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Psychic Powers How You Can Get the Siddhis Safely

Richard Crown
Siddhis are psychic powers, for example:
Do you want abundance in your life?
Do you want your Third Eye open and working?
These two powers are very attractive. The quest for them
draws many people into meditation workshops. However, there
are many more Siddhis.
In this article, youll discover the many different kinds and
classes of Siddhis. Then Ill give you some exercises that will
grow your psychic abilities safely and naturally.
The Eight Primary Siddhis
Anima Siddhi: You become able to be smaller than the smallest
subatomic energy particle. You can go inside or through
Mahima Siddhi: You can be as large as the universe.
Laghima Siddhi: You can become any frequency of light and
travel in light.
Prapti Siddhi: You can call any object forth from emptiness.
Prakamya Siddhi: You can fulfill any desire you have.
Ishita Siddhi: You can appear to defy the laws of nature by
walking on fire or water, breathing fire etc.
Vashita Siddhi: You can control other beings actions.

Kamavasayita Siddhi: You can do anything. This highest of

Siddhis contains most of the others.
Only highly skilled, advanced practitioners attain these primary
Siddhis. Those who do have the higher Siddhis very seldom
reveal their accomplishment.
Different writers sometimes include other Siddhis in this list, so
expect to find variations.
The Ten Secondary Siddhis
You are not bothered by thirst, hunger or other physical
You can hear distant sounds and conversations.
You can see distant events.
You can travel to any location instantly, just by thinking of the
You can become any shape or being you want.
You can enter anyones body anytime you want.
You can choose when you will die.
You can watch the activities of beings in other realms or
Any event you desire to happen will happen.
Your spoken words become reality.
These secondary Siddhis come to many in the natural course of
their Spiritual growth.

The Five Inferior Siddhis

You can know the future, present and past.
You are unaffected by dualities like cold and heat.
You can know the thoughts of others.
You can stop the effects of water, fire and poison.
You cannot be conquered by others.
The inferior Siddhis are relatively common. Many people can
use one or more of them.
Ways to Open Your Psychic Abilities
By far the best way to gain psychic powers is to allow them to
develop in you naturally as a result of your personal Spiritual
practice. Its far better to use your precious time and energy to
grow Spiritually rather than to squander your limited resources
chasing powers that you may never realize.
The story is told in India about a man who wasted 20 years of
devout, intense practice trying to learn how to walk on water
and failed. 20 years of intense meditation could get you to
Attaining and using psychic powers is a huge trap. You must
devote time and energy to getting the power. Then, when you
have your power, using it grows your pride and ego, stifling
true Spiritual progress.

So, please, grow a strong, daily meditation and yoga practice

with the ultimate goal of Samadhi firmly in mind. Then, when
you incorporate psychic development exercises into your
practice, the insights you get will be the right ones.
Your psychic abilities will start giving you answers about
yourself about the best way for you to live and practice.
This is where the true value of psychic powers lies. You use
them to advance your practice and
to grow Spiritually.
Gentle Chakra Exercise
This chakra exercise will give you balanced growth.
Chanting each chakras sacred sound activates, cleanses and
grows your chakras. They become able to process greater
amounts of psychic energy. Siddhis come naturally.
General instructions and cautions.
The secret key to success is to vibrate your nose bone while
chanting the sacred sounds. Send this vibration down to the
chakra youre working on. Its this vibration that causes
everything to happen.

So the first sacred sound, Lam, is pronounced

Lammmmmmmmm The first letters tell the vibration which
chakra to go to while the vibration is created by the long
Always begin at the bottom with Mooladhara and work up.
Chant each chakra an equal number of times to keep growth
Never practice this laying down.
Immediately after doing the exercise, lay down in Savasana,
the Yoga Death Pose, for 20 minutes to allow your chakras to
cool and stabilize.
Step by step instructions
Use an upright meditation posture.
Use abdominal breathing.
Focus your attention in red Mooladhara chakra.
Gently and softly, chant Mooladharas sacred sound, Lam, 9
times while vibrating your nose bone.
Go up to the next chakra and repeat, using that chakras
sacred sound. The sacred sounds are listed next to each chakra
in the right column of the chart below.
When youve finished all 7 chakras, lay down in Savasana for
20 minutes.

Raising your Kundalini regularly may be the quickest way to
activate your psychic abilities. Golden Kundalini energy floods
your chakras, nadhis and aura. You benefit 3 ways.
You get vastly increased energy levels for daily living.
Your entire energy system grows and expands. You become
able to process more psychic energy. Abilities awaken.
Your Samskaras (blocks, veils) get released fast. These issues
are whats blocking your psychic development.
The Samskaras are:
Past life karmas
Stored emotions
Past traumatic incidents
False concepts and beliefs
As these issues release, youll have to heal them as you
become aware of them.
Youll find that the services of a good meditation teacher are
extremely valuable during your process of self-healing and
growth. Your teacher will know how to deal with each issue as it
You can have the Siddhis especially the lesser ones. The safe
way to get them is to allow them to come naturally as part of

your overall Spiritual growth thats taking you to the ultimate

goal of Samadhi.
against my fees.
Getting up=2:30 am
Kirton=3:30 am to 5:30 am
Meditation= 5:30am to 7am
Kirton=7 am to 9 am
Sleep= 9am to 10.30am
Kirton= 11am to 12 am
Meditation= 12 pm to 1:30 pm
Sleep= 1.30 pm to 2.00pm
kirton=2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
dhyan=5.00 pm to 6.30pm
kirton=7.00pm to 1.00pm
Sleep=1.00pm to 2.30 pm
Jajan by phone=3 people
Name all the time, no food, no water. Bath 2 times at 3.oo am & at 6.30 pm. Total
sleep=3.30 hours
Regular routine :
Getting up=2:30 am
Kirton=3:30 am to 5:30 am
Meditation= 5:30am to 7am
Kirton=7 am to 9 am
Sleep= 9am to 10.30am
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