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Tell me about yourself

- Okay, First of all, I would like to thank you! For shortlisting me for this interview round.
- I am Raffi Bin Richard, Ive been raised in Tawau Sabah. I am graduate from Universiti Teknologi
Malaysia, skudai Johor with a bachelor of degree in Chemical-Gas Engineering.
- During my undergraduate studies, I had received dean awards for the first three semester and for the
last semester and managed to graduate with 2nd class upper.
- I have also involves in many activities and societies that build my soft skills
- Besides that, I also worked on several project related to my major and one of them are for my research
project thesis titled the effectiveness of dual diesel fuel engine which to test if it can reduce the
pollution created by the diesel engine and its impact on the overall performance.
- Even though Im just a fresh graduate, but I have managed to gain industrial experience during my 3
months of internship at Petronas CariGali Sabah.
o During my internship, I have been appointed to Integrated Planning department under hydrocarbon
allocation section.
o My supervisor Mr.Hakim Chebout. Teach me on how to allocate the production from wells to
o This experience was set to make me know on how oil and gas, company operate. And from that day,
I was very enthusiastic to achieve my dream to work in this type of company.
- I am a person who are very enthusiastic in solving difficult problems. This is because, when I facing a
difficult problems, it will trigger my brain to think deeply and try to relate others thing in order to solve
a problem and it sharpened my analytical skills. Simply to say, I had a 3D thinking where I think at all
possible angle or put my problem at different perspective and managed to show innovative thinking
especially in a group project.
- I realize that I am a kind of person who like to do something out of boundaries. Because, before I
joined any activity or program during my undergraduate study, I feel afraid to communicate with
people, I didnt know how to handle a team or a project. But, after I joined and want to test myself, I
realized that, I can achieve my goal or have the ability to get things done.
- For example, I had a leadership role in my society when conducting a program. This teach me on how
to demonstrated good organizational skills, worked in a team, coped under pressure, managed conflict
and delivered a project.
- I also a person who can work both independent and with others. But if I have to choose, I rather to
work in a group or team. This because, I realized that, when working in a team, I can achieve
something great with my team because the resources of some idea is not just coming from you, but also
from others members. Then, this can exceed my limit. I mean, the level of my creativity is just from
my point of view when work alone, but if its in a team, different people can give different perspective
and at the same time will increase my level of creativity higher than before.
- So for my family concerned, including me, my family consist of 6 members, my father who was
working at Sabah Forestry Department, my mother who a homemaker, and my siblings still continuing
for their studies
- As for my hobby, in my free time, I like to express my emotion by drawing.
- Last but not the least, my aim and my goal is to become a successful person in term of careers and
financially. A person who can give something back to people, and make a contribution to society.
- Well, that just the brief summary of my journey so far. However, if you would like to know any further
details, I will be glad to share it.

1. Tell me about one achievement that you are most proud of?
- Ok, my greatest achievement is when I had a leadership role in Sponsorship unit for
my very first program in University.
- In this role, i had to find as much as possible, sponsors for our program.
- And for this program, I managed to get a sponsors and able to run the program
without any budget issues.
- Besides, the amount I managed to get are higher than the previous same program
where my seniors who are the one in charge.
- So, I beleive thats are the greatest achivement I did so far eventhou i faced some
2. Describe the difficulty you faced during this time
- During that time, Im just a second year student where our society told my batch to
handle a program for the new upcoming students and me myself personally been
appointed as a Head of Sponsorhip Unit
- Before this, I never had any experience to find a sponsor, so I didnt know how to start,
what to do and how to proceed.
- This give me a great challenge because you have to carry the burden as a leader and a
team for finding a sponsors. Besides, if you know the procedure, that doesnt mean you
already done your job, because you need to convince them to make them agree and
satisfied on what you offer for them, so that, they will get something in return.
- And I took several action for me in order to face the problems. And ya, that is the
difficulty taht i faced. Becuase this thing is new and unfamiliar.
3. What was your action?
- Okay. First, I try to meet up with my seniors (because they are the closest person taht i
can get to) and ask them on what to do, what is the first step that need to be done and
what the things that should be prepare.
- This action, give me the big picture on the process to getting a sponsors, so i have the
kick start for me and my team to get prepare.
- But i doesnt just end up there, I know that, when you have something needed to be
done, you have to done it better than the previous which mean my seniors. So, i take
the second step where i to get a consult from other lectures that had this expertise.
- So, i meet up with a few lectures, it is very hectic days because I have to meet their
timing and have to adjust my schedule since Im a students.
- At first, it is very stressful. But after I try myself, it was very joyable experience to
undergoe all the formality and managed to overcome the anxiety when having a dialog
with someone above you rank.

4. Do you done any mistakes during this time?

- Urmm, I have to admit that I did have several mistakes and one of them is when I
focus to much on myself, and forgetting that I have a team. I found that, there was a
real selfishness, an unknwon willingness to cooperate, a resistance to authority.
- the process just very stressful because I did all the things by myself since I am the
leader of the unit. Im afraid of giving too much work and burden to my teammate.
- But, my director try to make me distributed the work to my teammate and even my
lectures that i ask for consultation gave me advice on how to do things, how to lead a
role since they saw me the one who always done all the work.
- So, i try to distributed my work fairly to my team, and ask them if they are
comfortable with this kind of assingment.
5. What is your strength?
- My strength is, especially in this program. That, Im very enthusiastic in trying
something new, like challenge. Because, i knew that I would gain something, I might
be able to overcome my fear, and realise something that I lack of.
- It is like, you done facing something difficult but you get something in return and it
gives me some kind of satisfaction. Without this kind of thingking/theories, i might
not be able to lead a team at the first place.
6. What did you learn from the mistake?
- I learn that, when you are in a team, i doesnt mean that it just focused on the leader
alone, but more on the team. There is no reward for not cooperating.
- And when your a in a leader role, try to give fair assingments to your teammate,
because your teammate also want to learn the experience, so without them being
involve directly in the process, they will not learn or gain anything from it. Because I
know, everything I did can be both learning and realising something you lack of.
- and advantages when you are in a team, you will not stress yourself, and dont have to
put much pressure when you are in the leading role. Because, your team are there to
help you and infact, you would be able to exceed something more than what you did
when you are alone
- And! it change me from being indiependence into er what you called interdependence
where i have the opportunity to share myself deeply and I have acces to the vast
resources and potential of other member.

7. How did you perfom?

And believe the action that i took was good, because mostly the sponsor agree to
sponsor our program and some of them gave quite a lot compared to the previous
Like I have said before, it is kinda satisfying when you took the challenge and able to
succeed it. And I believe myself, that what I have done during that program was a
success, a big success because I meet my goal and objective.
Eventhough I never had this role before, but I demonstrated good organisational
skills and exceed the what my seniors had done before.
I even been appointed as the Head of Sponsorship Unit for the next program.

8. Tell me the time where you had project with people with different background
- Yes i had many, this was during i become a director of certain program which
involving not just my batch, but the whole batch from 1st year to final year students,
students from other society and also international students.
- This program was actually want to do activities related to sport, more like sports day
or family day.
- I was the director of the program and in charge of several units.
- My role was to make sure that, the units that Im in charge doing the job and make it
succesful while monitoring others unit and even the participant.
9. How you communicate with them? How you solve it? What are your strategies?
- Since it involving international students like from iran, indonesia and nigeria, so we
conducted the program in english. So that everybody can understand on what is going
- 2nd is, since our classes are not the same, I took the initiative to arranged our time to
meet them personally or by group, and ensuring that the message I am try to put
across to members is done with clarity.
- While giving them an order, I also make sure to give feedbacks. Which mean, I make
sure they understand what I am trying to deliver and allowed them to ask anything that
they did not understand about the program.
- Because, the leaders job is to understand the important concerns and remove the
barriers between members and a team leader.
- Leaders need to be seen to be listening to, and acting on, and the concerns of their
diverse teams.
- And not to forget, I must treat people from different background fairly as I would like
to be treated. Because, I know that, some people are bias to other race or group.
Because, when we communicate with our own group, we knew that things will be
easier, but when we involve with other people from different background, this thing
will make you leave from your comfort zone.
- So all this action, enables me to be an effective and successful team leader. Providing
direction, support and guidance is the key to success.
10. Have you ever had a situation where you had a misunderstanding with someone?
Describe a time when you had to work with people with a different view point and
style than yours.

Yes definetly. During my 3rd year in my university. Where, we have to form a group
for plant design project.
This is the time when i have conflict with my leader because we did not agree with the
same thing.
In this project, it had many chapters that we have to complete within time. My leader
want each member to take one chapter for each person and that person need to do all
the things related to that chapter. From my point of view, that strategy are not good
enough because it will make that particular person to having a hard time to complete
the chapter alone. You with me?
Besides, others members will not know or have the information about the chapter that
they did not pick. This will give us a problem when we presenting our project since
every member only know certain chapter and cant answer any questions related to
other chapter.
And ya, that is the time when i had a conflict with someone.
And i think, the best way to done this is to discuss together for every chapter. And all members have the
chance to voice out their ideas to every chapter.

11. How did you solve it?

- First of all, I try to talk to my leader on why he choose this strategy.
- It turns out, my leader was not able to foresee this thing ahead and the consequences
that he made for the group. For me, it is only a small matter and people usually did the
wrong action when they are in stress mode since he carries the role as a lead.
- From there, I try to discuss with him the best strategies that can be done and it only
take a couple hours of my day to settle this things but..... it was well worth it because
we avoided to make thing worse and affect our relationship in a group especially for
both of us.
- And, I make sure that this thing will be just the two of us and agree not to tell others
on what really bothering him. This because, if this thing got worse, his credibility as a
leader will be questioned by my supervisors.
- and as for the other members, I discussed with them wether they comfortable with the
new strategies that we came up and ask our supervisors a permissions to do this.
12. What was the result from your action?
- It was a great success, because our group manage to did the task within the time frame
and each members able to explained every chapter during the presentation.
- I also managed a conflict with my leaders which is also my friends and I was glad to
help him and made contribution for the group.
13. Name a time you had to change your approach to deal with a problem. What were
the challenges?
- This was during gees week, I became the director of that program. That was the first
time I become a director of a program.

Usually for the program, based on previous approach on what my seniors did is, they
will conduct a two different program which is sports day and family day and that is a
time consuming and big budget are needed to handle that program.
And also, when it come to my time, I had a problem with a budget and transportation
because I cannot apply bus from university for recreational purpose. Besides, for both
program, transportation are crucial since it involve many participant and places.
Since university only allow students to apply bus for educational purpose. So, I took
the initiative to change the program to learning based oriented program. Which
means, it is not only for sports day and family day but also a program where you can
gain something from it and became an educational program where students still can
enjoy the sports and family day.
So what did I do is, I added a slots where I invited people from industry to gives talk
about careers, and the thing that students need to know before entering real oil and gas
Besides that, the people we invited also able or had the opportunity to talk about their
company and luckily they agreed to sponsor the program.
By doing this action, I managed to solve not one but two issues which is the
transportation and budget.

14. Describe a time you developed a relationship with someone new to meet an objective.
- Yes, I still remember when we handle a program for industry exposure. Where we had
to visit several oil and gas plant so that we can understand how the people there
operate the plant. And what is the procedure. Simply to say, we try to learn as much as
possible in order to prepare ourselves for an industrial training.
- So my role was a relationship unit. Where I suppose to contact a people that are
charge in of the plant and ask for permissions to visit their plant.
- At first, I thought it gonna be an email based communication, which is simply writing
and respond to an email, but when the time we want to visit the plant. I need to be the
representative to talk and communicate with the person in charge. This is to make sure
that everything is going smoothly during the actual visits.
- But what I did is, I ask them for a phone number and try to be friendly with them. This
allows me to be comfortable as much as I can with them and they also will help me
and make my work easier by helping me with other stuffs.
- From there, I realise that, communication is not only to tell them what I need, but also
be friendly with them help me to meet my objectives easily.

1. Describe a time where you were pressured to complete something

- Yes, back in my final year during my undergraduate studies what I had two different
project at the same time which is plant design project and final year project.

During this time, I really have to deal with a strict dateline and strict supervisor
because both project had different supervisors and every week I have to report my
progress to my supervisor.
Not that just all, others than I have to meet the dateline, I also need to revise back of
what I did and correct any mistake or something that my supervisors did not satisfied
So, this thing. Was really put myself under pressure. Just imagined you have two sets
of project and both project was not related to each other, sometimes you can get
confused on which is which?
But that just only for a short moment when I realize that, it is myself who does not
organize myself. I did not keep track of what I did. I did not do things in order, and
that is why I facing this kind of problem.
So I try to find solutions on how to manage myself without getting confuse of what I
The first thing that I did is, keeping a tab on all my work. I try to differentiate the
priorities, I try to schedule my time and be strict on what will I do for each day.
For example, when a work that involve a repetitive calculation, I make a template just
for that. So that, the next time when I want to calculate, I just key in the figure and I
directly get the answer. I manage to make myself organize, keeping track of what I did
and manage to meet the dateline and somehow, I also had a lot of free time after
finishing my work.
The best thing is, my friend also want to use my method and ask for using the
template that I created. This thing was like giving a contribution, eventhou I did not
get anything from it been it is a satisfying feeling when you heling others while the
same time helping yourself.
So from there, I managed to cope under pressure.

Things to ask
1. What are the next steps in the interview process? How long for you guys to give results
for the next interview?


Is there anything else at all that I can tell you about myself to help you in your decision?
What can I expect as far as next steps?
Would you mind giving me a feedback on how well I did during this interview? Hehehe
I think thats all for now, but if I have any question regarding to this, can I reach back to
6. Thank you for this opportunity, I really appreciate all the things you did. I hope that I will
be hearing good news later on. Hehehe. Hopefully!
Shell question related to the company
1. why you want to work for and energy company
- oh ya, first is because, when you are working in energy company, you will earn a big
bucks, the salaries are higher compared to other type of industries. And this thing had
been told to me since i was a kid that working in oil and gas company will have the
chance to earn better.
- 2ndly is, the technologies. Because i knew, that this kind of industry will uses most up
to dates state of the art technologies in order to get the top results. Right? And, the
opportunity to learning new method will always be there, becuse enrgy company had
a diverse team of expertise. So by adding this kind of knowledge, this will make
myself are in different level.
- And lastly, the chances to get to travel the world, because energy are demanded from
all over the world especially when working offshore.
2. why you want to work for shell
- well first, because it is shell, simply because shell. Who doenst recognise shell as a
leading oil and gas company. Right? Its worldwide and multinational company.
- Because it give you chance to grow, i belive at shell, they will give us a training and
development opportunities. So it is a wise decision to start my career at shell.
- S...
3. what have you done in order to research shell
- first thing is the internet, it was a great
4. what you can bring to the table
5. what are your long term career goals