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software config

1) A set of patches applied to system releases like mainframe operating systems updates
is an example of model.
Check-in, Check-out
Long Transaction
Change set
2) Workspace is a concept using in which of the models
System Model
Long Transaction
Change set
3) _____________ model focuses on versioning of product components
Check-in / Check-out
4) Which of the following is a requirement of ISO 9001
Control of documents
Identification and traceability
Control of non-conforming product
All of the above
5) Standardized, measurable process for change management are inherent of
SCM processes ?
SCM tools
SCM plan
None of the above
8) Which of the following options ensure cost saving due to SCM:
Identification of CI(s)
Accurate release control
Proper resource allocation
None of the above
8) If you have two sets of changes to a single file and you need to reflect both the
changes, the task to be performed is

8) Which of the following is NOT a CI type

Design Document
Executable Code
Installation Manual
Contract document ?
9) In the composition model, the two step process of composition and selection can be
graphically visualized as ____________ graph
10) An aggregation of CI(s) that has been formally reviewed and agreed upon and taken
into control at single point in time can be defined by. and using and SCM
tool it is identified by . (Fill in the blank from respective comma separated
Project, Pinning
Baseline, Label
Branch, Trigger
Keyword, Pinning
11) SCM is the art of identifying, organizing and controlling modifications to the
software being built by programming team. It maximizes productivity by minimizing
mistakes. It is SCMs definition by:
Roger Pressmen
Wayne Babich
12) Status Accounting provides
Status of change request and defect reports
Version status of various configuration items (CIs)
Status of configuration items in various project baselines
All of the above
13) In a project to identify the baseline artifacts which of the following techniques can be
14) Software Configuration management is a CMMi Level _____ process area

15) Which of the following should be considered as Configuration Items for any project:
Project plan, Requirement specification, Class diagrams
Design specification, Design tools, Activity diagrams
Source Code, Test plan, test Script, Test tools, Test results ?
All of the above
16) Management issues that need be considered for SCM tool evaluation are
License Cost
After sales support
Availability of upgrades
All of the above
17) _________ helps us to know how merging works
Merging manual
Merging online help
Merging Semantics
None of the above
18) Multiple people working on one work item is
Concurrent development
None of the above
19) Identification of configuration item is an essential part of SCM. Which is the
immediate benefit of identifying the CI?
Managing release of multiple versions
Producing Product Deltas
Analyzing historic information
Reporting project status
20) Which of the following needs to be taken into consideration for SCM tool selection
OS Support
Development Environment
Hardware Requirements
All of the above
21) To ensure change control, Veloci-Q procedures says:
The request of change should be recorded in Change Control Register
Impact should be determined and clients agreement should be received for payment
against change incorporation
Change should be tracked till it is PM approves it
Risk assessment should be done in the end

22) Defining rights of individuals for accessing the project repository is defined at which
of the following stage of SCM:
SCM Planning
SCM Control
SCM status accounting
SCM Audit
23) _______represent the system structure and provide a list of components or groups in
a hierarchical structure.
Check-in, Check-out
System Model
Change set
24) CMMi level 2 is described as
25) Some of the parameters considered for change evaluation are
Complexity of Change
Impact on existing system
All of the above

software config (mistake ppl !!!these qns are from testing)

1) ______ are conducted to find and eliminate errors/defects in the early stages of
product development.
Reviews and Testing
All of the above
2) In a table review, who records the defects and classifies errors?
Review Leader
3) A ______ is a document which describes the objective, scope , approach and focus of
a software testing effort

Test Strategy
Test Script
Test Case
Test Plan
4) In a software development environment ____________ is confirmation that the output
of a particular phase of development meets all of the input requirements for that phase.
Reviews and Testing
Software Validation
Software Testing
Software Verification
5) Tools commonly used for causal analysis are
Pareto Analysis
Root cause analysis
Both (1) and (2)
None of the above
6) The different types of flow/coverage based testing are:
Statement coverage
Full Path coverage
Decision coverage
All of the above
7) An informal meeting for evaluation or information purpose is a
None of the above
8) Table review process is followed mostly for reviewing documents. What is the other
name of Table Review Process?
PEST Analysis
Fagan's Review Process
SWOT Analysis
9) ___________ stage ensures that review comments have been incorporated during
Causal Analysis
Follow up
10) ________ helps analyze the required efforts for validating the acceptability of a
software product.

Test Case
Test Plan
Test Script
All of the above
11) If the cost of fixing a defect in the requirements phase is 1, what is the relative cost
of fixing a defect in the Testing Phase
10 to 15
12) ________ complexity-based testing measures program length and vocabulary,
volume, difficulty, and effort.
None of the above
13) Mike Fagan of IBM published a paper in 1976, describing a method called
__________ which formalised the software review process.
Peer review
Online review
Pair review
Table review
14) ______ provides a measure of the conditions which could ensure that a branch is
Condition coverage
Condition operand coverage
Decision coverage
Both (a) and (b)
15) What is the correct definition of a Test Script?
It is a document that defines the input, action and expected output to determine if a
certain feature of an application is working correctly
It is a document that describes the sequence of steps to execute a test case.
It is a logical group of test cases which when taken together test a particular function or
unit of the system
None of the above
16) _____________ is a way of proving that your system does what is intended and also
meets all requirements.
Verification and Validation

None of the above

17) % of effort recommended for review preparation is _________
18) Preparation of a ________ is very important, before conducting Unit testing.
System Test Plan
Unit Test Case
Unit Test Plan
All of the above
19) Which of the following are the commonly accepted levels of testing in the Software
Development Life Cycle ?
Unit or Component testing
Integration testing
System testing
All of the above
20) __________ refers to testing the features/ navigation/ expected expectations, when
more than one users from different machines operate on same Objects.
Concurrent testing
Functional testing
Module testing
All of the above
21) Sometimes a need may arise for an external review of the software product. Which
of the following needs will prompt you to go for an ERT?
Domain Content
Technical Content
Cosmetic Content
All of the above
22) __________ implies testing the system with the intent of confirming the readiness of
the product and customer acceptance of the product.
Load testing
System testing
Acceptance Testing
Integration testing
23) The basic building block of any activity in any phase of the SDLC which forms the
core of Wipro's Reviews and Testing Process is called the :
Peer Review
Verification and Validation Techniques

ETVX Model
All of the above
24) _______ is done to validate the entire product.
System testing
Acceptance testing
Regression testing
Integration testing
25) JTest, Jprobe, Purify are some of the __________ used in projects.
Verification tools
Testing tools
Validation tools
All of the above

vel q
1) Which of this is not the intended use of Metrics?
To monitor the project performance
To take appropriate decisions based on measured values
To monitor individual performance
To revise plans
2) Objectives of customer focus is to:
Elicit parameters that are critical to quality from customers
Collect data and metrics
Track performance
All of the above
3) All Configuration Audit issues are recorded in -------------- and tracked to closure:
Software Configuration Audit Report (SCAR)
Software Configuration Order Form (SCOF)
Baseline Record
4) The set of actions to be taken when the perceived risk becomes a reality is
documented as part of
Contingency plan
Mitigation Plan
Defect Prevention Report
Risk Tracker
5) Risk quantification is done based on
Risk probability and impact of risk

Risk mitigation
Risk schedule
None of the above
6) Practitioners working on projects can suggest process improvements through a
Process Improvement Proposal
Change Request
All of the above
7) _________ serves as an important verification activity to ensure the completeness of
testing in order to ensure product quality.
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
Test Audit
System testing
8) Group that focus on the tools used by projects and the impact of using tools is
Tools group
All of the above
9) Corrective and Preventive Action Plan should be drawn for:
Customer complaints received
Customer feedback ratings
Customer Satisfaction surveys
All of the above
10) Look ahead meetings and root cause analysis are examples of
Defect prevention activities
Error capture activities
Appraisal activities
None of the above
11) The effectiveness of the Quality Management System is continuously improved
Audit results, corrective and preventive actions, CSATs, Management Review
Sales reports, Balance sheets, Company audit reports
Quality group recruitments
Individual Performance appraisals
12) Project monitoring reviews are conducted to
review project progress
understand project requirements
monitor requirements volatality

All of the above

13) Wipros quality system is known as
Project Data Bank
14) In the execution of maintenance projects each trigger from the customer is recorded
in a:
Change Request
Change control Register
15) _________is used to document the features/functionality to be tested, test strategy
and testing methods to be used.
Test Plan
Test Form
Test development
Test Design
16) Organizational learning enters Veloci-Q through
Queries and PIP
Audit findings
Project Performance Analysis
All of the above
17) _________ is a technique used for arriving and prioritizing requirements.
Pugh matrix
Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
Voice Of Customer (VOC)
All of the above
18) Release review process involves
PM, customer and TM
All team members
entire team along with SQAM and customer
19) Each phase /activity of a life cycle model is represented in veloci-Q by the
____________ Criteria

20) Process artifacts that help to perform project activities in a standard manner are
Checklists and Templates
All of the above
21) The threshold value of Risk Score beyond which the Mitigation and contingency
plans need to be documented is
22) is a repository of data and learning from closed projects.
Project Data Bank
Six Sigma
None of the above
23) Six sigma methodology that is used for reduction of cycle time is
Cross Functional Process Map
Six steps
24) is an initiative that involves measuring and analyzing business processes.
Six Sigma
Root Cause Analysis
Pugh Matrix
None of the above
25) Six Sigma measures defects based on:
the teams decision
Wipros Senior managements perception
Customers perception
number of defects in the project
vel q
1) Configuration audits are verification mechanisms used to ensure that deliverables are:
Defect free
On schedule
Consistent with requirements
None of the above

2) In Wipro which model representation of CMMI was adopted

Rank model
Linear model
Staged model
Process area model
3) Each phase /activity of a life cycle model is represented in veloci-Q by the
____________ Criteria
4) PDCA stands for
Plan, Define, Change, Add
Plan, Do, Change, Aid
Plan, Do, Check, Act
Plan, Define, Check, Add
5) In Veloci-Q, intentions and directions for quality initiative are documented in
Policies section
Procedure section
Guidelines section
All of the above
6) What is the monthly mechanism to record and track metrics of the project?
Work Plans
7) For a project that involves resolving incidents, job cycle monitoring and software
upgrades, the process model to be chosen is
V-Process model
Iterative Process model
Production Support process model
None of the above
8) It is mandatory to take corrective and preventive actions for
Customer complaints
(a) and (c)

9) This is the testing procedure according to which modules, sub modules are tested and
test case verification is done
Functional testing
Module testing
Unit testing
System testing
10) Quality is defined as
Ability of the product to meet stated or implicit needs of customers
Set of process and procedures
Use of checklists and templates
All of the above
11) ISO stands for
International Organization for Standardization
International Systems for Organization
International Systems Orientation
International Systems Organization
12) ________ are mistakes / faults caught during the same phase of SDLC
All of the above
13) You are a Project Engineer who has just joined Wipro. You want to know all your
responsibilities as defined by veloci-Q for your role. Where would you go?
Treasure House
14) Prior to start of the project, the PM should estimate
good idea - he can get familiar with our estimation guidelines
it is a must to plan better on execution of the project
verify estimation and address differences if any
all of the above
15) The process model suited for projects with dissimilar service requests is
Service Process model
Rational Unified Process Model
V-Process Model
None of the above
16) The process followed in the software development project should be:
Client specified processes

Processes as described in velociQ.

Tailored ODC specific processes
Any One of the above
17) Voice Of Customer (VOC) can be used to
Prioritize customer requirements
Select requirements
Analyze customer requirements
Requirements traceability
18) In CMMI the Level 2 stage is described as
19) DPMO stands for
Defects per million opportunities
Defects per million occasions
Derivations per million opportunities
Any of the above
20) In the execution of maintenance projects each trigger from the customer is recorded
in a:
Change Request
Change control Register
21) Choose the odd one: One of the process models NOT suitable for Development
Iterative model
Waterfall Development model
V-Process model
Conversion/ Porting Process Model
22) The following is not a section of the project plan template :
Resource Plan
Execution Process Plan
Project Vision
23) What does function point estimation mean:
A standard method to measure size of software projects
A Metric for effort calculation
A review technique / mechanism
An experimental method to calculate project delivery time

24) In CMMi level software process is improved in a controlled manner.

All of the above
25) The quality group responsible for process definition, metrics analysis and quality
assurance activities at vertical/group vertical level is
Tools Group
None of the above