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Pont Du Gard

Years: 20-16BCE,
Medium: architecture
Location: Nimes, France
Years: 70-82 CE
Medium: architecture
Period: Early roman period
Location: Rome, Italy
Keystones and Voussoirs (arches)
Arches were an advancement on the Post and Lintel system. Many arches are called an
-Barrel Vault is an arch extended into a tunnel
-Groin Vault is four barrel vaults together
-Fenestrated Sequence of Groin Vaults is a lot of Groin Vaults together.
-Corinthian Order (from top to bottom) dentil, boss, volute, roselle, canthus leaf,
-Pilaster is a half-column that is for decoration and not support
Pantheon (STILL AN ACTIVE CHURCH! Not important but relevant)
Dates: erected 17 BCE, destroyed by fire in 80 CE, regulit 110 CE
Medium: architecture, concrete
Location: Rome, Italy
Oculus: An open hole in the ceiling of the pantheon or a building (allows rain to fall in)
House of Vettii (View of the room of ixion)
Years: 63-79 CE
Medium: Fresco
Pompeii, Italy
Hellenistic Sculpture: all about emotion and movement (such as Laocon, marble
Byzantine Period: Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity, founded Constantinople
or Istanbul.
Emperor Justinian and his Attendants
Year: 547 CE
Location: San Vitale Basilica, Ravenna, Italy
Medium: Mosaic
Old St. Peters Basilica
Year: 320 CE
Period and Location: Imperial Roman Period, Rome, Italy
Medium: Reconstruction drawing