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CS457/557 Computational Intelligence

Final Projects
Many of these projects have generated SOURCE presentations or other student research products. Students have
learned how to do research, many of them for the first time in their life, since they generally are undergraduates.
They learn not just to write a program, but how to search for references, how to be innovative, how to write a
technical report and how to make a scientific presentation.
Here is a list of these research projects, illustrating how diverse they are:
Data Augmentation for Gender Recognition on CNNs, Dmytro Dovhalets: Joseph Lemley
Time Series Prediction using NN: Sanjita Timilsina
Handwritten Digit Recognition of Indian Scripts: Yishui Liu, Sadia Afroze, Dipayan Banik
Neural Encryption Implementing a Tree Parity Machine: Abdulrahman Gharawi, Jacob Brown
Optimization of Graduation Plans with an Artificial Bee Colony Approach: Tim Tasse, Drew Hall, Jonathan
Hammond, Shane Thompson
Cracking the ASSIRA CAPTCHA with a NN: Brant DenHerder, Richard Marker, Noel Rodriguez, Joshua
Insurance Policy Data Classification with NN on the CoIL Challenge 2000 Data: Julian Ramirez, Ben
Garza, Shane Christensen, Jack Wagster
Plagiarism Detection using NN, Travis Hardman: Christian McMurtrie, Ryan Millard
KenKen Puzzle Solver with Genetic Algorithm: Paulo De Lima
ESO Predictor: Predicting Faction Movements and Keep Ownership: Alexander Belfiglio, Samuel
Classifying Hand Gestures in a N.U.I. Environment using kNN: Blake DeGidio, Robert Yard
Facial Recognition with Eigenfaces: Ryan Eilertsen, John Breidenthal
Solving the TSP Using Chaotic Simulated Annealing: James Tunnell, Sami Abdul-Wahid
Keystroke Timeing Identification: Anthony Porter, Zachary Wilcox
Preventing Undergraduate Students Retention: Suvarna Arakh
Spam Detection Filter using kNN Algorithms on GPUs: Patrick McElroy, Joshua Smithrud
Phoneme Recognition: Marshall Brooks, Hank Burton
Traffic Signal Optimization using Ant-Colony Heuristics: Kurt Boberg
Using Self Organizing Maps to Infer Communities in Weblogs Social Network: Christopher Hansen
Two-Level Clustering of Web Sites Using SOM: Marvin Evans, Leonard Patterson
A Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques for Phishing Detection: Ryan Bolyard, Emaad Shah
Knowledge extraction from hydrophones placed throughout the Columbia River - Jennifer Woods, Megan
Kostick, Zachary Haberman
Text document classification using swarm intelligence Andrew Wedling, Adam Mahlum, Nathan Scott
Harmony search in transportation optimization Barend Venter
Protein folding using bee colony optimization Kristoffer Hepler, Forrest Williamson

Society and civilization: simulation of human behavior Richard Chatterton, Brian Donohoe
Stock market prediction system using artificial neural networks - Andrew Smigaj, James Smigaj

Integrating the neuro-genetic CWU Chess engine in the ARENA GUI - Kyle Littlefield

Society and Civilization: Simulation of Human Behavior - Martin Olevnik

Expert system Asteroids - Kasey Loomis

A GA approach for adaptive radiation - Wenbin Mei

Sudoku solution via evolutionary computation - Eugen Roseberry

Ant Colony Optimization for Graph Coloring - Brandon Wysocki, Benjamin Sisson
Ordered Fuzzy ARTMAP for Predicting HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors - Christopher B. Abdul-Wahid, Grant I.
Genetic algorithms in investment decision making modeling - Michael Wilson, Steven Curtis
Attack detection in computer networks using a neural network approach - Hsun-Hung Chien
A Genetic Approach for Crowd Simulation - Kevin Venables, Jason White
Data Clustering with Particle Swarms - Jarrett Sauby
SexualGA: Gender-Specific Selection for Genetic Algorithms - Robb Berry
User Authentication using Backpropagation - Ted Steffen
Computational Intelligence Techniques for Solving Rubiks Cube - Joel Giese, Berk Erkul
Modeling Civil Violence: An Evolutionary Multi-Agent Approach - Charles Stahl, Abe Dybvig
A Neural Network Application for Attack Detection in Computer Networks - Toby Lewandoski
A Self-Organizing Map Approach for Clustering of XML Documents - Sorin Bucse
Web Data Mining - Jessica and Aaron Berglund
Fuzzy ARTMAP Function Learning for Chess - Luke Magill
Ant Colony Optimization Applied to the Seega Game - Andrew Szydlowski, Andrew Howell
CWU Monsters Game - Luke Arntson, Loren Harris
Code breaking - Chris Lee
Language Processor - Blaire Sherman
Password authentication using Backpropagation - Jonathan Widger
Computational Chemistry - Sarah Abdul-Wahid, Catharine Collar
Voice Recognition - Virgil Mednick
Email Data Mining - Robert Mitchell
Swarm Theory and Enemy Armor - Eric Newhouse
Optimization of Buffer Sizes in Asynchronous Assembly - Yu-chih Hsiao
Music Notation Convertor - Andreas Stefik
Swarm Intelligence in Checker - Kelly McBride, Tye Wick

Neural Networks in Chess - Ashur Odah, Joe Lemley, Phil Leder, Pushpinder Heer
Spam Filtering using Computational Intelligence Techniques - Aaron St. John, Cory Stuart, Michael West
Japanese Kanji Character Recognition - Andrew Pickard, Benjamin Rooney
Customer Satisfaction Measuring using Neural Networks - Logan Riggs, Tom Rockey, Michael Pankiewcz