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The Communist Parti Qubcois Elects a New Communist

Leader: Jean-Franois Lise (7 October 2016)
Posted by Admin on October 18, 2016

Who is Lise?

Stang: Part 1

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Stang: Part 2
Stang: Part 3
Stang: Part 4
Stang: Part 5

Jean-Franois Lise was elected the new leader of the Communist Parti
Qubcois on October 7th, 2016

On Friday evening, October 7th, 2016 in Lvis, Qubec, the Communist and unconstitutional Parti
Qubcois elected Communist Jean-Franois Lise as its new leader. The Montreal Gazette online
(October 8, 2016 updated 12:12) announced that on the second ballot Lise squeaked to victory with
50.63 per cent of the vote with a turnout of 75.09 per cent, higher than in the 2015 race.
The mainstream (controlled media) of the corporate socialists will never tell Canadians that the PQs
1972 manifesto plans a Communist state of Quebec with devolution of powers to Soviet-style
megacities on the model of Moscow. Nor have they told you that Lise himself is a Communist.

In 1995, at the time of the Quebec referendum, Lise is a hired advisor to the Communist Parti

About the video: "Mikhail Gorbachev: New European

Soviet coming to Canada"

Qubcois whose 1972 manifesto, in French only, reveals to party militants (the far-left) the PQs true
hidden plans for a fully Communist state of Quebec (i.e., the PQ itself is far left, a fact suppressed from
the news). Free enterprise will be abolished. There will be socialist planning conducted by expanded
and revalorized metropolitan regions. A form of Yugoslav-style Communism will be implemented with
worker self-management.


This work all comes out of my own pocket. Please
support the ongoing research at this web site, if you
can. Thank you.

At the present stage of the mass immigration which is harmonizing Canada with the Soviet Union, the
metropolitan regions will be multicultural.
Government after a UDI will therefore bear no resemblance to Confederation. It will have no ethnic
connection whatsoever to the self-government of the French Canadians. The French Canadians will
indeed be just one more ethnic minority amongst the hundreds of unconstitutionally mass-immigrated
ethnic minorities (i.e., majorities from elsewhere).
In Communist Quebec, the citizen will have his place and will not be indicating his political
preferences to elected representatives, nor telling the planning experts what to do. If any vestige of a

The Communist Parti Qubcois Elects a New
Communist Leader: Jean-Franois Lise (7
October 2016)

parliament remains, it will be on the Soviet model for the purpose of rubber-stamping the planning

Peter Worthington Whitewashed Communist Pierre

Trudeau; Paved Way for Justins Coronation

decisions of the experts.

Communist Guy Bertrands New Plan to Smash

Jacques Parizeau, leading the de facto PQ government, has put Lise on staff, on taxpayers nickel, to

Quebec into Communist Regions (Part I)

be his 1995 referendum strategist.

Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism with

Ben Wattenberg (Think Tank)

Lise comes up with:

[a] the tripartite agreement a glitzy media-covered public signing by the three separatist
political party leaders, of the scenario for Quebec sovereignty on a Yes. (Where there is no legal

The Real Pierre Elliott Trudeau A Childs View,

in Retrospect
Soviet Agent Oscar D. Skelton Recruited Soviet Agent
Lester Bowles Pearson into the Civil Service of Canada

power to act, find an interesting procedure to distract the audience.)

Red Fronts Aid Planned Merger of Canada NorthSouth and East-West into a Red Regional Union

[P.S. The third separatist leader, Mario Dumont, has no clue whats really going on. Hes being taken

Trudeau Biographers Ignore Known Red Agents in

Canadas External Affairs Department

advantage of, and doesnt know it.]

[b] and, Lise writes the 1995 referendum question.
P.S. again The 1995 referendum was more than likely very highly rigged.

A Communist Country from Coast to Coast

Jean-Franois Lise is a former Marxist-Leninist leader who in his youth like Gilles Duceppe (a
former Marxist-Leninist-Maoist leader) desired with all his heart and soul to make of Canada a

Singing tomorrows? or Grinding tomorrows? The

Soviet Union is not yet Dead (Quebec, 1996)
Quebec: A North-American Communist Military Power
Built by the Federal Government of Canada
Terrorist Activities in North America By Lawrence
Patton McDonald
Wicked Willy: The Chancellor of the West
German Government
Marxism and the Problem of a World State
New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) Exposed as
Communists (Guest Video by Seeing Red Yet?)

Communist country from coast to coast.

More on Willy Brandt, Ren Lvesque and the

Socialist International

Two quick sources identify Lise with this objective.

Exclusive: the Complete Text & Scan of Pat Walshs

Inside the Featherbed File? Canadas Watergate
The story of treason in Ottawa

The first is a book review of the French book by Jean-Philippe Warren entitled Ils voulaient changer le
monde. Le militantisme marxiste-lniniste au Qubec. My translation: They wanted to change the
world: Militant Marxist-Leninism in Quebec. The pertinent extract of the review again, my
translation (original French below) 1 reads as follows:

It is not a question, one would have understood, of the end of the affair. Butas long as one is
satisfied to seize the adventure of the extreme-left by its most delirious and most disastrous end

George Orwells 1984 Meets the Parti Qubcois

Manifesto of 1972
The Man-Wolf in a Political Manifesto of the Parti
Qubcois Calling for A New Social Model
Exclusive English Translation of the 1972 CBC Radio
Roundtable on the 1972 Parti Qubcois Manifesto
Ren Lvesques 1982 Letter to Willy Brandt
(Socialist International)

(celebration of the regime of Pol Pot, sectarian organisational practices, the fanatic battle
against the revisionists), one will not be able to understand the reasons which led a cluster of
educated and politicized young people today occupying eminent positions in the media, the
universities and the political parties (Jean-Franois Lise, Gilles Duceppe, Robert Comeau,
Alain Saulnier) to give body and soul to the construction of a communist society from
coast to coast.

The reviewer means coast to coast of Canada. (Obviously, at minimum, as there is North American
Union and Western Hemispheric Union to be completed on the way to World Union, where all cultures
and all races will be homogenized to eliminate any distinctions, and thus all trace of the ethnic principle
of national sovereignty.)
My other quick source is a page from the French web site of theParti Communiste Rvolutionnaire
(Revolutionary Communist Party) of 20-11-2005, being their Drapeau Rouge Express No 71
[translation: Red Flag Express No. 71. This issue explores the life of then recently deceased former
FLQ terrorist leader, Charles Gagnon, (who was in fact employed by Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Grard
Pelletier at their pro-Soviet review, Cit Libre, along with his fellow future co-leader of the FLQ terrorists,
Pierre Vallires, before the two left Cit Libre to launch their own FLQ terrorist cell).
In the course of its necrology on Gagnon, the Red Flag Express mentions bothJean-Franois Lise
and Gilles Duceppe. We now find that both of these men have been involved throughout their wellheeled careers in the so-called Quebec secession movement which is a front to negotiate the
dismantling of Canada for the EEC-EU system, i.e., for the Communist regional union begun in Europe
and acknowledged by Mikhail Gorbachev as the New European Soviet.
In the course of its necrology on Gagnon, the Red Flag Express mentions bothJean-Franois Lise
and Gilles Duceppe. We now find that both of these men have been involved throughout their wellheeled careers in the so-called Quebec secession movement which is a front to negotiate the
dismantling of Canada for the EEC-EU system, i.e., for regional union. Both Lise and Duceppe are
involved in pulling off the North American regional union.
Aprs la dissolution de lOCML EN LUTTE! en

After the dissolution of the OCML EN LUTTE! in

1982, Gagnon sest exil quelque temps au

1982, Gagnon went into self-exile for awhile in

Mexique et sest retir de la vie politique active.

Mexico and withdrew from active political life.

Contrairement bon nombre danciens

Contrary to a good number of former leaders of

dirigeants des organisations M-L des annes

Marxist-Leninist organizations in the 1970s,

1970 qui se sont intgrs dans les hautes

who joined the upper spheres of the bourgeois

sphres de la classe politique bourgeoise aprs

political class after having atoned for their

avoir expi leur crimes et exprim leur repentir

crimes and expressed their repentance (Gilles

(les Gilles Duceppe, Pierre-Paul Roy, Jean-

Duceppe, Pierre-Paul Roy, Jean-Franois

Franois Lise et autres Robert Comeau de ce

Lise and other Robert Comeaus of this world),

monde), Charles Gagnon, sil a lui aussi reni le

Charles Gagnon, even if he too had disavowed

marxisme, a eu le mrite de sen tenir

Marxism, to his credit stuck to certain positions

Robert Rumilly:
Two important authors on the communist infiltration of
Canada are Alan Stang and Robert Rumilly. Please
read my exclusive English translation of two chapters
from Rumilly's 1956 book The Leftist Infiltration in
French Canada (L'Infiltration gauchiste au Canada


certaines positions de principe : ainsi a-t-il

of principle: thus he always made a point of

toujours tenu dnoncer lhypocrisie de la

denouncing the hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie, in

bourgeoisie, en particulier de lintelligentsia

particular of the Qubcois nationalist

nationaliste qubcoise.


When the Red Flag Express refers to the national question, it means of course the sovereignty of
Quebec. However, according to my original research, Quebecs alleged hot pursuit after sovereignty
is a front for getting the negotiations done to dismantle Canada for North American regional union.
We are expected to believe that these former Marxist-Leninist leaders repented of their crimes
and joined the Establishment in politics.
I think that is a myth like the Cold War and the fall of Communism. These two men are carrying off the
revolution, right now. They are replacing the population, changing the form of government, eliminating
the national boundary (North American Union on the pretext of 9/11 2 ), altering the ruling ideology,
forming the regional union.
Everything they are doing now in Establishment politics was their quest as Marxist-Leninists and


manifesto of the Parti Qubcois, calling for a
Communist State of Quebec
Segments translated so far:
1. Pages 29-38

Could it be that the Establishment has fooled the Marxist-Leninists? Or have the Marxist-Leninists
fooled the Establishment?

2. Pages 53-65

In the end, will there be a power struggle between the Establishment and the Marxist-Leninists for

3. Pages 67-73

control of the Communist region they will have worked so feverishly together to create? Perhaps a
combination of Sino-Soviet military power, both of which are currently in expansion, will answer that


Read my exclusive English remedial translation of Jean-Franois Lises The Secret Committee at
Power where we learn that PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU and fellow REDS under Soviet agent Lester

4. Pages 75-85
5. Pages 101-122
6. Bref - Summary 137
7. Table of Contents
8. Indispensable 1972 CBC Radio Roundtable
discussing the 1972 manifesto

Bowles Pearson in the prime ministers office of Canada, sitting on a secret committee on the
premises of Power Corporation, ordered Communist Lvesque to organize and set up the PARTI
1 Numro : vol. 11 no. 1 Automne 08 Hiver 09:

UPDATE 15 August 2016: 100%

complete! First English translation of
1972 PQ manifesto for a Communist
State of Quebec. This is what we were
really "voting" for in 1980 and 1995.
There is more text in the PDF download
than is posted online in html:

Il ne sagit pas, on laura compris, de la conclusion de laffaire. Maistant quon se contentera

de saisir laventure de lextrme-gauche par son bout le plus dlirant et le plus funeste
(clbration du rgime de Pol Pot, pratiques organisationnelles sectaires, lutte fanatique contre
les rvisionnistes), on ne pourra pas comprendre les motifs qui ont conduit une pliade de
jeunes duqus et politiss occupant aujourdhui des positions minentes dans les mdias,
les universits et les partis politiques (Jean-Franois Lise, Gilles Duceppe, Robert Comeau,
Alain Saulnier) se donner corps et me la construction dune socit communiste
from coast to coast.

in fact the Communist PQ was in New York on 9/11 with a cultural trade mission at the Towers.

Source: Le 11 septembre et nous by Andr Duchesne (Boral)

Communist Straight Jacket Over Canada: Quand

nous serons vraiment chez nous: 1972 manifesto of
the Parti Qubcois for a Communist state of



Quebec Courts gearing up Soviet system for control

of political dissidents: "Judicial Declarations of

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Peter Worthington Whitewashed

Communist Pierre Trudeau; Paved Way for
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