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Primary speed sensor
Flashing code:

4x short

Fault indication:

Fault indicated by continuously lit EDC check lamp

Fault path:

Primary speed sensor

Statically not plausible
Dynamically not plausible
Not plausible with auxiliary speed sensor

Effect of fault:

Reduced full-load quantity

Reduced maximum engine speed
The system switches from injection start control to control mode with fixed,
specified injection start characteristics
The engine is shut off by EHAB or safety relay if the auxiliary speed sensor also

cause of fault:

Line interruption, ground short, speed sensor defective;

sensor signal affected by metal shavings etc. at sensor installation position;
control unit defective

Test conditions:

Terminal tester (test box) connected

Note 1:

Special features of EDC M(S) 5: Two generations of M(S) 5 systems are currently
installed. The main difference between these systems is the arrangement of the
speed sensors. Previously, the primary speed sensor was installed in the
injection pump housing whilst the auxiliary speed sensor signal came from
alternator terminal W. In the current version, the primary speed sensor and the
auxiliary speed sensor are located on the flywheel housing.
Primary speed sensor DG 2 (51.27120.0005) and auxiliary speed sensor DG 2
(51.27120.0006) were replaced by primary speed sensor DG 6 (51.27120.0008)
and auxiliary speed sensor DG 6 (51.27120.0009).
They function in the same way, although the resistance values have changed.

Note 2:

Refer to the wiring diagrams for the vehicle in question





Resistance measurement on terminal

tester (test box) between pin 21 (+) and
pin 13 ()

Check lines
Check plug connections
Fit a new speed sensor if no faults
can be detected

Desired value: Speed sensor DG 2 on

flywheel housing: 500 700
Desired value: Speed sensor DG 6 on
flywheel housing: 800 1000
Desired value: Speed sensor in injection
pump: 900 1300
Speed signal

Signal test on terminal tester (test box) at Check lines

starting speed between pin 21 (+) and pin Check plug connections
13 () using oscilloscope
Fit a new control unit if no faults
can be detected
Desired value: see oscilloscope curves

T 17-A1

8.40 - 5