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1. This day is on May __________. We dont have this day in __________, but I live
in Mexico and its _________. Thats because Im a teacher. All the teachers
__________the day off and have a nice ______________ together. On the next
day my students __________ me things: a _________ of wine, a book. I
__________ it.
2. May Day. I dont work on this day, ____________ works. Its a day to celebrate
__________. My ___________ and I play a big game of football in the park. We
have a drink ___________ after the game too, of course. I go to the __________
Fair with my family.
3. While ____________ is at a party or a restaurant or disco, I __________ December
31st in my taxi. Its a very ________ night, but I _________ a lot of money. There
are lots of taxi _________ on the streets, and they all have _____________. I get
home __________ in the morning on _____________ 1st and I go to bed. In the
afternoon, my family and I go to a good restaurant for lunch.
4. This is a very _____________ day, I think. It is a day for us to _____________ some
of the important things that have ___________ for ____________ in the past. It is
on March _______, which is in ____________ for me. Its not an official _________
holiday, s I go to work. But I go on the ___________s Day __________ every
year, and then have a __________ cup of tea with friends and _________.

Write a 80-100 words paragraph about a day off in