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Fatima Jinnah Women University

The Mall Rawalpindi

Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) invites proposals from wellestablished firms for pre-qualification of the vendors for financial year 20162019 for the procurement of following:1.

CDs and DVDs

Terms & Conditions

1. Firms should be registered with Income Tax Department.
2. The suppliers must be in relevant business for at least three years.
3. The suppliers should give the details, if the firm is an authorized dealer
of a renowned publisher.
4. Firms should not have been black listed and debarred by any
government or civil department or semi government organizations.
5. Firm should not have a litigation case going on with any government or
civil department or semi government department relating to its
business. Firm should not have had a litigation in the last three years.
An affidavit in this regard will be submitted.
6. Firm will provide bank statement to prove that it has sound financial
7. The firm should also provide list of organizations, where it has provided
books etc.
8. The Pre-qualification/registration period will be for three years.
9. The parties selected will be intimated and a registration fee will be
charged Rs.5000/- for three years.
The University reserves the right to disqualify without assigning
any reason whatsoever,
Detailed terms & conditions can be obtained from the office of
the undersigned during office hours (0800 hrs to 1600 hrs) except
Saturdays and Sundays free of cost from the date of published.
Interested parties may send their proposals in sealed envelope to this office
by 10, November, 2016. The word Prequalification must be written in
bold on the envelope.

Fatima Jinnah Women University

The Mall, Rawalpindi
Ph. 051-9292900 (Ext: 128)