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The Construction Of The Word

We have first of all the letter M. it is significant because of its

maturing influence. It is pronounced with a drawn out sound like
The second letter is A. It represents the astral or heavenly
influences. It is pronounced like the 'A' in father as AAAaaahh.
The third letter is the regal letter R. This letter has always
conveyed the masculine and royal sound in all mantras. It is
pronounced on the tip of the tongue with a rolling sound, RRRrrr.
Lastly we have the astral letter A once more.
The mantra thus formed composes The Lost Word.
Each letter is chosen for its particular vibrational value.
Each one is representative of a primordial integer.
Collectively they articulate that fine essence otherwise known
as the Logos or Word.
The Lost Word then is MARA.
It is a mantra intoned or chanted on the note of A natural
above middle C.

The Invocation Of Cosmic Energy

The invocation of cosmic energy and the attunement with the
divine mind is obtained by correctly using this Lost Word.
The Logos or primordial power consists not in the image of a
person, but in the unity and totality of potential existences.
Each primordial integer, or archetypal number contains within
itself the necessary ingredients of material and spiritual

The roots of all reality then reside in these arrested qualities

which are only meaningful to us in terms of transcendental causes.
In truth, there is only the ONE.
But this primacy of existence has no relevance again except as
it is the sum of the additional energies expressed here.
The chanting of the Lost Word MARA brings the ALL into our

Experiment Number One

When confronted with threats of harm to yourself or your
family, look your assailant in the eyes and say mentally MARA three
There will have been a field set up around you so that no harm
will come to you.
You will in effect have performed what in yonder days would
have been described as a miracle.
The dynamic presence of the cosmic will have transmuted the
elements of the confrontation.

Experiment Number Two

Whenever you become disquieted, stressed or out of harmony
with yourself, simply relax and then with your mind on the God of
your heart, say softly but with conviction MARA three times.
The pronunciation of this will shortly bring about a complete
neutralization of your negative psychological state.
You will feel a profound calm filter up into you as you become
attuned to the cosmic.

Psychic Development
Let all who use this word be warned.
To pronounce it means to attune the inner self to the vibrations
of the cosmic.
The cosmic will require of you the fruits of such attunement.
Your inner nature will be driven to express the divine will.
You will realize to your amazement that there exists a cosmic
mind and that it is fundamentally superior and different to your own
objective mind.
If you fail to execute and directives given you as a result of
successfully attuning with the cosmic it will prove most disappointing.
You are reminded at this point that The Word is for your own
use only.
It is not permitted to share it with anyone else.
Psychic development is a relatively straightforward matter.
Since The Word attunes your inner self to the cosmic, it
remains for you as a sincere seeker to comply with the requirements
of psychic enfoldment.
The disciple does not allow himself to contradict his own
The use of The Lost Word in connection with inner
development should be according to a plan or routine.
It is advisable to choose either a morning or late night hour to
meditate on and chant the word as directed.
You have no need to spend hours in meditation as the action of
the vowel sounds themselves continually orient you towards
reflective and contemplative thought.

Firstly be sure to clear your mind of all unwanted thoughts.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
Take deep breaths into your lungs until you feel relaxed.
Whilst your mind is centred on the God of your heart, repeat
the mantra thus MAaa-RAaa three times.
There is no real limit on the number of times you repeat the
mantra but five minutes of such contemplation and meditation will be
sufficient for each period.

The important thing about psychic development is that each
level of attainment or illumination affords the possibilities of even
greater revelation and personal power.
It is a known fact that the flow of energy in a dynamic system
such as is the case with the twelve psychic centres in man is strictly
in accordance with the capacity of the centres themselves to
accommodate a certain level of energy.
The sensitivity of each psychic centre to the physiological
requirement of translocating additional energy elsewhere is an
absolute determinate in the rate at which psychic illumination is
This concludes the instructions for the use of the mantra that
gives us access to the power of the cosmic Lost Word of Power.

Further Information About Effortless


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