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The Department of Mathematics (Primary) is happy to announce the celebration of MATH
IN DAILY LIFE, a programme to cultivate creative thinking and ease up math learning by
applying the concepts taught and learned in classroom, in daily life.
As part of the Programme the students of Grade 1 to 5 are expected to bring
photographs/images that relate the maths concepts taught and learned to their real life,
the real world.
Photographs can either be taken by the student or images from sites can be used.
(Creativity and originality adds marks!)
Grade 1 & 2:

Maximum 8 photographs (that fits in an A4 size paper)

Competition will be held on 24th October, Monday 2016.

Grade 3 to 5:

Maximum 10-12 photographs (that fits in an A3 size paper)

Competition will be held on 26th October, Wednesday 2016.

General Instructions:

Students are expected to bring glue, paper scissors, colour pencils etc.
The A4/A3 papers will be provided.
All students are expected to participate.
The winners from each grade will be awarded with certificates.
A sample work is attached.

Math is an integral part of life and without maths, many things would not be available to
human understanding. Let the little explorers fill the canvas with their thoughts and ideas
to create the best collage!