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8th Grade English

Prepared By
Rebecca Wolfing

Grade Level

Materials Required
- Digital Resources
- Internet
- Websites including Twitter,
Fandango, IMDb, and Amazon
8th grade
will read
and discuss Lois Lowrys The Giver. In addition,
- Typing
other digital
be introduced to book reviews and their various forms (ratings,
short comments
via social
media, and published, longer analyses from critics).
will have an opportunity to craft their own reviews of The Giver
through Twitter (short review) and a school based blog discussion (long
Additional Resources
review). Afterwards, they will compare the book to the newly released movie
directed by Phillip Noyce. They will use this compare/contrast method to
create a movie review that demonstrates students understand the importance
of their reasoning and evidence-supported opinion sharing. While students are
crafting these reviews, they will also be reading, reacting, and responding to
their peers reviews and those crafted by the public.
Additional Notes

Teacher Guide

Student Guide


Write original book and movie reviews

based on The Giver that illustrates
understanding of themes using
evidence supported reviews.

Demonstrate understanding of literary

vocabulary (theme, setting, character
development, etc.) through
independent book and movie reviews.


Have students read The Giver and

discuss comprehension vocabulary.
Students should understand themes,
character development, protagonist,
antagonist, symbolism, and so on.

Identify themes, characters, plot

development, narrative arc,
symbolism, and other key terms
derived from text analysis.

Next, have students examine what

makes the text (in their opinion) good
or bad, and they must provide specific
examples to support their opinions.

Do you like this book? Why or why

not? If your best friend recommended
it, would it shift your opinion? Why are
reasons for opinions important?

Teacher Guide
Use various posted reviews and have
them examine what makes them good
or bad and why.
Using preferred media (Amazon, IMDb,
Twitter, etc.), students create their
own reviews and respond to their

Next, watch the Phillip Noyce film of

The Giver and have them
Show examples of movie reviews, and
have students identify good, bad,
helpful, unhelpful, positive, and
negative reviews.
Next, students will create their own
reviews of the movie on same or
different media site as the book review
and respond to each other.


CCSS 8.1, 8.2, 8.4, 8.5, 8.7

Student Guide
Are they helpful? Have you ever had
an opposite review or opinion as
someone? What purposes do these
reviews serve?
Use evidence from the text to support
your opinion. Example: I liked Lois
Lowrys The Giver because Jonas
ability to see color shows the
importance of seeing the world in
different perspectives.
Is the book similar to the movie or
does the movie deviate? In what ways
is it similar or different? Why do you
think the director made those choices?
Are they helpful? Have you ever had
an opposite review or opinion as
someone? What purposes do these
reviews serve?
Use evidence from movie and text to
support your claims. Example: I did not
like this movie because Noyce made
the characters older than they are in
the book which detracts from Lowrys
intent to empower youth in my age

Aligns with CCSS

Teacher Guide

Student Guide