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Switchwords for money and abundance

FIND-COUNT-DIVINE For attracting Money Miracles

INTEND-NOW-PERFECT-RAINBOW-BE For attracting good feelings, and an

abundance of positive experiences

COUNT-NOW-DIVINE-NOW-NOW-NOW-SOMEHOW-100% For attracting money




SATYA-RESTORE-COUNT-NOW when you are owed money for work done

TOGETHER-WOLF-SUDDENLY-BRING-MAGIC to attract any kind of magic with

immediate effect

DIVINE-MAGIC-BEGIN-NOW + Your Intention This is used to attract whatever you



abundance beyond expectation now.

SHREEM attracting wealth


CHARM-BRING-CREATE-COUNT-HALFWAY-71,042 Manifest your hearts desires,

deliver the goods, cause money to come to you, make it happen fast.

BRING-GOLD-CLOUDS-NOW bring money asap

COUNT-COUNT-COUNT-520 Financial freedom



TOGETHER-FIND-COUNT-DIVINE to make money miraculously

TOGETHER-CLEAR-GIVE-CHANGE-COUNT-ON when you need immediate money

Switchwords List

ABIDE accepting and residing within all that is; fulfill a wish (O) (92% )
ABRAHAM LINCOLN resolve conflicts and reunite (or use someone you know who
represents resolving conflicts and reunite)(O)(90%)

ABSOLVE release guilt; release blame; obtain a waiver (O) (91%)

ACT be a good orator; transition (U)
ADD find or increase percentage; enlarge what you have (U)

ADJUST create balance; assume or carry a burden; handle uncomfortable or

unpleasant conditions (U)

AIM to give purpose (O)(93%)

ALERT increase awareness; perk up; pay attention to your surroundings (O)(91%)
ALIGN support (O)(92%)
ALL IN totally enjoying, embracing and absorbing; 100% unshakable, unstoppable
certainty; move forward; total realization; break through on all levels - physical, mental,
spiritual; a miracle beyond triumph and victory (O)(91%)

ALLOW make available; release; discover (O)(86%)

ALONE nurture or heal; increase focus on self (U)
AMAZING inspired; create miraculous endeavors (O)(87%)

AMBROSIA pleasurable healing; extend life (O) (91%)

ANCHOR attach; self-confident; firmly fasten (O)(86%)
ARISE bring into being; materialize (O)(90%)
AROUND gain or improve perspective (U)

ARROW stay on target; take a straight path (O)(92%)

ATTENTION do detailed work; avoid carelessness (U)
AWE be aware of your singular place in the Universe; be your authentic self, the world
is better because you are here (O)(93%)

BALANCE increase dependability; create stability (O)(90%)

BAMBOO diversify yourself; grow rapidly (O)(93%)
BE be at peace and maintain wellness; have good form; dispel loneliness; skill in
sports; to be unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy (U)

BEAM bring sunshine; stop raining; brighten (O)(92%)

BEETHOVEN be passionately creative; passionate creativity; reach beyond limitations;
command respect (O) (92%)

BEGIN bring into existence (O)(93%)

BENEVOLENT be liberal; receive generosity; show compassion and understanding; be
peacefully accepting (O)(87%)

BETWEEN use or enhance telepathy; increase psychic awareness (U)

BINGO find a right answer; feel excitement (O)(83%)
BLESSED increase vibrational level; feel peace; feel gratitude and appreciation

BLUFF dispel fear or nervousness; enhance imagination and dreams (U)

BLUSH bring warmth into conversation; turn cold into heart-to-heart warmth; touch an
audience; enliven a gathering (O)(87%)

BONUS unexpected abundance; swift unforeseen addition (O)(92%)

BOO feel ready; be alert and in advance/advantage; turn awkwardness into light fun; all
is well (92%)

BOW dispel arrogance (U)

BOY youthful exuberance (O) (94%)
BREAKTHROUGH end hesitation; finally grasp the potential of career, education,
relationship possibilities; open heart to forgiveness or receiving new nourishing love

BRICKS solidify; strengthen; fortify position (O)(90%)

BRING unite with; manifest; make it so; deliver the goods (U)
BRUCE LEE be instantly motivated, especially to work out or to engage in a physically
difficult task; to increase willpower and endurance; to turn reluctance about exercising
into excitement (or someone who represents this qualities to you) (O)(91%)

BUBBLE expand beyond perceived limitations; get energized; get excited (U)
BUFFER be discerning; avoid exploitation (O)(85%)
BUZZ kick it into high gear; accomplish task at hand quickly and efficiently (O)(90%)

CALM at rest; stable; constant (O)(92%)

CANCEL eliminate negativity or unwanted conditions; eliminate, erase or dis-create
debt or any kind of negativity, or any unwanted thought or condition; dispel annoyance; to
dispel worry; eliminate poverty (U)

CANCER calm emotional distress; soften (from astrologys Cancer the Crab)(U)
CARE memorize; remember; retain (U)
CATALYST spark change (O)(91%)
CENTER reconnect to your core being; get grounded (O)(94%)

CHANGE dispel emotional or physical pain; get something out of the eye (U)
CHARLTON HESTON stand straight and tall (or use someone you know who stands
straight and tall)(U)

CHARM manifest your hearts desires (U)

CHEERS give/receive encouragement (O)(93%)
CHISEL mold to form; sculpture; cut out excesses (such as tumors)(O)(90%)

CHLORINE mingle; share yourself; make a difference; blend; become one with (U)
CHOOSE empower; release old pains (O)(93%)
CHRYSALIS - open up to the world after having been unnoticed; allow yourself to
overcome the pain of trauma of rebirth (change, transformation ) (O)(92%)

CHUCKLE turn on personality (U)

CIRCULATE end loneliness; mingle (U)
CLAP show appreciation; feel good (O)(92%)
CLASSIC appear cultured, suave (U)
CLEAR dispel anger and resentment (U)

CLIMB rise; enhance your viewpoint (U)

CLOUDS abundance; miraculous formation of event (O)(92%)
COMPASSION be accepting; show special kindness; alleviate pain (O)(90%)

CONCEDE stop arguing, "kiss & make up" (U)

CONCERNS focuses of importance; interested involvement (O)(91%)
CONDUIT channel for transferring (information, objects, articles, etc.) into a new realm
or space (O)(94%)

CONFESS end aggression (U)

CONGRATULATIONS feel accomplished; increase self-esteem (O)(93%)
CONSIDER be a good mechanic, a fixer of things (U)
CONTAIN arrest current condition immediately; stop sequence (O)(91%)

CONTINUE create or increase endurance; continue swimming (U)

COPY have good taste; increase fertility (U)
CORONA connect to Source within; fill with light energy; attach to life energy (O)(91%)

COSMIC beyond measure; ordered complexity (O)(92%)

COUNT make money; reduce smoking (U)
COVER reduce nervousness; subdue inner excitement (U)
COZY create comfort (O)(91%)

CRACKERJACK exceptionally good performance; great skill or cleverness; seemingly

magical transformation; "I AM happy with what I've completed" (O) (91%)

CREAM to get along well together in a group; to create bonds (O)(90%)

CREATE cause; transform thought to action (O)(91%)
CRESCENDO gradually increase (O)(92%)

CRISP dispel fatigue; feel refreshed; revitalize; enhance; rejuvenate; brighten (U)
CROWD dispel disobedience in children, pets or subordinates (U)
CRUX get quickly to root of the matter; find central/supporting features (O)(91%)
CRYSTAL clarify the situation, things; look to the future; improve clairvoyance; purify;
neutralize; access Universal Knowledge (U)

CURVE create beauty; make something beautiful (U)

CUT for moderation if tempted to excess; sever ties (U)
CUTE think; discern; be sharp-witted; be clever (U)

DAISY create excellence; brighten the day (O)(93%)

DANCE feel joy (O)(87%)
DARLING be warm and accepting; bring a smile; soften the heart (O)(92%)

DASH take pause; refine details (O)(88%)

DAZZLE give astonishing results; show brilliance (O)(87%)
DEACTIVATION made inactive; pacified; dismissed (93%)
DECLARE begin the creation process; create possibilities (O)(93%)

DEDICATE stop clinging (U)

DEEP submerge within; give focused attention (O)(85%)
DELETE get rid of an unwanted emotion, thought, belief, or habit (O) (92%)
DELICIOUS awaken appreciation for the present moment (O)(93%)

DELIVER empower (O)(90%)

DETACH withdraw; disassociate; remove (O)(90%)
DIMINISH reduce; be reasonable; be gentle (O)(90%)

DIPOLE create a neutral zone; balance negative with positive (O)(93%)

DISTILL concentrate and purify; extract essential elements (O) (94%)
DITTO create an aligned agreement; bring multiple parties to the same focus (O)(90%)

DIVINE work miracles or extraordinary accomplishment; increase personal ability (U)

DIVINE LIGHT multiply intensity; increase enlightenment; brightly focus positivity (U)

DivineORDER anytime you have some organizing or cleaning to do, or packing for a
trip, be efficient; clean up a mess; put in optimum order; revamp (U)

DO eliminate procrastination (U)

DONE create completion; meet a deadline; keep a resolution; build willpower (U)
DOWN stop bragging (U)
DROP let go now (O)(92%)
DUCK dispel hypersensitivity (U)

DYNAMIC refresh; revitalize; update energy (O)(92%)

EASE simplify the task at hand; unleash yourself; calm down (O)(84%)

ELATE transform a setback into an uplift or benefit (U)

EMBRACE give/receive complete acceptance (O)(91%)
EMERALD domestic harmony and bliss; understand your own feelings and others;
improve tolerance (O) (92%)
ENCHANTED give/get captivated attention (O)(85%)

END stop thinking about; close; forget (O)(89%)

ENDORSEMENT seal of approval; authorization; a step ahead; move forward;
validation; acceptance (O) (94%)
ENGAGE occupy possibilities; fill a space; hold attention (O)(91%)
ENHANCE unfurl; open (yourself) and choose to be seen (O)(87%)
ENROLL gather support by sharing your vision; gain detail by sharing (O)(93%)

ENVELOPE to make secure; to make priority (O)(92%)

EVAPORATE transform; mingle with your environment (O)(87%)
EVER maintain continuity; keep things going (O)(92%)
EVOKE bring forth (O)(90%)
EXCITED increase awareness; increase vital signs (heart rate, breathing,

EXTINCT terminated; ended; no longer exists (O)(83%)

FATHOM develop deeper comprehension; grasp on multiple levels (O)(93%)
FIFTY FIVE (55) show the way; lead to the light; whole-brain thinking; quantum
spirituality; universal mediator; mental telepathy; clairvoyance; ultimate freedom; ultimate
oneness; integral consciousness (O)(91%)

FIFTY THREE (53) pay primary concern; take responsibility (U)

FIGHT win a competitive game; intensify intents (U)
FILTER restrict available information to (focus); focus on smaller details (O)(84%)

FINALLY end delays; bring to an end; complete connections (O) (93%)

FIND build a fortune (U)
FINE soothe fears and calm nerves, especially about a specific thing; protect and help
ensure safety; help bring a matter to conclusion smoothly (works especially good as the
Switchpair BE-FINE) (O)(92%)

FLAME extend; radiate warmth and light (O)(90%)

FLASH be prompt; lunge ahead (O)(90%)
FLOCK work in unison; lend your strength to others; gain strength from others (92%)

FLOW let go of the details; release need to maintain a routine; break a habit (O)(92%)

FLOWER flourish; thrive; open up to the world; share your Inner Beauty (O)(93%)
FOR promote (U)
FOREVER keep a secret (U)
FORGIVE eliminate remorse; end desire for revenge (U)
FORTY NINE (49) be an ethical leader; have integrity in your pursuits; be fair with
others (O)(93%)

FREEDOM release ties to guilt-driven action; release need to conform; let go of

constrictions (O)(92%)

FULL optimum level; go beyond; expand capacity (U)

GATHER come together (O)(92%)
GENIUS raise expectations; merge with information beyond human comprehension

GET develop an understanding; attain (O)(93%)

GIGGLE - get in the mood for writing; enjoy the task at hand (U)
GIVE sell; help others (U)

GLEAN gather remaining details; learn intricacies; gain through sharing surpluses

GO end laziness; begin; progress (U)

GOLD an enduring reward; shine under pressure; incorruptible (O) (93%)

GRACE smooth the rough spots; be merciful (O)(91%)

GRASS be versatile; make yourself useful (O)(93%)
GUARD protection of body, spirit or property; preserve personal safety (U)
GUESS stop procrastinating/analyzing/waiting, do it (O)(89%)

GUIDE follow inner guidance; allow oneself to know the way (O)(88%)
GuidingSTAR Connect with a higher wisdom; choose enlightening leadership (O)(90%)

HALFWAY make a long distance seem short (U)

HAVEN create a safe zone; open opportunities (O)(91%)

HEART center in joy; connect to your soul (O)(90%)

HELP eliminate indecision or uncertainty; increase focus (U)
HERO inspire inspiration; inspire aspiration (O) (92%)
HIDE block or dim view; put into the shade (O)(91%)

HIGHEST POTENTIAL place focus on positive aspects (O)(93%)

HIGHLIGHT draw attention to; direct focus at (O)(92%)
HO relax; to reduce tension; to yawn; to sigh (U)
HOLD build character (U)
HOLE be attractive, appealing (U)

HOLIDAY enjoy yourself; step out of routine; stop the monotony (O)(90%)
HORSE be solid; be strong; gain power (U)
HORSESHOE remain steadfast; strengthen the soul; safely move rapidly ahead;
increase sturdiness and balance (U)

HUG feel warm appreciation; connect with another (O)(93%)

ICE CUBE cool down; numb pain (O)(91%)
IMMUNITY protected from accident or harm; maintain wellness (O)(92%)
INDEED emphatic agreement (O)(88%)
INHERITANCE gain external enhancement (O)(91%)

INK add permanency (O)(92%)

INNOCENCE create, build faith and trust (O)(93%)
INTEGER whole; without attachments (O)(92%)
INTEGRATE assimilate; embrace; bond with (O)(93%)

INTEND give a focus for attention; create a plan (O)(86%)

INVEST show devotion (O)(92%)
JACK LALANNE enthuse (or use someone you know who is an enthusiast)(U)
JACKPOT feel successful; feel excitement (O)(90%)

JASMINE clear confusion; be in the now; release the past (O) (90%)
JESUS create healing focuses; be a comforting presence (or use someone you know
who creates healing focuses, is a comforting presence)(O)(91%)

JEWEL shine brightly; feel magnificent; raise your vibration (O)(86%)

JOG release restlessness; change focus (O)(93%)
JOHN feel calm and comforted; feel safe (O)(90%)
JOLLY create enjoyment (O)(90%)
JOY give and receive joy; increase bliss (O)(82%)

JUDGE love to read; increase comprehension (U)

KEEP be safe; feel cherished (O)(91%)
KEY get authoritative access; gain acceptance (O)(93%)
KING/QUEEN center of attention; increase self-aware confidence; calm control over
social gatherings (O) (91%)

LAMINATE allow protected access; maintain integrity (O)(92%)

LAUGH boost the immune system; connect to youth and longevity; feel good (O) (77%)

LAVENDER let go of anxiety; relax into sleep (92%)

LEARN - be youthful; look youthful; rejuvenate (U)
LEONARDO da VINCI be ingeniously creative; master creativity (or use someone you
know who is creative)(O)(91%)

LIGHT be inspired; lighten load, mood or stress (U)

LIGHTNING be bold; brighten your domain; move swiftly and with purpose (O)(94%)

LIMIT set parameters; keep others from taking advantage of you; back off; stop; regain
control (U)

LISTEN predict the future; in touch with nature and self (U)
LOVE generate, radiate, experience love; acceptance (U)
MAGIC enchant; thrill; excite (O)(91%)
MAGNANIMITY be generous; end pettiness (U)
MAHATMA GANDHI allow for peaceful resolution (or use someone you know who
allows for peaceful resolution)(O)(93%)

MAINTAIN take on responsibility for (O)(93%)

MARVEL create a unique perspective (O)(89%)
MASK save from harm; shield (U)

MIRACLE transcend beyond expectations (O)(91%)

MIX bond with (O)(90%)
MONA LISA smile; dispel hate; dispel envy (or someone who represents a smile to

MOVE increase energy; eliminate tiredness; increase pep; clear inertia (U)
MUSE inspired creative beautiful artistry, especially in literature, music or dance; excel
in creative expression; be inspired to do your best; receive help and/or information for
current focus (O)(93%)

MUSIC flow in harmony; vibrate with deep emotional cleansing; align with those around
you while maintaining your uniqueness (O) (92%)

NAMASTE give respect from the heart (O)(93%)

NEW form innovation (O)(90%)
NEXT finish lots of meticulous work; repeat; at this time (U)

NICE create acceptance (O)(91%)

NOURISH to preserve; to develop (O)(93%)
NOW end procrastination; act on good impulse (U)

NUTSHELL be precise and concise (O)(92%)

OAK strengthen ties to Earth and nature; be grounded; hold strong (O)(93%)
OCCUR bring to mind; create a presence (O) (91%)
OFF quit an unwanted habit; go to sleep (U)
OFFER dispel greed (U)

OIL clear friction; smooth; release tension; release resistance; separate (U)
ON get new ideas; obtain transportation; nourish ambition; build; produce (U)
ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (100%) complete alignment (O)(91%)
OPEN release; tolerate; understand; comprehend; free the mind; breathe easier; be
artful; dispel inhibitions; allow (U)

OVER end frustration (U)

OWL see new perspectives; notice subtle differences (O)(92%)
PAINT create a significant modification (93%)

PARADISE anything is possible; end hopeless; bring new hope, expectation, reparation
and restoration (O)(92%)
PASSION create a deep focus (O)(93%)
PEACE quell panic; reclaim stability; cease hostilities (O)(90%)

PEARL produce rare value (O)(91%)

PERFECT feel satisfied (O)(84%)
PERSONAL publish a successful newspaper or newsletter; be a success (U)

PHASE set goals, routine or pattern; improve situation (U)

PIVOT change view; redirect; revise your position/attitude (O)(90%)
PLAY improvise; expand consciousness and discovery; build connections (O)(90%)
PLENTY feel abundant; open to sharing (O) (91%)
PLETHORA overflowing; more than expected; joyful abundance (O)(87%)

POINT improve eyesight and focus; find direction; decide (U)

POOL share resources; be accommodating of others; share togetherness; share
intelligence (O)(93%)
POSTPONE stop pouting; let it go (U)
PRACTICE improve/perfect a skill (O)(87%)
PRAISE be beautiful; stop being critical; stop fault finding; make yourself handsome (U)

PRECIOUS respected; valuable; honored and appreciated (O)(93%)

PRESERVE delay (O)(91%)
PROUD feel increased self-worth; show improved image (O)(93%)
PURGE dismiss; expel (O)(93%)
PURIFY to harmonize energies; cleanse your aura, space or relationships (O)(92%)

PURR feel/inspire relaxed contentment (O)(92%)

PURSUE set focus intently upon (should have a target following it: PURSUE-LOVE;

PUT build; expand (U)

QUEEN/KING center of attention; increase self-aware confidence; calm control over
social gatherings (O) (91%)

QUENCH find relief; become satiated (O)(92%)

QUEST make new discoveries (O)(94%)
QUIET quiet the ego (U)

RAINBOW fulfill promises; create a colorful conscious life; dreams beckon reality

REACH locate misplaced objects; reach solutions for problems; repair things; find what
youre looking for such as misplaced items like keys, papers, tools, etc., forgotten ideas,
information in your mind or memory like names, numbers, etc., solutions to problems;
invent; solve problems; remember, recall; retrieve (U)

REASSESS stop focusing or dwelling on something negative (works very well in the

REFINE upgrade; add more detail (94%)

REFLECT look within the details; gain advantage (O)(90%)
REFRESH incorporate new information/things; gain a new perspective (O)(92%)
REJOICE stop being jealous (U)

RELAY to move forward; progress (O)(90%)

RELEASE stop trying to control (O)(82%)
REMISSION release and forget the ills of the past; look to the future with positive
expectations (O)(91%)

RENDEZVOUS connections that create for the greater good; meeting of the minds to
mutual benefit; equitable combing and distribution of resources, time, expertise (O)(92%)

RESCIND undo; restart; cancel; redo; (similar to Control-Z on a Windows computer you
undo last action) Caution: It may be wise to use BETWEEN, CRYSTAL and LISTEN
with RESCIND to avoid possible time loop (U)

RESOLVE make the decision and stand inside it; hold true to your word (O)(91%)
RESTORE restore fairness; restore honesty (U)
REVEAL see; visualize; understand; bring into focus (O)(93%)

REVERSE bury a grudge; stop (U)

REVIVE great sense of being back to the original form, mind set; a memory or
regaining consciousness; a sense of joy; feeling new all over again (O) (91%)

REVOKE reverse the effects and/or consequences on you of a decision you have
previously made (O) (84%)

RHYTHM keep pace; keep moving; increase efficiency (O)(93%)

RIDICULOUS get publicity; center attention on you (U)
RIVET to attach; hold onto (O)(91%)

ROGER receive and accept clarity (O)(91%)

ROOT dig; discover; grow (U)
RUSH overcome obstacles; move quickly toward a goal (O)(87%)

SAGE dispel evil; dispel negative and contrary energies (U)

SANDPAPER smooth things over; remove imperfections (O)(83%)
SATYA to perceive or manifest the truth (O)(92%)

SAVE stop drinking alcohol and other unwanted habits (U)

SCHEME advertise; design; create (U)
SCHUBERT be prolific in your creativity; create comforting and uplifting supply (O)

SENSE internalize information; recognize and distinguish relevant energy vibrations


SERENE feel relaxed; release worries (O)(91%)

SEVENTY THREE (73) connect to Ketu, the Divine and Jupiter, which in turn opens up
extraordinary mental and psychic powers (O)(92%)

SHAKE release stress; let go of unwanted energies; release negativity (O)(93%)

SHANTI return to homeostasis; restore inner peace and contentment; let go of discord
and stress (O)(94%)

SHARP incisive; alert; ready (O)(88%)

SHED cast off; release and let fall naturally away; allow for natural protection (O)(92%)

SHERLOCK HOLMES solve mysteries (or use someone who represents solving
mysteries to you)(O)(93%)

SHINE clear negativity and raise energy; excel; attract special attention (O)(91%)
SHIP internalize; put within (O)(92%)
SHOE LACE maintain protection; retain buffer (O)(91%)

SHOULDER assume a task; simplify a complexity (O)(91%)

SHOW be devout; virtuous; moral; give respect (U)
SHUFFLE realign; rethink; make significant modifications (O)(93%)
SHUT stop looking for trouble (U)

SIMPLE gain perspective on a difficult task (O)(92%)

SING vibrate with emotion; feel words (heard, said, sung or thought)(O)(92%)
SKY open closed viewpoints; let go of limitations (O) (93%)
SLEUTH find clues; solve mysteries (O) (94%)

SLOW be wise; have patience (U)

SMORGASBORD celebrate variety; create multiple possibilities (O)(92%)
SNAP change focus immediately; take immediate action; give focused attention

SNEEZE reject; expel; scatter (O)(90%)

SOAR feel elation (O)(90%)
SOCRATES ask enlightening questions; look deeply into the focus (or use someone
you know who asks enlightening questions, looks deeply into focuses)(O)(93%)

SOIL create a fertile foundation; govern resources; merge diverse and contrasting
systems together (O) (90%)
SOMEHOW release the details and let it be (O)(93%)
SOPHISTICATE publish a successful magazine; become a larger success (U)
SPARK - promote transformation; catalyst for change (O)(92%)
SPARKLE breathe instant life into a dwindling position; reflect light (O)(93%)

SPEED bring about good fortune; bring about abundance; bring about prosperity

SPEND dress better; be beautiful (U)

SQUARE perfect, neat, clean, tidy and up-to-date; punctual; disciplined management of
daily routine (O) (92%)
STAR be a guiding light; show brilliance (O)(90%)
STAY maintain status quo; be still; remain undisturbed (O)(87%)
STEADY- maintain balance; move with ease; increase endurance (O)(85%)

STILL pay close attention; focus intently (O)(90%)

STRETCH prolong a good feeling or event or sense of well-being; grow intellectually,
mentally, spiritually or physically (U)

STRUCTURE strengthen a foundation; secure connections; form systems of support

SUBLIME create greatness beyond possibility (O)(83%)
SUDDENLY bring immediate shift; rapid modification (O)(90%)

SUFFER handle success; handle prosperity (U)

SUNRISE dispel darkness; glow with warmth and light; new, burgeoning growth and
development (O)(93%)
SUPREME connect to the highest light and beauty within yourself; release negative
connotations; allow yourself to let go of negative thoughts (O)(93%)

SURPRISE feel elated; trust the unknown to be defined; take joy in discovery (O)(89%)

SURRENDER accept; relinquish need to control (O)(89%)

SWARM drive a multitude (O)(90%)
SWEET be soothing to others; be caring (U)
SWING have courage; be bold (U)

SWIVEL relieve constipation; relieve diarrhea (U)

TAKE become a good leader (U)
TAP convert; adapt; renovate (U)

TENDER negotiate successfully (O)(90%)

TESLA gather energy (94%)
THANKS stop regretting; release guilt (U)
THOMAS EDISON be inventive; create new ideas (or use someone you know who is

TINY be polite; be kind; be courteous; reduce size; decrease importance (U)

TOGETHER master any activity; have it all together; become single-minded (U)

TOMORROW eliminate remorse; dispel sorrow (U)

TOO be included; go to the extreme (O)(86%)
TOUCH in the present moment; gather serenity and strength; create supportive impact
(O) (91%)

TRANSFORM improve; advance (O)(94%)

TREASURE maintain; make important (O)(92%)

TRICKLE to share; to give; to be attentive to (O)(92%)

TRIUMPH a great victory or achievement; be victorious (O)(91%)
TRUMP take it all; be on top; outwit opponents (O) (91%)
TRUST align physical, emotional and spiritual energies; balance chakras (O)(93%)

TWENTY EIGHT (28) speak out assertively without fearing rejection from others
TWENTY THREE (23) align with current time and space; focus on love, marriage,
procreation and/or progeny (O)(91%)

UBUNTU connect to humanity with kindness; restore humane human connections;

build solidarity; see and feel the good of humanity (O) (91%)

UNCLE dispel untogetherness; ward off apartness (U)

UNMASK bring into focus; expose; lay bare (U)
UNPLUG release attachments; think outside the box; release limitations (O)(92%)
UNTHREAD disentangle emotions, beliefs, and/or thoughts that have become "stuck
together" or are difficult to sort through (O) (87%)

UP be in high spirits; dispel the blues; dispel inferiority complex (U)

URANIUM abundant concentrated energy; self-sustaining; longevity (O) (92%)
US unify (O)(94%)
VIBRANT be a strong presence (O)(94%)

VICTORY overcome; achieve (O)(90%)

VOID cancel a negative flow; open space (O)(91%)
WAIT learn a secret (U)
WALL protect from outside influences; increase security (O)(93% )

WASTE appear rich; show opulence (U)

WATCH learn a skill; perfect a skill (U)
WATCHMAN increase security; feel safe (O)(93%)
WAVE unstoppable invention, restoration, invigoration; turn over a new leaf; embark
on/continue the optimal journey (O)(93%)

WHEELS simplify movement; increase load capacity (O)(91%)

WHET stimulate; sharpen; hone; refine; finalize (U)
WHIMSICAL make unusual; make spectacular; be innovative (O)(86%)
WHISK open up space; aerate; incorporate air (O)(91%)

WHISPER be quiet; pay close attention to what you are hearing (O)(91%)
WILLOW be flexible; be kind (O)(87%)
WIND access your unseen power; sweep things away (O)(92%)
WINDFALL sudden abundance; sudden increase (O)(93%)
WINDMILL harness unseen forces (O)(92%)

WINGS rise above the pressure; move freely and unencumbered (O)(92%)
WITH be agreeable; compatible; harmonize well with others; immerse in (U)
WOLF increase stamina; make confident decisions; friendly social dominance (O)(93%)

WOMB feel cuddled; be cuddly; be secure; reconnect with Source (U)

YES! stop hesitating and just do it; get on with it; get energized (O)(91%)
ZEOLITE cleanse with light (O)(92%)
ZERO/XERO gone; dissipated; dried up (O)(92%)