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Coordinate IT services, projects, and solutions as assigned: assist in the enhancement

and integrations of existing applications; participate in the evaluation and deployment of

new applications

Understand core systems, applications, platforms, related integrations and data flow

Act as an liaison with business owners to translate user and business requirements into
solution design, functional and system specifications, diagrams, and charts

Perform impact analysis of application changes and updates, identifying dependencies

and constraints, manage change control process and tracking

Perform in-depth process and system review, testing and validation, and coordinate user
acceptance testing

Develop technical procedures and documentation

Support and troubleshoot production issues for assigned systems, collaborate with
functional users to solve business issues and recommend solutions

Manage assigned systems vendors and contracts

Manage software review requests

Perform regular user access and system auditing and validation

Perform regular data integrity audits and process evaluations

The IT Business Systems Analyst will be supporting projects in the Pathology, experience at
Senior level is required.
Analyze and document current and future business process models
Analyze and document requirements (scope), business rules (use cases)
Analyze and document data requirements (from business needs perspective)
Clearly communicate keeping IT and the customer apprised of developments and requirements,
key metrics
Collaborate with customers, IT project managers, Architects, Developers & Software Quality
Assurance on solutions and risks
Mentor the teams on UX best practices and oversee the creation of delightful prototypes &
Contribute in road map discussions
Collaborate with IT Project Managers and the customer. Must build strong relationships with our

Plan user acceptance test (UAT), create UAT scripts and facilitate UAT
Support user deployment activities as needed
Perform knowledge transfer to training and communication teams

Planning related to the tasks associated with business analysis and the software development lifecycle
(waterfall, iterative, Agile).

Stakeholder Analysis is conducted to identify the stakeholders who will be impacted by the change
and understand their influence and authority levels.

Risk assessment using methods to identify risk, probability, impact and how to mitigate those risks.

Facilitation skills for meeting management, and requirements workshop planning and management.

Elicitation such as questioning techniques to gather information at the right level of detail and scope to
represent all of the stakeholders needs, and the ability to ask questions that lead to an understanding of
the business need rather than what they want.

Manage Requirements to understand the requirements change process, and traceability.

Communicating Requirements including the use of presentation skills and the ability to create a
requirements package.

Organizational Analysis to identify current capabilities and identify opportunities for improvement.

Utilizing various modeling techniques such as process modeling, data modeling, system modeling.

Interface analysis, the understanding of technology infrastructure and how it interconnects, including
sharing data to achieve a business goal.

Writing requirements using different approaches such as use cases, activity diagrams, sequence
diagrams and state charts, data dictionaries, class or entity relationship diagrams.

User experience, knowing how a user interface helps the user to successfully complete a task, also
known as usability.

aligning systems functionalities with business objectives, identifying improvement requirements

defining specifications, recommending and validating solutions.
Managed consultants for system developments, implementation projects, and integration with other
Collaborating business operators and development teams for enhancement projects.
Analyzed and documented business processes and systems issue; provided solutions..