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TDA10071 DVB-S2 Demodulator

and FEC Decoder

Low-Power DVB-S2 Satellite Demodulator for Single-Channel STBs

In February 2010, Trident Microsystems acquired the

set-top box and television product lines from NXP
Semiconductor’s home business unit. This product is
now a part of Trident’s product offering for the set-top
box market.

Designed for equipment manufacturers targeting the

cost-sensitive market for single channel STBs, this is an
outstanding solution that reduces power, shrinks size, and
lowers system cost.

Key Features
. Ultra-low power . Sleep mode meets worldwide The TDA10071 has an on-chip
. Internal microcontroller green initiatives
. DVB-S supported for backward
microcontroller for fast signal
. Power-down sleep mode acquisition, Es/No estimation, and
system monitoring. In addition, the
. DVB-S compatible compatibility
. Optimized blind scan support for on-chip microcontroller reduces time
. Automatic ±10 MHz acquisition free-to-air (FTA)market vendors
to market by limiting the external
. Integrated SNR and BER moni- . Internal BER & SNR monitors driver code required, and conserves
valuable software engineering
facilitate production test require- resources. Integrated internal
tors ments
. DiSEqC 2.x-compliant . Ultra-small footprint (64-pin)
signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) and
bit-error-rate (BER) monitors provide
. Symbol rates conserves valuable PCB board channel-performance measurements
to simplify product development and
- QPSK (DVBS2): 1-45 Msps
production testing.
- 8PSK (DVBS2): 1-45 Msps
- DVBS: 1-45 Msps
Code rates
. DVB-S2 single-channel set-top When combined with the Trident
boxes CX24118A tuner and the Trident
- QPSK: 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5,
5/6, 8/9, 9/10
. DVB-S2 NIMs CX24501 HD decoder, the
TDA10071 demodulator provides a
- 8PSK: 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 8/9, complete set-top box solution that
Offering the smallest 64-pin footprint includes both software and
. 2
I C serial bus
available on the market today, the hardware.
. 1.0 V core voltage
TDA10071 is a simple, cost-effective
solution that delivers low power and
. 3.3 V I/O voltage high performance. It has an This combination allows vendors to
. 64-pin eLQFP package
automatic-acquisition algorithm that
searches for and acquires the carrier
quickly deliver a low-power, high-
performance complete satellite
within a +/- 10 Mhz range during system solution that spans a wide
Benefits initial acquisition and, performs a range of consumer products within
. Low-power design reduces cost smart search to reacquire the carrier rapid time-to-market constraints.
of power regulator under fade conditions. Blind scan
. On-board microcontroller makes allows FTA customers to automati-
cally scan the sky for available FTA
software development faster
satellite programming.
DVB-S2 Demodulator and FEC Decoder

TDA10071 Raptor64 DVB-S2 Single-Channel Demodulator




MPEG Output
DVB-S2 Decoder

serial MPEG
Viterbi, RS FEC
Q Decodert

Blind High/Low Tuner JTAG

Scan Current Control uController
Module GPIOs AGC

LNB GPIOs I 2C clock


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