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PETITION (Leave blank)

We, the undersigned, registered and duly qualified voters residing within the territory described below, within the 2nd Ward, City of Chicago
in the County of Cook and State of Illinois, and pursuant to Section 28-1 et. seq. of the Election Code, do hereby petition that the following
advisory question of public policy be placed on the ballot for submission to the voters of precincts 33and 41 within the 2nd Ward for their
approval or disapproval, by referendum at the Primary Election to be held on February 5, 2008:

The boundaries for the precincts in the above mentioned territory are as follows: Beginning at the intersection of Van Buren Street and
Sacramento Boulevard; then going east on Van Buren Street to California Avenue; then going south on California Avenue to Harrison Street;
then going east on Harrison Street to Washtenaw Avenue; then going south on Washtenaw Avenue to Polk Street; then going west on Polk
Street to California Avenue; then going south on California Avenue to Arthington Street; then going west on Arthington Street to Francisco
Street; then going north on Francisco Street to Polk Street; then going west on Polk Street to Sacramento boulevard; then going north on
Sacramento Boulevard to the intersection of Van Buren Street and Sacramento Boulevard.

“Should the Alderman work with the City Council to pass an ordinance to re-activate the Lawndale Community
Conservation Council that will include local residents, businesses, institutions, churches and organizations within the
Ward that will be empowered to 1) act through an open, resident-participatory democratic process to evaluate and make
recommendations on all proposed development activities; 2) create a community led comprehensive planning strategy for
the Ward area; 3) to participate in negotiating community benefits agreements on behalf of Lawndale residents; 4) to
disseminate meeting minutes and progress reports to the general public on a regular basis?”

Residence Address (No P.O. Boxes)

Signature ONLY Print Name ONLY Municipality or Town County State
House # and Street or RR#
1. Chicago Cook IL
2. Chicago Cook IL
3. Chicago Cook IL
4. Chicago Cook IL
5. Chicago Cook IL
6. Chicago Cook IL
7. Chicago Cook IL
8. Chicago Cook IL
9. Chicago Cook IL
10. Chicago Cook IL

Circulator Affidavit
I, _______________________________________, being first duly sworn, do hereby certify that I am at least 18 years of age and a citizen of the United
States, that I reside at ___________________________________, in the City, Town, or Village of __________________________________, County
(Street Address or RR# - No P.O. Boxes) (Circle One) (Name of City, Village or Town)
of _________________, State of Illinois, and that the signatures on the sheet were signed in my presence and are genuine, and that to the best of my
knowledge and belief the persons so signing were at the time of signing the petition duly qualified and registered voters of the State of Illinois, and that their
respective residences are correctly stated, as set forth above.

. of Circulator Making this Affidavit; Sign in presence of a Notary Public)

Subscribed and sworn to (or affirmed) by above circulator before me this _______________ day of ________________________________, 200___.

Return to: Lawndale Alliance

c/o North Star Mission
1414 South Hamlin NOTARY PUBLIC
Chicago, IL 60623
(773) 522-7610
Attn: Valerie F. Leonard

SHEET NO. ____________________

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