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Trumping America from A to Z:

an alphabetized account of why rigging this election is unnecessary

A. Abu Dhabi:
a. Likely the most repugnant and least reported item in this list,
Trumps golf course project in Abu Dhabi utilizes a work force
which Amnesty International equates to slave labor. Working
Pakistani and Bangladeshi men are lured to Abu Dhabi with false
hopes of being able to make outsized earnings in a few short
years. With hopes of sending money back to their families, they
unknowingly sign onto unspeakable horror. Contractors such as
those building Trumps resorts take their passports and house
them in conditions envious of the US prison system. The
compensation, far from what was promised, leaves their families
at home without an incomeand without their fathers, brothers
and sons.
B. The Bible:
a. Donnies new found fame among evangelicals led him to
proclaim his faith among GOPs rightest of the rightthe
religious right. Abandoning the ghoulish message of Cruz,
religious libertys own Mike Huckabee and even the
comparatively liberal leanings of the other other Bush, Trump
learned that the litmus test to be followed by the faithful comes
not in your proof of biblical knowledge, but through your
propensity to divide Americans. With math that even the
Corinthians TWO couldnt ignore, Trump learned that if you were
selling Jesus, show a little bigotry and there would be plenty of
willing buyers. Beyond the cheering thousands story
referenced below in item J, this is our second major sign that
education, logic, common sense and honesty were all going to
take a backseat in this election.
C. Casinos:
a. Avoiding temptation to dig into the Trump files on Mother Jones, I
try to focus on the task at hand, distilling DFTs casino horror
stories into a consumable package, but with four major
bankruptcies this is difficult. Those who took Trump at his word
in Atlantic City lost billions in both credit and equity, many of
these being individual investors who bought into attraction of the
deceptive Trump brand. As you may have guessed, Trump
managed to keep his Fifth Avenue penthouse. While admittedly,
Casinos and Hotels are complicated businesses, and failures
cant always be blamed on the executive with his name on the
doorbut we are going to do some math below in Item S!!
D. Donation:





a. Donnie, if somehow you get your tiny hands on this alphabetical

list of your lies and failures, stop what your tweeting and cut a
check to to 9/11 Fund which supports the families of the Fallen. I
chose the one hyperlinked above. Trump claims to have made a
donation to support 9/11 families, taking praise publically on
Howard Stern. NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer has no record of
this donation ever being madetranslation, this guy lied about
donating to the families of the fallen.
a. Expense, as in the line itemas in the line item that should be
consistently smaller than the revenue line on the P&L of any
mature business anywhere. Trump SteaksMagazine
VodkaAirlines UniversityIceTour OceansandStuf: Got a business?
This fella can wreck it. Thankfully vodka is defined as being
odorless, colorless and tastelessso that is one venture in ten
where he may have been able to salvage the inventory line item
for somebody who could do something with the product. You
have to love the sourcedidnt that guy from Breitbart who looks
like a shaven Jerry Garcia coming of of the 95 tour get the nod
to run Trumps campaign??
a. It was incredibly tempting not to go with fascist, but for the many
who seem to have skipped history, economics and sociology, we
will keep it in place. Trumps business prowess is referenced
frequently as an excuse for the racists who make excuses for
him. Talk to any New Yorker in the money crowd and you will
learn that Trump is hitting back by screwing people because he
was on the losing end of so many deals for so many years.
Trump was late to the party on casinos, hostile takeovers,
mortgage origination and on-line education. I have to give him
this, he has developed a significant skillset out of losing;
lawyering up against those who cant aford to fight back.
***hyperlink trump u, and those he didnt pay
a. Guilty? Jail? What kind of a third-world banana republic do you
think the United States of America is Donaldo? We do not jail our
political opponents, even when they start ground wars in the
Middle East! This should be seen as a threat to our Democracy.
Who in the hell do you think you are threatening to jail a former
First Lady, former Secretary of State, former Senator, and future
Housing Discrimination:
a. Trump and Daddy Trump owned more than 14,000 housing units
in the boroughs in 1973those who inhabited his homes were
largely lower middle class, struggling to get by and struggling to
make the rent. Trump in the meantime was sewing his oats at






clubs in NYC flaunting the wealth he was raking in from the less
fortunate in our society. The sad thing is, this is not the most
disgusting part of this story, ask any Americans of color who
learned that Trumps shop was marking applications with a C
be sure to read through the links to the NY Times articles from
the 1970s.
a. While she is by far the least creepy Trump, Ivanaka has been
plagued by Donnys repeated comments on how lucky she would
be if she wasnt his daughterqueue the dueling banjos from
Deliverance. Ewwww
Jersey City, New Jersey:
a. Where Trump claims to have seen thousands of cheering
Muslims when the Towers came down. He also claims to have
had hundreds of friends in the Towers, which Red State
pounced on at the time. Reflecting on the insanity, this appears
to be where Trump began attracting the support of those fearful
of Islam, and those quick to assimilate to any condemnation of
the liberal media. Please keep in mind the political backdrop at
this time: ISIS was enjoying its former strength and attacks in
Europe and the US were filling the media wires. Fear soldand
Trump capitalized on it.
a. Birtherism had more to do with Trumps rise to popularity than
most give him credit for. This supposed surreptitious search for
the long-form birth certificate did not phase President Obama,
who seemed all along to be fairly confident about where he was
born. It did however provide DfT with a common platform to
share with the fringe right lunatics, whose support he
desperately needed.
a. L is for lawsuitbut which one should we choose as there seem
to be so many?!? Breitbart news reports that there are more
than 3500 lawsuits against the man who touts his business
prowessyes, the guys who are running his campaign report
that there are over 3500 lawsuits against him! Trump University
alone points to three class action lawsuits being levied against
Trump for what was so clearly fraud on a massive scale. But this
lawsuit ties into several others, including former Florida AG Pam
Bondi who decided not to press charges against Trump after his
foundation illegally donated to her campaignhis foundation has
since been issued a cease and desist order from the NY Attorney
General. Lets not forget the three anti-trust cases he has been
party to.





a. Paul Manafort was Trumps flash-in-the-pan of a campaign

manager whose ties to Russia caused him a quick exit. With an
oversight like this, how can you expect him to surround himself
with the smart people he claims will run his cabinet?
Not condemning:
a. David Duke, the KKK, the Russian hacks, Russian bombing of
civilians, the violence at his own rallies which he seems to
approvingly egg onDonnie will not condemn the worst of the
2016 campaign season. So by default, does he approve of this
a. We have seen Trump repeatedly try to attack President Obama,
who consistently laughs of his attacks as if seemingly befuddled
by Trumps weak attempts to discredit his phenomenal track
record. The video linked shows Obama hitting back in the early
daysworth a laugh and a smile.
a. What kind of a creepy guy hangs out at beauty pageants? The
hobby of choice for stay-at-home Moms living the lives they wish
they had through their daughters, beauty pageants are a stain
on our society. They celebrate beauty and objectivity at all
expenses, teaching young women that if they look attractive,
they can get ahead without having to learn about the world
around them. Trump has made a global business out of
pageantssadly, this has largely been done at the expense of
wildly underpaid women who have virtually zero chance of
participating in the wealth that these pageants bring to Trump.
Sadly, Trumps derogatory comments insulting Latin Americans
led to the unraveling of his pageantry as Univision and NBC fled
the pariah. Trumps glorification of pageantry is just another
example of his attempt to profit of the less fortunate, or less
informed, or less mobile in our society(ies).
a. As in questioning the integrity of our Democracy. Wednesday
nights horror story ended with Trump once again proving that he
is the bamboo under the fingernails of Democracy. By
questioning the legitimacy of this Presidential election, with no
clear evidence or reason for doing so, Trump has ignited a
dangerous fire under his base. It is my personal opinion that
Trump is selling a product, and trying to grease the skids for the
impending launch of his righter than right news organization. In
doing so, he is moving his base into a dangerous mindset, one
that could result in violent homegrown fanaticism. Agitating the
base for years with cries of religious liberty, false promises of
pro-life reforms, and attacks on the entitlements which hold our
Democracy together, conservative leadership on the right knows






that Trumps refusal to recognize an election is step one down a

path of insurrection. Lets hope the FBI pays him a visit prior to
November 8th, politely suggesting that he humbly and graciously
step aside.
Rape Allegations:
a. While Democrats have avoided this one on the stump,
expectedly not hitting below the belt, the 1994 Jane Doe lawsuit
has suddenly been revived in the Twittersphere. Observing
innocent until proven guilty, I will leave the research up to you
keep in mind that this is a 1994 lawsuit and a JUNE 2016 story in
Huffington Post.
Sexual Assault:
a. Given that everyone has seen the information out there, and that
unfortunately much of it is he said, she said in a Country where
we are innocent until proven guilty, I am, again, going to let you
make your own decisions on this. But in the spirit of miniTrumps Skittles analogy, I will leave you with some math. Hesaid, she-said is a binomial outcome. Either affirmative or not
Skittles. Now, if you flip one coin, the odds of achieving heads
just one time is 50%, two coins 25%, three coins 12.5%, four
coins 6.25%...the chances of ten coins is less than 1%. I am not
going to trivialize sexual assault with coin flips, but at this rate
the truth appears to be what Donald Trump was tellingto Billy
Bush that is.
Tax Returns:
a. Not paying taxes makes him smart, but he has paid hundreds of
millions in federal taxes, and he is rich beyond your wildest
dreamsand, and he has paid hundreds of millions in taxes even
though not paying them makes him smart. Trumps dangerous
commentary signals to the rest of the Country who believes his
septic vernacular that not paying taxes is cool. Tell that to the
teachers buying school supplies for their kids, or our soldiers who
need body armor. Un-American.
a. Demonstrating the foreign policy prowess of well, an isolationist,
Trump insisted that his buddy Vladimir Putin would not go into
Ukrainelittle did he know that Vlad already had blood on his
hands for his annexation of Crimea, Soviet tanks and troops
massed on the border by the tens of thousands, and paramilitary
units commanded by his army actively shelling citiesdah
comrade Trump.
Vladimir Putin:
a. The worlds favorite shirtless despot accepted Donnies friend
request. Appropriately, Bush, Powell, Obama, Kerry and Clinton
have not accepted his. Putin claims Russia is fighting ISIS when
it is clear that they are bombing US Allies. The recent revelation





that his troops have participated in the fire-bombing of Aleppo

has the UN Security Council talking war crimes. Russian hacking
into Hillary, Podesta and DNC officials has gone too far and now
Biden has promised its payback timewhy hasnt Trump
condemned the attacks his buddy has leveled against America.
Not to stoke conspiracy theory, but there are direct links to his
campaigns involvement.
a. Trumps failure to pay those who count on his contracts to feed
their families, while he splatters his names across jets, buildings
and unfortunately our news headlines is the lowest of the low.
Reference item F for his legal tactics, but if you carry a union
receipt in your wallet, as many of my friend do, this W stands for
WORKERSand Trumps treatment of his workers should be all
you need to vote against him next month.
a. Not white, protestant and born in this Country? Trump has likely
singled you out for blame on one issue or another. Xenophobia is
the politics of blaming those who dont look like you for things
you dont understand how to explain, a hallmark of the Trump
You will be rich!
a. The rallying cry of the scam that was Trump U, Trump raked in
millions from buyers promised to be given the secrets to real
estate successinstead they learned Trumps real talent,
stealing money from people who dont have the bandwidth to
fight his attorneysmany other stories like this on The Atlantic.
Zero Tolerance:
a. History shows us that when we study the fallout from
dictatorships, the warning signs of that dictators intents were
clear during their rise to powerthe Southern Poverty Law
Centers study on what they call The Trump Efect could not be
more telling of this pattern. How can so many Americans watch
Trumps dumpster-fire of a campaign without thinking of Hitler,
Mao, Pol Pot, Peron, Tito, Franco, Stalin and so many others who
have shown us this playbook before. If you single out those who
are diferent, blame the press for reporting your moral and
tactical failures, threaten political opposition with jail, repeatedly
and blatantly lie on a sociopathic level, well then, you might have
ambitions to be a bloodthirsty dictatorbut this requires more
uneducated than educated votes in order to occur. For the time
being, the balance still tilts in the favor of Democracy.