and more-however. all action cold —plug the renegade ■"demon" truck
for the Amiga. is determined by the actual capabili bent on their destruction. An Amiga
Datasoft, 818-886-5922 (see address ties and statistics of the ballplayers. version is planned for the second quar
list, page 12). Impossible Mission II ($39.95) finds ter of '88.
The following from DatasofVs Intelli-
Creations division:

Controlling one of three different
BattleDroidz, the gamer battles the res
idents of a faroff planet. The warzone
is a series of interconnected hexagons,

HAS 1023)6
each with different challenges; to win,
a row musi be completed across the
screen. For the C-64 ($24.95) and Am
iga ($34.95).

An invasion force from the planet
Nono threatens The Rubicon Alliance
of the eight planets of the Hyturian Star
System. As pilot of the legendary Star-

fox space fighter you undertake an eight-
stage mission that will lead to the lo
cation of Nono and a final confronta
tion. For the C-64; S19.95.

The job of the Global Commander
is to coordinate the satellite network or
biting earth. This involves monitoring
each of the 16 United Nuclear Nations
and preventing destruction of the plan
et while making sure each country has This year, make your tax preparation fast and Simple.
a sufficient supply of raw materials, Just type in your figures and Tax Advantage™ will do
food, and weapons for its own protec die rest. Adding here, deducting there. Planning, calc
tion. For the C-64 (S29.95) and Ami ulating and printing out your tax forms so perfectly
ga ($39.95). that the I.R.S. will accept them right out of your
Alternate Reality-Vie City will be printer. And Tax Advantage sells for under $50.
made available in an Amiga version for No wonder it's been the number one tax
$39.95. program four straight years. Now, it's brought to
IntelliCreations, Inc., 818-886-5922 you by Monogram, publishers of Dollars and
(see address list, page 12). Sense®, die world's best-selling personal financial
From Epyx for the C-64: management program.

Set in the Rocky Mountains above You can buy Tax Advantage wherever software is sold.
Calgary, 77ft1 Games—Winter Edition
This year, file tax forms so meticulous that not one of those 102,206
($39.95) lets athletes compete in Oval- people can find anything to pick at.
track Speed Skating, Downhill Skiing,
Slalom, Luge, Ski Jump, Figure Skat
ing, and Cross Country Skiing. Includ
ed are camera-angle points of view to 531 Van Ness Avenue, Torrance, California ?OJ0I ^- (213) 533-5120
CompuServe' 'l<j"'l)l,l 13 01967 MtMOgmitl Software, Inc
give the feel of network coverage.
As the senior detective in charge of 24-Hour Order Hot Line: 800-443-0100 ext. 941


Speed Buggy al
lows the player
tracks, each with
THE QUICK UHCAVN BOX stores up to 30 of
your lavorile programs - Basic ft Ml.. Games more difficult
ft Utilities, Word Processors ft Terminals - terrains, sharper
DISK - Modify the contents Instantly. Replace obstacles than
obsolete programs, not your cartridge. Use as
a permanent RAM DISK, a protected work
the previous one.
area, an autoboot utility. C-64 or C-128 mode. The race must be
Loader Utilities Included. Price: 16K K9 32K
completed within
J99 64K 1129 (Plus %3 &H MA res add 5%)
Brown Boies. In- 26 Concord Road, Bedford, a predetermined
MA01730 .__ (617)275-0090 time limit.


Sliver Sports Soccer ($39.95), played Detail Sword (S24.95), previously

on a slippery grass field or a city street, available in Europe as Barbarian, chal
requires controlling passes, heading the lenges younger gamers to outduel the
ball, and executing intricate slices and guards of ihe sorcerer Drax, who holds
BATTERY BACKED RAM hooks. The three-man teams are selec the Princess Mariana captive.
ted from a neighborhood cast of char Epyx will distribute games from Bri
acters, each with unique personality tain's U.S. Gold in United States, be
and skills. ginning with (he following:
Dive Bomber compels players to
earn how to take off from and land on
A Powerful Wordprocessor in aircraft carrier in order to battle
German fighters, track and destroy U-
for the Commodore 128 s boats, and dive bomb E-BoatS and
mine fields. For the C-64 and Amiga;
Selected Srreet Cat faces off felines in four
athletic events: crawling, jumping,
i for the 1987
somersaulting, and running through the
CES Software
park; leapfrogging over floating plat
forms in ihc arena pool; crossing the
city sewers; and bowling at ihe local
hangout against the Bulldog. For the
C-64 and Amiga; S24.95.
From the author of Fontmast&r II comes Fontmaster 128, Metocross sends die player on a one-
an enhanced version for the Commodore 128. This man obstacle race, with such barriers
powerful word processor with its many different print as rats, hurdles, potholes, and green
styles (fonts), turns your dot matrix printer into a more slime tiles distributed among 24 diffi
effectual tool. Term papers, newsletters, and foreign culty levels. For ihe C-64; S24.95.
languages are just a few of its many applications. Epyx, Inc., 415-366-0606 {see ad
dress list, page 12).
* Program disk with no protection - uses hardware key
Two $29.95 games from Data East
* Supplement disk includes foreign language fonts
for the C-64:
* 56 Fonts ready lo use Kid Niki sends the ninja adventure
* Font editor/creator included fan on a quest to rescue his girlfriend.
* On screen Font preview • ,g Princess Margo, from the Stone Wiz
* 80 column only $69.95 ard. The sword-equipped player must
* Supports more than 110 printers battle dragons, monsters, and warriors
* Includes a 102,000 word Spell Checker on seven different levels, with a Big
Boss at me end of each level blocking
Commodore !28 is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines. Inc
his advancement.
X^I^G Inc 2804 Arnold Rd Saima. Ks. 67-101 (913)827-0685 The Speed Buggy racing simulation
whips the player around one of five

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VSl switches let users share equipment, end costry STATION C64
duplication. Plan your own systom; two computers to Touch tho pad wlih tha stylus
one drsk tit no and printer, or two printers to one or a finger Tip, crBHta
Ex lorn a I 300/1200 Baud
corvpuW, share a printer betwwn ■ PC and o C126. ho Animation Stnlion
Support) B»IM034212A
etc Cablechanginglsaimnoof inepaai. turnahnob Orow piclurog, grophi, flic.
to switch Irom ana device lo another. RememDat1, If you Software with printer option
Bolt! Half A Full Duplex
need e'tra cables, we carry a brood selection. included Compatible with
many otfier programs for S7B-95
' ONE YEAR WARRANTY Rental Last Number
keybo a ro. m on se, Joysl I ck c r
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■ Compact Design, All Metal Case
' Gulo Plated Contacts Auto Busy Radial
1 AH Female Sockets, flotarySwIich
Auto Dial. Auto Answer
40/80 COL. CABLE $19.95
"AT" Commands S more
" Anti-Skid feet To prevent Movement One cable for botfi 40 or 80 columns on tho C120. Flip a
Power Up Sell Tost INTERFACE PACKAGE E119.95
' Full Shielding Excooda FCC RsqulromoniB switch to change modes. Plugs lo ffic beck o* The monitor
FCC Registered
far a sharp display. 18 colors m 40 column, black and
S SAVER AB $29.95 wtiite m 80. Not for RGB monitors or telovisio-n sois
VIC-20, C16, Plus4,C-64. ORC12Bcomp4tmlo.


VIC-20. CI6. Plus 4, C-M. OB C126 compel i&le. The original* All metal
Now $12.95 Cuts an uxacl sqtiflro
PARALLEL or SERIAL AEJ $29.95 Chrome plaled, heavy duty universal printer
notch In the disk. Same
stand. Rubber lett, allows IronT, back, or
Parallel = 36 pins, serial ■ 25 pint. spot every time!
bottom feed. For SO or 132 column primers.
PARALLEL or SERIAL ABCD $39.95 Original price $24.95, sale limited to quan
Parallel ■ 36 pins, semi - 25 pins READY RESET 64 new $11.95
tities "" stock
A reset button thai you place whore you want, not somo
PARALLEL AaxBb $44.95 oul of Iheway piece. Plugs into l.M* r,fi nl port (of cnurse
Two computers ihare two punier*
POWER SUPPLIES trieporlisrnplacod lor your disk drive), Iho bullon Is an
SPIN MINI DIN AB $29.95 MAX I WIN C-M, d«p«idiU* hoovy duty replieemant Output 5V the end of a 15 inch cable.
Designed lor the new Apple. Com pu lor applications. DC, 1.7A.BVAC, 1.O*. ULApproMd. «0 d*y wamirty MS.fis
DB9 AB $29.95 PHOENIX C-M, lUMd, repulrtble, all maUl cm. Output; SV DC,
BLASTER C64.C128 $5.95
Add automatic llrepowor to your games, plug-in module
For man Hots. moOoma. Hie. 1.TA, 10V AC, l.OA. UL approved. 1 yur warranty
ttial makes the lire button of you' Joystick have machine
CABLES PHOENIX C-1M, bawl, repairable, 41 nKMIcMa,3socket*,af>lkft gun action. Adjustable speed control,
Drive/printer. 6 It. B pin male^msle B66 I 5.95 protaction, FMI RFI Drtcrlng, lighted iwitch. Output SV DC, 3.0*,
10V AC, 3.OA. UL uoprovet). 1 fen mmnly 158.95
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Drive/printer, 18 ti 6 pin mole/mole B618 £12.95
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Drive/printer. 6 ft. 6 pin malo/lem. A66 S 5 OS COOLING FAN $29.95 CIEBor 1571 drive, anil static $ 7.95
Monitor. 6 (1. 5 pin to 4 RCA plugs M664 S 5 95 JOYSTICKS
HuQt ^ a #1 enemy to your Buyoneoleo.SAVEt1.41 C!2a«m *i4.49
Monitor, li 1! 5 pin to 2 RCA plugs M052 $ 1.95 SllkSllH S 8.B5
disk drive. Rod ires bad 64C. onll mnilc 1 7.66
Monitor ■■■! . 6 fl. 5 pin ■ ■ ME8S 1 5.95 IconTroller 114.85
londe and costly repair 1581. 3» Orlvo, anil Btallc S 7.05
Joystick oni 9 pin. 12fl. male/lorn. J512 S 4.95 W1C0 Black Mai S11.95
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Joynlck 1. 9 pin, 1 male JSV $ 7.05 TAC5 S14.9S
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Joystick Y, 9 pin, 1 malo/2 lomalo RJSV J 3.95
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EPVX 500XJ 115.96 BLACK BOOK of C128 $15.95
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DBS. B ft., mala/female DB9MF S a.95 POWER CENTER WAS $59.95 BLfiCK
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8 pn Mini Din. 611.. male/male 8M6MM I 9 95 mation. 75 easy to read chorlg find
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Serial. B It., male'male RBMM t B OS ptotoction: EM I'RFI marine, wrg<Mi9ii protBdlon, PROTECTION REVEALED C 64 $1595
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Serial, 6«.. m8le/fem»le R6MF ] B.9S 15 AMP in raker, Mir) duty cabte. 3 prong plug. LigMad tockar
you u fundamental understanding of a disk and BASIC
IBM printer. 6 ft., male/male- IBP6 $ 8 OS iwtichH, all ita«1, tin: 1 3/4 H x 121/4 Dx IS W.
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IBMkeyDoarfl emension, 5 pin IBKE I S.95 a disk. Become a master of illusion Reveals countless
INTERFACES tricks and tips that mystify the user. The book la 111
Gender change, parallel, rnale^male CGMM S 9.95
Gendflf change, parallel, tern./tern. CGPP 10.95 V INKWELL s Use slandarO Hayes compaiiDle RS-232
pages and includes a free disk of 21 utility programs.

Gender change, serial, male/male RGMM S 5.95

modems with VIC-20. C-64. C-12S. SAM's BOOKS
Gender change, serial, lorn.num. RGFF £ 5.95 SYSTEMS □ELUX HS232 INT., Omnitronix $39 95 CW TrojuleshoolinB & Beoalr Guldo 119.95
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Portland, OR 97219 are gona. CJean, quick


tracks, each featuring progressively dif system consists of three I6K replace
ficult terrains with sharper curves and ments for the C-128 motherboard that
additional obstacles. The object is to add a variety of new functions, such
finish as fast as possible, while avoid as FIND, CHANGE, COMBINE,

BEFORE ing fallen trees, boulders, and more. MERGE, and UNNEW commands, an
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• 100's of titles 18 nationalities and 13 ship types are 7323 (see address list, this page).
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up to 136 columns at 10 characters per
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CALC, the Computer Assisted Speed is 120 characters per second, 30
Learning Center, serves as a resource cps in near letter quality. Parallel in
center for parents, students, and tcach- terface is standard; an RS232C serial
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Amiga. CALC is eager to receive arti es a number of C-64 programs for chil
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♦ Compiuhen'.jvc manual Included
Phone: 415-960-0410 Phone: 408-286-7074
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1700 N.W. 65th Avenue
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the system rounllncs ttitulrftl Chicago. IL 60610 ChaLsworth, CA 9I3H
Phone: 800-848-9273 or
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12 AHOY!
Interrupt-Driven Memory Manager
for the C-64 and C-I28
By Curcio

aybe you've seen word processors or other SYS MS +3

programs that display a command or status
line at the top of the screen, no rruiticr how This statement clears all boxes. No movement of data will
I the rest of the screen scrolls. You may huve take place during IRQs. Although there is no SYS to dis
asked yourself, "How do they do that?" connect the wedge, this statement effectively turns it off.
One method of performing this and a number of other If Messenger in disabled by RUN STOP/RESTORE, when
useful tasks is to use an interrupt wedge, a routine which reenabled by SYS MS any boxes that were active will im
60 times a second takes data from one location in memory mediately begin moving data, unless they had had a "once"
(the source) and moves it to another location (the destina flag. If you do not want this, use one of the box-clearing
tion). By changing the IRQ vector at S03I4-S03I5 to point statements before SYS MS. Messenger doesn't have to be
to a machine language program, another task can be enabled to use the setup SYS.
"wedged" into the interrupt processing. The C-64 demonstration program assumes Messenger is
located at 51200 and enabled. A short message is POKEd
THE LOADERS into the cassette buffer, followed by ones which Messen
The first listing on page 80 is the BASIC loader for Mes- ger will move into color memory. Two boxes arc set up
senger64. As written, it POKEs the machine language into in continuous mode, and the message stays in place as the
location 51200 on the C-64. The C-128 listing on page 80 screen scrolls.
POKEs Mmengerffl into location 3072 on the C-128. Both
routines can be located elsewhere by changing the variable C-128 SETUP
MS in line 110. The loader(s) will make the necessary ad As with the C-64 version, Messengerl28 is enabled with
justments to relocate the ML and report the range of mem SYS MS. Because of its many banks (actually configura
ory occupied. Enable the wedge with SYS MS where MS tions), the C-128 architecture is more complex than that
is the beginning address. The Messenger wedge preserves
the original contents of the IRQ vector and may coexist with
another IRQ altering program. Messenger will be disabled
Messenger provides four "boxes," flags thai signal the mi
croprocessor that data is to be moved during IRQs. The It's as easy as picking up the
boxes are numbered 0-3. Each of the boxes has a source
address (SA). destination address (DA), number of" bytes
phone and giving your order. If
(N), and a once/ continuous flag. These conditions are set you have a credit card, it's even
up by SYS MS + 3, where MS is the address used to enable
Messenger, easier. The hardest part may be
waiting for the mail to come!
SYS MS +3, B, SA, DA, N

Box B indicates that N bytes from location SA are to be

We have software for ATARI,
moved to location DA every interrupt. Value N is the num COMMODORE, IBM, APPLE,
ber of bytes -I. A zero would move one byte and 255 moves
256 bytes, the maximum. If bit 7 of a box is set, the move 520ST and AMIGA.
takes place just once, so SYS MS +3. 2 OR 128, 828, 1024.
20 moves 20 bytes from the cassette buffer to the top line
of the screen only during the next IRQ. FOR COMPLETE LIST

SYS MS +3, B e outudc 1 800 433 21)38

Inside Tb 81 7 292 7306

This statement clears the specified box. Once a box has WEDGWOOD RENTAL
been cleared, it can only be reactivated by specifying SA, 5316 Wuuliwjy DflVC
Fort World, Texas 76133
DA, and N.

AHOY! 13
8DO-2E1-777D of the C-64. In addition io the parameters needed for Mes-
AMIGA S 100 00 AMIGA I10O00 AMIGA S 100 00
senger64. the 128 version requires a source bank (SB) and
- Commodore ■ Commodore
V N _ t>* Drtve ' J Montlol destination bank (DB). This makes for a fairly long state
MO. 00 S75 00
^-———ij 1701 ment, but one no worse than a CIRCLE or BOX command.
• 2031 -.—-1 1702 *
jw- .i PET 64
SYS MS +3, B, SB, DB, 0, SA, DA, N
(99.00 Mb 00

i [yY| Computer Compulen

Box B will move N bytes from address SA in Bank SB to
*h *" Commodore
^^fi^w Pnnief address DA in Bank DB. The zero must be present in the
150 00 S75.0O
\^» y MPS Ml \^_^_—-- 152G position indicated. This insures thai none of the status reg
^O' MPS 803 MPS 902
ister bits are sel. If bit 7 of box B is set, data movement
;^Hf ; Computer
takes place for one interrupt only. If DA or N arc missing,
,^L CBM 128 M5 00
H" CBM 1571 (;^<> , 8032 a SYNTAX ERROR is generated. If nothing comes after
^^ 9050 *
the SYS address, or after the fourth parameter (the status
. commodore: register), all boxes are cleared. To clear just one box, use
1541 NEWT
60 00
c= SERVICE CENTER 901225-01 10.85
SYS MS +6, B.
901226-01 10.85
1541 ALPS' 60.00 CABLES AND MISC. 901227-03 10.85
SX64 150 00 The setup routine calls the Kernal GETCFG routine to
REG 6 PIN DIN 3.95 901229-05 15.85
WSD 100 00 12' 6 PIN DIN 7 95 7701/8701 985 get the MMU values for the source and destination banks
1571 95 00 IB' 6 PIN DIN 9.95 8721 16.85
1526/803 45.00 1 EEE TO EEE PK BACK 8502 9.85 and saves those values for use during IRQs. This way the
MPS801 35 00 ! EEE TO PET PIG BACK 82S1O0 9.85
6502 3.85
wedge doesn't have to get new MMU values via GETCFG
SFD 1OO1 85 00 POWER SUP 64 24.95
WICO BAT HANDLE 15.95 6532 6.29 twice for each byte moved. Since the ROM portions of
WICO 3 WAY IS. 95 6520 3.85
64 40.00
WICO BOSS 11.95 6522 3.85 INDFET and INDSTA perform this siep, they can be
1541 NEWT 60.00 4.95
1541 ALPS' 40 00 TYMAC CONNECTION 3995 6567 12.85
skipped and Messenger instead JSRs to the ponions of those
MSD 75.00 FUJI DSDD a.95 6581 9.85
SX64 100.00 SO 50 OR 6032 295.00
routines in "common" RAM at S02A2 and $02AF respec
6510 8.85
MUST BE COMPLETE 5.00 SHIPPING 4164 .99 tively. This saves some time. Still, if any box is continu
£5.00 MM OHDER 74LS629 4.95
ously moving bytes, a split screen causes the computer to
TC ELECTRONICS * 6560 9.85
lock up, except for RUN STOP/RESTORE or reset. Con
HWY 36 PO 1129 EQtJIFM:NT 205- tinuous mode is therefore incompatible with split screens.
HARTSELLE, AL 35640 773-1077 The once option can be used with a split screen, though
SEND FOR OUR COMPLETE LIST OF PARTS AND SOFTWARE the screen will briefly revert to all text. Continuous mode
is compatible with a full screen bit-map, however.
COMMODORE <==> IBM MS-DOS Both versions of Messenger temporarily use the free zero-
FILE TRANSFER UTILITY page locations 251-254 during the IRQ, saving the original
contents and restoring them before continuing to ihe "main"
THE BIG BLUE READER 128™ interrupt handler. Messengerl28 additionally saves the
INDFET and INDSTA address pointers. If RUN STOP/
If you have the RESTORE should occur while an IRQ is in progress, the
Commodore 128™ and original contents of these locations may not be restored.
the 1571/1581 disk drive,
you can read from and WHAT'S IT GOOD FOR?
write to standard IBM Admittedly, the command line example at the beginning
MS-DOS files using BIG of this article is a rather mundane application. Messenger
BLUE READER 128™ can be put to other uses. Specifying one of SID's read-only
registers, say voice 3 waveform, as a source, and a write-
BIG BLUE READER 128™ Features: only register such as the filter high byte as destination, mu
• File transfers between Commodore 64/128, MS-DOS and sic could have the well-known fand well-worn) "wah-wah"
C1Z8 CP/M diskettes. sound. A more ambitious project would be to provide the
• Full support for 1571 and 1581 disk drives (including C-64 with a system of "shadow registers," like the C-128.
1581 CP/M and 3.5" MS-DOS diskettes).
• Optional ASCII to Commodore ASCII translation.
Using the "once" option, the routine can be used for block
• Eaiy to use fully menu-driven program. moves, perhaps to redefine sprites or call up help screens.
The C-128 demo program illustrates block moves by calling
BIG BLUE READER 128™ $44.95 the routine 32 times to fill a bit map with 8192 bytes from
Available at your dealer or order direct from;
SOGWAP Software As the number of bytes continuously moved increases.
115 Bellmont Road BASIC slows down noticeably. This is because the interrupt
Decatur, IN 46733 handling takes longer, and BASIC has less time to execute
call (219) 724-3900 between interrupts. The C-128 becomes especially sluggish,
(Send U.S. funds drawn on U.S. Banks only). and it may take several seconds for the slow motion cursor
Price includes shipping and handling. to reappear after pressing RETURN on a command. The
C-64 Version Now Available speed of music and sprite motion will be affected as well. D
Call or Write or More Information SEE PROGRAM LISTINGS ON PAGE 80

14 AHOY!
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For the C-64
By Tony Brcmtner

lectronically Guided Homing/Exterminating Devi IIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIII

■11 ■ ■ a
ces. Your fellow workers in the research plant jok
ingly refer to them as "Eggheads" for short. These
robotic watchdogs roam the complex after hours, ■ a biii m 1 1 ■!■■■
1 ■ ■ iiiii e 11 1 1 11 11 1 1
searching out and destroying intruders—no questions asked.
Because of a malfunction in the computerized security sys
tem, the entire complex has been locked down. There are ■HI I iftK III I I I I I I I
■ ■ 1 1 ■ ■ Has 1 • iiiiiiii
no entrances and no exits. But you have bigger problems ■ I I I I I ■ M ■■■■¥■■■■■
right now. The Eggheads have been activated, and are track 1
■ ■ m ■ ■■■
■ ■ ■ i: i: :

ing what they think to be an intruder—you. Because of the ■ ■ ■ ■

■ mi iiiiiiiiiiiii
delicale equipment used in the building, the Eggheads have il 1 * M 111 IIIIIIIIIIII
been programmed to change direction when something is i ■ ■■■ ftiiiiiiiiiiii
iii mil iiiiiiiiiiii
in their path. By moving the equipment around, you can ■ ■
create makeshift barricades to hem them in. This is your /t-'/'f y- /;;•'''.-////&///1.:--

only chance for survival! ft ft ft ft

Be sure to have a joystick plugged into Port 2 before play- BONUS 118 LKVIH. BSi

BRAND NEW AMIGA 500 Only $296 ing. At the start of the game, you are given the opportun
Or NEW C128D w/bulli-ln drlva $196 w/lrade-lr. ity to select the number of robots (Eggheads) tracking you.
of B4C Computer, 1541C Dlik Drlve.1902 Monitor, 1200 Modem Move the joystick to the left or right lo choose a highlight
BRAND NEW C1541-II DRIVE or ed number from 4 to 8. Naturally, the more robots you se
NEW C1581 3-1/2" DRIVE $125 lect, the harder the game is. Press the fire button to begin.
Him Iradi-ln ol r.-n drhra.
The robots are placed around the edges of the playfield,
We buy:m;li ir.ult Commodore, IBM Compaltbls,
while your character is positioned in the center. Blocks,
Ala il hardware, loflwire and accetioriBi
PriceaahQwn ruii'd j ■* . i, 'l -■ l'i < i,i".M .1 ! Jliiiorcftail card purchased Prices shown are which are scattered around the playfield, can be pushed
lor maii-oroer Add 5% lor in store purcnaut piui applicable Inai
together to form walls. To trap a robot, surround it with
walls, leaving il unable to move. Of course, each robot is
MC CPU -/CEOS *•!& !7MJ56k RAM |IZ9 1BO2C CoFar monitor 115S programmed to kill —so don't gel too close!
I2QD "./Quill-in drill 0 J489 1700 llBkHAM (109 NEW IO91 ROB Men 1299 Once all the robots have been captured, you are awarded
A500 CPU 1599 A2O0OCPU (1119 A2052 !MB RAM 1125 100 points apiece. There is also a bonus timer at the tower
A501 KU "AM tlE» A206&C Bndgpcrd wja I55S A1CA0 1200 SivO 1129
MOOEHS left of the screen which counts down from 100 to 0 during
A.aiei 1200 in A-aiei 21O0nc 1199 Prsc Ppr 21O0hc 1199
each level. If there is any time remaining, it is also added
MEW! Slir MI-1000 lJ4cpi It tpi HLQ. IBM/EPSON Compillbll
Sur NP-10. IOOcpi 2SCP1 NLO EPSON Ccjmpn.nli
to your score, located at the lower center of the screen. You
USED PRICES will then proceed to the next level, which is a little faster.
C61 CPU IH VIC20 CPU 139 1511 D(i.• 1119
1571 D(iv« ■1H 1 COO 300 MoOtm 125 16H13O0 MQdim 131 Remaining lives are shown above the score as figures.
Mono Monitor 130 Color monitor 1 from 1129 10', 11. If a HP 1109
VIC l525Prarl»r You begin the game with four lives. Each time you arc
ouuuwu 119 C1602Monilor SMS

caught, you lose one and replay the level. The game ends
Wawanllowade rot YOUPEQUiPMENTi 41 your equipment^ nol rnenMonea, ihencall uanow when you've run out of lives.
lot an innani quole All iptereneei to Irado-mi t»um« equipmoni lo ba m goofl workrr-ig
condition Snipping/handling will beafldrd \o ilJ pi\ct-t Shipping/naniiimg u Dated on actual Strategy plays a key role in Barricade. Although the ro
vtfignr of order Due to limtisd quintitia* ol uiad Bqui^meni. pigaso CALL berorfr ordaring
bots are homed in on your coordinates, they can often find
13lhStr*«1, Suit* A openings that aren't easily noticed by the player. Try to con-
Bouldar, CO 60302 Fine them to a large area, then cut it down a little at a time.
Trapping them along the boundaries is much easier (and
Computer Repeats, Inc.
safer) than trapping them in the middle of the screen. You
(303) 93»-8144
can use the SHIFT-LOCK key to freeze the game.
You'll need Flankspeed (page 69) to type in and save a
copy of Barricade. After loading the program, enter SYS

16 AHOY!

To offer the most powerful utilities • Screen dumper that dumps ALL
you must first have state of the art screens, three different size options,
hardware. This is a fact thai our to PRINTER OR to DISK (in KOALA
competitor doesn't understand, which or DOODLE! format) • Fast format
explains why they are offering their • Fast file copier, 1 or 2 drive,
latest 'final' version based on the old supports the 1541,1571 and158i ...
style, ROM only, hardware. SUPER any combination » Fast disk copier,
SNAPSHOT is the ONLY utility 1 or 2 drive, supports the 1541,1571
cartridge that incorporates a RAM and 1581 -GAME MASTER
chip AS WELL AS a large ROM. This SCREEN - built in sprite killer and
is just one of the reasons why RUN EXTENDED LIFE mode (one of the
magazine gave SUPER SNAPSHOT benefits of having a RAM)
a "B+" rating (Dec. r87) while our • TURBO*25 - loads any program
competitor received only a "B" (Sept. saved with TURBO'25 at blinding
87). And INFO magazine gave speed (50 K in 5 seconds). Works
SUPER SNAPSHOT a +*** rating with any drive. Simple to use.,, no
while our competitor received only
**+ (Jan. '88).
Compare these features found on
SUPER user intervention required
• Completely WINDOW driven with
easy to read screen windows that are
SUPER SNAPSHOT V3.0 to those
found on rival products: • TURBO
DOS (actually three systems in one)
SNAPSHOT available any time, NOT just at
power-up • FREE Kracker Jax
parameter disk which contains a
fast LOAD and SAVE to the 1541,
1571 (in 1541 OR 1571 mode) or
1581 . Full-featured DOS wedge
V3.0 nibbler and 80 parameters for
backing up those programs that can't
be done with ANY cartridge. ALL this
(supports multiple drives) • Pre The best just got better! and more!
programmed function keys • The SUPER SNAPSHOT'S unique design
"All In all, I think this is the best of the bunch"
most advanced machine language allows updating to new versions
- Tim Slckbert, INFO, Jan. '88
monitor available for the 64. Includes when they become available with
"Si's memory dumper function Is probably the most advanced
all standard commands plus simple, affordable, plug-in ROMS. No
on the market at this time... overall we were very pleased."
scrolling, bankswitching, (0 modify, - Morton Kevelson, AHOY!, Nov. '87
need to ever buy another complete
ability to interrupt a running program, cartridge. And SUPER SNAPSHOT
****... Read SUPER SNAPSHOTS 4 STAR review In
examine it and then SUCCESS is$!5-$20 less in price to begin with.
INFO magazine (Jan. 'S8J "B+"... RUN, Dec '87
FULLY resume.

Super Snapshot Slideshow Creator

The is TOT) Ycu knew MSqwSnapsM can <aptire a n^bcW aft res fcf^OT tflhese images,

allow you W easily negate h res « mAKcto screens into yew own M.1 or BASIC prcgrams wih lull cortroC1 Only 114.95 U.&.J19.95CW.

RIVAL CLAIMS... FLASHY ADS.,, WHO'S KIDDING WHO? YOU DECIDE! Both we and our competitor offer a 10 DAY, MONEY-BACK
GUARANTEE. So buy them both, try them out and send back the one you don't want. YOU decide who is offering gimmicks and who is
offering solid, well designed utilities. But act quickly - we expect our competitor will retract their offer when they see this ad.


DEALER Solt*am Support IntemaKna1,2700 NE Andresen Road, Vancouvw. WA 98661
INQUIRIES Pticne orders welcome: |206]695-1383«Sameday shippng NoCOD adeisoutsideUS
PLEASE NOTE Frw shipping J handing on all cdere. • C 0 D ADD W CO lo Wai adei • All otJeis muS be pad in U.S. l
WELCOME Washington residents add 7.30% sales lax nerds' Od«s outside ofMortti Amenta add S7 50 foi shipping
In Canada, order Ironv Marshview Softnao. TO Box 1212, Sackv* NH EOA-XO Only S69 95 CON
For the C-128
By Dennis Furman

The Commodore 128 is an excellent machine for A=INT((PEEK(4624)+256*PEEK(4625))/256)+l

those of us who enjoy dabbling in high resolution :PRINT A
graphics, but ii lacks a number of features found
in olher home computers. Among these features
are windows, viewports, and hidden screens for page flip
ping routines. The MOVSPR and GSHAPE commands offer
only a limited capability lo create animation effects on the
hi-res screen. MOVSPR is useful for animating only small
objects and GSHAPE is too slow for larger objects. The
program described here provides a way to use rapid partial
screen animation for nearly full size screen areas.
Hi-Res Windows is a machine language utility that can
be used with BASIC programs to add windows to the hi
res screen for limited animation effects. Once you have saved
\ P"
a correct copy of Hi-Res Windows, run it and answer ihe
First you will be asked to enter the coordinates of the This line computes the nearest page boundary above the
upper left hand corner of the desired window. Since only END OF BASIC.
whole color cell areas are allowed, enter this Information SYS 2956.A recalls from BANK 0, page A ihe previ
as column and row data. The columns run from 1 to 40 ously saved data. In order to set up an animation sequence,
and the rows from 1 to 25. If you want to run the demo first draw the contents of each window, then save them in
program, answer 17,10 for this prompt. Next, enter the width dividually using SYS 2866.A. Once this has been done for
of the window in columns and the height in rows. Use 8 the desired number of windows, the entire data area can
and 6. respectively, for the demo. This information will be be BSAVEd to disk for later reloading by the animation pro
used to customize the ML code to provide a window of gram. The short demo program illustrates one way of crea
the specified proportions and position. Hi-Res Windows will ting a series of animation frames. Once begun, it will run
men BSAVE the ML data to disk using the filename "W1N- indefinitely, so hit any key lo stop when you have seen
DOWS.OBJ". You can load this object code at any time us enough.
ing the BLOAD command, but it is non-relocatable. Since A few final words of caution when setting up the win
it is self-modifying code, it must always be loaded into the dow data. First, limit the width of any window to 31 col
cassette buffer at 2816. umns or less. While this restriction may seem inelegant,
With the object code in place, the various window func it keeps the program simple and provides a window large
tions are activated by SYSing to three locations. SYS 2816 enough for most simple animation routines. Second, you
will clear the contents of the window by placing zeros in will have lo determine how many pages of BANK 0 memory
the appropriate hi-res screen memory. Color memory is is needed for each window. To do this, multiply the width
untouched. SYS 2866.A will save the contents of the win times the height times 8. Divide the result by 256 and round
dow and place it in BANK 0, page A (memory address of up. For example, a window that is 10 columns wide and
page A is found by multiplying A by 256). BANK 0 is used 8 rows high is made up of 10 x 8 x 8, or 640 bytes. This
since it shares the lower !6K of memory with BANK 15 will require 640/256 or 2.5 pages for storage. Since each
and has plenty of RAM available to store data-intensive storage location called in the SYS command falls on a page
screen displays. Care must be taken, however, to ensure boundary, you would use an increment of 3 for each new
that the pages used for window data do not overwrite your window stored or recalled.
BASIC program code, also located in BANK 0. One way Hi-Res Windows is obviously not the answer to all your
to find the lowest value of A that will ensure an uncorrup- animation needs, but it, along with the resident BASIC 7.0
ted source code would be to use the following line in di commands, should help you achieve some fairly impressive
rect mode after your program is complete: results. □ SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 74

The only art package that
lets you design sprites,
animate, and fly to Paris
for the weekend...
Unleash the creative potential of your Atari ST
or Commodore 64. Among the stunning
features you will find at your fingertips:
On the 520 *lcon driven Toolbox with all options
available on one screen *2 work screens plus
separate sprite design grid *High speed draw,
shapes, spray, fill, copy, brush and picture
manipulation ^Sophisticated window routines
including mask, stretch, squash, flip, smooth
'M'l and rotate *AII drawing functions are available
in magnify mode plus directional scrolling of
the magnifying grid in four directions
^Extensive sprite design system including
choice of sprite size, large on-screen sprite
store, auto outline, draw with sprites as brushes
and much more *all sprites can be out put as
data ready for inclusion in other programs *On
screen animation of sprites.
Screen Shot taken from Atari ST.
On the 64 *Windows, Icons-pull down menus-
GElH pointing devices *Operates in high-res mode.
Full control over color attributes* All
information on screen *16 pens, 8 random
sprays, 16 user definable brushes* Windows
can be inverted, cut and pasted, enlarged,
reduced, squashed, stretched, flipped and
rotated *Solid and texture fill option *Wash
texture feature *3 levels of magnification with
pan and zoom, pixel clear and plot *Full range
a of facilities in multi-color mode plus transfer
from hi-res to multi-color Comprehensive edit.
**--* -


(201) 444-5700

Firebird are running an

Advanced Art Studio promotion with r
fthoy! Magazine, Atari Explorer Magazine,
and Quantumlink. Look in Ahoy!, Atari Explorer or on
Quantumlink for details, or clip this coupon and mail it to
AAS Competition, Firebird Licensees, Inc.
71 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick, NJ. 07463 for details.

"The First Full Line in Software"
Address Firebird Licensees, Inc.
P.O. Box 49, Ramsay, NJ 07446
" No purchase necessary. Recorded competition information:- (718] 847 0234 , Firobird jntJIhe FirabirdlD^loare renislpradlrademarfcsof Firirbird Lpcnnseca. Inc.
RAinbird dnclihe Rainbirrt logo flrorngisrorad trademarks of British Telecommunicaduns PLC.
Art Gallery Disk Salo
Selected Art Gallery images are available on disk. Multi
color images arc supplied in Koala format, while high-reso
lution images are in DOODLE! format. Included arc a slide
show for easy viewing, along with a bit map dump for your
1525 printer or properly interfaced equivalent. A sample Art
Gallery disk with slide show and printer dumps is $10; or send
a stamped and self-addressed envelope (business size) for a
listing of available Art Gallery collection disks. Prices shown
are for US and Canada. All others add S3 per disk. New York
Slate residents please add appropriate sales taxes. Disks may
be ordered from Morton Kevelson, P.O. Box 290260, Home-
crest Stalion, Brooklyn, NY 11229-0005.

Contribute to Ahoy!'* Art Gallory

fortune to any and all aspiring Commodore artists. Simply send

Morton (see address above) your work on disk indicating the
drawing package or file format of the images. Inclusion of a
self-addressed post card will guarantee an immediate response.
All graphics produced on the C-64/C-128, Plus/4, and Amiga
computers are eligible. If your image is published, you will
receive a free one-year subscription to Ahoy! If you are already
a subscriber, your subscription will be extended by one year.
Note that the Art Gallery is not a contest. Published pic
tures are selected in an arbitrary and capricious fashion by
the Ahoy! Art Director based solely on the artistic merit of
the individual images.

! ■ I

20 AHOY!
White most artists favor bucolic landscapes over urban city-
scapes, those concrete canyons in which many of us live
or work have a beauty all their own —as this month's con
tributors make clear. At extreme left is The Batman, ren
dered fay a fellow Bruce - Bruce Yorbor (Oklahoma City, OK).
At immediate left is Christmas - see the world's oldest over
night delivery service silhouetted against the sky?-by Dale
E. Clark (Flint, Mi). Above ii a smaller scale City by Leslie I
Clockel (Bellerose, NY). Top to bottom at right, there's a
View through Venetian blinds by David A. Grabowskl (North
l"*. ■—'

bara Tiess (Middletown, NY); and Night by Helm Dlekert T

(Vernon, BC) —along with City, one of this month's only two
Koala images. The rest are DOODLE! drawings, with the ex
ception of The Batman, sketched on the Amiga with De
luxe Paint. Holy 640 by 400 pixel Hi-res model

"rom the crow's nest, your topman bellows,
"Enemy ship ahoy!" You immediately order
jallle sails, your guns loaded and prepared For the C-64
10 fire. You change your course in anticipa
tion of your enomy's next move Now, Ihe By John Fedor
wind is in your favor, and so is lady luck.
Before Ihe enemy caplain can bring the ship
about, you level a broadside amidship;
crushing her main mast, taking sails and
rigging down with it. She's dead in the water
gunports blocked by the fallen mast and
sails. Your next broadside explodes into her
hile creating your you think I was going to explode a
hull, ravaging her ducks; thon anothor until
inally, she strikes her colors. The prize is own special game, dog?!), but the dog is in (he way. So
/ours. you may need to now you must use your original sprite
make a sprite ex editor to move the dog out of the way.
plode. Suppose an enemy ship is shot. You should leave up 12 blank shapes
Some games just put dots on the after the shape to be exploded. Also,
screen, supposedly representing the the shape should be centered around
ships debris. Wouldn't it be more in the X and Y axes. This is because the
teresting and meaningful if the ship ex program assumes that this is true.
ploded from the center into smaller Now that (hopefully) you are set up
pieces'? I think so. By use of this utility, correctly, you can choose the number
your games will have a more profes of explosion frames you wish to do.
sional louch as far as explosions go. Twelve is a complete explosion, while
Sprite Exploder was created because one is the first step in a full explosion.
I needed a robot to blow up into a A solid box takes 6.5 minutes to ex
bunch of little pieces and then come plode 12 frames. The more blanks in
back together as a robot. The normal the shape, the less the time involved.
method of-cheating" wouldn't work, so Once the explosion is computed, the
I wrote this program to do the hard menu appears again. Choose the ani
work for me. It can take up to 7 min mation routine (Option 4). This allows
High Seas Is an 9xciting, fast-paced utes for a complex explosion. But be you to watch the explosion happen. The
action simulation thai puts you in fore we go into that, you need to enter adjustment of the speed occurs only
command of the mosl powerful ships the program on page 75 (a BASIC pro while the shape is exploding. Once sat
that ever moved under sail. gram with a bunch of numbers at the isfied with your explosion, save it to
Here's what Neil Shaprio has to say disk (Option 2). The first sprite shape
end). Once entered and saved, you can
from the November 87 issue of Nibble
create your sprite shape(s) with your must be the lowest numbered sprite to
" Now tig's done it again-better then own editor and save them to disk. Now, be saved.
I (or one, even imagined it could be run Sprite Exploder. Load your shapes What happens next? Well, if you
done" by choosing the option I. Now explode don't want all the frames used, delete
"The first time you play a multi-ship them by choosing the option 3. You a couple of frames (using your editor)
scenario and see the opposing fleet
now have to decide which shape you and scrunch the sequence together (to
arrayed in line, full sail against you,
want to explode. By using the + and replace the deleted frames). You would
it's an unforgettable experience"
— keys, change the sprite so it is in want to do this if you don't have a lot
Available at your local retailer the proper shape. Then press RE of memory to waste on a full explosion.
OR ORDER TURN. Now choose which way you Now incorporate the shapes into your
1-800-367-1435 wish to go (increase or decrease from game. Sec how nice it looks? It really
the original). You may have to allow docs add a great effect to the game.
$49.95 APPLE // w/64k,//e,//C,//gs some extra area between your shapes (Ahoy! Dixk subscribers please note:
Commodore 64/128 while creating diem so you will have the April 1988 Ahoy! Disk contains two
room for the exploded shapes lo be sample explosions which we didn't have
Garde® next to them. For example, let's say you room lo list in the magazine. To order
Games of Distinction
, Madson.CT. 06443 have a box at 255 and a dog at 254. the Ahov! Disk, see page 46.—Ed.) D
Now you want to explode the box (did SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 75

22 AHOY!
"...excellent, efficient program that can help you
save both money and downtime."
Super 81 Utilities is a complete utilities package (or Computers Gazette,
the 1581 disk drive and C128 computer. Among the Dec, 1987
many Super 81 Utilities features are:
• Copy whole disks from 1541 or 1571 lormat to 1581
1541/1571 Drive Alignment reports the alignment
partitions condition of the disk drive as you perform adjust
• Copy 1541 or 1571 files to 1581 disks ments. On screen help is available while the pro
• Copy 1581 files to 1571 disks gram is running. Includes features for speed adjust
• Backup 1581 disks or files with 1 or 2 158Vs ment and stop adjustment. Complete instruction
manual on aligning both 1541 and 1571 drives. Even
• 1581 Disk Editor, Drive Monitor, BAM Writer
includes instructions on how to load alignment pro-
• Supplied on both 3 V and 5'V diskettes so that it
§ram when nothing else will load! Works on theC64.
will load on either the 1571 or 1581 drive X64, C128 In either 64 or 128 mode, 1541, 1571 in
• Perform many CP'M and MS-DOS utility lunctions either 1541 or 1571 mode! Autoboots to all modes.
• Perform numerous DOS (unctions such as rename Second drive fully supported. Program disk, calibra
3 disk, rename a file, scratch or unscratch files, tion disk and instruction manual only 34.95!,
lock or unlock files, create auto-boot and much
more! All-purpose utility program for the C64 provides:
Bi-direciional scrolling Auto Line Numbering
Super 81 Utilities uses an option window to display Auto Line Deletion Renumber
all choices available at any given time. A lull fea Trace function ML Monitor
tured disk uttlltles system for the 1581 for only Disassembler List all variables lo screen
Lo-Res Screen Dump Hi-Res Screen Dump
$39.95! Number conversion (10. hex. binary]
Append dies ■ Restore newed Basic program
Format — short
■ Change Device number
• Packed Line Editor
The ultimate utilities disk for the 1571 disk drive and new/complete new • Determine file load address
C128 computer. Copy whole disks (with 1 or 2 Menu-driven
Cnange THIS TO THAT — search for all instances of
drives), change disk format (without affecting dala), specified string and replace wiih second specified siring
perform CBM, DOS, CP(M, and MS-DOS utility • And much, much more!
functions, contains disk editor, drive monitor. RAM Super Aide, the complete programmer's toolkit.
Writer and more for only S39.9S! Only 129.95!



Action-packed, fun-filled motor Exciting space exploration game for the C64. Search
cycle arcade game for the C64, Race for life forms among the 200 billion stars in our
the clock in Motocross, Enduro, galaxy. Scientifically accurate. Awesome graphics!
Supercross or Trials. Fly through the
For the serious student of astronomy or the casual
air on spectacular jumps. Bounce
explorer who wants to boldly go where no man has
over woop-de-doos. Avoid logs,
gone before. Only $29.95!
trees, water holes, brick walls, other bikers, etc. as
you vie for the gold cup.
Thrilling Super Bike aclion for only S19.95.
Pears ago, Talis
Vaultheart, a powerful and
FOUR TEXT ADVENTURES evil wizard, stole the Torch
Four text adventures for the C64 on one disk! of Truth and hid it some
YUKON — You are forced to crash land your plane in where within the many
the wilds of the Yukon. In your struggle against
sanctuaries and dungeons of Pastoria. With the
nature, you must acquire five valuable objects and
people thus blinded, Vaultheart began to take the
deposit each one at the bank in Dawson.
SHIFTING SANDS— You are stranded In the Sahara land. The time has come to take it back!
desert. You must assemble four valuable objects Che land of Pastoria Is a large island with
and carry them to the observatory of Akhnaton.
many smaller islands surrounding. You will explore
Entering the proper set of magic words wins the
many of them on your quest for the lost torch. Al
STALAG 23 — Escape from the prisoner of war
though you start as a common citizen, you are far
from common. You possess the last of the myster
ON THE RUN — Sequel to Stalag 23. Find your way ious luckstones! Study magic, increase your fight
back to safety while avoiding your pursuers. ing strength and speak with the townspeople. All

Four challenging adventure games lor only S9.95! this will help you on your quest.

(Corrf)lJcnrrr is a challenging, graphic adventure

game lor the C64. $29.95.
Order with check, money order, VISA, MasterCard,
COD. Free shipping 4 handling on US, Canadian,
APO. FPO orders. COD & Foreign orders add S4.00.
Order from:
Over 80 titles
to choose from.
Free Spirit Software, Inc.
r^^^. 905 W. Hillgrove, Suite 6 Write or call for your
VISA LaGrange, IL 60525 FREE
■m (312) 352-7323 catalog today!

Will Not Be UNDE


Complete Commodore
C64c System Sale
Computer, Disk Drive, Monitor, Printer & Software

(Add $35.00 shipping.*) List $1049

The Complete System for *39595 Includes:

Commodore 64c Computer
Excelerator Plus Disk Drive
12" Monochrome Monitor With Connecting Cable
Genuine IBM® Printer With Commodore Interface And 1 Roll Of Paper
GEOS Program: Word Processor And Drawing Program

15 Day Home Trio! * 90 Pay Immediate Replacement Policy

">"i ulci 1.. Allonlcn im.,1 he in US IMl.n "it Mr-1" til iwinil In lK< U.S., CANAI1A. fUliRTO KKXl. * APOm

222V2 N. Popper Rd, Borrington. II. 60010 StoS«»l«ff!3S^JSi£S^cSip^^

Call (312) 382-5050 To Order) ■d itiuse be lupplicd h^Lih iftt Q'citf. oi wiLhLit |) i]"?! •.•! dale ■■' i'sji . in.11 V1S jAl MASTERCAHD i tiO-"-

Famous Siar Micronics National Brand

Super Hi-Speed 200 CPS Printer

Star Micronics LV-201010" Printer with Near Letter Quality

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Compiled by Michael R. Davila
Contributors to Tips Ahoy! will be compensated at highly competitive industry rates. Send your best programming and
hardware hints for the C-64, C-128, or Amiga to Tips Ahoy!, c/o Ion International Inc., 45 West 34th St.-Suite 500,
New York, NY 10001. Include a stamped and self-addressed envelope if you want your submissions returned.


Are you having those drive rattle blues'? Is commercial •20 REM GOSUB 160 IF YOU HAVE CHAR DATA
software that makes your drive rattle driving you mad'? Here •30 END:REM SET UP IN BLOCK 3 NOW!
is a one line program that will put a stop to that. •40 :
•100 REM SCREEN - 49152:CHARSET = 61440
This program prints an interesting screen background us 216:P0KE88,.:P0KE89,248
ing lowercase characters. Use it to spruce up a title screen •120 POKE56333,127:POKE1,51:SYS41964:POKE
or as a test background. -Andrew Millen 1,55:POKE56333,129
Johnson City. TN •130 POKE56578,PEEK(56578)OR3:POKE56576,P
•10 REM LOWERCASE PATTERNS •140 P0KE53272,PEEK(53272)AND15:P0KE648,l
•20 POKE53280,0:POKE53281,0 92:PRINTCHR$(147)
•30 PRINT"[CLEAR][c 4]";CHR$(14);:FORA=1T •150 P0KE53272,(PEEK(53272)AND240)0R12:RE
0320:PRINT"[c *][c *][sEP]";:NEXT TURN
•40 GETA$:IFA$=""THEN40 •160 :
The VIC chip terrifies beginners. It seems to be a maze
of Sanskrit that requires a PhD in computer science jusl
•210 F0RX=.T07:READD:P0KE61440+A*8+X,D:NE
to go into extended background mode. XT:G0TO200
For example, many programmers would like to take ad
vantage of all that safe, bountiful memory available in block BULGING SQUARES
By manipulating a character through the custom charac
3 at 49152 and above-but they're scared of crashing the
ter set, you can create .some interesting animation. To see
machine, copying down the character set incorrectly, or set
what I mean, type in and run the following program for
ting up the Video RAM and losing the cursor.
the C-64. It will take some time to copy the character set.
Stick these routines in your library and say goodbye to
Hit any key to end the demonstration. This technique can
VIC hassles forever.
also be used on the C-128, although a different method of
The first copies down the character set to the RAM at
copying and enabling the custom character set must be used.
61440 using the built-in memory move subroutine, then sets
— Michael Jaccks
the Video Chip to block 3 and finally clears the screen and
Alamogordo, NM
introduces the cursor. It lakes one second total. No sweat,
no fuss. And now you've go! room for about 64 sprite shapes
with no loss of BASIC memory or having to worry about
overwriting your own code. Just remember...if you hit RUN
STOP/RESTORE, you'll have to type POKE 648.4 blindly • 10 P0KE52,48:P0KE56,48:CLR:POKE56334,PEE
to get the cursor back. Also, the sprite pointers arc now
•20 FORI=0TO2040:POKELfl2288,PEEK(I+53248
at 50168-50175 instead of 2040-2047.
The second routine will copy any redefined character data ):NEXT:P0KEl,PEEK(l)0R4
down for you if you end ii with a -1 to signal the subrou •30 POKE56334,PEEK(56334)OR1:DIMA(5,7):FO
tine to RETURN. Data should be in the standard screen RY=0T03:FORX=OTO7:READA(Y,X):NEXT:NEXT
code -t- 8 bytes format. The character set is in the hidden •40 B=2:FORY=4TO5:FORX=OTO7:A(Y,X)=A(B,X)
RAM a! the top of memory, so it takes no space away from :NEXT:B=B-1:NEXT
the sprites. What more could you want?-Cleve Blakemore Continued on page SI

30 AHOY!
AHOY 4/88

115 Nassau St. NY., NY 10038 Penn. Station, Amtrack Level Beneath
Bet. Beekman & Ann Sts. (212)732-4500 Madison Sq. Garden. NY.. NY 10001
Open Mon-Frl, 8:30-6:30/Sun 9:30-5:30 (212)594-7140 Open Mon-Wed 8:30-8
Closed Sat Thurs & Fri 8:30-9/Sat
9/Sat&& Sun 10-7


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of I (I OiskotloE
IE" M ,.
K»yl>o«ld . 380K Ffocpi Ud~iis'**II Hosk uB Cttlci ml IdiDIDi,
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iu'cii»rg» tot utM card on»r» 'ion nen^id chKU muttwui *fl vtam ci*tr*nc» kta^ty or«*'i t't noi-ceirifiad ch«cki, N.V,
r*ud*nmdd>PDi^:*bl*tml*itAji. Ppic*i*"Uiv*Liab ifyiul>|*t"ocM»n^tvffihoui none* Norr«iDani.bie'0'i,pOf)rachic»irD^ fl«iurn
of ettftcih* mtrchvidlt* mwit hnv» prior Wu" 4uthorl»tlDn numbtr, or rtiumi will not bt icc«pied iW PC/XT m# raflLttt'td
NO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS Trid»m*rtnof hnlarnATIonal BminWi Muhint Corp. AH ordtn un b« thippM Ak E»d>>m -till For tftt«iit A^iHtni^nw,^
Wd m«y not t* tiHi
r— 1

Someone once said that 90 percent of all software

ever written uses only 10 percent of the available
instructions in the corresponding programming
language. I'm not sure that those numbers are
accurate, but there is certainly some truth in the statement.
Every language has a few "work-horse" commands which
make up the majority of each program. In BASIC, the most
common instructions are undoubtedly LET, PRINT, IF-
THEN, and probably GOTO. Each language also has its
set of lesser-known instructions, which occasionally fall
through the cracks of the programmer's repertoire.
This month we will recover some of the less-common
BASIC instructions. If you haven't looked through your
BASIC manual in a while, perhaps you have forgotten that
some of these instructions exist. These commands are prob
ably not used for everyday programming. They are gener
ally reserved for those troublesome times when you just
know there must be a better way to write that program.
I am sure that many of you reading my list of obscurity
will say that you use some of these commands ail the time.
Great. Each one serves a purpose. The wider your program
ming vocabulary, the better your programs may be. Consider
this article a refresh of your dynamic RAM. For newcom
ers to the language, file these commands away. Some day
they may be just what you need.


Looking through the list of commands I have selected
as being considered "obscure," I find that most of them are
in BASIC 2.0 on the C-64 as well as BASIC 7.0 for the
C-128. That is rather surprising since BASIC 2.0 is a fairly
"bare-bones" implementation of the language.
Let's start with the POS function. POS tells you the hor
izontal position of the cursor on the screen. If the cursor
is at the tenth character position in the top line of the screen,
POS(O) gives a value of 9 on the C-64 and the C-128. If
the cursor is at the tenth character position in the next screen
line down, POS(O) still returns 9 on the C-128, but it gives
a value of 49 on the C-64.
Why the difference? The C-64 deals with 80-charactcr
"logical screen lines" however illogical that may be. Since
the C-64 display is 40 characters wide, each logical line
corresponds to two screen lines. When do you need the POS
function? It is useful when variable lengm strings or graph
ics characters arc to be printed all on one line. With the 20 IF LEN(A$) > 40-P THEN PRINT
POS function, the program can decide whether there is 30 PRINT A$
enough room to begin printing at the current screen position
or if the cursor should be returned to the left end of the Line 10 gives P the line position of the next character to
next line to begin. be printed. The last part of line 10 corrects for the 80-
To print AS at the current cursor position only if there character C-64's logical line "idiosyncrasy" (to put it po
is room for it on the line, try this (assuming a 40-column litely). Assume the cursor is sitting at the last character po
display): sition on the line, so P has a value of 39. If AS is only one
character in length, then it will fit on the line. If LEN(AS)
10 P=P0S(0) : IF P > 39 THEN P=P-40 is 2 or more, line 20 will execute an extra PRINT slate-

32 AHOY!
men! which moves the cursor to the start of the next line. must PEEK into memory locations 214 (on the C-64) or
Line 30 puts AS wherever the cursor happens to be. 235 (on the C-128) to get that information.
By the way. the value of the argument in the POS func Much of the BASIC we know has its roots in the "tele
tion is irrelevant. To fit in with the standard syntax of the type days," before computers had video monitors. Since the
other BASIC funciions, POS( ) needs something between teletype machine was a sequential access device, it was not
its parentheses, but il doesn'l matter what (within reason). feasible to move the "cursor" vertically upward. In fact there
So POS tells us the horizontal position of the cursor. It was no cursor. POS was all that was needed to specify the
seems that it would be equally useful to know the cursor's horizontal position of the printhcad on the paper.
vertical position on the screen. What command gives the Next on my list is the SPC command. POS tells the pro
cursor's vertical position? Unfortunately there isn't one. You gram where the cursor is on the line. SPC moves it over

AHOY! 33

I By Lou Wallace & David Darus

At last, you can unleash the graphics potential of your

Commodore 128 to achieve performance which rivals that of
16-bit micros! Imagine your 128 (or 128-D) producing
resolution of 640 x 200 in monochrome and 640 x 192 in 16
colors without any additional hardware. Sound impossible?
Not with Basic 8, the new graphics language extension.
Basic 8 adds over 50 new graphics commands to standard
C-128 Basic. Just select one of many graphics modes and
draw 3-D lines, boxes, circles and a multitude of solid
shapes with a single command. We've even added
commands for windows, fonts, patterns and brushes.
To demonstrate the power and versatility of this new
graphics language, we have created Basic Paint, a flexible
icon-based drawing application. Written in Basic 8, Basic
Paint supports an expanded Video RAM (64K), RAM
Expanders, Joystick and the New 1351 Proportional Mouse.
Also included is an icon-based desk-top utility which
provides quick and convenient access to each of your very
own Basic 8 creations.
All this graphics potential is yours at the special introductory
price of $39.95. The package includes Basic 8, Basic Paint,
the desk-top utility, a 180-page manual and a run time
module. (80-Cofumn RGB Monitor Required)

Mail your order to:

Software Support Int. • 2700 NE Andresen Road «13 • Vancouver, WA 98661
Ordering is a Imp I a: we accept money orders, certified checks, personal checks.
VISA, MC, DISCOVER and C.O.D. Please add S3 shipping and handling per
order. $2 addilional for C.O.D. orders. Orders outside of North America add Complete Package
additional S4.50 lor shipping and handling. Washington residents pleass add

73% sales tax. Orders must be submitted with U.S. funds. Call our toll-tree
order line at 1-800-356-1179 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific time Monday-Friday. After
hours, orders accepted at 206-695-9648 7 days a week. Technical Support
Available. Call 206-695-9648 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific lime Monday-Friday.
a given distance on the line. SPC is easily confused with 20 PRINT D
the TAB command. The main difference is that SPC is a 30 DIM A(D)
relative move whereas TAB is an absolute move. These state 40 PRINT FRE(l)
ments generally produce different results:
The 10 is subtracted in line 10 since some memory is needed
10 PRINT A$; SPC(15); B$ t» store the dimensions of the array in addition to the ele
20 PRINT A$; TAB(15); B$ ments of the array. Normally you should leave a much larg
er margin than 10 bytes. If you want to see your C-128 go
Line 10 prints 15 spaces between AS and BS regardless of off into "Out of Memory" heaven, change the 10 to 2 in
their lengths. Line 20 prints AS then attempts to move ihe line 10. A word of warning: you will have to reboot your
cursor to the i6th character position on the line before print computer after this.
ing BS. (Why 16 and not 15? The left-most position on the The C-64 handles the situation much better. You must
line is considered position 0.) If the length of AS is greater replace the FRE(l) with the expression shown earlier for
than 15, then line 20 causes B$ to be printed adjacent to handling negative results. Line 10 should be
AS without any spaces between them. For that reason, TAB
can be tricky to use. 10 D = (FRE(l) - 65536*(FRE(l)<0) / 5 -1
SPC and TAB are moderately useful. Much more useful 0
lhan either of these is the BASIC 7.0 CHAR command which
allows you to specify the exact horizontal and vertical po Change the 10 to smaller numbers. The size of the array
sition to begin printing. (CHAR is not on my obscurity list increases while the amount of free memory decreases until
since I use it frequently tor screen formatting. Give it a the 10 has dropped to 2. At that time, a simple "Out of Mem
try if you aren't already using it. The Programmer's Refer ory Error in 30" is displayed, and unlike the C-128. the
ence Manual states that it is mainly useful for graphics machine does not go berserk.
screens. It works fine on text screens as well.) CHAR can
be used with POS to move the cursor a certain horizontal ON A TANGENT
distance from its current position. It's too bad there's not When is the last time you used the ATN function? Do
a CSRLIN command to give the cursor's vertical position. you know what the ATN function is? If you do. have you
ever wondered why there isn't a corresponding ASN or ACS
FREE MEMORY function?
FRE is a useful but somewhat obscure command. How The ATN function deals with trigonometry. It gives the
often have you written a program that needs to know the angle in radians which is the inverse tangent ("arc tangent")
amount of memory that is available to it? This is not a com of its argument. For example, an angle of 45 degrees has
mon problem, but it is one that FRE solves nicely. FRE(0) a tangent of I;
on the C-64 teils how much RAM is available for the pro
gram and its variables. It has a quirk that the value returned lan(45) = 1.0
is between -32768 and 32767.
If you have 40,000 bytes free. PRINT FRE(0) displays Most of the time. BASIC does not work with angies mea
a value -25536 on the C-64. You must add 65536 to any sured in degrees. Instead it uses an angle measure called
negative values to get the actual number. Using a logical "radians." There is a simple reiation between radians and
expression to decide if the number is negative, this state degrees:
ment corrects the program:
1 degree = pi/180 radian
PRINT FRE{0) - 65536 * (FRE(0)<0) or 1 radian = 180/pi degrees

This expression in parentheses is zero if FRE(0) is posi These relations come from the fact that a circle contains
tive or zero so it does not affect the results. If FRE(0) is 360 degrees or 2 times pi radians, where pi is approximately
negative, the expression (FRE(0)<0) is true and thereby 3.14. The relations are therefore simplified to
has a value of -I. Thus 65536 is added to FRE(0) when
ever FRE(0} is negative. I degree = 0.01745 radian
The FRE argument can be any value for the C-64. The or 1 radian = 57.30 degrees.
C-128 returns different values for arguments of 0 and 1.
PRINT FRE{0) on the C-128 gives the amount of program To find the tangent of a 45-dcgrce angle, we write:
storage available. PRINT FRE(l) shows the amount of un
used variable storage. Programs ami variables are stored PRINT TAN(45 * [PI] / 180)
in two different sections of RAM in the C-128.
FRE is useful for allowing the program to decide how The computer gives a result of approximately 1.0.
large to make its arrays. Knowing that each element of a The ATN function is just the opposite of the TAN func
numeric array needs five bytes, a program could set up the tion. ATN(l.O) gives the angle (in radians) whose tangent
maximum size array with the following sequence: is 1.0. Entering

10 D = FRE(l)/5 - 10 PRINT ATN(l)

AHOY! 35
gives 0.785 radians. Multiply this by 57.30 to get 45 de 10 APPEND#1,"S£Q1"
grees. Or let the computer do the multiplying:
PRINT 57.30 * ATN(l)

So ATN is the inverse of the TAN function (just as SQR

20 OPEN 1,8,8,"SEQl,SEQ.A"
is the inverse of the <2 function and multiplication is the Now dala can be added to SEQI by use of the PRINTS
inverse of division). Why doesn't BASIC include inverses command.
for the SINE and COSINE functions as well? The main Why do you suppose that CONCAT and APPEND are
reasons are that: 1) (he trigonometric functions are fairly included in BASIC 7.0, but a more useful command such
obscure (the majority of programs written get along quite as MERGE for program files is not? Probably because pro
well without them), and 2) the inverse SINE and inverse gram files are more complicated. They include memory
COSINE are easily derived from ATN. pointers as well as program text. A MERGE command
Appendices in the reference manuals and the user's guides would have lo change all the pointers for the second pro
show the relationships between the various trigonometric gram segment. (Some of you could write a utility to do that.)
functions. All I can add is an enhancement which I jotted
down from a 1979 issue of a defunct publication Interface INTERRUPTING INPUT
Age. Create these user-defined functions for the inverse Just a tidbit for C-128 users who dislike their disability
cosine (arccosine) and inverse sine (arcsine). to break out of the INPUT command prompt by pressing
RUN STOP. Hold down the RUN STOP key then press ei
DEF FNACS(X) = ATN(SQR(1 - X*X)/(X+(1-SG ther the HELP key or the Enter key on the numeric key
N(X)*SGN(X)))) + PI/4 * ((1-SGN(X))*(1-S pad. (The normal Enter key is not seen when RUN STOP
GN(X))) is being pressed.) Either of these keys inserts the CHRS
(13) that the INPUT command is awaiting even with the
DEF FNASN(X) = PI/2 - FNACS(X) RUN STOP key heid down. The RUN STOP key then halts
the program. Any of your function keys which have been
Unlike the formulas in the appendices, these functions give defined with a carriage return (CHR$(13)) at the end will
correct results for positive and negative arguments. Enough also terminate the INPUT this way.
said about the ATN function. C-64 users might try some nimble-fingered gyrations to
do the same thing. At the INPUT command question-mark
CONCATENATION prompt: 1) hold down the CONTROL key, 2) tap the M
When is the last time you needed to concatenate two se key, 3) immediately release the CONTROL and M keys,
quential files? I can't remember the last time I needed to, then 4) quickly press and hold the RUN STOP key. With
either. Just in case you must, call on the CONCAT func some practice, you can successfully break out of the INPUT
tion. This is available only in BASIC 7.0 on the C-128. C-64 command. CONTROL-M is an alternate way of entering
users must use the "combine option" of the COPY com CHRS(13), the carriage return.
mand to duplicate this operation. Here is a little program with which to practice these tech
Unfortunately these commands are designed to work only niques on either machine:
with sequential files. They can't be used for something far
more useful such as joining two program segments. The 10 INPUT X
C-64 version of the "combine" command is more flexible 20 GOTO 10
than the CONCAT command. The syntax for joining se
quential files SEQi and SEQ2 into the file named SEQl A BIT NEGATIVE
is either: The NOT operator is next on my list of BASIC obscuri
ties. NOT is used for logical operations and also for bit
10 CONCAT "SEQ2" TO "SEQl" wise manipulations. For example, a standard way to define
logical variables (in some cases called "flags") is this:

10 FALSE = 0

With the BASIC 2.0 version (which can also be used in Logical variables have one of two values, true or false. Log
BASIC 7.0), the new file name can be different from the ical variables can be used to keep track of program flow.
concatenated flies if desired. Also, up to four files at a time Suppose you have a subroutine which may be called from
can be joined using the statement in line 20. The file names several places within a program, but you want to make sure
to be joined must be separated by commas. that the subroutine is executed only once, regardless of who
A related, but somewhat less obscure, BASIC 7.0 com calls it.
mand is APPEND. This lets you open a sequential file so Initialize a logical variable DUN with the following state
that more data may be added to the end of it as in line 10 ment:
below. BASIC 2.0 allows you lo append data by opening
the file with the "A" option as in line 20: 30 DUN = FALSE
36 AHOY!
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1'hf ('timmiktor? Cotimtntm
You may set up the subroutine this way: 1. Inverting each bit of 111 1111 1111 1111 gives 000 0000
0000 0000.
100 IF DUN=TRUE THEN RETURN 2. Adding 1 gives 000 0000 0000 0001 which is the bi
110 ... put routine here ... nary representation of the decimal value one.
3. Therefore, 1111 1111 1111 1111 is the two's complement
180 DUN=TRUE representation of the decimal value "negative one."
Consequently we have seen how NOT 0 is really —1.
Your program caUs this subroutine wilh GOSUB 100. Line Can you figure out the decimal value of 1111 1111 1111 0000?
100 checks the logical variable DUN to sec if this routine The leading 1 tells you the number is negative. To convert
has already been done. DUN is initially FALSE, so lines a negative number to its decimal value follow the steps
beginning with 110 arc executed. When ihe routine is fin above. You should end up wilh the value -16 (inverting
ished, line 180 sets DUN to TRUE and line 190 exits. 111 1111 1111 0000 gives 000 0000 0000 1111; adding 1 gives
The next time this subroutine is called, the logical ex 000 0000 0001 0000 which is 16.)
pression DUN = TRUE in line 100 is tested and found If you tell the computer to PRINT NOT -16, the result
to be true, so the routine will be skipped because of the is 15. Remember that NOT just inverts each bit. So 1111
RETURN statement. Line 100 could be shortened to 1111 1111 0000 becomes 0000 0000 0000 1111. and that is
the binary representation of 15 (2 t 3 + 2 f 2 + 2 t 1
100 IF DUN THEN RETURN + 2 t 0). Conversely PRINT NOT 15 gives -16.

wilh the same results. WAIT A BIT

If you want to execute just part of the subroutine the first That summary of the NOT operator and the discussion
time through, and execute the rest of it all the other times, of binary notation prepares us for the next obscure com
change line 100 to this: mand, the WAIT instruction. Most of the references I have
seen describe the WAIT instruction as a "limited-use com
100 IF NOT DUN THEN (first time only mand," not to be used for normal programming. Let's see
) ... : GOTO 180 what it does. Then you can decide if you have a need for it.
The syntax is WAIT MEM,A,X. The instruction causes
Only if "NOT DUN" is true wili the other instructions in the computer to look repeatedly at the contents of memory
line 100 be executed. On subsequent calls to the subrou location MEM until the bits in the binary representation
tine, the "first time only" instructions in line 100 will be of MEM's value meet certain conditions defined by AandX.
skipped. Start with a simpler version of WAIT. Consider WAIT
NOT is also used for manipulation of numeric bits. For 211,1. On the C-128, the states of the SHIFT keys are stored
example, as individual bits. (The corresponding memory location on
the C-64 is 653. The statement is WAIT 653,1.) When this
10 A = 0 program is run, the computer sits at line 10 until you press
20 B = NOT A either of the SHIFT keys.
5 MEM=211 : IF FRE(1)=FRE(O) THEN MEM=65
will display the result -1. The NOT operator changes 3
every 0 bit in a number into a 1 and vice versa. Since A 10 WAIT MEM.l
is zero, think of it as 16 zero bits. The NOT operation in 20 PRINT "NOW IN LINE 20"
line 20 produces a vaJue with 16 one bits: 1111 1111 1111 1111.
This is the binary "two's complement* representation of the Line 5 sets the value of MEM for the computer being used.
decimal value -1. (Recall from our discussion of FRE that the argument doesn't
The ordinary binary value of 16 one bits is decimal 65535. matter on the C-64, so FRE(0) always equals FRE(l) for
The computer does not use ordinary binary notation. It uses that computer, and MEM is set to 653. On the C-128. the
two's complement notation. The leading 1 bit in two's com two arguments will generally return different results, so
plement notation means MEM retains the value 211.)
The various SHIFT keys have the following decimal and
1. Take the remaining 15 bits and invert each one. binary values:
2. Add a value of 1 to that answer.
decimal binary
3. Call the result a negative number.
Either SHIFT key 1 00001
Think of the left-hand bit as the "sign bit." A sign bit of COMMODORE key 2 00010
1 means the number is negative and must be converted ac CONTROL key 4 00100
cording to the rules above. A sign bit of 0 means the num ALT key 8 01000
ber is positive. CAPS LOCK key 16 10000
Let's convert 1111 1111 1111 1111 to its decimal value. Fol
low the steps above. The last two keys are only on the C-128. Think of MEM

AHOY! 39
as containing a 5-bit binary value 00000 through Hill. A program now pauses in line 10 until you either release the
bit value is one when the corresponding key is pressed. SHIFT key, or you simultaneously press the CONTROL
MEM stores 00000 when none of the keys are pressed. key. (The FOR-NEXT loop gives you a moment to get your
MEM stores the value 11111 when all five keys are pressed finger on the SHIFT key after entering RUN.)
simultaneously. To wait for other key combinations in your programs,
The WAIT instruction uses the binary AND operation you can use the decimal values for the keys listed above.
lo select llie bits of interest in MEM. If we want to wait You might find it easier to visualize what is happening by
until either SHIFT keys or the CONTROL key (or both) thinking in terms of the binary values we have discussed.
arc pressed, we would use the statement WAIT MEM,5.
The second argument in the WAIT command is a bit mask. MAXIMUM OBSCURITY
The bits in the binary representation of the mask which The last command on my list mis time around is PUDEF.
are 1's identify which bits in MEM are to be tested. With It is available only on the Commodore 128, hut Commodore
a mask of decimal 5, only the 1 and 4 bits of MEM are 64 users aren't missing much. 1 will let you look up the
tested. Bits 2, 3. and 5 are ignored. This means that only syntax and usage of PUDEF so as not to bore you here.
the SHIFT and CONTROL keys are relevant. PUDEF lets you redefine certain default values for the
WAIT MEM,A loops until the value in MEM masked PRINT USING command. It is probably useful for Euro
with A gives a non-zero result. To make things even more pean programmers of the Commodore 128 who want to re
complicated, the third WAIT argument specifies whether place the dollar sign with the English pound, or lo use a
the selected bits should be inverted before they are tested. comma instead of a period as the radix point.
To make the program loop until cither the SHIFT key is A discussion of PUDEF and PRINT USING is another
released or the CONTROL key is pressed, use the command month's topic. PRINT USING is a very powerful and use
WAIT MEM.5,1. The 1 means to invert the state of the ful command. PUDEF on the other hand is of marginal
SHIFT key's bit before testing it. In other words, wait until use, and therefore deserves to be at the bottom of the list
the SHIFT key is released. of obscure commands.
Change line 10 of the previous program to this: I have ignored ihc special purpose sprite and graphics
commands, some of which could surely be called obscure.
10 FOR N=l TO 500 ; NEXT : WAIT MEM,5,1 If you know of other commands which you feel are more
obscure than those I have listed, don't tell me about them.
Enter RUN then quickly press one of the SHIFT keys. The We will just leave them that way. D

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wilh dual pulse- the interconnecting tracks.
lasers—are loaded The Trackers must challenge the pa
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ted to Zeugma IV. tion Links found in each sector. This
There, the Moth- is done through a combination of strat
ership attains geo egy and tactics. The user controls only
stationary orbit one Skimmer at a time, so it is advis
and the Trackers able for the player to get a Skimmer
and Skimmers going in [he right direction and then
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face the renegade player will also want to assume direct
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The Trackers combat with a Cycloid.
must navigate the The primary display in 'thicker is the
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order %7 QO JdJiimi-il Tof COD aitivts O-tJe'i Dui^dF c' Ncrrn Am^trcJ an*jje ciM hH
Or (.-ill Ouv inJI fm- tttilcr lint ill
ihi[ptng ctiargts D*fecl *t iTems *hi t* r«pljtc^ at no efurtjB tn slock oroers art
I 800 3^6 I1J3. anm-Spm Pnclltc lima
&fK*s«d Ml Mi 24 nrs Relurns nt nol ittsaleQ *ithoul aumuriraion I Wjsh'f.gton
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?rnj Day Air t\ no dddilon^l ctiaig? U S ofOcfi only All pnees suD.ecl Id change 1206) 6K-K4B 1 dayi a week.

Hs«a mori inPg3 til gr -"b lor gur Irit c

42061 6M S64B. 3«n 5pm Pact fit; t*m*.



i i~.



would be my prime candidate for en- pit of fire. This sequence constitutes beautiful music accompanying almost
shrinement among the gilded gobblers, one of the most boring game mechan every screen, and gentle animation
next to such colossal flops as Atari's. ics imaginable. throughout enhancing fhc player's sense
E.T. and First Star's Superman. Slay on the platform, and the first of location.
Dragon's lutir was co-produced by stop is Skull Hallway. The game in The text parser is highly intelligent,
an ex-Disney film animator and a coin- struction provided for this minigamc recognising both compass directions
op company known mostly for its se reads as follows: "Pulverize the skulls and player's orientation (i.e. "left." "for
ries of classic vector graphics arcade with a perfectly timed swing of Dirks ward") for movement. The vocabulary
games (Star Hawk, Star Castle, etc.). deadly sword." Not quite. Actually. is not colossal, but the key words to
Don Bluth, whose studio produced the Dirk must first jump backwards, away solving important puzzles exist in
popular feature-length animated film. from the chattering skulls. The swing enough forms to insure that you won't
"The Secret of N.I.M.H.," joined for must he timed to take out mist mon waste too much time trying to give the
ces with the financially troubled Cin- sters, who aren't even mentioned in the specific order you need.
ematronics to provide the coin-op craze documentation. These appear from al I found Dark Lonl to possess another
with its last hurrah when they turned coves on the left and right. Such ex rare detail: the correct balance of diffi
Dragon's Lair loose on arcades in 1983. amples of shoddy play instructions and culty as the game progresses. Each
Though not much of a game. Dragon's weak design riddle the game. puzzle requires sweat and thought, but
Lair integrated the then-new laserdisc The reactive gaming continues for as not so much that the gamester will de
technology with beautiful animation se long as the player can take it: Dirk cide to chuck the whole thing and
quences produced by Bluth and his slu- swings on burning ropes, dodges magic break out his copy of Pac-Man to un
dio of Disney renegades. Together they weaponry, jumps from ramp to ramp wind. Each new barrier seems on the
fashioned a state-of-the-art visual mas while skewering Goons, battles the tip of the tongue, and when finally
terpiece. Laserdisc coin-ops briefly re Lizard King, on and on, through two solved does not leave the player feel
vitalized arcades' (lagging fad before the disk sides and 17 minigames. ing like an idiot because he didn't leap
heavy cost of the hardware and R&D The problem is the low quality and upon the solution instantly.
caused the laserdisc technology to be imagination-level of the games. The Last, bu! certainly not least, I found
abandoned entirely. This left arcades coin-op had beautiful graphics and Dark Lord scary. As incredibly jaded
with mostly copycat games played on clumsy gameplay. A home version as I am by the several thousand hi-res
convertible coin-ops. would not be expected to duplicate the screens that have passed through my
Several software developers dis visual splendor of the arcade game, but computer, I was amazed when I found
cussed plans to bring Dragons Lair to it should certainly improve on diese sti myself getting the jitters! When the sun
home computers, but the project lan fling game mechanics. goes down and it gets cold outside,
guished for almost live years. Dragon's Lair is a tremendous dis you'll find yourself wishing you had a
Now from Software Projects Ltd. appointment and proof positive that warm place to sleep for the night. If
and Electronic Arts comes Dragon's seventeen mediocre games are no sub you're still stoic, then wail for the far-
Lair, a collection of weak action games stitute for one good one. off echoing screams to start. Not soon
incorporating characters, scenes, and Electronic Arts. 1820 Gateway Dr.. after you might even be visited by the
props (Dirk the Daring, the Dragon, San Mateo. CA 94404 (phone: 415-571- villain himself, his presence sending
the pits, ropes, etc.) from the original 7171). -Bill Kunkel a cold chill up your spine.
entertainment. The big problem with This game is obviously a work of
the coin-op was the time lapse between DARK LORD love by its creators. The atmosphere
the player's input and the movement of Electronic Arts/Datasoft and character ihal only comes with
me stylus to the appropriate groove on Commodore 64 hundreds of hours of refinement shines
the laserdisc. No such problem should Disk; $19.95 forth Zork-like in Dark Lord, and I
exist in a computer game —but despite To be honest, I rarely enjoy combin found myself getting a hit nostalgic for
this, damed if the designers didn't per ation graph ics-tcxt games on the C-64. the days when a man might pull a car
meate the entire program with stiff ac The memory capacity of our beioved pet aside to reveal a trapdoor in an old
tion, restricted play options, and game brown micro just doesn't seem suffi white farmhouse.
challenges that rely almost exclusive cient to hold both a thorough, engross I expected that I would have to deep-
ly on simple timing. ing plot and credible graphics screens fry this release as just another graphics
The game begins when the user joy to illustrate the action. It seems cer slideshow, but instead I must conclude
stick-leaps Dirk the Daring from a tain thai no matter how clever the pro with the highest recommendation of
ramp onto a platform which is the ele grammer, he'll never be able to squeeze this original game. If you have S20 to
vator that transports Dirk to the differ the rich text found in Infocom games spare, please go out and buy Dark hml
ent game areas. During the descent, togcdier with beautiful graphics screens and once again lose yourself in that twi
however, anthropomorphic clouds pop one might encounter in Defender of the light zone of imagination you thought
up at any of four positions around the Crown. One or the other invariably suf had been eclipsed in today's software
perimeter of the platform and emit fers in the translation. But there is at market.
gusts of wind. The user must move least one exception. Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Drive,
Dirk toward the gusts to keep from be Dark Ijml has to be experienced to San Matco, CA 94404 (phone: 415-571-
ing blown off the platform and into a be believed. It is resplendent with 7171). —Cleveland M. Hlakeinore

AHOY! 45
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J Best oi C-128 _| Best Games

Make check or money order payable 1o Double L Software. N.Y. State Residents must add 8V*% sales lax.
r. Brooks! on one side and
Mil I Please lis
ten to me!
TIME some kind of cyborg
on the other. They
Be sensible, m;in!"
you yelled as your BUBInJHV were all armed with
exotic weaponry that
colleague pointed the you were unable to
stun weapon at you. identify.
He scooped up a hy CO 1988 CLEVELAND H. BLAKEHORE "We are looking
pe rdi me nsional radio for Dr. Brooks, your
receiver from the ta colleague," the scaly
ble as he backed away. one hissed.
He was sweating "We're Subway Pa
feverishly, a half-lun trolmen," barked the
atic look of despera creature with the
tion in his eyes. You burnoose, his eyes
knew his recent fail rrrrrrrf' shining yellow from
ures as an Amway inside his hood.
salesman had unset PROGRAMMED BV CLEUELAHD M. BUKEKORE "Our job is to pre
tled his mind, but vent primitive under
you'd never guessed developed races like
he'd go this far.
Brooks waved the
For the C-64 your own, HU-man,
from distorting the
gun at you and uttered a mad. cackling laugh. "I have noth flow of time and changing history," said the cyborg, his voice
ing to lose! I've got 4000 six-gallon bottles of Crisco oil an electric hum. This Dr. Brooks has already committed
and no place left lo sell them! Hahahahaha!" several non-interference violations!"
Dr. Brooks stepped inside the antimatter flux porial and You scrambled lo your feet in protest. "Wail! Let me find
threw a switch. "I'm not exploiting my marketing poten him. I know I can bring him back!"
tial! There must be millions of customers the past two thou They glanced at one another uneasily, hissing and growl
sand years who need Crisco oil like life itself!" ing under their breath.
You threw yourself forward in a desperate attempt to stop
him, but he fired the stun weapon. Everything vanished Time Subway is a highly educational game that 1 would
in a flare of light as you slipped into unconsciousness. recommend for the purpose of teaching younger (or older)
When you awoke, your head throbbing, you were surroun children history and the chronological relationships of im-
ded by three of the weirdest looking aliens you'd ever seen- portani events and discoveries.
and you'd seen plenty. Ever since you and Dr. Brooks dis The object of Time Subway is to stop Dr. Brooks from
covered the Time Subway, a network of interdimensional completely upsetting world history as we know it. If he
tunnels in time created by an alien civilization over a million achieves 100% time distortion while selling six-gallon Crisco
years before, you'd become used to bizarre travelers drop to earlier generations (thus giving them crisp and tasty fried
ping in and out of the laboratory. foods that are low in cholesterol long before they are re
These three characters were impressive nonetheless. A sponsible enough to handle it), Earth's history will be so
walking alligator stood flanked by a sinister hooded figure affected that you and he will never discover the Time Sub-

STATION: 1988 A.D.






AHOY! 47
way in the first place, and a time paradox will occur that WARD. Push the button to exit the control booth and re
will throw the flow of time into a closed loop. turn to the subway platform.
The game uses Port 2 for joystick control. To get on the train, walk forward to the platform exit and
Brooks is hiding somewhere between 0 A.D. and 1988 press the fire button. You are now safe from patrolmen (they
A.D., and it's up to you lo locale his station and nab him. can lell that you're leaving anyway) as the train slows to
Each year lias its own subway station, and each station a stop and you board.
has its own information booth, provided courtesy of die long The screen dial follows will show your train rushing down
dead alien race that buill the subway. a corridor in time, with the year in reverse white. Press
The problem wilh the subway stations is that they are the button when you want the train to stop at a station.
swarming with subway patrolmen, aware of Brooks' hijinks When you encounter Dr. Brooks, hell be Firing his stun
and struggling to locate him ant! put him on ice! gun like crazy. If he hits you with one of the shots, youil
They have no orders to assassinate you, but they are a wake up on a train again, with Brooks fleeing to another
terrible nuisance in ihat if they catch you, they will throw time era. Grab him without getting hit to win the game.
you on the very next train out and shuttle you off to some It may sound simple, but once you play for a while you'll
random moment in history, throwing you off the trail. Be see that it's difficult indeed to avoid the subway patrolmen
cause Dr. Brooks is carrying a hyperdimensional radio, he and commute to the correct year before Dr. Brooks messes
will know if you are caught and move to a new location up history beyond hope.
in lime whenever the subway patrolmen report your inter I was not able lo incorporate my plans for expanding the
ference lo (heir chief. game into the program. Because I lowered die top of BASIC
To use the information booth, walk into it and press the to make room for the sprites, the program runs safely with
tire button. The booth can lell you your exact location in only 2(K) bytes free in memory. This makes it impossible
time, as well as Dr. Brook's position. It will also report to add new historical dales as I had previously planned.
to you any significant occurrence in your current era, so Nonetheless, I know you'll find the 40+ eras within the
you can get your bearings in terms of Earth's history. program suitable for a long time.
Most important of all, the info booths contain the control I wish to ihank my friend Lynwood Brooks for the orig
levers for the subway itself, so lhal you can reverse the di inal concept of this program, and wish him good luck in
rection of the train's forward or recessive motion in time. his new business career. This is the first time I've created
Using the joystick, you light up the arrow on the left to a program based on cooperative brainslorming. P
go BACK in lime, and die arrow on the right to go FOR SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 70



(OVER 40 SPECIAL PARAMETERS built into the INVADER Copying | FOR USE WITH 1 or 2 1541/1571 Drives and compatibles or
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to Copy" Disks This meihofl ol copying olten produces a working (used in 64 mode).
copy withoul using a parameter. These are all inslatled
FAST FILE COPIER included with 8 second NO KNOCK PERFECT
FORMATTER and Ihe ability to issue DISK COMMANDS & DELETE
I OVER 200 EXTRA PARAMETERS to make working copies of receni unwanted liles.
disks ihat were impossible before are installed on DISK-INVADER
FAST FULL DISK COPIER lor 2 1541/1571 copies in under 1 minute.
SIDE 2. Because we UPDATE on a regular basis trie quantity of
FAST FULL DISK COPIER for 1 1541/157! copies in under 2 minutes.
extra parameiers grows laster than we can advertise. We will
always ship the LATEST CURRENT VERSION to purchasers. POSTAGE & PACKING INCLUDED US $36.50
Registered owners may update earlier versions at any lime
lor sib.50 P& P included.

send Check or Money Order to:

Quebec resltfenii add 9*t ulet lai. We accept VISA.
All order! Ihlpped wttMn 4B hours.

I Place Charny, Lorraine

Telephone: 1-514-621-2085 Quebec J6Z 3X9, Canada

48 AHOY!
c 1

By Dale Rupert
ach month, we'll present several challenges de ington. MA). Given a 24-hour, 6-digit, 7-segment digital
signed to stimulate your synapses and toggle the clock, write a program which displays in HH:MM:SS for
bits in your cerebral random access memory. We mat all the times during the day when exactly half (21) of
invite you to send your solutions lo: the 42 digit segments are turned on. Your program must
also print the number of times each hour and the total num
Commodities, c/o Ahoy!
ber of times within a day which meet this criterion. Times
P.O. Box 723
run from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.
Bethel, CT 06801
Assuming no tails on the "6" and the "9", the numbers
We will print and discuss ihe cleverest, simplest, short of segments for numerals "0" through "9" are 6, 2, 5, 5,
est, most interesting and/or most unusual solutions. Be sure 4, 5, 5, 3, 7, and 5. Notice that all seven digits are lit for
to identify the name and number of the problems you are the numeral "8". Obviously there will be quite a lot of "grind
solving. Put your name and address on the listings as well. ing" in this program. Bob's challenge to you is to beat his
Show sample runs if possible. Briefly describe your solutions C-64 time of 247 seconds (no machine language). You may
and lell what makes them unique or interesting, if they are. print all times in the upper left corner of the screen to save
You must enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you time.
want any of your materials returned. Solutions received by
the middle of the month shown on the magazine cover are
most likely to be discussed, but you may send solutions
and comments any time. Your original programming prob
Have fun with this one from Dale Ickes (Uhrichsville,
lems, suggestions, and ideas are equally welcome. The best
OH). The user specifies a positive integer. The computer
ones will become Comnodares\
displays all the factors of that integer. Any tricks to speed
this up for large numbers are welcome.


This problem was submitted by Wallace Leeker (Lemay, This month we will look at the best solutions to Com-
MO). Add a subroutine (o this program which determines modares from the December 1987 issue of Ahoy! Before
whether the date in AS is earlier than, later than, or the we get started, here is a quick solution to a problem dis
same as the date in B$. The dates arc stored in MM/DD/YY cussed last month. Problem #47-3: Joyful Sprites or Spir
format and are assumed to be in the 20th century. its as you prefer). Gerald Gilley (Killeen, TX) sent this one-
iiner for the C-128.
10 FOR N-l TO 3: READ A$,B$
30 DATA 03/08/88, 09/16/74, 01/02/03, ■2 REM C0MM0DARES PROBLEM #47-3
40 DATA 08/10/80, 08/10/80 •4 REM SOLUTION BY
50 ... your subroutine starts here ... ■5 REM GERALD GILLEY
■6 REM
The first output should be "03/08/88 is later than 09/16/74". • 10 FORX=1TO64:POKEX+3583,0:NEXT:POKE3593
PROBLEM #52-31 TIME CLOCK T=JOY(2):I=(T-1)*45:MOVSPR1,I#(6*-(T>O))
Try this one from Jim Speers {Nilcs, MI). Your com :LOOP
pany just bought a new time clock which records working
Plug your joystick into Port 2. The program creates a
time in minutes. The payroll department has calculated wag
small "light saber" which moves on the screen under joy
es based upon quarter-hours for years and is not about to
stick control. If you don't see the sprite initially, just hold
change their ways. It is up to you to write a program which
down the joystick button. It will eventually come gliding
converts any number of minutes to hours and quarter hours
into view.
(rounded to the nearest quarter hour). Keep payroll happy
Justin Smalley (Boulder, CO) was kind enough to point
and keep your job.
out an error in the first solution to Problem #44-1: Added
Difficulty in the December 1987 issue of Ahoy! Line 20 of
Timothy Slate's solution should have been GOSUB 40 in
PROBLEM #52-31 CLOCK SEGMENTS two places instead of GOSUB 50. This was my editing error.
Beat the clock on this problem from Bob Renaud (Wash The program works as advertised if you make those two
AHOY! 49
changes. tween the total and one dollar. The FOR-NEXT loop start
Everyone was counting change with Problem §48-1: Coin ing at line 210 steps through the coins, largest value first,
Challenge submitted by Wally Sito (Iselin, NJ). The basic deciding the maximum number of each type of coin which
problem was to determine the value of coins specified by could be contained within DF%.
the user and tell whether it is greater (han, less than, or Remember that this is integer division and the result will
equal to one dollar. An advanced option was !o determine be the quotient of the two numbers rounded down to (he
the numbers of coins to be added or subtracted in order nearesl integer. Line 230 reduces DF% by the value of that
to bring the amount to exactly one dollar. many coins and updates the screen. The IF statement in
This solution from Don Donati (Vandergrift, PA) solves line 220 skips any coin whose value is greater than the cur
both challenges. rent value of DF%. Nicely written and easy lo understand.
• l REM ==========!S===============™=^= Critters of every description were wandering around the
•2 REM COMMODARES PROBLEM #48-1 : screen in response to Problem §48-2: Random Wilk sug
•3 REM COIN CHALLENGE gested by Justin Smallcy (Boulder, CO). The idea is to put
•4 REM SOLUTION BY an object on the screen which goes one step at a time in
•5 REM DON DONATI a randomly chosen direction-up, down, left, or right.
•6 REM ===========K==a=================== This solution from Judy Groth (Brooklyn, NY) works
on either the C-64 or the C-128 (40 column mode).
•100 C$(1)»"PENNIES":V%(1)-1:C$(2)="NICKE
•110 C$(4)="QUARTERS":V%(4)=25:C$(5)="HAL •1 REM


•120 FOR 1=1 TO 5
-130 PRINT C$(I);:INPUT N%:IF N%<0 THEN 1
•6 REM =================================
•140 TT%=TT%+N%*V%(I):NEXT I
•10 POKE 53280,O:POKE 53281,O:PRINT"[CLEA
•150 PRINT:PRINT"TOTAL: $";TT%/100
R][c 7]";:SP=1024:SC=54272
•160 ON SGN(TT%~100)+2 GOTO 170, 180, 190
■20 CC(1)=2:M(1)=-4O:CC(2)=6:M(2)=4O:CC(3
:":GOTO 200
•30 A=INT(RND(1)*4)+1: UC=112+A: IF A=4 T
HEN UC=107
•40 S=SP+M(A):IFS<1024 OR S>2023 THEN 30
•200 DF%»ABS(TTZ-100)
•210 FOR 1=5 TO 1 STEP -1
■60 POKE SP,81:P0KE SP+SC,l:G0T0 30
•220 C%=DF%/V%(I):IF C%=0 THEN 240
-230 DF%=DF%-C%*V%(I): PRINT C%;C$(I) Line 10 clears the screen and sets the color to light blue.
■240 NEXT I : END SC is the starting address of screen color memory, and SP
is the starting address of screen character memory.
Don uses the C$ array to store (he names of the coins and The random direction is stored in A. The graphics char
the V% array to store their values in cents as defined in acter UC and its color CC( ) are then selected. Line 40
lines 100 and 110. The FOR-NEXT loop starting at line 120 adds M(A) which is -1 (left), 1 (right), -40 (up), or 40
prinls each coin's name and requests the quantity of each (down) to the screen position. The IF-THEN statement in
coin. line 40 verifies that the new position is still on the screen
The total value of money is stored in the integer variable (screen memory goes from 1024 to 2023). If not, a new
TT%. Don mentioned (hat he used integer variables to pre- random direction is chosen. Line 50 puts the character in
ven! round-off errors from creeping in. Don's use of coin the screen location just visited, sets its color, and updates
values stored as cents rather than hundredths of a dollar the screen pointer. Line 60 puts a white circle cursor at
also solves the round-off and internal storage problem (there the new location.
are no .499999 results). You may replace the SP=SP+M(A) in line 50 with the
Don made good use of the ON-GOTO and SGN state statement in the REMark. This allows the cursor to move
ments in line 160. The SGN ("signum") function gives a only into screen locations which have not been visited yet.
value -1, 0, or +1 depending upon whether (TT%-100) Judy says that it may take 5 moves or 1040 moves, but the
is negative, zero, or, positive. Adding two to that answer cursor will eventually trap itself. Press RUN STOP to stop
gives a result of 1, 2, or 3. The ON-GOTO statement uses the program.
that result to jump to either the first, second, or third line Here is an interesting version of the program submitted
number listed at the end of line 160. You will see the ap by Paul Sobolik (Pittsburgh, PA).
propriate messages in lines 170. 180, and 190.
The optional challenge is implemented beginning at line REM
200. DF% stores the absolute value of the difference be REM COMMODARES PROBLEM #48-2

50 AHOY!
•6 REM =™= C-64 ONLY ============== •230 IF X=0 AND CY=O THEN 280
•10 CO=49152 •240 IF X=l AND CY=24 THEN 280
-20 FOR M TO 4*8 -250 IF X=2 AND (CX=O OR CX=40) THEN 280
•30 : READ A •260 IF X=3 AND (CX=39 OR CX=79) THEN 280
•40 : POKE CO+X.A -270 PRINTA$(X);
■50 NEXT •280 GETA$:IFA$=""THEN200
•60 FOR X=0 TO 8:P0KE CO+32*8+X,0:NEXT •290 POKE 648,0S:P0KE53272,V2:P0KE 56576,
•70 Vl=PEEK(56576):V2=P£EK(53272):0S=PEEK VI
■80 POKE 53272,16:P0KE 56576,VI AND 252:P This program runs only on the C-64. Paul defines some
OKE 648,(C0+1024)/256 new characters listed in lines 100 through BO. Line 10
•90 PRINT"[CLEAR][2O"[RIGHT]"][12"[DOWN]" through 50 put them into memory. Lines 70 and 80 point
the VIC chip to the proper memory locations to find these
■100 DATA 24,60,126,255,24,24,24,24: REM characters. XP and YP keep track of the cursor's current
UP ARROW position. Lines 200 through 280 are the heart of the pro

•110 DATA 24,24,24,24,255,126,60,24: REM gram. Here the new direction is chosen. The screen bound
DOWN ARROW aries are checked, and the next character is displayed.
Press any key (except RUN STOP) to slop this program.
•120 DATA 16,48,112,255,255,112,48,16: RE
It restores screen and character memory pointers in line
290 before returning. Paul's choice of characters makes this
•130 DATA 8,12,14,255,255,14,12,8,0: REM
a very interesting screen display. You could define your own
characters by changing the numbers in the DATA statements.
•140 XP = 211:YP = 214 The C-64 Programmer's Reference Manual describes the
•150 DIM A$(4) procedure for programmable character sets (starting on page
■160 A$(O)="@[LEFT][UP]": REM UP 108).
•170 A$(1)="A[LEFT][DOWN]": REM DOWN Now let's look at Problem 048-3: Time Machine. The
•180 A$(2)="C[LEFT][LEFT]": REM LEFT user enters a time (hours and minutes) and a number of
•190 A$(3)="B" : REM RIGHT minutes. The computer displays the time which is that many



commodore cam mod ore C om mo da re

PC 10-2 AMia-isoo
■ 60 OK Ram ■ 512 Expand
• 5 360K Floppy Drives
■ 12QK ftirn . 64K Rom • Gem
• MS DOS 3 2
' AC Adapter • Quarcurn Link Ariutp Software
• A1 '...' ■■■ Package
Call for low price! Call for low price! 5CVIQ95
DC 1O-1...I509.95

commodore comma do re

25PcPVo. = ©^^ Color PkB- O128 29 PC,

Enhvncod Pkg.
Commodore FJ4C • CotTiniodare 64 C
Commodore 154* - Commodore 1541 C1571 Disk Drive
Disk DnvE □ok Drive Color
13" Monitor __ ^.^ -.^--jc- • Color Monitor Monitor
PniKr-Ge *J / ~l • i .1,. I.., 80 Column


■ 640KRnm
com Mono re
IDst $199.95 •1360KDnve
• 13'Montcr
■ 2 3B0K Drives MPS1QOO t1BB-95
1D" S149.95
S^ S214.95
SG1OC SgS^ $214.95 ■i I i'J LI- :■ IBM PCXT COMPATIBLE
j/JFXBGE 1?" Uinr


THE-COUNTER SHOWROOMS! & fl»^']^p-fVpda)faxKinw>nia>ricrpn<i [Vnw H* tor CO D OHJifc N V rsi^nls «H 5BIP!. Tn" fi 3126AVENUEU

AHOY! 51
minutes before and after the given time. John Thelen (Cale >59 THEN 140
donia, WI) sent this short solution. •150 TM=H*60+M: PRINT"[DOWN]TIME DIFFEREN
•1 REM •160 IF Tl<0 THEN Tl-Tl+F: GOTO 160
#:##";HR,MN: END
■10 INPUT"HRS.,MIN.,AMT.";H,M,A:GOSUB 30 •200 HR=INT(X/60): MN=X-60*HR: IF HR-0 AN
-20 A-O-A: GOSUB 30: END D DE=12 THEN HR=12
•30 B=H*60+M+A: C-B/60 •205 IF HR=24 AND E=23 THEN HR=O
•40 IF INT(C)<1 THEN C=12+C: GOTO 40 •210 RETURN
•50 IF INT(C)>12 THEN C-C-12: GOTO 50
•60 B-C-INT(C): D-B/1.67: PRINT INT(C)":" Jim uses the rather obscure PUDEF statement to make the
INT(100*D+.5): RETURN PRINT USING "space filler" character become a "0". Lines
160 and 170 adjust for a differential larger than one day.
The subroutine at line 30 converts the time to minutes and Jim said that you could add the logic to handle different
adds the quantity of minutes. Lines 40 and 50 take care days, if desired.
of the problem of the resulting hour being less than one Evidendy Problem §48-4: More Income was really "more
or greater than 12. The division by 1.67 in line 60 converts confusion" for most readers. You were to write a computer
hundredths of an hour to minutes. The number of minutes simulation of this classic problem. You are offered a job
D is men rounded to the nearest whole number within the with an annual salary of $15,000. You must choose between
PRINT statement. This process is repeated with the nega Plan A in which you get a S75O raise every six months,
tive of the specified number of minutes in line 20. or Plan B in which you get a $3000 raise every year.
Jerry Nichols (Berryville, AR) used the following lines Wallace Leeker (Lemay, MO) interpreted the problem
to input the specified time: the way it was intended in his program listed below.

1 PRINTTAB(14)CHR$(34)CHR$(13)CHR$(145); •1 REM ====================,===:=«==:=====

Line 1 puts the computer into "quote" mode. The POKE •5 REM WALLACE LEEKER
statements put a CRSR RIGHT into the C-64 keyboard buff •6 REM —i-ti .wnni! rwrawi
er. Now the user can enter "6:30" as a single quantity with •10 PRINT"[CLEAR] YR[4" "]TOTAL[3" "]SALA
out getting the "Extra Ignored" error that me colon would RY[4" "]TOTAL[3" "]SALARY":PRINT
normally produce. When the INPUT statement is executed,
•20 BPS15OOO:T2=75OO:T1=15OOO
the CRSR RIGHT in the keyboard buffer moves the cursor
•30 DO UNTIL A=1O:A=A+1:B=O
to the right of the quotation mark, ready for the user's input.
•40 : DO UNTIL B=2:B=B+1:Y=Y+.5
Jim Speers (Niles, MI) couldn't decide whether to use
•50 : PRINTY;TAB(6)T2;:R2=R2+75O:PRIN
12-hour time or 24-hour time. His solution for the C-128 TTAB(15)BP/2+R2:T2=T2+BP/2+R2
below lets the user decide.
•60 : LOOP
-1 REM r—i—n-i—■ ■ ■ ..-..■■■■i. ■■■■■ i -i -,->!■-.n,
-70 : PRINTTAB(24)"[UP]"T1;:R1=R1+3OOO:PR
•80 LOOP
If you assume the $750 raise was added to the base pay
for the next six months, Plan A provides a first-year in
come of $15750 ($7500 + ($7500 + 750)). Plan B clearly
•100 PRINT"[CLEAR][D0WN][RVS0N]12[RVS0PF] gives a first-year income of $15000. During the second year,
OR [RVS0N]24[RVS0FF] HOUR TIME?": INPUT Plan A has six-month payments of ($7500 + 2*$75O) and
TM: IF TMO12 AND TM<>24 THEN 100 ($7500 + 3*$750) for a yearly salary of $18750. Plan B has
•110 B»l: E=12: F=720: IF TM=24 THEN B»0: a second-year payment of ($15000 + $3000) or $18000.
E=23: F=1440 The cumulative total from Plan A always exceeds that
•120 PRINT"[CLEAR][DOWN][RVS0N]PRESENT TI of Plan B, as Wallace's program shows. The ten-year cum
ME:[RVS0FF]": PUDEF"0,.$M ulative for Plan A is $292,500, and it is $285,000 for Plan B.
•130 PRINT"HOUR";: INPUT H: IF H<B OR H>E C-64 users must replace the DO UNTIL and LOOP state
THEN 130 ments. Change these lines as follows:
•140 PRINT"MINUTE";: INPUT M: IF M<0 OR M Continued on page 81
52 AHOY!
SUPERSTAR INDOOR SPORTS Menu symbolize each contest. Moving
Featured Thit Month:
SportUme (Mindscape) the joystick left or right lights the back
Amiga (512K) ground color of each picture. The us
Disk; $49.95 er presses the action button when the Superstar Indoor Sports 53
Ed Ringler's four-game package is corresponding picture is lit. After some Printer Port Blues 55
hardly the typical computer entertain disk activity, the option menu for the
ment product. Darts, Bowling, Air specific competition appears on the ping pong paddle with the joystick be
Hockey, and Supcrslar Ping Pong can't monitor screen. fore pressing the action button to ini
match the glamor of the Olympic track The program automatically retains tiate a return shot. Employing automa
and field events which fill other ac scores. It enters the totals for each par tic positioning without giving the pad
tion-sports anthologies like Epyx's ticipant, including computerized foes, dle quick reaction time can prove very
Summer Games. In truth, the compo without further data input from the frustrating, indeed.
nents of this multicvent competition computerist. The scores appear at the Air Hockey is the most exciting
may sound positively boring to some end of each round of play and can also game in the package, especially at the
Amiga owners. be accessed through the Main Menu. higher speed settings. The goal mouth
Prepare to abandon all preconcep Although somewhat similar to On- is quite wide, which puts a strong em
tions. This is a delightful compilation Coun Tennis, Superstar Ping Pong is phasis on offense.
of four excellent contests. Unlike some a clever simulation which captures the The graphics for Air Hockey and Su-

Superstar Indoor Sports' Ping Pong module makes it easy to handicap players of unequal ability. Darts requires
the gamer to rapidly time three separate factors in order to hit the buUseye. READER SERVICE NO. 204

other sports titles, each activity in Su essence of this recreation room stan perstar Ping Pong share one unusual
perstar Indoor Sports is a fully real dard. feature. Only the paddles are displayed.
ized, complete game with elaborate The interlocking menus let the user They move around the table as though
graphics and play-mechanics. Mind- choose the paddle colors, the number propelled by unseen hands. It doesn't
scape probably could have released Su of games, the speed of play, and most hurt gameplay, but it takes awhile to
perstar Ping Pong as part of the Thun importantly, the ability profile of each grow accustomed to the absence of on
der Mountain line, on a disk by itself. paddle-wielder. Adjusting a player's screen people.
The Main Menu is the hub of this backhand or reaction time drastically Darts and Bowling utilize a more tra
joystick-activated compendium for one alters the game. No action-sports pro ditional approach to visuals. A well-
to four computerists. The participants gram makes it easier to handicap parti drawn human participant rolls the ball
must enter their names (up to six char cipants of unequal ability. or throws a dart at the target.
acters) through the keyboard, but a joy In Superstar Ping Pong, players se Success in Bowling depends on mas
stick plugged into Pott I handles all lect automatic or manual positioning tering four elements. The user first sets
subsequent commands. A second stick, of the onscreen players. The former al up the electronic kegler starting point
in the other port, allows head-to-head ternative tries to put the paddle in the by moving the joystick forward and
action between human players. right spot to return a volley, while the back. Holding down the button causes
Large cartoon drawings on the Main latter makes the player maneuver the an arrow to move across the width of

Only Warpspeed Attention
loads, saves, verifies, advanced users:
formats and copies files An Integrated
at speeds up to lOx faster sector editor and
than normal! drive monitor and
a full featured
Imagine copying a disk in
mini-assembler are
as little as 35 seconds!
all included!
Warpspeed functions
Only Warpspeed delivers
identically on both the
55 features that
C64 and C128 in the 40 or
no other cartridge
80 column mode end works
can match.
with all compatible drives,
Including the 15B1. Built In Why limp along on
mode select and reset Impulse power when you can
switches too! Jump to Warpspeed?

Exclusively distributed by Cinemaware Corporation 4165 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Westiake Village, Ca. 91362
C64LCi2dBnti15B1 drive nre fade mark* ot Commodore Elecironlct. Lid. ttarpipcedts a trademark ol Alien Technology Group.

the alley from left to right. Releasing tle missile in the bullseye. by hitting the button one last time.
the button establishes the spot through The aiming screen shows a single The Result Screen replaces the Aim
which the bowler aims the shot. dart which points to the large drawing ing Screen. It shows a marksman aim
The bowler, shown in pseudo-3-D of the target which occupies the upper ing at the target in two-thirds perspec
side perspective, approaches the foul two-thirds of the display. Moving the tive. The dart arcs to the target, A
line. The gamer presses the action but joystick moves die dart in the same di close-up indicates the exact location.
ton just as the pin-basher fires the ball rection. Pressing and holding the but Despite its relatively steep retail
at the pins. The position of the stick ton stops die dart and fixes the aim. price. Superstar Indoor Sports is a rea
governs how sharply the ball hooks. This action starts the Angle Meter sonably good value. These four mod
Darts may seem like a sedate pas moving. Releasing die button chooses ules guarantee hundreds of hours of en
time for beery nights at the local pub, the angle of the throw. tertainment for all Amiga gamers.
but Ringler makes it positively excit Finally, the Power Meter in the low Mindscape, 3444 Dundee Rd.,
ing. The gamer must time three fee- er left comer begins to cycle. The gam Northbrook, IL 60062 (phone: 312^80-
tors in rapid succession to put the lit er sets the power and releases the dart 7667). -Arnie Katz


Using 1000-Compatible Peripherals with Newer Amiga Models
By Richard Herring

ownward compatibility is the theme song for the world of 500s and 2000s are faced with some of Com
I many new computer products. Computer com modore's decisions about when downward compatibility is
panies believe that users want that degree of important and when it isn't. This article discusses just one
stability. Old hardware add-ons should work of the new Amiga's traits—the printer port—and how and
with new computer systems and software templates should why it has changed.
still load into the latest version of the software. After plugging in a mouse and a monitor, the next most
Sometimes computer companies cripple their new prod likely port on an Amiga to get the user's attention is the
ucts in order to sing in the downward-compatible chorus. printer port. Yei Commodore chose to change that port on
Other times, braver companies make the "right" change and the new Amigas. It is a minor change really, but it's enough
hope the users won't find it too off key. to cause complete incompatibility with Amiga 1000 peri
Those of us who have moved from the Amiga 1000 into pherals and cables designed to use die printer port.
The printer port is a simple 25-pin connector.
On the 1000 it is male; on the 500 and 2000, fe
AMIGA 1000
TABLE 1 male. A gender changer can fix that. But 24 of
those pins carry a signal and Commodore chose
PIN LABEL FUNCTION to reposition 11 of them on its new computers.
The connections on the DB-25 connector used
1 DRDY* Data "ready" (strobe)
GND Signal ground by the Amiga 1000 are shown in Table 1. (Each
14 ....
2 Data 0' Data bit 0 table shows the pins as they are positioned relative
15 GND Signal ground to each other when you look at the port.) The pins
3 .. Data 1 Data bit 1 on the connector line up in two rows, pins 1-13 on

1fi GND Signal ground top and 14-25 on bottom. The connector on the
4 Data 2 Data bit 2 1000 pairs the data lines (2-9) with the signal
17 GND Signal ground ground lines (14-22).
5 Data 3 Data bit 3 The 500 and 2000 parallel ports, on the other
18 GND Signal ground hand, push those signal grounds down three pins;
6 Data 4 Data bit 4 from 14 to 17, 15 to 18, etc. The last three pins (23-
19 GND Signal ground 25) from the Amiga 1000 are then moved up to
7 .. Data 5 Data bit 5 pins 14, 15, and 16 on the 500 and 2000. Table 2
20 GND Signal ground
shows the change.
8 . Data 6 Data bit 6
If you would like to have some idea how your
21 GND Signal ground
computer and printer harmonize, me next few par
9 Data 7 Data bit 7
agraphs give a general description. Let's assume
22 GND Signal ground
you have a Amiga 500 and a typical dot matrix
10 ACK" Acknowledge
23 .... +5v +5 volts
Pins 2 through 9 carry the 8 bits that compose
11 BUSY(data) Busy signal
NC No connection an ASCII byte. This gives us parallel (8-bit wide)
12 POUT(clk) Paper out rather than serial (1 bit at a time) communication.
25 RESET" Reset These lines are set high when data is a logical "1"
13 .. SEL Select and low when it's a logical "0".
The computer must put all eight signals on these


lines before it can send a character. When the sig
nals are stable, the computer sends a pulse on line
AMIGA 500/2000 TARI c 0
1 to tell the printer to accept the character.
The printer sends an acknowledge signal on pin
PIN LABI.I FUNCTION 10 to tell the computer that the character has been
1 STROBE* Data strobe received. If the printer cannot receive another char
14 +5v Pullup +5v power (100mA) acter (it is still receiving a character, its buffer is
2 Data 0 Data bit 0 full, etc.), it sets its busy line (pin 11) high. Similar
15 NC No Connection to the busy line is the paper out line (pin 12) that again
3 Data 1 Data bit 1 (ells the computer not to send another character.
16 RESET Reset Finally, pins 17 through 25 provide grounds for
4 Data 2 Data bit 2 the electrical signals that pass along other lines.
17 GND Signal ground These should not be used as shield, or chassis,
5 Data 3 Data bit 3 grounds. A ground simply completes the path for
18 GND Signal ground electron flow. The term "twisted pair," which you
6 Data 4 Data bit 4 may hear in relation to data communications, re
19 GND Signal ground fers to a single data line and its associated signa!
7 Data 5 Data bit 5
ground line (like the two wires that most of us rely
20 GND Signal ground on for telephone service).
8 Data 6 Data bit 6
You may trade in your 10OO and want to keep
21 GND Signal ground
old peripherals. Or, if your first Amiga is a 500
9 Data 7 Data bit 7
or 2000, you may still want to use peripherals de
22 GND Signal ground
signed for the 1000's parallel port. Using the ta
10 ACIC Acknowledge
bles in this article, you should be able to construct
23 GND Signal ground
a simple adapter with two DB-25 male connec
11 BUSY Busy signal
24 GND Signal ground tors and a few inches of cable for about $5. If you
12 POUT Paper out do, be sure to label each end, one for the Amiga
25 GND Signal ground 500 and 2000 printer port and one for the Amiga
13 SEL Select 1000 peripheral.
Why would Commodore bother to make this
seemingly arbitrary change? It was, at least in pan,
IBM-COMPATIBLE TABLE 3 Centronics i 36- pin for your convenience and mine. The new Amiga
DB-25 FEMALE typical printer printer ports come close to the IBM standard. The
female connector allows inexpensive IBM-compat
PIN FUNCTION PIP 1 ible cables to be used. (Though you will want to
disconnect pin 14 in such a cable to use it with
1 Strobe 1 most printers. They do not need or appreciate that
14 Auto feed 14 +5 volts.)
2 Data bit 0 2
Table 3 shows a standard IBM-compatible DB-25
15 Error 15
printer port, along with the appropriate connections
3 Data bit 1 3
to a typical parallel printer with a 36-pin Centron
16 Initialize 31
4 Data bit 2
ics connector. Let's explain just a couple more pins
17 Select in
for readers with a technical bent.
5 Data bit 3 Pin 14 on the Amiga 500 and 2000 carries +5
18 Signal ground 19-30 and 33
volts for Amiga peripherals that need to draw their
6 Data bit 4 6 power from the computer. A 36-pin Centronics
19 Signal ground 19-30 and 33 conncclor may also carry +5 volts on pin 35, but
7 Data bit 5 7 that pin is not supported by IBM-compatible com-
20 Signal ground 19-30 and 33 pulers (or by the cables available for them).
8 Data bit 6 Q
D On IBM-compatibles, pin 14 is used to feed the
21 Signal ground 19-30 and 33 paper one line after printing; it sends a linefeed
9 Data bit 7 g along with the carriage return. Pin 15, if it is used
22 Signal ground 19-30 and 33 at all, may carry an error signal. Pin 16 resets the
10 Acknowledge 10 printer to its initial state, clearing the print buffer.
23 Signal ground 19-30 and 33 And the signal on pin 17 must be set low to allow
11 Busy n data entry to the printer.
24 Signal ground 19-30 and 33 So. don't despair about those 1000-compatible
12 Paper out 12 peripherals. All die signals you need are still avail
25 Signal ground 19-30 and 33 able from the 500 and 2000. You have the choice
13 Select 13
to buy one of the available adapters (I've seen them
for $20 to $30) or to make your own. □
56 AHOY!
High Speed 1541 Disk Operation
We can still recall our first experi ing about for a usable disk copy pro While all these fixes addressed many
ence with the 1541 disk drive. Actually gram. Those early programs took from aspects of the problem, they still did
it was a 1540 disk drive that we were 30 to 40 minutes to back up an entire not resolve the basic issue. The 1541's
running off a VIC 20 back in 1983. We disk. The initial improvements consis serial bus is essentially slow. Although
had paid over S400 for it; in view of ted of a reduction in the number of disk fast loaders did alleviate the tedium for
that princely sum, we were understand swaps needed to copy a disk with a sin some applications, most "serious" us
ably disappointed when we found out gle drive from six to five and finally ers of the C-64 obtained very little
that the 1540 was not completely com down to just three. benefit. Operations involving data files
patible with the C-64 (but that's another Condilions pretty well stabilized for for word processors, spreadsheets and
s(ory). It wasn't long after the luxury about a year until a young man in Ger databases were still slow. In particu
of not using cassette tapes wore off that many discovered a high speed serial lar the saving or writing of data re
we realized that the 1540/1 was not the bus technique and the era of three min mained a time-consuming process.
speed demon we had hoped it would ute copiers was upon us. These were This month we examine four prod
be. In fact when applied to the much shortly followed by a variety of fast ucts which accelerate disk drive per
larger programs of the C-64, ihe 1541 loaders, some in cartridge form and formance, three of which attack the
was downright tedious. others on disk. Software publishers problem of the serial bus direcdy. They
Nevertheless, those were still the latched on to the idea, and very soon do this using the most direct method
days of wonder and the discovery of mosl games had a built-in fast loader possible, entirely bypassing the serial
just what our machines could do. It of some kind. In the end even Com bus. If you can handle the required
wasn't long before we actually filled our modore saw the light and pretty much hardware hack, one of these products
first box of 10 disks (at $3 to $4 dol corrected the problem with the C-128 may be the best investment you can
lars per disk, no less) and started east and the 1571 disk drive. make for your C-64 and 1541.

Micro Accessories of S. A.
TOP. Dol
Commodore 64 and 128
phin DOS
We first encountered Dolphin DOS shown in
at the Summer 1987 MARCA conven
stalled in the
tion. At that time Mark Grove of
1541. The
Grapevine Data Products was doing
6502 micro
some pretty impressive things with a
C-64 and a 1541 which had Dolphin
and 6522
DOS installed. In the course of a few
VIA are from
minutes we watched Mr. Grove load
your drive;
and run a selection of C-64 programs
the addition
at seemingly instantaneous speeds. As
al RAM is at
it turned out the load times were not the bottom
instantaneous; however, we were able
with the
to count the seconds they took on the
ROM directly
fingers of one hand. This was with pro
above it.
grams which we knew would lake
1 I _

much longer to load under normal cir

>- r • '
Dolphin «f. *■ ■ -ill
VJi" rsi—Sn»*R "j,
We subsequently found out that Dol
phin DOS came from that land down
DOS replace
. •:
: I
: -f .-=—
i '.^"^USlT.
^ ' ''"■'Jl.1
. HI
below, South Australia to be precise,
ment Kernel -Nil : \ i*.

:Mi O
with its con ■

and that it was not available in the U.S.

trol switch as
al that lime. Since Micro Accessories
of S.A. has expressed an interest in the
installed in ■ ■ I; ;* '■• ."^ - —- •- '.*■
. -, - <*■'■.
the C-64.
U.S. market, we have decided to pre ' -

i '
sent a review of this product. We feel
that the encouragement of development
NO. 231
mm.; F :/;■■' | r . S

along these lines will benefit the Com-

AHOY! 57
Lyco Computer
Marketing & Consultants

Lyco Means Total Service. COMMODORE SOFTWARE

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Once you've priced your order wllh Lyco. we don't forgoT about you.
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lo your queslions flboul Ihe status of an oiderb wairanEies, product avaiLabilr-
ly, or pneos.

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Printer THOMSON O I20OO . . . . 169 95

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Computer 1541 II Drsh Drive,. S175 95

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COMA4ODORE 64c 1084 MoniTot

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• Commociore 64 C Computer
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■ SeJkoshasiUBOvc Printer
Educational Institutions

'I you arc not currently

using out educational
service program, please

v/r»Vo»Mf li •
call our representatives
for details. $169 95
modore community. Unfortunately, the affecting the contents of memory, load
distribution details for Dolphin DOS Control Key Commands ing, running, saving and listing pro
were still not available as we went to grams to both the screen and the print
CTRL B Cursor to bottom of screen
press. er, and quick access to the built-in
Dolphin DOS is a combination of CTRLG Cursor 20 columns right
memory monitor and its associated data
CTRL L Delete to left of cursor
hardware and firmware which equips .scroll functions.
CTRL K Delete to right of cursor
a C-64 and a 1541 disk drive with a Operation of the full screen editor
CTRL @ Drive status
full 8 bit, high speed parallel interface. has been enhanced with the inclusion
CTRLD Display directory
When Dolphin DOS is installed it en of control key commands. These are
CTRL A Key repeat toggle
dows the computer and disk drive with listed in the table at left. Note the use
CTRL ' Copy screen to printer
the ability to load 100 block program of the Commodore key for the last
CTRLV Reset video display
files in under three seconds. The save CTRLX Disable function keys command.
time for this size file clocks in at un CTRL & Enable function keys As mentioned above. Dolphin DOS
der seven seconds. These figures rep CTRL DEL Copy text to buffer and is provided with a built-in memory
resent speed improvements, as com delete from screen monitor. This is minimal monitor im
pared to the unadorned hardware, of C=OEL Retrieve text from buffer plementation, as it lacks the ability to
20 and 10 times respectively. The read assemble or disassemble 6502 code.
ing and writing of sequential files is locking and unlocking of files, there The monitor does provide the capabil
improved by a factor of 10 times. The by protecting them from inadvertent ity of displaying and modifying the
manipulation of relative files shows the erasure. In addition the disk drive it contents of memory in cither hex or
least benefit, with an improvement of self acquires the option to read and ASCII. Instead of scrolling the screen
only a factor of three. In exchange the write out (o track 40. This increases in the usual manner, blocks of data may
C-64 loses the ability to access the cas the disk storage capacity by 85 blocks be paged forward or backward.
sette recorder, which we feel is a rea or 21 kilobytes. As an added bonus, the If the computer is fitted with a reset
sonable compromise. alleged save with replace bug has sup button, then a RESET/SPACE will
In addition to the raw speed enhance posedly been fixed. autostart a program in the $8000 block.
ment, Dolphin DOS provides some im The function keys take on new mean BASIC programs can be retained in
provements to the operating environ ing with Dolphin DOS, 12 meanings memory with a RESET/RUN STOP
ment. To start with, the LOAD com to be exact. The extra four meanings combination. A RESET/1 will fill
mand defaults to the disk drive as de are accessed by pressing the Commo memory with zeroes, while a RESET/
vice number 8. Access to the disk com dore key along with a function key. The CTRL jumps into the monitor.
mands is simplified by a full-featured function keys issue frequently used The manual also indicates that a
DOS wedge. The disk drive's command commands which involve the disk Centronics printer connected to the us
repertoire is extended to include the drive, displaying the directory without er port is directly supported as device
number 4. We did not verify this, as
the Dolphin DOS user port connector
is not provided with a pass through,
although one is supposedly available.
in the 1541.
With regard to compatibility with
commercial software, Dolphin DOS
from top
performed very well. Most of the pro
[eft: circuit
grams we tried worked without any
board with
problems. If compatibility problems do
new 6522
occur, then Dolphin DOS may be man
VIA, cable
ually disconnected in stages as re
to user
quired. The built-in soft switches can
port, main
be used to cut out the fast load, dese
lect the extra RAM in the disk drive,
and deselect the parallel bus. As a last
resort you can electrically switch off
In the 64:
Dolphin DOS entirely via separate tog
gle switches on the computer and the
ROM on
disk drive.
left, user
Dolphin DOS requires installation in
port adapter
both the disk drive and the computer.
with control
The disk drive hardware can be in
switch to
stalled only on the short board version
of me 1541 disk drive. If you have one
of the original long board versions of
NO. 232 the 1541, or a 1541C, then Dolphin DOS
is not for you. To start with, you open

60 AHOY!
up your disk drive and remove ihe in 1541 disk drive, take a close look at switching between drives 8 and 9, and
ternal radio frequency shield. This RapiDOS. This is a hardware/firmware a key to disable ihe function keys), and
should be put aside, as it wilt not fit modification to the C-64 and 1541 drive an IRQ ML monitor. The key defini
once Dolphin DOS is installed. The that will make your system zip along tions were wisely selected. As for the
6502 microprocessor and the adjacent at speeds you never thought possible. monitor, it displays a screen full of hex
6522 VIA chips are removed and the I know what you're thinking: "Another as well as the corresponding ASCII
Dolphin DOS circuit board is installed speed-up system—111 have to resave all characters, and allows for very fast
in the empty sockets. The 6502 and the my files in this new format!" You won't scanning through memory in several
6522 are then replaced on the Dolphin have to do that with RapiDOS. Unlike directions. While the monitor's com
DOS circuit board. the Epyx Vorpal system, or DigiDOS, mand set is quite limited (LOAD,
The 1541 board contains 32 kilobytes this new offering reads and writes in SAVE. CHANGE MEMORY, CON
of ROM and some additional RAM. standard Commodore format. It reads VERT HEX/DECIMAL, ACCESS
We could not determine the exact quan practically all that expensive software WEDGE, JUMP TO ML ROUTINE,
tity of add-on RAM, as the chip's iden sitting on your shelves, including all and EXIT), it is a worthy addition.
tifying marks were removed. A multi- your BASIC programs. And in cases Other CPU features include options to
conductor ribbon cable is routed out where the software doesn't already have freeze the screen scrolling, clear to end
the back of the disk drive to ihe com its own fastboot or fastload routines of line and end of screen, grab a logi
puter's user port and a very small tog built in, RapiDOS will make those pro cal screen line and print it elsewhere
gle switch is mounted on the front of grams screech from the disk to RAM. on screen, switch uppercase to and
the drive. The toggle switch is used to Most of the disk operations required from lowercase, escape quote/insert
disable Dolphin DOS at the disk drive. by the software will be executed fast mode, and move cursor to bottom left
We had to replace the toggle switch er, too. And, you'll get some improve corner of screen. There is a lo-res
with one of our own, as the original ments added to the computer. screen dump (in text mode) always
did not survive the installation process. Included are three IC chips: one Ker available, and the ability to POKE,
At the C-64 you will have to remove nal ROM for the computer and a Ker- PRINT, and calculate in hex, octal, and
the original kilobyte Kernal ROM and nal ROM and new VIA chip for the binary, and do conversions between
replace it with the 16 kilobyte ROM drive, as well as a parallel cable and these three number systems too. The
which is supplied with Dolphin DOS. an interface board for the user port of results of the calculations, if printed,
This may present a problem for many the CPU. The interface board contains are always in decimal, but you would
users, as not al! C-64's have socketed a reset button as well as a switch to dis need to upgrade to RapiDOS Profes
Kernal ROMs. Kernal ROM replace able RapiDOS. If you're lucky, the sional (see following review) to get
ment may entail the unsoldering of the CPU Kemal will already be socketed decimal to hex conversions. Device 8
existing chip and the installation of a and you can just unplug the old Kernal becomes the default device (no more
socket. The Dolphin DOS Kernal and plug in the new one. If you're not typing ,8 all the time) and devices 1
ROM actually contains a copy of the lucky, you'll need to find someone ex and 2 are illegal. Also, the STOP key
C-64's original ROM as well as the re perienced at soldering to make this is much more responsive in aborting
placement Kernal. A miniature toggle change for you. Be forewarned that this a load.
switch lets you choose between the two. modification will void your warranty Loads can take many formats: relo
if it's still in force. As for the drive, cating, non-re locating, fast, slow but
Conclusion both the Kernal ROM and the VIA use parallel lines, first file on disk, and
Dolphin DOS provides a remarkable chip arc socketed (except for the don't change "end of BASIC" pointers.
improvement in the performance of the 1541C). making this phase of the in Device 4 is the default device for the
1541 disk drive. If you have the right stallation fairly simple. Follow the in OPEN command, and the system will
hardware and you can handle the in structions very carefully and seat the look for a parallel printer first. All keys
stallation, then go for it. Unfortunate chips properly, lest you bend the leads repeat on the fester RAM power-up,
ly, the lack of the domestic distribu and make trouble for yourself. cursor speed is increased by about
tion of Dolphin DOS may present a real I received a preliminary manual with 25 %, fast loads show start and end ad
problem. We had to make a trip to the my RapiDOS, but it was very clear and dresses, and there is an improved AND
airport just to get our sample through concise. There were step by step in function algorithm. All these features
customs. structions and plenty of sketches of all make RapiDOS a fine improvement to
Micro Accessories of S.A., Unit 8 three possible drive models to avoid the C-64, but the best is yet to come.
Hewittson Road, Elizabeth West, South confusion. These sketches included As advertised, RapiDOS loads
Australia 5113 (phones: 08-287-0191. views of the boards before and after in BASIC and ML programs at tremen
08-252-0881). -Morton Kevelson stalling RapiDOS. I could find no fault dous speeds. 202 block files will load
with the installation instructions that in 15 seconds, compared to 2 minutes
RAPIDOS the manufacturer hadn't already correc and 12 seconds via the serial bus. 59
Chip Level Designs ted by the time I spoke with him. block files will load in 5 seconds, com
Commodore 64 The major improvements in the CPU pared to 38 seconds via the serial bus.
1541 version $49.95; 1541C $59.95 include a DOS wedge, eight predefined File handling from within programs is
If you've been looking for an alterna function keys (LOAD, SAVE, a DI faster too, although the actual speed is
tive to the sloooow operation of the RECTORY key, LIST, RUN, a key for dependent on the logic of the control-

AHOY! 61
ling program. I tried a 59 block Speed- RapiDOS is a complete, profession program file loaded in just 4 seconds
script file (prg file) and got it loaded ally developed addition to the C-64/ and saved in 10 seconds. A 100 block
in 7 seconds instead of 41 seconds. An 1541 system that any serious user program file barely required 2 seconds
Easy Script file (seq file) of the same should consider. Compatibility is very (o load. Our 50 block test file loaded
size loaded in 15 seconds instead of 43 high and when there is a problem, re so fast that il was difficult to gel an ac
seconds. turning to the standard C-64/I541 set curate reading of the lime il took. In
The key to maximizing the speed of up is only a reset button away. There Easy Scrip! we were able to read in a
RapiDOS is that the files must be is even a measure of compatibility with 42 block text file in a bit over six sec
written in standard Commodore 1541 the 1764 RAM Expander. If you have onds. A side effect of the high trans
format, meaning that the interleaving a second drive (without RapiDOS), all fer speed and the extra RAM in the
of blocks is critical. Some file copying the CPU features are still available, in disk drive is that performance is not
programs copy files in [541 format, but cluding the wedge and function keys. affected by the sector interleave.
the interleaving is different, so Rapi Chip Level Designs, P.O. Box 603, RapiDOS Professional requires the
DOS takes a little longer to load these Astoria, OR 97103-0603 (phone: 503- installation of a substantial amount of
files (20 seconds for 202 blocks). Files 861-1622). -Donald Graham hardware in the 1541 disk drive. Sol
written on the 1571 drive do not use dering should not be required, as all
the same interleaving as the 1541. even RAPIDOS PROFESSIONAL the affected chips will normally be soc
though a 1541 can read files written on Chip Level Designs keted. As with RapiDOS, you start by
a 1571. Just remember (hat if the file Commodore 64 with 1541 removing the 1541*8 Kcrnal ROM and
was saved on a 1541, then RapiDOS Price: $99.95 one of the 6522 VIA chips. A modi
will be most effective. Other drive en If we piqued your interest with Rapi fied VIA chip on a custom mounting
hancements include faster head move DOS, and if you want to squeeze the board is then installed and a parallel
ment and drastically reduced head maximum possible performance out of cable is hooked up and routed out the
banging, as well as a 24 second format your 1541, you may just be ready for back of the drive over the power con
with full data verification. There is RapiDOS Professional. RapiDOS Pro nector.

even ,i "scratch-protect" command that fessional has the same operating fea The VIA circuit board is a marvel
will toggle this flag on a file, thereby tures as RapiDOS with a few extras of ingenuity. Some of the chip's pins
eliminating the accidental scratching of thrown in. The most notable addition remain in their default downward ori
a file. is the ability to format the disk out to entation and are inserted into the 154i's
40 tracks, which adds 85 blocks of socket. The remaining pins are bent
storage space. This feature can even be upward and are connected to an add
applied lo disks which have previously on circuit board which rests on the
been formatted and already have data chip's back. A conservative designer

on tliL'in without losing any of the exist might even consider ihe arrangement
ing information. If your disk is com to be a real kludge. We look upon it
pletely full it will no longer need lo he as the product of creative thinking.
WITH YOUR HOME COMPUTER! so with RapiDOS Professional. Of Unlike RapiDOS, the extracted disk
Use your home computer and Soft- course 1541s which do not have Rapt- drive Kernal ROM is not directly re
Byle's amazing new "Lotto Program" to DOS Professional will not be able to placed. Instead the 6502 microproces
gel more winning tickets.
access the extra data. sor is removed from its socket on the
In just seconds this software analyzes
The rest of the additional features are disk drive and a 5Vi" circuit board is
past winners and produces a powerlul
associated with the extra hardware pro installed in its place. The 6502 is then
probability study on easy-to-read charts.
With a single press c[ a key, you'll see vided with RapiDOS Professional. Soft replaced in a socket on this add-on cir
trends, patterns, odds/evens, sum lotals, switches let you turn off the extra cuit board. The add-on board is fitted
number frequencies, and much more. Il RAM, the fast save, the write verify, with 32 kilobytes of ROM which con
also includes automatic number wheeling, and the fu!l track buffering. These tains a copy of the original 1541 Ker
instant updating, and a built-in tutorial. nal plus the RapiDOS operating sys
measures may be used to improve com
Ask your software dealer.
patibility widi some software. The disk tem for the 1541. The board also adds
APPLE, IBM, and Commodore 124.95
Atari, Hadio Shack 121.95 drive's error channel report has been eight kilobytes of RAM lo the disk
Macintosh (requires M/S basic) . . . .129.95 drive.
extended to indicate the status of the
Back-up Copies 13.00
extra features. The preliminary man Installation of the circuit board in a
Add $2.00 shipping and handling. Credit card
orders approved hy phone and shipped same day. ual failed to mention the ability to blank short board version of the 1541 presen
Make checks payable to SOFT-BYTE and mail lo: the screen while loading. The com ted no problems. However, we ran into
P.O. Box 556 Forest Park mand which does the screen blanking some difficulties with an original long
Dayton, Ohio 45405 is @DL+. The primary purpose of the board version of the drive. The circuit

513 screen blanking is to provide compat

ibility with PAL video systems and 50
board failed to clear the shield cans of
the disk drive's clock by a silly milli
Soft- 2781110 Hz power supplies. meter. We got around the problem by
Byte The bottom line is of course speed, extending the 6502 socket by stacking
and RapiDOS Professional comes two additional sockets in it. When the
through in this regard. A 204 block job was done the disk drive's cover
62 AHOY!
would not fit all the way down. The tically recognize a parallel printer, as
preliminary manual indicated that a device number four, connected to the
similar modification is required for the user port. Data sent to this printer will
1541C. There are at least four varieties be automatically translated from
of the 1541 circuit board (hat we are PETSCII or ASCII. Chip Level De
now aware of. RapiDOS Professional signs can provide a cable which con
should be able to fit in any one of these. nects to the disk drive port, located on
On the computer side you will have the user port board, for connection to
to remove the Kernal ROM and replace the printer. Burst-ROM replaces the C-64 oper

it with the RapiDOS Professional Ker ating system in the C-128. Wires at
nal. This ROM contains a copy of the Conclusions right lead to control switch; leads at
original C-64 Kernal as well as the RapiDOS Professional is the most ef
left terminate in C-128 micro-chips.
RapiDOS operating system for the C- READER SERVICE NO. 233
fective device for speeding up the 1541
64. An adapter board is installed in the disk drive which we have seen. This
user port for the parallel connection to is fortunate,, as it is the only device of drive over the C-64 and 1541 is the in
the disk drive. Connectors are provid its kind currently available in this coun creased data transfer speed between the
ed for use with two disk drives. A min try. Once again Chip Level Designs has two units. One of the benefits of the
iature slide switch on the user port demonstrated their expertise as applied C-128 upgrade path is the total compat
board disables RapiDOS in both the to Commodore disk drive technology. ibility of new hardware with the exist
computer and the disk drive. The adap Chip Level Designs, P.O. Box 603, ing base of C-64 software and peripher
ter board does not provide a pass Astoria, OR 97103-0603 (phone: 503- als. Unfortunately, the 128's C-64 em
through for the user port. If you wish 861-1622). -Morton Kevelson ulation did not implement the new fast
to use a modem with RapiDOS Pro data transfer of the C-128 mode. Now
fessional, simply pull out the user port C-128 BURST ROM thanks to Chip Level Designs, it is pos
board. This will automatically disable Chip Level Designs sible to have the best of both worlds.
RapiDOS. A version of this ROM Commodore 128 In the C-128 there is a single !6 kilo
board is also available for the C-128 in Price: $38.95 byte ROM which contains the entire
C-64 mode. One of the many improvements of C-64 operating system. When the
RapiDOS Professional will automa the C-128 computer and the 1571 disk C-128 is powered up in C-64 mode, or


PURE-STAT BASEBALL is a complete statistical BASKETBALL
baseball simulation for zero, oneor Imj players, that PURE-STAT COLLEGE BASKETBALL is a com
also includes a built-in STAT COMPILER ano1 a pro
plete statistical basketball simulation for zero, one
gram to TRADE PLAVERS. GAME PLAY, MANAG or two players, that also includesaSTAT COMPILER.
ER'S DECISIONS, GRAPHICS and a complete sta The game uses coaching strategy and player sta-
tistical library establish PURE-STAT BASEBALL as
tistics to determine the outcome ot each play, while
the ULTIMATE SPORTS SIMULATION program. graphically depicting the sequence with 10 ani
PURE-STAT BASEBALL'S underlying statistical mated players on a Basketball court. The game
framework simulates the realities of baseball like
comes with 20 all time great college teams from
never before. Within this framework the program past and present, and with an optional CREATE
considers each PLAYER'S BATTING STATISTICS TEAM DISK the statistics for any college team from
AGAINST both LEFT and RIGHTHANOED PITCH any division can be entered.
ERS, along with the graphics and attributes of every
Ratal I price: $39.95
Available for: Commodore 64/128, IBM PC, and
sidered. Optional TEAM DISKS are available.
Retail price: S39.35
Available for: Commodore 64/128. IBM PC, and APPLE I

FOOTBALL simulates all physical aspects of the
game of football down to the finest detail, while you
are controlling the movement of key players on the
field. Foi one or two players FOOTBALL sets new
standards in both REALISM and PLAYABILSTY using
an overhead 30 perspective of ttie football field giv
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sive receiver and running back has different indi
vidual physical attributes (SPEED. POWER. AND
CATCHING ABILITY). Each player's performance
characteristics help you determine how and when
to use that player most effectively. Each quarterback
has unique abilities for SHORT, LONG or FLAT
PASSES, and linebackers have power ratings for
tackling ability.
959 MAIN ST. SUITE 204
Retail price: $29.95
Available for: Commodore 64/128, and IBM PC STRATFORD, CT 06497
(203) 377-4339

AHOY! 63
§2 - FEB. '84 Illustrated taut of Ihe 1541! #3- MAR. '84 Anatomy of the 64' Primer #5-MAY '84 Future ol Commodore' In #7- JULY "84 MSD dual disk drive' Data
Artificial intelligence! Synapses Ihor Wolosen- interfacing for VIC 8 64! Educational software side BASIC storage! Memory management on base buyer's guide! Training your cursor'
ko interviewed! String functions! And ready series begins' VIC game buyer's guide' Ar.d the VIC & 64! Guide to spreadsheets! Hurray Screen displays! File Sleuth! Users Groups!
to enter: Music Maker Part II1 Screen Manip ready to enter. Address Book! Space Lanes! lor arrays! And ready lo enter: Math Master' And ready to enter: Renumbering! Checklist!
ulation' Night Attack! Relative Filesl Random Files on the 64' Dynamic Power! Air Assault' Biorhythms' VIC Calculator! Math Defender! Brisk! What's My Job?

#8—AUG. "84 Choosing a word proces #9 — SEPT. "84 Program your own text ad #1D—OCT. '84 C-64 graphics programs! #11-NOV. 'B4 Music programs & key
sor! Computational wizardry! Creating your venture! Build a C-64 cassette interface! Vid Bitmapped graphics' Joystick programming' boards for Ihe 64! Graphics leature contin
own word games! Sound on the 6-4' And eo RAM! Word processors, part II1 And ready Graphics processing! And ready Id enter. VIC ues! 20 arrays! And ready to enter: FTE word
ready to enter: Micro-Minder! Directory As to enler: Salvage Diver' DOS! Sound Explorer' 40 Column Operating System' bam Read 8 processor1 Block Editor! Alternate Character
sistance! The Terrible Twins! Words Worth! The Castle of Darkness! Base Conversions' Print1 Emerald Elephant' Lawn Job' Set for the 641 Tunnel of Tomachon!

#12 — DEC- '84 Buyer's guide to printers1 #13-JAN. '85 VIC and 64 OS eiposed! #14 - FEB. '85 Prinler interfacing! Multi #15 —MAR. '85 Creating multiscreen
1525 printer tutorial! Fast graphics with cus Sprites! Insert a 1541 device H disconnect color sprites' Modems! Bulletin Boards' The gameooards! Inside the Plus/4! Commodore
tom characlers! User Guide to KMMM Pas switch' GhostOlisters! And ready to enter: Ul ory of game design! Buying a modem1 And DOS' And ready lo enler: Old Routine! Pro
cal! Diving into BASIC! And ready to enier. tra Mail! Music Tutor! Alice in Adventureiand' ready to enter. Fulurewar! Foniasia! VIC Era grammable Functions! Automatic Line Nos'
Construction Co.! Space Patrol! Cross Ret' Mldprint! To the Top! Tape/Disk Transfer! ser! Insurance Agent! Flankspeed! Tetelink 64' Home Budget' Salmon Run! Numerology'

#16—APR. '85 Assembly language col #17— MAY U5 Disk drive enhancements! ■■■ 1!i HJili: '85 Music & graphics entry #19 —JULY '85 PROM Programming'
umn begins! Programming the joystick! 1541 Install a reset switch! Assembler escapades! system! How modems work! Inside the 6510' 3-part harmonies on VIC/64! Speeding pixels!
disk drive alternatives! The Kernal! Arid ready And ready lo enter. Super Quper1 Two-Col And ready to enler1 Ouad-Print' Mapping 4.4! And ready to enter: Auto-Append! Script Anal
to enter: Hop Around! Faster 64! Boater' Ele- umn Directory' DSKDU1 Raid! DOS Plus! Font Towers of Hanoi! Speedy! Duck Shoot! Bit ysis! Wizard of Im' Lucky Lottery! Brainframe!
check! BASIC Trace! Space Hunt! Edilor! Tile Time! Interrupt Wedge! Dumping! Screen Magic' 6510 Simulator! Etch! Pnntal' Autos: Leasing v. Buying!

#20-AUG. *85 Inside the 128' Real-world #21-SEP. "85 Inside the 1571 drive and #22-OCT. T15 Create cartoon characters' #23 — NOV. '85 Guide to advenlure gam
simulations1 Sound effecls1 Modems' And 128 keyboard! Sprite programming.! And Infinitesimal intrigue' Secrets ol copy protec ing' ML sprite manipulation! BASIC lor begin
ready to enler: Windows! Formatter! Sound- ready to enter: Fasinew! Go-lister! File Lock1 tion! And ready to enler: Shotgun! Maestro! ners! And ready to enler: Lightning Loader1
a-Rama! Screen Dump1 Sele eta chrome! Dis Dragon Typel Superhero! Auto-Gen! Moxey's Solitaire! Mystery at Mycroll Mews! Gravi- Knighrs Tour! Chopper Flight! Rhythmic Bits!
integrator! Fidgiis! Gators N Snakes! Porch! Fish Math! Ahoy!Oock! Invective! hauls' 1541 Cleaning Utility! Shadey Dump' Instant Bug Repellent! File Scout! Slither!

#24-DEC. U5 Speech synthssizer! The #25 — JAN. '86 Build a speech synthesiz #26 —FEB. '86 Windows' Build an auto #27— MAR. "86 Programming education
IBM Connection! The year's 25 best entertain er! Survey of sports games' And ready lo en exec cartridge1 Align your 1541! Survey ol al games' Memory dumpers! Choosing a
ments! And ready to enter: Gypsy Starsriip! ler: Martian Monsters! Streamer Font! Micro- Ilight simulators' Structured programming' copy program1 Custom characters' And ready
Directory Manipulator1 Cloak' Gameioader1 sim! Haunied Castle! Knockoul' Iniraraid! And ready lo enter: Arena' Head to Head' to enter: Ahoyfferm 126! Trivia Game Maker!
Jewel Quest! Lineout! Santa's Busy Day! Alarm Clock! Memory Checki Scraich Pad1 Crabfight' Treasure Wheel' Character Dump' Bnckbusiers! Easy Lister! Programmer's Aid'

S28-APR. '86 Comet catching' Survey #29-MAY'86 12B graphic bit map' Epy» MO-JUNE '86 Debugging dilemmas! #31 -JULY '86 Inside trie Amiga! Condi
ol action and strategy games' Screen dum straiegy guide! 128 commands! ML music Public domain software! Winning at Ultima! tional branching! Chess programs! 128 and
ping! And ready to enter: Chrono-Wedge! Mr. programming! And ready to enter: Bigpnnt! Computer Aided Oesign' And ready to enter: 64 DOS! And ready to enter: Screen Sleuth!
Myslo! Air Rescue! Notemaker! Screen Win Star Search! Failsafe! English Darts! Ski Folly! LazyBASIC! Got A Match? Star Strike! Queen's Skull Castle! Head-on' Nebergall Run! Word-
dow! JCALC! Hidden Cavern! Swoop! Free RAM Check! Alchemist's Apprentice1 and Bishops Tours1 Shaker' Trackdown! count! Crazy Joe! Fiflgits' Music School1

#32—AUG. "86 Inside the Amiga, part II1 S33-SEPT. '86 Windows and viewports1 #34-0CT. '86 Build a digital oscilloscope' #35-N0V. "86 C-128 shadow registers'
Approaching infinity! C-64 war simulalions! Sound & music on Ihe 64! COMAL1 And ready ML speed techniques' And ready to enter: Data file handling! PROMAL' Habitat' And
Pascal (or beginners' ML graphics' And ready to enter. The Last Niija! Speech64' Mulb Vault ol Terror! Quick Change! Penguins' At ready to enter: Teleporter! 126 RAM Check!
to enter: Reversi! Highlight! Disk Cataloged RAM! Dogcatcher! Trapped1 MalchblocW tack Force! Disk Checkup! Dvorak Keyboard' Discs of Oaedalus! Guardian! Tenpins! Syntax
Meteor Run! Trim1 Step On II! Flap! Variable Manager! Dual Dump1 Mine Canyon1 Mountaineer Mack! 12B to 64 Autoboal! Paliol! Deluxe List! Long Lines' Dolonation!

#36—DEC. '86 File manipulation! C-128 #37- JAN. "87 Poiniers and the monitor! #38- FE8 '87 Hacking into machine lan #39-MAR. '87 Basic esthetics' Survey
shadow registers! Football games' And ready Best games ol '86' DOS for beginners! And guage utilities! Amiga RAM eipanders! And of video digitizers1 Multiplaysr games' And
to enter: The Artist! Minotaur Maze! Mouse ready to enter: Vortex' Hanger 14' BASIC ready to enter: Window Magic1 Crunchman' ready to enter: C-64 Compressor! Wizard Tag'
in the House! Lazy Source Code! Rebels and Ahoy! Catacombs' Lixter1 Dart Fortress1 Per- User Conventions! The Adventurer! More Turhopoke1 Rescue 126! Lights Out! Pinball
Lords! Speedway! The Edilor! Micro City! maLine' Star-Tighter1 Bugout! Screens! BASIC 126' Jailbreak' Turtle Rescue1 64C1 Arcade! Stow Away' Caverns of Geehonk'

#40-APR. "87 Inside the Amiga 20O0' #41-MAY '87 Kernal power164 and Am #42—JUNE H7 Megaflops and microsec #43-JULY "SI Real world interfacing'Bit
Fractals! Baseball games! COMAL, turtle iga graphics! Microworlds in COMAL' Brain onds! Sci-li braingames! C-64 to Amiga file map graphics tutorial1 C-64 graphic conver
graphics, and Logo! And ready lo enter: 1 nlo games! Oark Fortress master maps! And transfer! And ready to enter: O-Snap! Wraiths! sion! Martial arts software! And ready lo en
ll ow! Laps' Pieman! Li si Formatter! Scramb ready to enler Moondog1 Startup' Illusion Galactic Cab Co.! Cave ol the Ice Ape! ALT- ter: Wizard Tag II! Data Creator! Plink & Plonk!
ler! Eitended Background Mode! Planet Duel1 Master! Wall Crawler' Scavenger Hunt! Key 128' Power Squares! 128 Multi RAM! Umvaders1 Data Express! 12b Scroller!

#44—AUG. *87 Electronic screen swap #45-SER '87 The 128 versus The #46 —OCT. '87 A rainbow ol data struc #47- NOV "87 The ins ant) outs of data
ping on the C-128! Science fiction action Clones! Building an Amiga trackball! MSD up tures' BASIC 30 reviewed! Buying guide to organization' Overview ol C-64 memory ex
games! The death ol GOTO! Amiga reviews! date! CES Report! And ready to enter: Crys- COMAL! Tips Ahoy1 Art Gallery! And ready lo panders! Commodares' And ready to enter:
And ready to enter1 Archer! Banner Pnm' 1 albs' Spriteshell1 Hoops' Chain mail' No enter: Empire! C-64 RAMOnve' Hotfoot' Plat- Orbit' RAMC01 A-Maie Ing! Line Sentry! Des
Route W! Steeplechaser Batter Up! Scanner' News' PS to GEOS' Cemerfoid! Red Afem lorms1 Spray-Cam' Jam Attack1 ert Front! Paper Route! Flash Flood'

#48-DEC. '87 Exploring artiiicial #49—JAN. "88 Iterative mathematics and #50 —FEB 'B8 Irtvestigaling audible wave #51-MAR '88 Synthesizing waveforms!
intelligence! Expansion port tutorial! Memory graphics! Expansion port tutorial, part III The phenomena' Cartridges' Commodore 64 em Comprehensive guide to Commodore powor
expanders! And ready to enter: Redirect! Sil Best C-64 and Amiga games of 1987' And ulators lor the Amiga' And ready to enter: supplies! Utilizing Amiga HAM mode! Art Gal-
houette! Fueling Station! Take Two' Pizza Boy! ready to enter1 Infoflow 54! TextSave' Clone- Ccllee Break' Crypt ot Fear1 Screen Wuard' ery' And ready to enler; Vee Kloros' The Ex
Sprite-On! Warship! Cliffhanger! A-Matic1 Ice Titans! Jungle Jake! ML Ranger! 126 Smart Merge' Marauder' tractor! 3-D Graphic Projector' Phantasy!

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after the GO64 command is executed, original C-64 operating system when SAVE OVER 70%!
the microprocessor executes only the ever it is required. Simply flip the
code which is stored in this ROM. The switch and press the C-128's reset but
C-128 Burst-ROM is a direct replace ton, and you're back in operation. ^Commodore \
ment for the C-64 mode ROM in the The presence of C-128 Burst-ROM
C-128. It is actually a 32 kilobyte ROM is easily recognized by its gray on black
which contains a complete copy of the screen colors and the display of start LOGO
original C-64 ROM in addition to its ing and ending load addresses when
own Burst-DOS operating system. ever a file is loaded in. You may also
The installation of the C-128 Burst- notice shorter waiting times associated
ROM is a two step process. First (he with disk operations. For example, a
original C-64 mode ROM is removed 59 block program file loads in 6'A sec
and the C-128 Burst-ROM circuit board onds with C-128 Burst-ROM as com
is installed in its place. This should not pared to 38 seconds without it. Other
present a problem, since as far as we operations may be speeded up as well.
know all C-128's have socketed ROMs. We found a 42 block Easy Script file EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE
However, if your C-128 does have its read in 12 seconds with C-128 Burst- Make Learning Come Alive! It's fun and
C-64 ROM soldered in place, skilled ROM versus 29 seconds without it. exciting when you use this Commodore
surgery will be required. Note that we C-128 Burst-ROM does more than Logo Educational Software. Now children
and adults can explore malh concepts.
referred to a replacement circuit board speed up disk operations and display With list processing. Logo can be inte
as opposed to a simple ROM. This cir load addresses. In exchange for the loss grated into language arts and other
cuit board carries wires which hook up curriculum. Color graphics, on-screen
of the cassette routines, C-128 Burst-
lext. and enhanced music capabilities
to other points in the C-128. ROM provides a built-in DOS wedge encourage active, hands-on problem
To gain access to the ROMs you will and other operating enhancements. solving. Take advantage of the LOW price.
Order today...and put the lun back into
have to open up the C-128 and remove Disk commands are sent to the drive learning!
the metal radio frequency shield which by simply preceding them with the tra • Logo is a Powerful Computer Language
covers the circuit board. This shield has ditional @ or > wedge characters. The for Learning, Used in Many Elementary
a number of fingers or tabs which come directory may be read without affecting Schools Across the Nalion.
• Easy to Use tor the Novice or Expert.
down and contact the major chips. The the contents of memory. Even files may • Encourages Experimentation.
installation instructions suggest that the be displayed on the screen by the use • Enjoyable and User Friendly.
shield be left out to avoid shorting out • Text Can be Put on Screen for Labeling
of the exclamation point as a DOS
Pictures, Word Games, More.
the C-128 Burst-ROM's circuit board. command, as in @!fiJename or > !file- • Changeable Texl Color Capability.
Since the metal fingers serve to remove name. The left SHIFT key or the • Comes with Detailed Information Book
heat from the major chips, we suggest let. Language Disk and Utility Disk,
SHIFT LOCK key may be used to stop
• Works with the Commodore 64. 64C
that the shield be reinstalled with a screen scrolling. and 128 Computers wilh a Compatible
piece of insulating tape over the C-128 Additional keyboard enhancements, Disk Drive.
Burst-ROM. which involve the CONTROL key, are 90-Day Limited Factory Warranty.
To complete the installation, there provided as per the following list:
are five additional wires which have to
be connected at various points in the
C-128. Each of these wires is termina
CONTROL & left arrow: moves the
cursor to the bottom left corner.
Liquidation Price . *19
Hem H-3364-7342-074 S/H: $4.50 each

ted in a miniature, spring-loaded test to end of screen. Credit card customers can order by
clip which readily grabs hold of a com phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
CONTROL & INST/DEL: clean; to
ponent lead. Two of these wires go to end of line. Toil-Free: 1-800-328-0609
ferrite leads along the back of the CONTROL & +: grabs rest of
board. The instructions suggest that screen line into the cassette buffer.
Irjl'l '*I ~J Aulhorized Liquidator
you scrape the conneclion points be CONTROL & -: reprints the grab 1405 Xerlum Lane N'Minneapolis, MN 55441-4494
fore hooking up. Wfe found out the hard bed screen line, Serd Commodore Educational Software Pack age (■)
Hem H-3364-7342-071 at SI9 escn, Elm H 50 each lor
way that this was more than a sugges CONTROL & *; performs a text insured shipping nandhng (Minnesota residents odd 6%
sales to* SonynoCOD orders)
tion. The leads seemed to be covered screen dump to serial device 4 or to D My check or money order is encrosed |No delay! in
with a factory coating which preven a user port Centronics printer. processing orders Dfl.d by check)

ted electrical contact. If you have the CONTROL & N: switch to upper/ PLSASE
CHECK □ Pi □
necessary skills you may wish to sol lower case.
der the wires in place after tcsling out CONTROL & =: switch to upper
the installation. As a side benefit you case/graphics.
will have a set of five test clips which The last two functions come in han
A[)1 ■_
can be used elsewhere. dy, as the old COMMODORE-SHIFT
The installation is completed by rout key combination now works too fast to
ing a pair of wires with a miniature be easily controlled. In additton, the
slide switch through the cassette port. RUN STOP key will also cancel quote Sign Htrrj

This switch lets you easily restore the mode. Entering a shifted minus char-
AHOY! 65
acter as a direct command will clear drive, and save and load Files. The
READER SERVICE INDEX and fill memory with S2D. Entering a monitor does not include the ability to
shifted plus character performs a re assemble or disassemble 6502 code.
PBge Company Svt No. set to power up conditions (same as The monitor works in real time, show
SYS 64738). ing the contents of RAM as they actu
C-4 Access Software, Inc. 245
For convenience the function keys ally change.
48 Avantgarde 64 195
are programmed with eight commands Overall, C-128 Burst-ROM does
10 Brown Boxes 227
by C-128 Burst-ROM. These let you what it is supposed to. It gives you di
60 Chip Level Designs 232
perform a single keystroke LIST, RUN, rect access to the high speed hardware
63 Chip Level Designs 233 built into the 1571 and 1581 disk drives.
or LOAD, display the directory, enter
54 CinemaWare 225 the monitor, disable all the extra fea Drives not equipped with burst capa
15 CompuServe 209 tures. SAVE, and toggle the active de bilities, such as the 1541, are automa
24-29 Computer Direct 197 vice between 8 and 9. Additional fea tically recognized and may be chained
16 Computer Repeats, Inc. 196 tures include base number conversions with burst drives. As a bonus you get
8 Cosmi 223 between decimal, hexadecimal, octal, a full-featured DOS wedge, a function
C-3 CDA 211 and binary. There is an improved RND al memory monitor, and a number of
65 COMB — function, all keys repeat, and a faster other enhancements. If the combina
10 Data East 230 RAM test is performed on power up. tion of features and enhancements gets
8 Datasoft 229 For machine language programmers in the way, they can be easily disabled.
8 Dune Systems 220 there is a built-in memory monitor. Chip Level Designs, P.O. Box 603,
41 Electronic Arts 194 This lets you examine and modify the Astoria, OR 97103-0603 (phone: 503-
contents of RAM, access the disk 861-1622). -Morton Kevelson
6 FirebirdVAAoy.' Contest -

19 Firebird 201

41 Firebird 193
23 Free Spirit Software 213
22 Garde 205
7 Hi lech Expressions 216
44 intelliCreations 228 MOW!
58-59 Lyco Computer 198 AlKiyTt
57 Micro Accessories 231
53 Jflindscape 204
9 Monogram 219
31 Montgomery Grant 200
Whether you're an Amiga or Commodore 64/128 user, Ion In
40 Oceanic America 199
ternational Inc. publishes the blue-ribbon package of articles, pro
38 Q-Link 226
12 Rent-A-Disc 217
grams, news, and reviews to fit your needs.
37 S&S Wholesalers, Inc. 214
The subscription card bound between this page and the facing
8 Second Source 221
page offers three ways to subscribe to Ahoy! (for Commodore 64
5 Soft Disk, Inc. 202
62 Soft-Byte 224 and 128 users) and Ahoyl's AmigaUser.
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66 AHOY!
Attention new Ahoy! readersi You must read the following Information very carefully prior to typing
In programs listed in Ahoy! Certain Commodore characters, commands, and strings of characters
and commands will appear in a special format. Follow the Instructions and listings guide on this page.

n the following pages you'll find several pro Additionally, any character that occurs more than two
grams that you can enter on your Commodore times in a row will be displayed by a coded listing. For
computer. Bui before doing so, read this entire example, f3 "(LEFT]"] would be 3 CuRSoR left commands
page carefully. in a row, [5 "[s EPf] would be 5 SHIFTed English Pounds.
To insure clear reproductions, Ahayf's program listings and so on. Multiple blank spaces will be noted in similar
are generated on a daisy wheel printer, incapable of print fashion: e.g., 22 spaces as [22 " "].
ing the commands and graphic characters used in Commo Sometimes you'll find a program line that's too long for
dore programs. These are therefore represented by various the computer to accept (C-64 lines are a maximum of 80
codes enclosed in brackets [ ]. For example: the SHIFT characters, or 2 screen lines long; C-128 lines, a maximum
CLR/HOME command is represented onscreen by a heart of 160 characters, 2 or 4 screen lines in 40 or 80 columns
jj . The code we use in our listings is [CLEAR]. The respectively). To enter these lines, refer to the BASIC Com
chan bctow lists all such codes which you'll encounter in mand Abbreviations Appendix in your User Manual.
our listings, except for one other special case. On the next page you'll find our Bug Repellent programs
The other special case is the COMMODORE and SHIFT for the C-128 and C-64. The version for your machine will
characters. On the front of most keys are two symbols. The help you proofread programs after typing them. (Please note:
symbol on the left is obtained by pressing that key while the Bug Repellent line codes that follow each program line,
holding down the COMMODORE key; the symbol on the in the whited-out area, should not be typed in. See instruc
right, by pressing that key while holding down the SHIFT tions preceding each program.)
key. COMMODORE and SHIFT characters are represented On the second page following you will find Ftankspeed,
in our listings by a lower-case V or V followed by the our ML entry program, and instructions on its use.
symbol of the key you must hit. COMMODORE J, for ex Call Ahoy! at 212-239-6089 with any problems (if busy
ample, is represented by [c J], and SHIFT J by [s J]. or no answer after three rings, call 212-239-0855).




[HOME] Home CLR/HOME [WHITE] White CNTkl. 2

[UP] Cursor Up SHIFT t CRSR I [RED] Red CNTRL .1

[DOWN] Cursor Down t CRSR i 1 [CYAN] Cyan CNTRL4

[LEFT] t'lirsnr UD SHIFT — CRSR — II [PURPLE] Purple CNTRL 5

[RIGHT] Cursor Klsht *■ CRSR -* PI [GREEN] Green CNTkl. 6 D

Shifted Space SHUT Spate [BLUE] Blue CNTRL 7 B

[DEL] Delete INST/DEL D [Fl] Function 1 Fl I

[ RVSON ] Reverse On CNTRL 9 [F2] Function Z SHIFT Fl

[RVSOFF] Rovcn* OtT CNTkl. 1} ■ [F3] KulHiion J F3 ■

[UPARROW] Up Arrow t T [F4] Function ■! shift re is
[BACKARROW] Hack Arm [F5] Function 5 FS u
[PI] PI 7T ir [F6] Ku ml in ii 6 SHIFT F5 a
[EP] EnRlish Pound £ £ [F7] Function 7 F7 ii

[F8] Function H SHIFT F7 i

AHOY! 67
Please note: the Bug Repellent programs listed here are for Ahoy! programs published from the May 1987 issue onward! For older
programs, use the older version.
TVpc in, save, and run Bug Repellent. You'll be asked if you want automatic saves to lake place. If so, you're prompted for the device,
DISK (D) or TAPE (T). You then pick a starting file number, 0 through 99. Next, you enier a name, up to 14 characters long. At this
point, Bug Repellent verifies your entries and gives you a chance lo change them if you want. If no changes are needed, Bug Repellent
activates itself. (Pressing RETURN without answering the prompts defaults lo disk drive and begins your (lies with "00BACKUP")
Type NEW and begin entering an Ahoy! program. As you enter program lines and press RETURN, a Bug Repellent code appears
at the top of your screen. If it doesn't match the code in the program listing, an error exists. Correct the line and the codes will match.
If used, automatic saves lake place every. 15 minutes. When the RETURN key is pressed on a program line, the screen changes color
to let you know that a save will begin in about three seconds. You may cancel the save by pressing the RUN STOP key. The file number
increments after each save. It resets to 00 if 99 is surpassed. After saving, or cancelling, the screen returns to its original color and
the timer resets for 15 minutes.
When you've finished using Bag Repellent, deactivate it by typing
SYS 49152 [RETURN) for the Commodore 64 or SYS 4864 [RE C-128 BUG REPELLENT
TURN] for the Commodore 128. •10 PRINTCHRi(147)"LOADING AND CHECKING THE DATA[3"."]":J
-49152 SEND
• 20 F0RB-0TO1 11READA: IFA<00RA>255THKN40 ■50 X-0:J-J+12:IFJ<5213THEN20
■50 X=O:J=J+12:IFJ<49456THEN2O $-"Y"THEN90
•90 P0KE49456,l:INPUT"DISK OR TAPE (D/T)";CS:IH1CSo"D"THE •110 N(-RIGHTS(STR$(N),2)::FN<10THENN$-CHRS(48)+CHRS(N+48
ND=1:DS="TAPE" )
0-99)";N 14):L=I.EN(KS)
■110 N$=RIGHT$(STRS(N),2):IKN<10THENN$=aiRS(48)+CHR$(N+48 •130 POKE5215,L;FORJ-1TOL:POKE5215+J,ASC(MID$(F$,J,1)):!»E
14):L-LEN(F$) S
S •170 DATA32,58,20,169,41.162.19,236,3,3,208,4,955
•150 PRINT:INPUT'IS THIS CORRECT (¥/N)";BS:IFBSo"Y"THEN6 ■180 DATA169,198,162,77,141,2,3,142,3,3,224.19,1143
-190 DATA208,7,32,125,255,79,78,0,96,32,125,255,1292
•160 POKE770,131:POKE771,164:SYS491.52:END -200 DATA79,70,70,0,96,162.0,134,251,189,0,2,1053
•170 DATA169,79,32,210,255,162,38,160.192,204,3,3,1507 •210 DATA24O,19,201,48,144,9,201,58.176,5,133,251,1485
•180 DATA2O8,10,162,131,160,164,169,70,32,210,255,44,1615 ■220 DATA232,208,238,134,252,165.251,208,3,76,198,77,2042
•190 DATA169,78,32,210,255,142,2,3,140,3,3,76.1113 ■230 DATA169.0,166,235,164,236,133,253,133,254,142,47,193
■200 DATA36,193,32,96,165,134,122,132,123,32,115,0,1180 2
•210 DATA170,240.243,162,255,134,58,144,3,76,150,164,1799 ■240 DATA20.,22,69,254,230,254,24,1206
-220 DATA32,107,169,32,121,165,173,0,2,240,5,169,1215 ■250 DATA 101,23,69,254,170,230,254,164,252,185,0,2,1704
■230 DATA79,141,2,3,76,162,164,169,0,133,2,133,1064 ■260 DATA133,251,201,34,208,6,165,253,73,255,133,253,1965
-240 DATA251,133,252,133,254,24,101,20,69,254,230,254,197 ■270 DATA2O1,32,2O8,4,165,253,240,8,138.24,101,251,1625
5 ■280 DATA69,254,170,44,198,254,230,252,164,251,208,213,23
■250 DATA24,101,21,69,254,170,230,254,164,252,185,0,1724 07
■260 DATA2,133,253,201,34,208,6,165,2,73,255,133,1465 ■290 DATA 138,41,240,74,74,74,74,24,105,65,141,88,1138
■270 DATA2,201,32,208,4,165,2,240,8,138,24,101,1125 •300 DATA20,138,41,15,24,105,65,141,89,20,32,79,769
■280 DATA253,69,254,170,44,198,254,230,252,164,253,208,23 •310 DATA20,189,85,20,240,6,32,210,255,232,208,245,1742
49 ■320 DATA174,47,20.172,48,20,24,32,240,255,173,93,1298
■290 RATA213,138,41,240,74,74,74,74,24,105,129,141,1327 ■330 DATA2O.240.27,165,161,201,212,176,4,165,160,240,1771
■300 DATA44,193,138,41,15,24,105,129,141,45,193,162,1230 •340 DATA 17,32,65,20,238.32,208,238,1,214,32,225,1322
■310 DATAO,189,43,193.240,12,157,0,4,173,134,2,1147 •350 DATA255,208,6,32,49,20.76,198,77,232,208,242,1603
-320 DATA157,0,216,232,208,239,169,38,141,2,3,173,1578 •360 DATA200,208,239,32,66,193,173,95,20,162,96,160,1644
■330 DATA48,193,240,23,165,161,201,212,176,4,165,160,1748 •370 DATA20,32.189,255,169,0,170,32,104,255,169,0,1395
■340 DATA240,n,2:)8,32,20B,16O,O,32,22r>,255,208,6,1617 ■380 DATA174,94,2O,168,32,186,255,169,45,174,16,18,1351
•350 DATA32.33,193,76,38,192,232,208,242,200,208,231,1893 ■390 DATA172,17,18,32,216,255,162,1,189,96,20,168,1346
■360 DATA32.68.229,169,0,168,174,49,193,32,186,2.55,1555 ■400 DATA200,152,201,58,144,2,169,48,157,96,20,201,1448
■370 DATA173,50,193,162,51,160,193,32,189,255,169,43.1670 ■410 DATA48,208,3,202,16,234,32,49,20,141,0,2,955
■380 DATA166,45,164,46.32,216,255,162,1,189,51,193.1520 •420 DATA76,183,77,58,59,32,65,20,206,32,208,206.1222
■390 DATA168,200,152,201,58,144,2,169,48,157,51,193,1543 ■430 DATA1,214,169,0,170,168,76,219,255,32,79,20,1403
■400 DATA201,48,208,3,202,16,234,32,33,193,76,116,1362 ■440 DATA169,26,141,0,214,173,0,214,16,251,96,162,1462
■410 DATA164,206,32,208,169,0,170,168,76,219,255,160,1827 ■450 DATAO,142,0,255,96,19,18,32,32,32,32,146,804
■420 DATA1,1,160,0,0,65,72,79,89,33,0,0,500 •460 DATAO, 1,0,0,65,72,79,8'!,33,0,0,0,339

68 AHOY!

Flankspeed will allow you to enter machine language Ahoy! programs without any mistakes. Once you have typed the program
in. save it for future use. While entering an ML program with FUmkspced there is no need to enter spaces or hit the carriage
return. This is all done automatically. If you make an error in a line a bcl! will ring and you will be asked to enter it again.
To LOAD in a program Saved with Flankspeed use LOAD "name".!.] tor tape, or LOAD "name"8,l for disk. The function keys
may be used after the starting and ending addresses have been entered,
fl—SAVEs what you have entered so far.
f3~ LOADs in a program worked on previously.
f5-To continue on a linu you stopped on after LOADiiig in the previous saved work.
f7-Scans through the program lo locate a particular line, or to find out where you Mopped the lasi time you entered the program.
It temporarily freezes the output as well.

■100 POKE532B0,12:POKE532BI,11 OP IK
■120 PRINT"|RVS0N][3" "]C0PR. 1987, ION I,STERN ATI OK A I. INC. ■W5 PRINT"7EHR0R I.I LflA!)":GOTO415 10


• us FORA-54272rO54296:POKEA,0:NEXT ND -115 POKE54276,17:POKE54276,I6:RETURN BF
■130 POKE54272,4:POKE54273,48:POKE54277/j:POKE54278,249:PO •420 OPEN15,B,15:ISPUT#15,A,AS:CLOSE15:PHIN!TAS:RETIJ«N DU
■140 DATA169,251,166,253,164,254,32,216,255,96 FF -435 IFLF.N(T$)<>4THENGOSUB380:GOTO43f| JD
■145 DATA 169,0,166,251,164,2S2.32,213,255,96 EK -440 FORA=lTO4:A$=ttIDS(TS,A,l>:GOSUB450:IKT(A).16THEriGOSUB
■ 155 COSUB48O:TFH-OTiiEN150 OE -445 NEXT:B-(T(l)*4096)4.(T(2)*256)-t(T(3) + 16)+T(4): KB
-450 Ih^$>"@"ANDA$<"G"THENT(A)=ASC(A$)-55:RF;rURN GM
■160 P0KF.2"il,T<4)+T(3)*16;POi;Ei!<>2,T(2)+T<I)*16 AM
•170 GOSU8470!lFB-0THEN15fj PG -460 T(A)-16:SETORN IC
■175 P0KE254,T(2)+T(l)*16:B«T(4)+l+T(3)*16 GM -465 REM ADDRESS CHECK OL
■ISO IPB>255THEKB-B-255:P0KE254,FEEK(Z54)+l HG -470 IFAD>ENTHEN385 HO
■1S5 P0KE253,B:FR,INT EC -475 [FB<SR0RB>ENTHEN39<i I,F.
■190 REM GET HEX LINE ED -480 IFB<2560R(B>40960ANDB<49152)0BB>53247THEN395 OB
-19*5 GOSUB495:PRINT": [c P][l.lil-Tl"; :FORA-r/T08 Kl) -48.r) RETURN HE
•210 FA -500 A-256:GOSUIi52O NF
•21"5 PRINT" [c P][LEFT]"i EG -505 A-16:GOSU1)52O I.G
■221) II -510 A-1;GOSUB52O HE
■225 ft]RA=0TO7: T=T+AZ( A): IFT>2r>'5THENT-T-255 GL -515 RETURN JD
■230 NEXT GI -520 T=INT(AC/A):IFT>9THENA$-CHRS(T+55):GOT0530 OC
■235 [FAS(8)OTTHENG0SUB375:G0T0195 FI. -525 AJ-CHRSCT+48) JI
•245 REH GET HEX INPUT PA -535 AS-""SAVF.**"':G0SUli535 IC
■250 GETA$tIFAJ-""THEN25fj GA -540 0PESl,T,l,A$:SYS6B0:Cl.OSEl \B
■255 1KA$-CHRS(2'|)THEN3O5 GO -545 IFST-'/rHENEND KB
■260 IPA$-CHR$(133)THBN535 -55'j C0SUB4i)fj:I^r.8THESTG0SUB420 PM
-265 [FA$-CHR$(134>THI£N56O if; -555 GOTO535 FI
■270 IFAS=CHRS(135)THENPRINT" ":G0T0620 HO -560 AS-"**LOAD**":GOSUB585 PE
■ 275 [FAS=CHRS(136>THENPRINT" ":G0T0635 HE -565 0PEM,T,0,AS:SfS690:CLOSEl PO
•280 IFAS>"e"ANDAS<"G"THEST(B)=.ASCCAS)-55:GOT0295 Ml -570 IFST-64THEN195 01
■290 G0SUB415iGOTO251>i JA -580 COTO56O GN
■2<rj PKIVTAS"lc P][LBFT]"j PK ■585 PRINT" ":PRINTrAB(14)A$ U
•31)5 [FA>f/IHEN320 it! -595 IFA$-""THEN590 HK
•315 GOTO22O . FA -605 GETB$:T»1:IFB$="D"THENT=8:A£="@'j:"+A$:RETURN NP
■ 320 BF -610 IFBSO"T"THEN605 KO
•325 A=A-1 FK -615 RETURN PH
•340 PHINT" ":T-AI)-( INT{AC/2%)*2S6) KH -630 PKINT:GOTO195 UN
■345 FOR)i-0T0A-l :T-T+A%(I(): IFT>255TilENT-T-255 01) -635 B$-"BEGIN SCAN AT ADDRESS"iGOSUB43O: AD-B FK
•350 NEXT on -640 GOSUB475:IFH=OTHEN635 I.N
■355 IFAI(A)<>TTHENG0SUU375:GOT0195 Lll -645 PRINT:GOT0670 HI
■385 IS LF.SS ■670 C0SUB495:PRINT": ";:GOT0650 KE

AHOY! 69
IMPORTANT! Letteis on wfllle background are Bug Repellent line codes. Do not enter them! Pages 67 and 66 explain these codes
I m i UII mil I . and provide other essential information on entering Ahoy! programs. Refer to these pages before entering any programs!

-250 P0KEV+28,143:P0KEV+37,l:P0KEV+38,ll:
FROM PAGE 47 • 260 POKEV+44,.:POKEV+45,.:POKEV+46,9:POK
EV+10,160:P0KEV+ll,115 FA
■ 10 POKE56,62:CLR:P0KE53280,.:P0KE53281,. •270 P0KEV+12,160:P0KEV+13,103:P0KEV+14,l
:PRINTCHR$(8)CHR$(142):X=RND(TI) AM 72:P0KEV+15,200:P0KEV+23,32:P0KEV+29,96 IC
■ 20 P0KE53248+21,255:POKE53248+21,.:SYS65 •280 Y=M:D=.:W=.:GOSUB990 NC
418:G0SUB1010:PL=49847:A=52224:B-52480 KB •290 GOSUB1170:GOSUB1260:GOSUB1390 FN
■30 FORX=ATOB:READD:POKEX,D:NEXT:A=49152: •300 P=129:A$="99599592":G0SUB1420 JH
B-49970:FORX=ATOB:READD:POKEX,D:NEXT HD ■310 P0KEV+16,.:POKEV+10,168:POKEV+ll,115
■ 40 A=248*64:B=A+7*64:FORX=ATOB:READD:POK :POKEV,172:POKEV+1,87 OE
EX,D:NEXT AN •320 POKEV+21,33:P0KEV+27,223:GOSUB130O:P
■50 PRINT"[3"[D0WN]"][RIGHT][RIGHT][c 7]B OKEV+27,222:GOSUB137O:GOSUB1320 GM
■ 60 FORX=.TO63:P0KE832+X,.:P0KE896+X,255: (X=.)*-:U:R=(X=.)*-.8 MF

P0KE960+X,255:NEXT:P0KE864,16 GD • 340 FORA=.TO9:A=PEEK(V+30):A=PEEK(V+31):

864,16:P0KE867,16 NE •350 P=129:A$="i3"lM]45580810110110110110
•90 PRINT"[HOME][DOWN][DOWN][3"[RIGHT]"][ U)*4+U,RND(U)*8+U DD
c 5][s U][s C][s I][D0WN][3"[LEFT]"][s B • 380 IFXTHENIFFNM(.)THENP0KEV+16,FNP(.):P
] [s B][D0WN][3"[LEFT]"][s J][s C][s K]" OKEV+8,LX:POKEV+9,LY:POKEV+21,N 00
:PRINTTAB(32)"[3"[UP]"][s U][s C][s I][D ■ 390 W=W+I:A=PEEK(V+30):B=PEEK(V+31):IFW>
0WN][3"[LEFT]"][s B] [s B][D0WK][3M[LEFT L0R((AANDU)=UAND(AANDH)=.)THEN410 DK

]"][s J][s C][s K][WHITE]" JA •400 ONFNF(.)GOTO370:ON((BANDU)=U)*-U+(A=

•100 SYSPL,10,9:PRINT"[c 7]PRESS FIRE TO H+U)*-EG0T0550,820:G0T0370 OH
•110 A$(.)=tl[9 B]":A$(l)="[s N]":A$(2)-"[ POKES+24,15:POKES+4,33 FE
s C]":A$(3)="[s M]":X=. EJ • 420 FORX=.TO255STEP5:POKES,X:POKES+1,255
•120 SYS52224.1,16,21:PRINTII[H0ME][3"[D0W -X:NEXT:POKES+4,32 BK
N]"]"TAB(4)A$(X)TAB(33)A$(X):X=X-i-l+(X=3) •430 F0RX=.T096:P0KEV+32,XAND15:NEXT CL
*4 BC -440 ON-(A=1290RA=145)G0TO510:ON-(W<L)GOT
•130 ON-((PEEK(5632O)AND16)>.)GOTO12O:PRI 0540:SYSPL,9,9:P0KE198,. GH
LY,G,M,S,S$C47),D(1),TC47),SC(3) PJ 0% [RED]!!" MH
•150 V=53248:J=56320:SC=52224:M=1988:S=54 •470 P=33:F0RD=.T04:A$="121205":G0SUB1420
272:D(.)=-l:D(l)=l:N=2rj9:lI=l:E=2:G=4 OD :NEXT NJ
■160 H=64:L=100:LX=172:LY=20O:I=.025:SP=l •480 PRINTTAB(12)"[D0WN][D0WN][RED]PLAY A
337 FA GAIN (Y/N)[c 7]" EH
$(1) PN • 500 P0KE679,.:SYS679 CD
■ 190 XS=49634:YS=49647:TG=49660:FL=49673: •520 PRINT"[CLEAR]":SYSPL,2,9:PRINT"[c 3]
■200 DEFFNF(X)=-((PEEK(J)AND16)>.):DEFFNM • 530 P0KE198,.:P=33:FORD=.T02:A$="2513314
(X)=(PEEK(V+21)AND16)=. LG 21502421502":G0SUB1420:NEXT:G0T0470 PB
•210 DEFFNP(X)=PEEK(V+16)AND239 IN •540 G0SUB990:Y=INT(RND(U)*M)+U:SYSCFt16,
■220 SYS498O5.255,. JD 30,14:P0KEV+17,ll:GOTO880 OB
•230 SYSXS,41,21:SYSYS,123,214:SYSTG,6,14 •550 FORX=.TO3:SYSSS,X,.:NEXT:POKEV+21,. BB
:SYSFL,0,0,0:SYSCF,16,31,14:SYSSS,4,3 GI -560 PRINT"[CLEAR3[YELL0W][RIGHT][c A]";:
• 240 POKE2040,248:P0KE2044,13:P0KE2045,14 F0RX=.T035:PRINT"[s C]";:NEXT:PRINT"[c S
:P0KE20A6,15:POKE2O47,248 IA ]" NB

70 AHOY!
■570 F0RX=.TO2O:PRINTTAB(l)"[s Bl"TAB(38) •890 PRINT"[c 4]";:F0RA=.T03:G0SUB1230:G0
"[s B]":NEXT MB SUB1240:NEXT:POKEV+17,27:A=9:B=14 JO
•580 PRINT"[RIGHT][c Z]";:F0RX=.T035:PRIN •900 SYSSC,D,A,B:Y=Y+D(D)+(Y=MANDD=U)*(M+
T"[s C]";:NEXT:PRINT"[c X][H0ME]" 0M U)+(Y=.ANDD=.)*-(M+U):A$=STR$(Y) KE
•610 PRINT"STATION: [WHITE]";:A$=STR$(Y): •940 PRINTRIGHT$("[4" "]"+(RIGHT$(A$,LEN(
G0SUB940:PRINT" A.D.":X=FRE(.) ME A$)-U)),G);:X=FRE(.):RETURN LC
•630 A=.:FORX=1TO45:IFY=T(X)THENA=X FM •960 A$=STR$(INT(W)):PRINTRIGHT$("[3"0"]"
•640 NEXT:IFA=.THEN670 DI +(RIGHT$(A$,LEN(A$)-1)),3); HN
•660 SYSPL,2O-(LEN(S$(A))/2),8:PRINT"[WHI •990 HX=INT((RND(1)*39)+1):RETURN KJ
•680 SYSPL,2,10:PRINT"[c 3]THERE IS A HUM •1020 PRINTTAB(12)"[WHITE][c A][c R][c S]
AN PRESENCE REGISTERED" FD [c R] [c A][c S][c A][c S] [c R][s C][c
THE ERA" GD •1030 PRINTTAB(12)"[c 8] [s B] [s B] [s
•700 SYSPL,9,12:PRINT"MARKED BY THE EVENT B][c Z][c X][s B] [c Q][c W] " GH
[3"."]" ND •1040 PRINTTAB(12)"[c 8] [c E] [c E] [c
•710 P=17:A$="4O14O14O14O1":GOSUB142O BO E] [c E] [c E][s C][c X]'1 KO
•720 PRINTTAB(2O-(LEN(S$(HX))/2))"[WHITE] •1050 PRINTTAB(10)"[c 5][c A][s C][c S][c
[D0WN]"S$(HX):A$=STR$(T(HX)):PRINTTAB(15 R] [c R][c R][s C][c S][c R] [c R][c A
)"[c 5]"' LE ][s C][c S][c S] [c A]" HE
•730 G0SUB940:PRINT" A.D." CO •1060 PRINTTAB(10)"[c 4][c Z][s C][c S][s
•740 SYSPL,8,17:PRINT"[RED]"A$(.):SYSPL,3 B] [a B][c Q][s C][c W][s B][c A][c S][
2,17:PRINTA$(1) NB s B][c Q][s C][c W][c Z][c 8][c X]" JC
•750 SYSPL,15,18:PRINT"[c 5]S U B W A Y": •1070 PRINTTAB(10)"[c 4][c Z][s C][c X][c
SYSPL,15,19:PRINT"[c 8]M 0 T I 0 N" PO Z][s C][c X][c E][s C][c X][c Z][c X][c
■760 A=USR(.) DP Z][c X][c E] [c E] [c E] " JG
•770 IFA=3THEND=l:SYSPL,32,17:PRINT"[c 3] •1080 PRIfJTTAB(12)"[c 7] [DOWN]PLEASE STAN
"A$C1):SYSPL,8,17:PRINT"[RED]"A$(.) LH D BY!" NH
•780 IFA=7THEND=5.:SYSPL,32,17:PRINT"[RED] •1090 PRINTTAB(4)"[c 8][D0WN](C) 1988 CLE
• 790 IFA=30RA=7THENP=33:A$="991":GOSUB142 •1100 PRINT"[RVSON][c 8]";:F0RX=.T039:PRI
•800 ON-((PEEK(J)AND16)>.)GOTO76O:P=17:A$ •1110 PRINT" [s U][5"[s C]"][s I] [s U][5
="424242":GOSUB1420:G0SUB117O:GOTO330 HN "[s C]"][s I] [sU][5"[s C]"][s I] [s U]
•810 REM SUBWAY TIME TRAVEL OG [5"[s C]"][s I] [c 5][6":"][c 8] "; MF
•820 SYSFLf0,l,0:P0KEV,172:P0KEV+l,124:P= •1120 PRINT" [s J][5"[s C]"][s K] [s J][5
33:A$="50":G0SUB1420 JP "[s C]"][s K] [s J][5"[s C]"][s K] [s J]
■830 SYSSC,D,2,7:FORA=.TO2O:NEXT:IFPEEK(S [5"[s C]"][s K] [c 5]:[c 4][c A][s C][s
P)O1860RPEEK(SP+U)O210THEN830 GP C][c S][c 5]:[c 8] "; NB
•840 G0SUB1390 KB •1130 PRINT"[c 4][33"[c R]"][c 5]:[c 4][c
• 850 POKEV+21,PEEK(V+21)0R32:G0SUB1300:GO Z][s C][s C][c X][c 5]:[c 4][c R]"j IN
SUB134O:POKEV+27,PEEK(V+27)OR1 KI •1140 PRINT"[33"[c E]"][c 5]:[c 4] [s W][
•860 G0SUB1320:P0KEV+21,PEEK(V+21)AND254 FD s W] [c 5]:[c 4][c E]"; ED
•870 FORX=90T010STEP-1:SYSSC,D,2,7:FORB=. •1150 PRINT"[c 8][33"[c A]"][c 5]:[c 4][4
TOX:NEXT:NEXT:POKEV+17,11 HI "[s R]"][c 5]:[c 8][c A]":RETURN CA
UB1100 FG •1180 PRINT"[CLEAR]";:GOSUB1230:GOSUB1240
AHOY! 71
:PRINT"[5"[DOWN]"]";:GOSUB124O:GOSUB123O ,7,172,247 EG
:F0RX=.T06 AF •1510 DATA 7,56,237,246,7,176,8,73,255,17
•1190 PRINT"[s O][s P]"SPC(36)"[s O][s P] 4,247,7 FN
[s P][s 0]"SPC(36)"[s P][s 0]";:NEXT:G0S •1520 DATA 172,246,7,133,254,40,8,144,3,2
UB1230:PRINT"[LEFT]";:GOSUB1230 KG 00,152,170 EF
■1200 POKE2O23,208:PRINT"[HOME][DOWN][DOW •1530 DATA 189,203,204,133,98,189,229,204
N]";:GOSUB1100 CJ ,133,97,40,8 01
•1210 SYSPL,34,13:PRINT"[RVS0N][YELLOW][c ■1540 DATA 144,8,233,1,133,97,176,2,198,9
K][c 4][c A][s C][c S3[DOWN][4"[LEFT]"] 8,165,98 AD
[YELLOW][c K][c 4][s B]I[s B][DOWN][4"[L •1550 DATA 41,3,9,4,40,8,32,134,204,40,8,
EFT]"][YELLOW][c K][c 4][s B]N[s B][DOWN 165 IN
][4"[LEFT]"][YELLOW][c K][c 4][s B]F[s B •1560 DATA 97,144,10,105,39,133,97,144,12
][D0WN][4"[LEFT]"][VRLL0W][c K][c 4][s B ,230,98,176 NA
]0[s B]"; GG •1570 DATA 8,233,39,133,97,176,2,198,98,1
•1220 PRINT"[D0WN][4"[LEFT]"][YELL0W][c K 65,98,41 OK
][c 4][c Z][s C][c X]":SYSPLf17,8:PRINT" ■1580 DATA 3,9,216,40,8,32,134,204,198,25
[6" "]":POKEV+17,27:RETURN BN 4,16,206 AC
•1230 F0RX=.T019:PRINT"[RVS0N][s 0][s P]" •1590 DATA 40,96,133,98,144,3,76,171,204,
;:NEXT:RETURN CD 160,,177 IH
•1240 F0RX=.T019:PRINT"[RVS0N][s P][s 0]" •1600 DATA 97,170,160,39,177,97,72,138,14
;:NEXT:RETURN AP 5,97,104,170 LK
•1250 REM SETUP CROWD OF ALIEN NASTIES JI •1610 DATA 136,16,245,24,165,97,105,40,13
•1260 F0RX=.T03:SYSSS,X,0:f)EXT:P0KEV+16,. 3,97,144,2 AP
:FORX=1TO3:SYSMD.X,RND(1)*8+l:NEXT KJ •1620 DATA 230,98,96,56,165,97,233,40,133
• 1270 FORX=1TO3:P0KEV+X*2,X*85:P0KEV+X*2+ ,97,176,2 GJ-
1,214 FD •1630 DATA 198,98,160,40,177,97,170,160,1
•1280 SYSSB,X,249+INT(RND(1)*3)*2,1:POKEV ,177,97,72 IK
+39+X,(RND(l)*6)+2:NEXT:RETURN PB ■1640 DATA 138,145,97,104,170,200,192,41,
•1290 REM SUBWAY DOOR UP EC 208,243,96,4 00
• 1300 FORX=115T082STEP-1: POKEV+11, X: FORA=> •1650 DATA 4,4,4,4,4,4,5,5,5,5,5,5 MK
.T030:NEXTA,X;RETURN HE •1660 DATA 6,6,6,6,6,6,6,7,7,7,7,7 GH
■1310 REM SUBWAY DOOR DOWN BI •1670 DATA 7,,40,80,120,160,200,240,24,64
■ 1320 F0RX=82T0115:POJCEV+11,X:F0RA=.T030: ,104,144 JH
NEXTA.X:RETURN AN •1680 DATA 184,224,8,48,88,128,168,208,24
•1330 REM PROFESSOR IN AN 8,32,72,112 GE
•1340 SYSCF,16,30,U:F0RX=124T087STEP-l:P •1690 DATA 152,192,232,,. IP
•1350 NEXT:RETURN JI •1710 DATA 120,169,33,141,20,3,169,192,14
•1360 REM PROFESSOR OUT KB 1,21,3,169,154,141,17,3,169,194 JM
•1370 FORX=87TO124:POKEV+1,X:FORA=.TO3O:N •1720 DATA 141,18,3,173,36,195,133,251,16
EXTA,X:SYSCF,16,31,14:RETURN KI 9,1,141,37,195,88,96,198,251,208 CB
■1380 REM SLOW DOOR DOWN TO READY POSITIO •1730 DATA 44,173,36,195,133,251,173,38,1
N NP 95,240,34,162,7,189,197,194,45,39 FC
•1390 FORX=10T0105+(D=U)*-8:FORB=.TOX:NEX •1740 DATA 195,240,21,189,1,195,24,125,17
T:SYSSC,D,2,7:NEXT DD ,195,157,248,7,222,17,195,16,6 ME
•1400 P=33:A$=x"5Orj":GOSUB142O:RETURN JF •1750 DATA 189,9,195,157,17,195,202,16,22
•1410 REM SID STRING TONE GENERATOR LF 4,173,40,195,208,3,76,140,192,162 LN
•1420 POKES+6,96:P0KES+24,15 KN •1760 DATA .,173,41,195,240,9,169,1,77,37
•1430 FORA=1TO18STEP3 DN ,195,141,37,195,170,189,,220 HB
•1440 POKES+1,VAL(MID$(A$,A,2)):POKES+4,PCK •1770 DATA 41,15,133,253,169,15,56,229,25
• 1450 F0RB=lT080*VAL(MID$(A$,A+2,1)):NEXT KE 3,168,185,25,195,240,17,141,168,2 LA
-1460 POKES+4,P-1:NEXT:A=FRE(.):RETURN HK •1780 DATA 168,185,196,194,61,48,195,240,
•1470 REM SCROLL DATA DC 5,138,168,32,162,192,169,7,141,167 CL
-1480 DATA 32,241,183,138,74,8,32,241,183 •1790 DATA 2,172,167,2,185,241,194,240,6,
,224,25,144 PJ 141,168,2,32,162,192,76,46,193 GP
•1490 DATA 2,162,24,142,246,7,32,241,183, -1800 DATA 185,197,194,45,50,195,208,16,1
224,25,144 EH 73,168,2,10,170,189,205,194,8,152 MG
•1500 DATA 2,162,24,142,247,7,138,174,246 •1810 DATA 10,170,40,76,192,192,152,10,17

72 AHOY!
0,189,223,194,48,26,240,45,185,249 DC 4,8,16,32,64,128,,,. GL
•1820 DATA 194,24,125,,208,157,,208,144,3 •2110 DATA 255,1,255,1,,1,1,,1,255,1,255,
3,185,197,194,77,16,208,141,16 ND ,255,255,,,. HA
-1830 DATA 208,76,241,192,189,,208,56,249 -2120 DATA .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. BG
,249,194,157,,208,176,9,185,197 PI •2130 DATA 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,,,,,. KE
■1840 DATA 194,77,16,208,141,16,208,185,1 •2140 DATA .,,,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,,,,,,,. HK
97,194,45,50,195,208,18,173,168,2 E0 -2150 DATA .,,1,5,,7,8,6,,3,2,4,8,1,1,255
•1850 DATA 10,170,232,189,205,194,8,152,1 ,1,1 NE
0,170,232,40,76,18,193,152,10,170 LI •2160 DATA 255,,24,65,50,230,255,255,252 HD
•1860 DATA 232,189,223,194,48,15,240,23,1 •2170 REM SPRITE DATA PL
85,249,194,24,125,,208,157,,208 FD •2180 DATAO.85,,,123,,,106 DD
•1870 DATA 76,45,193,189,,208,56,249,249, •2190 DATAO.,170,,,170,,. OG
194,157,,208,96,206,167,2,48 OF •2200 DATA245,,3,85,64,13,117,80 FC
•1880 DATA 3,76,145,192,162,7,142,167,2,1 •2210 DATA53,85,84,215,119,213,211,85 FJ
72,167,2,152,10,170,185,197,194 BH •2220 DATA77,211,117,77,211,85,77,211 BA
•1890 DATA 45,42,195,208,3,76,215,193,185 •2230 DATA117,77,211,85,77,171,117,74 OH
,197,194,45,16,208,208,18,189,. ND •2240 DATA131,85,98,3,195,192,3,195 IK
-1900 DATA 208,56,205,44,195,176,56,173,4 •2250 DATA192.3,195,192,15,195,240,. BB
4,195,157,,208,76,117,193,189,. HI ■2260 DATA0,250,,3,247,128,3,253 PB
•1910 DATA 208,56,205,45,195,144,38,173,4 •2270 DATA128,3,255,128,3,170,128,15 NP
5,195,157,,208,185,197,194,45,43 JG •2280 DATA170,160,58,255,168,234,255,170 AG
•1920 DATA 195,240,12,169,255,56,249,197, •2290 DATA239,170,186,227,187,142,227,170 PE
194,45,21,208,141,21,208,189,223,194 GA •2300 DATA142.87,170,142,83,170,142,23 JH
•1930 DATA 24u,7,73,255,9,1,157,223,194,2 •2310 DATA170,149,58,174,165,56,3,212 CD
32,189,,208,56,205,46,195,176 OC -2320 DATA56,,232,20,,232,84,. MN
•1940 DATA 9,173,46,195,157,,208,76,183,1 -2330 DATA232,,,212,63,255,213,. CA
93,189,,208,56,205,47,195,144 GK -2340 DATA0.250,,3,247,128,3,253 AI
•1950 DATA 38,173,47,195,157,,208,185,197 -2350 DATA128.3,255,128,3,170,128,15 NO
,194,45,43,195,240,12,169,255,56 PI •2360 DATA170,160,58,255,168,234,255,170 CN
•1960 DATA 249,197,194,45,21,208,141,21,2 •2370 DATA239,170,186,227,187,142,227,170 MP
08,189,223,194,240,7,73,255,9,1 CH •2380 DATA142,227,170,149,227,170,133,87 PA
•1970 DATA 157,223,194,206,167,2,48,3,76, •2390 DATA17O,148,90,174,16O,22,3,224 FP
59,193,76,49,234,32,155,183,142 PD ■2400 DATA58,,224,58,,80,58,. OK
•1980 DATA 44,195,32,155,183,142,45,195,9 •2410 DATA84,21,,,85,255,252,. CB
6,32,155,183,142,46,195,32,155,183 LH •2420 DATA0,,,3,105,128,14,170 EL
-1990 DATA 142,47,195,96,32,155,183,142,3 -2430 DATA160,14,17O,160,15,125,224,13 LD
6,195,32,155,183,142,39,195,96,32 LA -2440 DATA215,96,3,170,128,14,170,160 GM
•2000 DATA 155,183,142,41,195,32,155,183, •2450 DATA58,170,168,235,234,186,192,234 00
142,38,195,32,155,183,142,40,195,96 ME ■2460 DATA142,240,234,130,195,170,162,243 PE
•2010 DATA 32,155,183,142,43,195,32,155,1 •2470 DATA163,172,11,163,224,35,128,224 ND
83,142,42,195,32,155,183,142,50,195 DE •2480 DATA35,128,224,163,128,224,15,160 HH
-2020 DATA 96,32,155,183,138,41,7,72,32,1 •2490 DATA224,12,131,232,63,255,187,. MN
55,183,104,168,56,224,9,144,2 00 •2500 DATA0,,,3,105,128,14,170 NL
•2030 DATA 162,,138,153,241,194,152,10,16 -2510 DATA160,14,125,160,15,255,224,13 EH
8,138,10,170,189,205,194,153,223,194 LE -2520 DATA215,96,3,17O,128,14,170,16O JM
■2040 DATA 200,232,189,205,194,153,223,19 •2530 DATA58,170,168,235,234,190,240,234 PD
4,96,32,155,183,138,41,7,72,32,155 PE •2540 DATA130,192,234,142,195,170,162,243 DE
•2050 DATA 183,104,168,138,41,15,153,249, • 2550 DATA163,172,11,163,160,11,128,224 NC
194,96,32,155,183,138,41,7,72,32 JC •2560 DATA35,128,224,35,128,224,131,131 CH
•2060 DATA 155,183,104,168,138,153,1,195, •2570 DATA232,14,160,200,63,191,255,. BJ
152,72,32,155,183,104,168,138,153,9 PO •2580 DATAO,170,,3,157,128,3,191 JP
•2070 DATA 195,153,17,195,96,32,155,183,1 •2590 DATA128,3,191,128,3,191,128,15 LP
42,48,195,32,155,183,142,49,195,96 ND •2600 DATA190,,15,170,129,15,170,161 CO
•2080 DATA 32,170,177,152,41,1,170,189,,2 ■2610 DATA14,170,169,58,170,169,235,234 AG
20,41,15,133,253,169,15,56,229 OL •2620 DATA173,248,234,174,248,234,174,248 IP
•2090 DATA 253,168,185,25,195,168,169,,10 •2630 DATA255,234,32,234,136,,234,128 OL
8,5,,32,155,183,138,72,32,155 ON •2640 DATA3,234,160,3,170,160,15,170 EJ
•2100 DATA 183,104,168,24,76,240,255,1,2, •2650 DATA168,14,170,168,254,170,171,14 OP
AHOY! 73
IMPfiRTflMTI Lellers °" ''v'1llf' background are Bug Repellent line code! Do not enter theml Pages 67 and 68 explain these codes
IIYIr Un IrtIM I ■ and provide other esseniial information on entering Ahoy! programs. Refer to these pages before entering any programs!

•2660 DATAO.,,,170,,3,157 NG
•2670 DATA128,3,191,128,3,191,128,3 AD HI-RES WINDOWS
■2680 DATA191,128,15,190,,15,170,129 IA FROM PACE 18
•2690 DATA15,170,161,14,170,169,58,170 OH
•2700 DATA169,235,234,173,248,234,174,248KH MAIN PROGRAM
•2710 DATA234,174,248,255,234,32,234,136 GC
•2720 DATA0,234,128,3,234,160,3,170 NN ■10 REM *** HI-RES WINDOWS *** HB
•2730 DATA160,15,170,168,254,170,171,255, ■20 REM *** FOR THE C-128 *** IC
OF •30 REM *** BY *** El
•2750 DATA 11,4,9,6 NE •50 REM MD
[sEP][4" "][D0WN][5"[LEFT]"][RVS0FF][c * • 70 FORX=STOS+229:READA:C=C+A:POKEX,A:NEX
][RVS0N][4" "][D0WN][4"[LEFT]"][RVS0FF][ T CH
c *]","[RVS0N][c *][D0WN][41l[LEFT]"][411 ■80 IF C=25462 THEN 110 PJ
PLE.1215.MAGNA CARTA GI -190 POKE 2966,L0:P0KE 2971,HI HO
-2850 DATA1348,BLACK PLAGUE OF EUR0PE.145 •200 POKE 2837,W:P0KE 2842,NR AC
■2860 DATA1495,RENAISSANCE BEGINS,1512,MI ■220 POKE 2995,W:P0KE 3014,W:POKE 3000,NR LE
•2870 DATA1519,CORTES & MONTEZUMA,1580,DR •240 END HA
AKE CIRCLES GLOBE,1620,MAYFLOWER SAILS GM •250 DATA 162,000,169,216,141,017,011,169 IC
•2880 DATA1685,NEWTON'S LAW,1691,SALEM WI •260 DATA 040,141,018,011,169,000,160,000 HD
TCH HUNT,1752,BEN FRANKLIN'S KITE JH •270 DATA 153,152,059,200,192,160,208,248 JP
■2890 DATA1776,AMERICAN REVOLUTION,1793,C •280 DATA 232,224,016,208,001,096,024,173 DC
OTTON GIN,1803,MONROE DOCTRINE,1861 NA •290 DATA 017,011,105,064,141,017,011,173 IM
•2900 DATACIVIL WAR,1912,TITANTIC SINKS,1 •300 DATA 018,011,105,001,141,018,011,184 LH
914,WORLD WAR I,1930,GREAT DEPRESSION ML ■310 DATA 080,218,133,171,169,063,141,000 AJ
•2910 DATA1937,HINDENBURG DISASTER,1939.W •320 DATA 255,162,000,169,216,141,082,011 PD
ORLD WAR II,1945,HIROSHIMA LP •330 DATA 169,040,141,083,011,165,171,141 NL
•2920 DATA1948,TRANSISTOR PATENTED,1954,B •340 DATA 086,011,169,000,141,085,011,160 PL
ANNISTER'S 4 MINUTE MILE,1961 LF •350 DATA 000,185,152,059,153,096,181,200 FD
•2930 DATACUBAN MISSILE CRISIS,1969.M00N •360 DATA 192,160,208,245,232,224,016,208 BF
WALK,1973,WATERGATE,1976 PI -370 DATA 006,169,000,141,000,255,096,024 LO
-2940 DATAMAO TSETUNG'S DEATH,1978,TEST T -380 DATA 173,085,011,105,160,141,085,011 CF
UBE BABY,1982,COMMODORE 64 RELEASED OM ■390 DATA 173,086,011,105,000,141,086,011 BG
•2950 DATA1984.AH0Y MAGAZINE CREATED,1988 •400 DATA 024,173,082,011,105,064,141,082 AO
,US/USSR ARMS TREATY EG -410 DATA 011,173,083,011,105,001,141,083 NP
•420 DATA 011,184,080,195,133,171,169,063 JM
Problems entering a program? Call 212-239-6089 (if busy or
-430 DATA 141,000,255,162,000,169,216,141 PF
no answer after three rings call 212-239-0855), 8:30-4:30 EST.
•440 DATA 175,011,169,040,141,176,011,165 HC
74 AHOY!
■450 DATA 171, 141,173 ,011,169,000, 141,172 CD T050:NEXTT,I JD
■460 DATA Oil, 160,000 ,185,096,181, 153,152 FK •490 GETA$:IFA$=""THEN480 EA
•470 DATA 059, 200,192 ,160,208,245, 232,224 GI •500 SYS 2816:END CH
•480 DATA 016, 208,006 ,169,000,141, 000,255 KA •510 DATA 68,69,72,77,84,93,104,117,104,9
•490 DATA 096, 024,173 ,172,011,105, 160,141 FG 3,84,77,72,69,68,68 ■ AC
■ 500 DATA 172, 011,173 ,173,011,105, 000,141 FL
■510 DATA 173, 011,024 ,173,175,011, 105,064 OC
•520 DATA 141, 175,011 ,173,176,011, 105,001 BD SPRITE EXPLODER
•530 DATA 141, 176,011 ,184,080,195 IM FROM PAGE 11
•100 DIM CY(16) EH 0RX=0T0455:READA:POKE4968O+X,A:NEXT DL
•110 C0LOR0,2:C0LORl,15:COL0R4,2 HD ■2 P0KE52,48:POKE56,48:CLR:Sl=255:DS=-l:S
•120 GRAPHIC1.1 OF 2=S1+DS:P1=49152 PH
•150 : NA ■15 P0KE53280,0:P0KE53281,0 EC
•170 T-0 NN N][3"[LEFT]"][s B]l[s B] LOAD SPRITES"C
•180 F0RJ-0T07 DE HR$(13)"[c Z][s C][s K]" CG
•190 : CIRCLEl,160,CY(T),20,15 II ■30 PRINT"[DOWN][DOWN][s U][s C][c S][DOW
-200 : F0RI=18T03STEP-5 GC N][3"[LEFT]"][s B]2[s B] SAVE SPRITES'^
•210 : CIRCLE1,16O,CY(T),I,15 MC HR$(13)"[c Z][s C][s K]" LE
•220 NEXTI KB ■40 PRINT"!DOWN][DOWN][s U][s C][c S][DOW
•230 PAINT1,141+J*5,CY(T) PD N][3"[LEFT]"][s B]3[s B] EXPLODE SPRITE
•240 SYS 2866,100+4*J NN S"CHR$(13)"[c Z][s C][s K]" LI
•250 T=T+1:GRAPHIC1,1 MB -50 PRINT"[DOWN][DOWN][s U][s C][c S][DOW
•260 F0RI=20TOOSTEP-5 BA N][3"[LEFT]"][s B]4[s B] ANIMATE SPRITE
•270 : CIRCLE1,16O,CY(T),I,15 GH S"CHR$(13)"[c Z][s C][s K]" GP
•280 NEXTI OG ■60 PRINTTAB(12)"[3"[D0WN]"]CH0ICE (1-4)
-290 PAINT1,141+J*5,CY(T) EG ? "', ND
-300 SYS 2866,102+4*J BM •65 P0KE198.0 NK
•310 T=T+1:GRAPHIC1,1 AK ■70 GETA$:IFA$<"1"ORA$>"4"THEN70 AO
-320 NEXTJ AN •75 0NVAL(A$)G0SUB300,400,100,500 AH
•330 : IF •80 GOTO10 DL
•340 : REM DRAW SCENE KH •100 PRINT"[CLEAR]":V=53248:POKEV,104:P0K
•350 C0L0R1.10 AA EV+l,100:P0KEV+3,100:P0KEV+2,152 DN
■360 BOX,127,71,192,120 DA •110 POKEV+21,liP0KEV+39,l:POKEV+40(l CO
•370 BOX.122,69,196,123 GL ■120 POKE2040,S1:POKE2041,S2 OE
-380 BOX,119,67,199,125 BG •125 PRINT"CHOOSE SOURCE SPRITE (+/-)." NL
•390 DRAW,120,65T0198,65TO193,61T0125,61T •130 PRINT"HIT <RETURN> WHEN READY." MI
0120,65:PAINT,160,63 FL ■135 P0KE198.0 CI
•400 PAINT,120,68 LM •140 POKE2040, SI: PRINT" [HOME] [5" [DOWN]"]"
•410 DRAW,125,126T0128,140T0 132.14OTO135 TAB(9)S1:GETA$:IFA$="+"THENS1=S1+1 BL
,126 HE ■143 IFS1>255THENS1=255 HK
•420 DRAW,193,126T0190.140T0 186,140T0183 ■145 IFA$="-"THENS1=S1-1:IFSK192THENS1=1
,126 DC 92 GK
-430 PAINT,130,135:PAINT,187,135 KG •150 IFA$OCHR$(13)THEN140 LK
-440 DRAW,118,118T020,118T00,140:DRAW,20, •155 S2=S1+DS:POKE2O41,S2:POKEV+21,3 KJ
•450 DRAW,200,118T0309,118T0319,140:DRAW, N SPRITE (+/-).":PRINT"HIT <RETURN> WHEN
309,118T0309,0 MH READY." FK
•451 F0RL=0T05:F0RW=0T07:POKE7544+L*4O+W, ■165 P0KE198.0 DO
048:NEXTW,L AJ ■170 PRINT"[HOME][5"[DOWN]"]"TAB(15)S2 LH
•460 : AH ■173 S3=O:GETA$:IFA$="+"ORA$="-"THENS3=VA
•470 : REM ANIMATE! LK L(A$+"l"):IFS3+SK128ORS3+Sl>255THEN170 KO
•480 F0RI=10OTO130STEP 2:SYS2956,I:FORT=0 ■175 IFS3THENDS=S3:S2=S1+DS:POKE2O41,S2:G

AHOY! 75
0T0170 GN -449 IFA$="-"THENS2=S2-1:IFS2<S1THENS2=S1 BO
•180 IFA$OCHR$(13)THEN170 KN -450 IFA$OCHR$(13)THEN445 KJ
•181 PRINT"[CLEAR][DOWN]H0W MANY FRAMES D -455 0PEN15,8,15,"I0":0PEN5,8,5,F$+",P,W"
•182 IFMX*DS+S1<192THENMX=S1-192 LE • 460 A=S1*64:H=INT(A/256):L=A-H*256:PRINT
■183 IFMX*DS+S1>255THENMX=255-S1 FJ #5,CHR$(L)CHR$(H); 10
RX=1T022:X4=INT(X/8):FORY=1T019 BK •505 V=53248:P0KEV,100:P0KEV+l,100 HK
23-X)AND7))THENG0SUB200 OL ":P0KE198,0 EA
•200 P=X+Y*24:X1=PEEK(P+P1):Y1=PEEK(P+P1+ •515 PRINT"[HOME][5"[DOWN]"]"TAB(9)S1:POK
504):A=S2*64+Yl*3+INT(Xl/8) JD E204O.S1 JF
■202 IFP=600THENRETURN CH • 520 GETA$: IFA$="+"THENS1=S1+1:IFSU256TH
■205 P0KEA,PEEK(A)0R(2[UPARR0W]((23-Xl)AN ENS1=255 GG
D7)):RETURN OP •525 IFA$="-"THENSl=Sl-ltIFSl=191THENSl=l
•310 INPUTF$:IFF$=""THENRETURN HL E: (+/-).[3" "]":POKE198,O NE
•313 PRINT"[CLEAR]L0ADING[3"."]" CG •540 PRINT"[HOME][5"[DOWN]"]"TAB(9)S2:POK
•315 0PEN15,8,15,"I0":0PEN5,8,5,F$+",P,R" E2O4O.S2 LI
:INPUT#15,A,B$,C,D:IFATHEN600 GA • 545 GETA$:IFA$="+"THENS2=S2+1:IFS2=256TH
•320 GET#5,A$,B$:S1=(ASC(A$+C$)+ASC(B$+C$ ENS2=255 PF
)*256)/64:S2=Sl PM • 550 IFA$="-"THENS2=S2-1:IFS2=191THENS2=1
•325 GET#5,A$:IFSTTHEN340 JC 92 LB
• 330 P0KES2*64,ASC(A$+C$):FORI=1TO63:GET# •555 IFA$OCHR$(13)THEN540 AJ
5,A$:POKES2*64+I,ASC(A$+C$):NEXTI LE •560 DX=10:P0KE198,0 MF
,100:POKEV+39,1:P0KE2040,SI:P0KE198,0 IH ■595 PRINT"[DOWN]AGAIN (Y/N) ?":P0KE198,0 PB
•425 PRINT"[HOME][5"[DOWN]"]"TAB(9)S1:POK •599 RETURN OH
E2040.S1 AE ■600 CLOSE5:CLOSE15 GJ
ENS1=255 JP BM
92 BD •615 PRINT"[DOWN]"A","B$","C","D LP
•440 IFA$<>CHR$(13)THEN425 MN •620 IFA=63THEN65O HD
2=S1 FG •635 RETURN AL
E2O4O.S2 FI H "F$"?" HC
■447 GETA$:IFA$="+"THENS2=S2+1:IFS2=256TH •655 P0KE198.0 CK
ENS2=255 FC ■660 GETA$:IFA$="N"THEN625 FH
76 AHOY!
•665 IFA$O"Y"THEN660 LI •49616 DATA8,9,10,ll,13,14,15,16 GE
■670 OPEN15,8,15,"SO:"+F$:CLOSE15 CG •49624 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 BC
•675 GOTO455 MF •49680 DATA24,1,0,0,0,0,0,0 DM
-49176 DATA24,0,l,3,4,5,6,7 JH •49688 DATAO,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 CA
•49184 DATA8.9,10,11,13,14,15,16 GL •49696 DATAO.0,0,0,0,0,1,24 HA
•49192 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 CL •49704 DATA24,2,1,1,1,1,1,1 GD
•49200 DATA24,0,l,2,3,4,5,6 DI •49712 DATA1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 BI
•49208 DATA8,9,10,ll,12,13,14,15 KL •49720 DATAl.1,1,1,1,1,2,24 IH
■49216 DATA17,18,19,2O,21,22,23,24 FD •49728 DATA24,3,2,2,2,2,2,2 HK
■49224 DATA24,0,l,2,3,4,5,7 LD •49736 DATA2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2 DA
•49232 DATA8.9.10,11,12,13,15,16 BH •49744 DATA2,2,2,2,2)2,3,24 FO
•49240 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 LL •49752 DATA24,4,3,4,4,4,3,3 LM
-49248 DATA24.0,1,2,3,4,5,7 KL •49760 DATA3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3 GI
•49256 DATA7,9,10,ll,12,14,14,16 KI •49768 DATA3,3,3,4,4,3,4,24 HN
•49264 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 KD •49776 DATA24,5,5,5,4,5,5,5 JP
•49272 DATA24.0,1,2,3,4,5,6 KA •49784 DATA4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4 EA
•49280 DATA7,9,10,ll,12,13,15,16 JI •49792 DATA4,5,4,4,5,5,5,24 PF
•49288 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 IL •49800 DATA24,6,6,5,6,6,5,5 NI
•49296 DATA24,0,1,2,3,4,5,6 JI •49808 DATA5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5 JI
•49304 DATA7,9,10,11,13,14,15,16 EA •49816 DATA5,6,6,6,5,6,6,24 NN
•49312 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 LD •49824 DATA24,7,7,7,7,7,7,7 PG
•49320 DATA24,O,1,2,3,4,5,6 BA •49832 DATA7,7,6,6,6,6,6,7 JH
•49328 DATA7,8,10,11,13,14,15,16 BL •49840 DATA7,7,7,7,7,7,7,24 NK
•49336 DATA17,18,19,2O,21,22,23,24 BL •49848 DATA24,8,8,8,8,8,8,8 NN
•49344 DATA24,0,l,2,3,4,5,6 AI •49856 DATA8,8,8,7,7,7,8,8 AJ
•49352 DATA7.8.9,11,13,14,15,16 HJ -49864 DATA8,8,8,8,8,8,8,24 FB
•49360 DATA17t18,19,2O,21,22,23,24 AD •49872 DATA24,9,9,9,9,9,9,9 FE
■49368 DATA24,0,l,2,3,4,5,6 AA -49880 DATA9,9,9,9,10,9,9,9 OB
•49376 DATA7,8,9,10,13,14,15,16 MK •49888 DATA9,9,9,9,9,9,9,24 GI
•49384 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 0L •49896 DATA24,11,10,10,10,10,11,10 AP
•49392 DATA24,0,l,2,3,4,5,6 PI •49904 DATA10,11,11,11,10,11,11,11 JK
•49400 DATA7,8,9,1O,13,14,15,16 OC •49912 DATA10,11,10,10,10,10,11,24 AB
•49408 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 EK •49920 DATA24,12,11,11,11,12,11,12 PK
■49416 DATA24,O,1,2,3,4,5,6 GF -49928 DATA12,12,12,12,12,12,12,12 EL
•49424 DATA7,8,9,11,13,14,15,16 LG •49936 DATA12,12,11,12,11,11,12,24 DL
■49432 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 FC •49944 DATA24.13,12,12,13,13,12,13 JC
•49440 DATA24,0,1,2,3,4,5,6 DN •49952 DATA13.13,13,13,13,13,13,13 EL
•49448 DATA7,8,10,ll,13,14,15,16 IM •49960 DATA13.13,13,12,13,12,13,24 EF
•49456 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 BK •49968 DATA24,14,13,14,13,14,14,14 FM
•49464 DATA24,0,l,2,3,4,5,6 JF •49976 DATA14,14,14,14,14,14,14,14 ED
•49472 DATA7.9.10,11,13,14,15,16 GJ •49984 DATA14,14,14,14,14,13,14,24 CB
•49480 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 KC ■49992 DATA24,15,14,15,15,15,15,14 OF
-49488 DATA24,0,l,2,3,4,5,6 KN •50000 DATA15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15 FL
•49496 DATA8.9,10,11,13,14,15,16 FM •50008 DATA15,15,15,15,14,15,15,24 IM
•49504 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 KK •50016 DATA24.16.16,15,16,16,16,16 KD
•49512 DATA24,O,112,3,4,5,6 MF • 50024 DATA16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16 GL
•49520 DATA7,9,10,ll,12,13,15,16 AF •50032 DATA16,16,16,16,16,16,16,24 LM
•49528 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 LC •50040 DATA24,17,17,17,17,17,17,17 PP
■49536 DATA24,0,l,2,3,4,5,7 JM -50048 DATA17,17,17,17,17,17,17,17 PL
■49544 DATA7,9,10,ll,12,14,14,16 DF •50056 DATA17,17,17,17,17,17,17,24 KN
•49552 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 HK •50064 DATA24.18.18,18,18,18,18,18 II
■49560 DATA24,0,l,2,3,4,5,7 PE • 50072 DATA18.18.18,18,18,18,18,18 ID
•49568 DATA8,9,10,ll,12,13,15,16 FE • 50080 DATA18,18,18,18,18,18,18,24 LG
-49576 DATA17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 AC -50088 DATA24,19,19,19,19,19,19,19 NB
-49584 DATA24,0,l,2,3,4,5,6 AN •50096 DATA19,19,19,19,19,19,19,19 HL
•49592 DATA8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 KA •50104 DATA19,19,19,19,19,19,19,24 LP
•49600 DATA17,18,19,2O,21,22,23,24 AK •50112 DATA24,20,20,20,20,20,20,20 JH
•49608 DATA24,0,l,3,4,5,6,7 CI •50120 DATA20,20,20,20,20,20,20,20 PL

AHOY! 77
50128 DATA2O.2 0 2f 20 90 /( J - / NH TIRO' FT)
n y nn
■ j "j fin
o u 1 O
1 R r^ a n ur j 'j

C188: C5 85 FC AD 06 C5 85 FB CB
BARRICADE C190: A6 FD 18 A5 FC 7D 7A C5 AD
C198: 85 FC A8 18 A5 FB 7D 72 6D
FROM PAGE 16 C1A0: C5 85 FB AA 20 3A C3 AO
ti J

Storting addresi i in hex: COOO C1A8: 00 Bl 3B C9 20 FO OA C9 4A

Ending address in hex i C74D C1B0: 89 DO BF EE 18 C5 AC yo 7A
SYS to star h 49152 C1B8: Cl 18 C5
Flankspeed required far entry! See page 69. C1C0: A9 89 91 3B A9 06 91 A7 A9
C1C8: AE 06 C5 AC OF C5 20 3A IF
CO 00: A9 00 8D 20 DO 8D 21 DO A7 C1D0: C3 AO 00 A9 20 91 3B A6 72
COO 8; A9 08 20 D2 FF 20 AF CA Al C1D8: FD 18 AD OF C5 7D 7A C5 2F
COlO: AO 18 B9 DD C5 99 00 D4 94 C1E0: 8D OF C5 A8 18 AD 06 C5 7D
CO 18: 88 10 F7 20 9A C3 20 BD 05 C1E8: 7D 72 C5 8D 06 C5 AA 20 C2
C020: C2 A2 15 AO OF 18 20 FO 73 C1F0: 3A C3 A6 FD A5 OA AA AA Dl
C028: FF A9 F6 AO C5 20 IE AB 19 C1F8: AA AA 29 01 ID 8A C5 AO C5
CO3O: A9 01 8D FF CA A9 OA 8D 68 C200: 00 91 3B A9 01 91 A7 60 11
C038: 00 C5 AO 15 A9 00 99 06 FC C208: A5 FE 85 05 A6 05 A9 OF 9B
COAO: C5 88 10 FA A9 6A 8D IB 50 C210: BC 06 C5 CC 06 C5 FO 09 2B
C0A8: C5 20 5E C3 AD FF CA 20 E2 C218: A9 OD CC 06 C5 90 02 A9 A3
CO 50: 6E C3 8E BB 07 8C BC 07 24 C220: OE BC OF C5 CC OF C5 FO 52
C058: 8D BD 07 20 FB C3 AD 8D C5 C228: 09 90 05 29 OB AC 32 C2 3C
CO6O: 02 DO FB E6 OA DO 08 AD AO C230: 29 07 AO 07 D9 82 C5 FO IB
C068: IB C5 FO 03 20 5B C3 A5 22 C238: 03 88 DO F8 98 OA OA OA A4
C070: OA 29 OF DO 03 20 63 Cl C5 C2A0: 85 FD A9 08 85 06 AA FD A3
C078: AD 1A C5 FO 06 CE 1A C5 AB C2A8: B9 9D C5 A8 20 5F C2 90 EO
C080: AC AC CO 38 A9 15 ED FF IF C250: 09 E6 FD C6 06 DO EF EE BA
C088: CA OA OA OA 8D 1A C5 A9 82 C258: 19 C5 C6 05 DO AE 60 A6 89
C090: 00 8D 19 C5 20 08 C2 AD 95 C260: 05 18 BD 06 C5 79 72 C5 B8
C098: 19 C5 C5 FE FO 27 A9 IE 1C C268: 85 FB 18 BD OF C5 79 7A 88
COAO: 8D 08 DA A2 10 8E OB D4 2C C270: C5 85 FC A8 A6 FB 20 3A 5E
C0A8: E8 8E OB D4 A2 OA 20 89 50 C278: C3 AO 00 Bl 3B C9 20 FO A4
CO BO: C3 AE 06 C5 AC OF C5 20 90 C280: OA C9 80 90 OA C9 88 90 4C
C0B8: 3A C3 AO 00 Bl 3B C9 88 96 C288: 02 38 60 A6 05 BC OF C5 60
COCO: DO 9C AC oc Cl A5 FE 85 72 C290: BD 06 C5 AA 20 3A C3 AO 83
C0C8: 05 A6 05 BC OF C5 BD 06 CE C298: 00 A9 20 91 3B A6 05 A5 80
CODO: C5 AA 20 3A C3 A9 20 AO C9 C2A0: FC 9D OF C5 A8 A5 FB 9D F7
C0D8: 00 91 3B AO 02 20 DA C2 FF C2A8: 06 C5 AA 20 3A C3 A9 88 6F
COEO: A9 IE 20 92 C3 C6 05 DO BB C2B0: AO 00 91 3B A6 05 BD 37 BE
C0E8: EO AD IB C5 FO 10 20 5B DA C2B8: C5 91 A7 18 60 AO OA A9 7E
COFO: C3 AO OA 20 D4 C2 A9 02 BC C2C0: 00 99 01 C5 88 10 FA AO 55
C0F8: 20 92 C3 AC E9 CO AC FF 13 C2C8: 5D A9 07 99 7D DB 88 10 62
C100: C4 C8 CO 15 BO 03 8C FF A3 C2D0: FA AC FA C2 38 B9 01 C5 88
C108: C4 AC 3A CO A9 00 85 05 A8 C2D8: 69 00 C9 OA 90 02 A9 00 52
C1101 A2 4 0 8E OA DA E8 8E 04 D5 C2E0: 99 01 C5 88 10 EF A9 32 A5
C118: DA A5 05 29 IF 8D 01 DA A3 C2E8: 8D 08 DA A2 10 8E OB D4 7A
C120: A2 06 20 89 C3 E6 05 DO F2 C2F0: E8 8E OB DA A9 7D 85 3B 30
C128: FO CE 00 C5 AD 00 C5 AA CB C2F8: A9 07 85 3C A9 00 85 02 9C
C130: OA 18 6D 00 C5 A8 A9 20 F7 C300: A4 02 B9 01 C5 OA 18 79 C2
C138: 99 57 07 8A DO CB A2 15 OF C308: 01 C5 OA AA A9 00 85 03 B5
C140: AO 08 18 20 FO FF EE 86 87 C310: AA 03 B9 97 C5 A8 BD CO F5
C1A8: 02 AO 00 B9 35 C6 FO EE 80 C318: C6 91 3B E8 E6 03 A5 03 27
C1 50: 20 D2 FF A9 02 20 92 C3 65 C3 20: C9 06 90 EC 18 A5 3B 69 CF
C158: C8 AD 00 DC 29 10 DO EB Al C328: 03 85 3B A5 3C 69 00 85 BC
C160: 4C IB CO AD 00 DC 29 OF 4B C330: 3C E6 02 A5 02 C9 05 90 5C
C168: AO 07 D9 82 C5 FO 10 88 BB C338: C7 60 BD 40 C5 85 3B BD A2
C170: 10 F8 A9 08 85 FD AE 06 63 C3A0: 59 C5 09 OA 85 3C 18 98 DE
C178: C5 AC OF C5 AC EF Cl 8A A2 C348: 65 3B 85 3B 85 A7 A5 3C B8

78 AHOY!
C35O: 69 00 85 3C 29 03 09 D8 89 C520: 13 OA 01 OA 13 14 26 01 96
C358: 85 A8 60 CE IB C5 AD IB 5F C528: 01 26 26 14 01 14 80 88 A7
C360: C5 20 6E C3 8E AO 07 8C 3B C530: 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 01 EC
C368: Al 07 8D A2 07 60 A2 30 7B C538: 07 03 OD OF OA 08 OF 05 84
C370: AO 30 C9 64 90 06 E9 64 54 C540: 00 28 50 78 AO C8 FO 18 A3
C378: E8 4C 72 C3 C9 OA 90 06 4E C548: 40 68 90 B8 EO 08 30 58 AB
C380: E9 OA C8 4C 7C C3 09 30 03 C550: 80 AS DO F8 20 48 70 98 B4
C388: 60 AO 00 C8 DO FD CA DO BC C558: CO 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 19
C39O: FA 60 18 65 A2 C5 A2 DO 45 C560: 01 01 01 01 01 01 02 02 6A
C398: FC 60 A9 93 20 D2 FF A2 C8 C568: 02 02 02 02 02 03 03 03 7B
C3A0: 06 AO OB 18 20 FO FF A9 25 C570: 03 03 FF FF 00 01 01 01 79
C3A8: 4B AO C6 20 IE AB A9 00 Fl C578: 00 FF 00 01 01 01 00 FF 7B
C3B0: 85 FE A9 7D 20 92 C3 A2 75 C580: FF FF OE 06 07 05 OD 09 B6
C3B8: OA AO 03 18 20 FO FF A9 39 C588: OB OA 86 82 82 82 86 84 B6
C3C0: 9C AO C6 20 IE AB AD 00 5C C590: 84 84 80 00 01 FF 00 00 18
C3C8: DC 29 OC 4A 4A A8 18 A5 D5 C598: 01 28 29 50 51 00 07 01 94
C3D0: FE 79 93 C5 C9 05 BO 02 24 C5A0: 06 02 05 03 04 01 00 02 B7
C3D8: 85 FE A5 FE OA A8 A9 01 5F C5A8: 07 03 06 04 05 02 01 03 C7
C3E0: 99 AB D9 A9 05 20 92 C3 25 C5B0: 00 04 07 05 06 03 02 04 CF
C3E8: AD 00 DC 29 10 DO C8 18 5E C5B8: 01 05 00 06 07 04 03 05 D7
C3F0: A5 FE 69 04 85 FE A9 93 C4 C5C0: 02 06 01 07 00 05 04 06 DF
C3F8: 4C D2 FF A9 28 85 3B 85 30 C5C8: 03 07 02 00 01 06 05 07 E7
C400: A7 A9 04 85 3C A9 D8 85 IF C5D0: 04 00 03 01 02 07 06 00 E7
C408: A8 A2 13 A9 AO AO 27 91 OA C5D8: 05 01 04 02 03 00 00 68
C410: 3B A9 20 88 91 3B 88 DO C3 C5E0: 19 00 IB 08 00 00 00 00 ID
C418: FB A9 AO 91 3B A9 OB 91 71 C5E8: 00 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 09
C420: A7 AO 27 91 A7 C8 20 46 F7 C5F0: 00 00 00 00 00 8F 05 12 97
C428: C3 CA DO DF AO 27 A9 F7 DO C5F8: 40 92 20 20 12 40 92 20 11
C430: 99 00 04 A9 EF 99 20 07 28 C600: 20 12 40 92 20 20 12 40 97
C438: A9 OB 99 00 D8 99 20 DB F4 C608: OD OD 20 20 9C 42 4F 4E DE
C440: 88 10 EB A9 52 85 3B 85 07 C610: 55 53 20 05 31 30 30 ID 8C
C448: A7 A9 04 85 3C A9 D8 85 67 C618: ID ID ID ID ID ID ID ID 01
C450: A8 A9 11 85 05 A5 05 29 12 C620: ID ID ID ID ID ID ID ID 09
C458: 01 A8 A9 89 91 3B A9 06 Bl C628: ID IE 4C 45 56 45 4C 20 FC
C460: 91 A7 C8 C8 CO 24 90 F2 93 C630: 05 30 30 31 00 50 52 45 AE
C468: AO 28 20 46 C3 C6 05 DO F7 C638: 53 53 20 46 49 52 45 20 46
C470: E4 A5 FE 85 05 A4 05 B9 E7 C640: 54 4F 20 50 4C 41 59 20 5B
C478: 1C C5 99 06 C5 AA B9 25 49 C648: 41 47 41 49 4E 00 IF B2 7B
C480: C5 99 OF C5 A8 20 3A C3 7B C650: C9 D5 C9 B2 C9 B2 C9 B2 65
C488: A4 05 BE 37 C5 B9 2E C5 9B C658: D5 C9 D5 C9 B2 C9 B2 AE 75
C490: AO 00 91 3B 8A 91 A7 A9 6B C660: OD 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 4E
C498: 50 8D 08 D4 A2 10 8E OB 9F C668: 20 20 20 20 9A AB B3 AB 8E
C4A0: D4 E8 8E OB D4 A9 IE 20 B4 C67O: B3 AB B3 AB B3 C2 C2 20 88
C4A8: 92 C3 C6 05 10 C7 60 AD BO C678: AB B3 C2 C2 AB OD 20 20 56
C4B0: OE DC 29 FE 8D OE DC A5 El C680: 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 81
C4B8: 01 29 FB 85 01 A9 DO 85 65 C688: 20 9F Bl CB CB CA BD CA E4
C4C0: 3A A9 38 85 3C AO 00 84 C3 C690: BD CA Bl CA CB CB CA Bl A9
C4C8: 39 84 3B A2 08 Bl 39 91 E8 C698: CB Bl BD 00 81 53 45 4C 3A
C4D0: 3B C8 DO F9 E6 3A E6 3C E3 C6A0: 45 43 54 20 4E 55 4D 42 DO
F2 A5 01 09 04 85 AO C6A8: 45 52 20 4F 46 20 52 4F B7
C4E0: 01 AD
OE DC 09 01 8D OE 20 C6B0: 42 4F 54 53 20 97 34 20 F5
C4E8: DC AD 18 DO 29 FO 09 OE 8D C6B8: 35 20 36 20 37 20 38 00 F3
C4F0: 8D 18 DO AO 4F B9 FC C6 D4 C6C0: 64 64 AO 67 AO 7A 20 64 31
C4F8: 99 00 3C 88 10 F7 60 00 BF C6C8: 7C AO 20 AO 64 64 62 AO 72
C500: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C6D0: AO 6F 64 64 6C AO 6F AO C6
C508: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 08 C6D8: 20 64 75 AO E2 AO 64 64 BF
C510: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10 C6E0: FC 62 6F AO 64 64 AO 62 1C
C518: 00 00 00 00 OA 01 01 13 37 C6E8: AO 7A 64 64 7E AO 20 AO AC
IM PflRTA MTI Lel'ers l)" wniIe background are Bug Repellent line codes. Do not enter them! Pages 67 and 68 explain ihese codes
Illll UlllfTIl I . and provideotheressentialinformationonentering^/toy.' programs. Refer to these pages before entering any programs!

C6F0: 64 64 AO 7A AO 7A 64 64 B8 .440 DATA 133,254,152,170,188,-22 MH

C6F8: 4C AO 6F AO 1C 1C 3E 5D1 C9 •450 DATA 177,251,145,253,136,192,255,144 BD
C700: 2A 1C 36 63 1C 1C 3E 5D B3 •460 DATA 247,240,198,232,104,149,251,232 MN
C708: 2A 1C 36 63 1C 1C 18 38 70 •470 DATA 224,4,208,248,76,255,255,32 DN
C710: 38 1C 38 2C 1C 1C 78 5E D7 ■480 DATA 121,0,240,83,32,241,183,138 DA
C718: 58 IE 72 43 38 38 18 1C E8 •490 DATA 41,124,240,3,76,72,178,134 IA
C720: 1C 38 1C 34 38 38 IE 7A CD • 500 DATA 174,32,121,0,240,78,32,253 ME
C728: 1A 78 4E C2 1C 1C 7E 5D DF •510 DATA 174,32,138,173,32,247,183,132 OE
C730: 1A 3C 36 06 1C 1C 3F 5D 97 •520 DATA 195,133,196,32,253,174,32,235 JD
C738: 2C IE 36 30 3C 66 FF 99 25 -530 DATA 183,134,175,165,174,41,3,168 AB
C740: 5A 3C 66 E7 00 7E 7E 7E A0 •540 DATA 10,170,120,165,195,157,-6 KO
C748: 7E 7E 7E 00 C3 •550 DATA 165,196,157,-7,165,20,157 PP
•560 DATA -14,165,21,157,-15,152 BJ
IRQ M ES SI EM IG El 1 •570 DATA 170,165,175,157,-22,165,174
•580 DATA 5,15,157,-26,88,96,169
FROM PAGE 13 •590 DATA 0,162,3,120,157,-26,202 MP

MESSENGER64 LOADER ■600 DATA 16,250,88,96,165,174,41,3 JI

•610 DATA 170,120,169,0,240,228,999 ED
•100 REM *** MESSENGER64 LOADER *** L0
•120 CK=0 OL
■160 RESTORE CM ■130 C=ASC(MID$(M$,I,1)):POKE828+I-1,C+64OI
•170 SA=MS JG •140 P0KE828+L+I,l:NEXT 01
■180 READD:IFD=999THEN230 AL ■150 SYS51203,2,828,1024,L-l GO
•190 IFD=>0THENPOKESA,D:GOTO220 LK •160 SYS512O3,3,828+L+1,55296,L-1 KO
•200 AD=MS+ABS(D):H=AD/256:L=AD-INT(AD/25 ■170 PRINTTI OD
6)*256 AN •180 GETA$:IFA$=""THEN170 DH
• 230 AD=MS+63:H=AD/256:L=AD-INT(AD/256)*2
56 KG ■100 REM *** MESSENGER128 LOADER *** LI
•250 P0KEMS+42,H:P0KEMS+54,H KB ■120 CK=O OL
54 HP ■140 G0T0130 KO
■300 DATA 184,80,27,76,-143,0,0 FI ■170 SA=MS JG
•310 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 FP ■180 READD:IFD=999THEN230 AL
■320 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 IF ■190 IFD=>0THENPOKESA,D:GOTO220 LK
■330 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,120,173 PF ■200 AD=MS+ABS(D):H=AD/256:L=AD-INT(AD/25
•340 DATA 20,3,172,21,3,201,63,208 PN 6)*256 AN
•350 DATA 4,192,200,240,16,141,-141 GG ■ 210 POKESA,L:SA=SA+1:POKESA,H FC
•360 DATA 140,-142,169,63,160,200,141 MO ■220 SA=SA+1:GOT0180 BM
•370 DATA 20,3,140,21,3,88,96,162 HN ■230 AD=MS+75:H=AD/256:L=AD-INT(AD/256)*2
•380 DATA 3,181,251,72,202,16,250,162 FG 56 KP
•390 DATA 4,202,48,55,188,-26,16 PI ■240 POKEMS+50,L:POKEMS+64,L HH
•400 DATA 5,169,0,157,-26,152,41 KF ■250 P0KEMS+54,H:P0KEMS+66,H LH
•410 DATA 15,240,238,138,168,10,170,189 CL ■260 PRINT"MESSENGER INSTALLED"MS"TO"MS+3
■420 DATA -6,133,251,189,-7,133 JL 44 HN
•430 DATA 252,189,-14,133,253,189,-15 EG ■270 PRINT"SYS"MS"TO ENABLE" AE
80 AHOY!
■280 PRINT"SYS"MS+3"T0 SET UP" BO ■560 DATA 224,4,208,248,76,255,255,133 BN
■290 PRINT"3YS"MS+6"TO CLEAR A BOX" GL •570 DATA 206,134,207,132,219,32,134,3 01
•300 END KN •580 DATA 240,94,32,15,136,132,195,133 NN
•310 DATA 184,80,39,76,-207,76,-325 GG •590 DATA 196,32,92,121,32,3,136,134 HC
•320 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0 AK ■600 DATA 175,165,206,41,127,201,4,144 EF
•330 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 HD •610 DATA 3,76,40,125,133,174,165,207 MI
•340 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 HJ ■620 DATA 32,-335,133,207,165,219,32 GI
■350 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 KH •630 DATA -335,133,219,165,174,168,10 cn
•360 DATA 0,0,120,173,20,3,172,21 CL •640 DATA 120,170,165,195,157,-9,165 FP
•370 DATA 3,201,75,208,4,192,12,240 LF ■650 DATA 196,157,-10,165,22,157,-17 CP
•380 DATA 16,141,-205,140,-206,169 AB •660 DATA 165,23,157,-18,152,170 GM
•390 DATA 75,160,12,141,20,3,140,21 GF •670 DATA 165,207,157,-33,165,219,157 PK
•400 DATA 3,88,96,173,17,208,48,124 AK •680 DATA -37,165,175,157,-25,165 OP
•410 DATA 162,3,181,251,72,202,16,250 JM •690 DATA 206,9,15,157,-29,88,96 FP
•420 DATA 173,170,2,72,173,185,2,72 PO •700 DATA 169,0,162,3,120,157,-29 DA
■430 DATA 169,251,141,170,2,169,253,141 10 •710 DATA 202,16,250,88,96,201,4,176 FI
■440 DATA 185,2,162,4,202,48,76,188 FJ •720 DATA 168,170,120,169,0,240,228,201 GI
■450 DATA -29,16,5,169,0,157,-29 GO •730 DATA 16,176,158,170,76,107,255,999 10
■460 DATA 152,41,15,240,238,138,168 NB
■470 DATA 10,170,189,-9,133,251,189 PA DEMO
■480 DATA -10,133,252,189,-17,133 OP
■490 DATA 253,189,-18,133,254,152,170 FJ •100 GRAPHIC3,1:SLEEP2 EO
■500 DATA 188,-25,142,-41,189,-33 KC •110 FORI=0TO31 BN
■510 DATA 170,32,162,2,72,174,-41 AO •120 SYS3075,20R128,15,15,0,16384+1*256,8
■520 DATA 189,-37,170,104,32,175 PI 192+1*256,255:NEXT EN
■530 DATA 2,174,-41,136,192,255,144 EE •130 SLEEP2 LO
■540 DATA 229,240,177,104,141,185,2,104 NN •140 GRAPHICO JO
■550 DATA 141,170,2,232,104,149,251,232 JI -150 END BG

lenges. Keep those problems and solutions coming. □
Continued from page 52

30 FOR A=l TO 10 Congratulations also to the following readers not already

40 FOR B=l TO 2 mentioned with valid solutions to Commodores:
Bruce Barley (Wichita. KS) Kenneth Holt
Sean Bales (N. Stonington. CT) John Locke (Central Pt.. OR)
Jason Boehe Steve Moon (Dulinh. MN)
This still makes me scratch my head. How can [wo $750
(Invcr Grove Heights. MN) James Schuster {Fairpoint. OH)
raises per year be a better choice than one S3000 raise per Necah Buyukdura James Sethman (Linden. NJ)
year? I guess the proofis in the program. I'll continue to (Ankara, Turkey) Timothy Slate (Brattleboro, VT)
contemplate this while you get busy with next monlh's chal Rob Henry (Cleveland, OH) Bill Watkins (Tampa, FL)

TIPS AHOY! •10 KEYl,"[4"[D0WN]"][UP]SL0W[3"[aP]"][4"

Continued from page 30 [LEFT]"]FAST:P0KE842,13:P0KE208,1:RENUMB
•50 POKE53272,(PEEK(53272)AND240)OR12
■60 FORY=0TO5:FORX=0TO7:P0KE12544+X,A(Y,X The F-key prints the FAST... line, prints SLOW three
lines down, and loads the keyboard buffer with a RETURN.
■ 70 F0RX=OTO7:P0KE12544+X,0:NEXT:END Note: if done at screen bottom. (4DN)(UP) prevents SLOW
•80 DATA 255,129,129,129,129,129,129,255, from being scrolled offscreen if the RENUMBER values
0,126,66,66,66,66,126,0,0,0,60,36,36,60 extent! to the next line.
•90 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,24,24,0,0,0,0 When the numbers are entered and RETURN is pressed,
the screen goes blank until the RENUMBER is done. Then,
the stored RETURN enters the SLOW and the screen is
Much time is saved on long, complex programs if the back. Warning: an aborted RENUMBER (UNRESOLVED
C-128's RENUMBER command is used in FAST mode, but REFERENCE ERROR, e.g.) leaves it in FAST mode. If
because the screen's blank, you don't know when it's fin it seems to be taking far too long, enter SLOW manually
ished. This convenient F-kcy definition makes a FAST re to find out. -Bob Renaud
number simple. Washington, MA

AHOY! 81
Here's an interesting machine language program that "[c M]":NEXTX
makes the screen "glow." The program works even when ■130 FORX=1TOR:PRINT"[RIGHT]";:NEXT
another one is running. The glow is more evident on a •140 PRINT"[s L]";
monochrome monitor. -Dailah Hodge •150 FORX=lTOW:PRINT"[c P]";:NEXT
St. Croix. U.S.V.I. •160 PRINT"[s &]"
•5 FORT=49152 TO 49269:READA:POKET,A:S=S+
-10 IFS<>10540THENPRINT"ERR0R IN DATA":EN Want lo spruce up your title and menu screens a bit? Or
D maybe you want to add a little variety when your programs
•15 SYS49152 perform screen changes. For a little zip, (ry Curtains.
•100 DATA 120,169,021,141,020,003,169,192 Curtains gives the illusion of a curtain lowering, then ris
,141,021,r>03,160,000,140,084,192,140 ing back up. Whenever your program is going to have a
•105 DATA 086,192,088,096,172,084,192,200 screen, menu, or title change, have it activate Curtains for
,140,084,192,192,003,208,049,160,000 a nice touch.
•110 DATA HO,084,192,172,086,192,185,087 You can append Curtains to your own programs and have
,192,162,000,157,000,216,157,000,217 them run the loader to POKE the data into memory. When
ever you want a Curtain call, have your program SYS 700.
•115 DATA 157,000,218,157,000,219,141,134
For example:
•120 DATA 141,033,208,200,192,030,208,002
100 SYS 700
■125 DATA 000,000,006,009,011,002,008,004
The curtain color is the same as the current printing color.
So for best results, have all the characters the same color
■130 DATA 001,013,007,015,003,005,010,012
whenever you call it.
,014,004,008,002,Oil,009,006,000 For a quick demonstration, run the loader. Now type SYS
700 and press RETURN. It's Curtains!
BOXES Curtains can be relocated by changing the variable A in
Boxes is a neat little subroutine that makes creating menu, line 1. Be certain that you SYS to the new address if you
gaming, or input boxes simple. Just assign values to W, H, do change it. -Buck Chiidress
D, and R-W meaning width. H meaning height. D mean Salem, OR
ing rows down and R meaning spaces right. -C. Pickrell
Manteca, CA •1 A=700
•20 W=10:H=5:D=5:R=20:G0SUB60 ]":END
•30 W=5:H=10:D=3:R=5:G0SUB60 •4 DATA173,33,208,162,0,133,251,134,252,1
•40 W=2O:H=2:D=1O:R=4:GOSUB6O 34,253,173
•50 W=3:H=15:D=l:R=24:G0SUB60 •5 DATA134,2,141,33,208,165,253,208,7,230
•55 PRINT"[HOME]";:END ,252,230
•60 PRINT"[HOME]"; •6 DATA252,184,80,4,198,252,198,252,173,1
•70 FORX=1TOD:PRINT"[DOWN]";:NEXT 8,208,197
•80 FORX=1TOR:PRINT"[RIGHT]";:NEXT •7 DATA252,144,249,165,251,141,33,208,173
•90 W=W-2:PRINT"[s 0]"; ,18,208,208
■100 FORX=lTOW:PRINT"[c Y]";:NEXT ■8 DATA251,165,252,208,214,230,253,165,25
•110 PRINT"[s P]" 3,201,2,144,206,96




82 AHOY!
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software that f millennia
illi hash bbeen available throughout the universe.
universe With titles like THE GRAPHICS


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01 the popular drawing programs low 25 would IDuy two ol them] It I »ere 1i: it "IE igc-il lu'ji" It. . ."
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GEOS O(Kiatin|) system. Itcortains ovs'
me pact. ENTROPV1! dM- paper tfwtwe available — some reslric-
23 diltoenl fools, that are simply MiQ- aiirtDicu'tlioart. I've Wmeioiiie con-
fl 10 Become arwjl.'ier milestone in tne Bans mp9ntippl)il.0SKiBth{ tugtiet res-
nme Doyoursellilavof. anaappifCsK ctokw inat liny dW ii iimos! as 90M as
the Vorkoits couWw .. " ttilm ol interactive litlion..." ever expenenced to date . - -"
some REAL arl . . ."

PO Bon 105!, Y-cha. C» CDA ntiaatil GO in

Caftomla res Idem s sdd C% n\t%
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