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THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES EXAMINATION OF DECEMBER 3903 Code and Name of Course: BC34C Molecular Biology It Due and Tine: Fesday, December 19, 2003 rota 11,0000 ° Duration; 2 hours m S ‘STRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: This paper has 2 page(s) and 6 questions ANSWER ANY 4 QUESTIONS (ANSWER EACH QUESTION IN A SEPARATE BOOKLET), 1. Describe any four (4) of the following: (100 marks) a) Gene clusters b) Duplicated genes ‘o)-Repetitive DNA 4) Group 1 introns e) rRNA genes 2. Explain the mechanisms by which: a) Exogenous DNA is taken up by Bacillus subtilis during transformation (40 marks) b) Competence is regulated in this organism. (60 marks) 3. Transposon mutagenesis can have detrimental effects on an organism but is useful in scientific research. Discuss. (100 marks) 4, Desoribe in detail the process of jX post-replication mismatch repair of DNA. (100 marks) 5. (@) Define the following terminologies as they relate to the regulation of gene expression: (40 marks) i) enhancer ii) gene amplification ii) housekeeping genes iv) homothalism b) With appropriate illustrations, explain how the Lac operon of E. coli is regulated. (60 marks) 6. Answer any two (2) of the following: a) Write short notes on three (3) types of regulatory proteins that affect RNA polymerase binding to DNA (to initiate transcription). Give brief descriptions of any two structural motifs that characterise the binding domains of such proteins. (50 marks) b) Describe the regulation of gene expression during the development of Drosophilia (50 marks) ©) Describe three (3) ways in which eukaryotic genes could be regulated by alterations of the DNA. Cite examples using the following organisms — yeast (S. cerevisiae),toad (Kenopus laevis) and other vertebrates. (50 marks) 4) Describe the mechanism by which enhancers effect gene expression regulation through DNA looping. (50 marks) END OF QUESTION PAPER