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Fresh graduates looking for challenging opportunities interns at UNDP, UNIAP, UNIFEM, UNOPS, UNAIDS, and UNV
and hands-on experience are invited to visit our website in various categories of functions in the country office and in The programme has intakes in projects.
July and December every year.  Selection Criteria and Conditions of Service:
• Applicants must be currently studying at university
C. UN VOLUNTEER (UNV) PROGRAMME: • Work experience is not required
 UNV promotes volunteerism to support peace and develop- • Full or part time internships are accepted
ment worldwide. Volunteerism can transform the pace and • Internship duration ranges from six weeks to six months
nature of development and it benefits both society at large • Internship is not remunerated
and the individual volunteer. UNV contributes to peace and  Students who are looking for practical work assignments
development by advocating for volunteerism globally,
to complement their study are invited to send their CVs and
encouraging partners to integrate volunteerism into develop- cover letters to, and to visit our website
ment programming, and mobilizing volunteers. at
 Individuals with an interest in volunteerism are invited to
explore the opportunities for working with us at http://www. 4. SELECTION PROCESSES
FOR CAMBODIA! for International UNV Spe-
cialists or National UNV volunteers at  Recruitment processes at UNDP involve several steps, and to We invite interested students, fresh graduates and
(will be available in August) better the chance of being selected at UNDP, a good under- experienced professionals to work with us to contribute
standing of, and preparation for, each step is recommended. to the development of Cambodia. This information
• National UNV Specialists – work in close collaboration Below is the overview of our recruitment process:
with local communities and extend support to commu- kit provides a summary of what we do, the different
nity-based initiatives, networking, bridging and exchange. categories of job functions, and available career
Individuals with a university degree and three years of opportunities within UNDP.
experience in their field of competence may join us Long-listing Short-Listing Written Test
through this programme. We look forward to you joining our dynamic
• National UNV Field Workers – work at the district or commu- and growing team!
Compliance Reference
nity level to help implement agency activities. Individuals Interview
Review Checks
with two years of work experience, particularly working at Keep yourself posted for career opportunities at UNDP –
the community level, may join us through this programme. visit us at “”
Medical Offer &
Check-Up Contract On Board
• International UNV Specialists - work in technical coopera-
tion with governments, with community-based initiatives,
in humanitarian relief and rehabilitation and in support
of human rights, electoral and peace-building processes.  How to be a successful applicant?
Individuals who has master degree and two years of
experience with a strong commitment to the values and • Look for openings that fit your experience and qualification
principles of volunteerism, and an ability to work in a level at, and follow the instructions
multicultural environment may join us through this on “how to apply”
programme. • Read the job description and understand the recruitment
requirements (qualifications, experience and competencies)
• Prepare your CV and clearly highlight your key achievements
D. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME: • Make sure you are prepared for the competency-based
 The Internship Programme offers students from diverse interview. We want to know how your previous experience
academic backgrounds practical work assignments and ex- and your winning work approach make you the best candi-
posure to the work with the United Nations. Over the last two date for the position.
years, we have hosted more than 100 local and international
We look for diversity, and you can make the difference!
1. ABOUT US (3) Environment and Energy: UNDP works to strengthen
Management Development Advisory
national capacities in environmental management, Services Services Services
 UNDP is the UN’s global development network, advocating climate change adaptation, and access to energy
for change and connecting countries to knowledge, services for the poor, as well as to mobilize funds • Human • Programme • Media & Com-
experience and resources to help people build a better life. from Global Environment Facility to address critical Resources Management munications
UNDP is on the ground in 166 countries. threats such as biodiversity loss, climate change Management • Project • Monitoring &
and ozone depletion. • Financial Management Evaluation
Management • Economics, • Capacity
UNDP Cambodia Vision 2. EMPLOYMENT AT UNDP CAMBODIA • Programme Policy, Development
Budgeting Research • Gender
Cambodians living with dignity in a prosperous  In achieving development results, UNDP places people • ICT and Advocacy Mainstreaming
society at peace, based on justice, free choices and at the heart of its strategy. It acknowledges that its • Procurement • Accountability,
equitable access to productive resources. staff are the core asset of UNDP. and Supply Audit &
Chain Oversight
 Our expectation is simple – we seek the most talented Management
individuals to work at UNDP, and provide them with the
 UNDP Cambodia was established in 1958 and currently • General
right conditions to perform at their best to help us achieve administration
employs over 300 personnel and 80 consultants, both
our development goals in Cambodia.
national and international. • Travel, asset and
(1) Search for Talent – we constantly look for talented inventory
 We work in partnership with 23 other UN agencies, the Royal
individuals with different levels of experience who
Government of Cambodia, other development partners,
demonstrate the highest standard of efficiency, com-  For more information, please visit us at:
the private sector, and civil society to support Cambodia in
petency and integrity to join our team.
achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015,
and addressing the priority goals of the National Strategic (2) Learning and Growing – the capacities, aspirations,
Development Plan. values and development needs of our staff are at the B. YOUNG PROFESSIONAL
heart of our organizational effectiveness. We promote OFFICER (YPO) PROGRAMME
 UNDP places partnership at the core of its mandate, and
opportunities for staff to learn new skills, to strive to
capacity development at the centre of our working approach.  The YPO initiative was first launched in Cambodia in 2008
improve in their work, to achieve their career goals and
We provide knowledge-based consulting services to enhance with the purpose of fostering talent and providing oppor-
to keep up with the ever-changing work environment.
the national and sub-national capacities (people, process tunities to young Cambodians. The programme is open to
and system) in the following key development areas: (3) Work Environment – in addition to offering rewarding recent Master’s degree graduates and the aim is to help
job opportunities, we promote a healthy working envi- them kick start their career through “on-the-job” professional
(1) Poverty Reduction: To accelerate progress towards the
ronment by encouraging all staff to have a good work- development.
Cambodian MDGs, UNDP provides strategic policy advice
life balance.
on emerging economic issues. It also supports the  The assignment is for a period of 12 to 18 months. It involves
Government in monitoring the progress of MDGs, intensive hands-on experience in management practices
3. CAREER & EXPOSURE (HR, finance, ICT, procurement, admini-stration) and/or
managing/targeting development aid, demining activities,
OPPORTUNITIES WITH UNDP development and advisory practices (programmes, projects,
strategic private sector engagement, and using trade
to drive employment and human development gains, UNDP Cambodia offers opportunities to students, fresh graduates research, communications, monitoring and evaluation).
especially in rural areas. and experienced candidates to work with us.  Selection Criteria
(2) Democratic Governance: Democratic Governance is • Recent graduates with Master’s degree
central to achievement of the MDGs. UNDP concentrates • Less than one year of work experience
its efforts on supporting the Government and civil society  We look for talented and experienced national and inter-
• Excellent command of English
to reinforce democratic institutions, strengthen local national staff, from entry level to mid level management and
• Excellent research and analytical skills
governance, and promote women’s involvement in advisory positions in the following areas:
• Good interpersonal and leadership skills
national and local decision-making.