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The ambient lighting

creates a cold, eery
atmosphere, adhering to the
typical horror genre, and
adding to the character of the
woman in black.

The written text highlights the production

company a Hollywood film, which
effectively persuades the audience to go
and see it. The information is least
prominent as they dont want to draw
away from the image and the conventional
The layout evidences all the
key points of the film, edited
into one image.
The title is in the foreground
of Daniel Radcliffe,
highlighting how the woman
in black is very significant
despite not actually being
seen by him. The woman in
black being placed behind
him shows how shes the one
haunting him, whilst he is
unaware successful
dramatic irony is presented,
as the audience know what

The low saturation of blues and

greys are a convention of the
horror genre as they add to a
cold and eery atmosphere from
the poster it is then evident what
style of film this is going to be.
On the side that the woman is
on, the side of his body is
shadowed, highlighting her
nature. She is prominent in the
image due to the colour contrast
between her black, dark
silhouette contrasting to the
lighter, turquoise background
making her more dominant in
the poster she is always
It is clear to see
the narrative is
set in the
Victorian era by
the protagonists
use of clothing.
His stern facial
expression also
creates a sense of
eeriness and fear
conventions of

The anchorage fear

her curse in miniscule
serif font is evidence
toward the initial
interpretation that she
is evil. Yet the writing
is so small it gives the
impression that she is
a secret and not
spoken about almost

Serif font is used to portray the era of

the film, as it is a modern horror film. It
is displayed in capital letters in white,
eliminated writing, therefore it is easy
to read and bold in order for us to be
drawn to it. The text is also central
unlike more posters weve analysed
in this instance it emphasises that the
title is central to the film, revolving
around a woman in black. The title is
ghost like in the way it is lined with

A cloaked figure is a stereotype of

the horror genre it is a woman
in black linking to the title. The
cross highlights religion, another
convention to the horror genre.
The long shot of the background
highlights the movies setting,
including a house in a secluded,
country area. A mid-shot of the
main character creates questions
on who he is, what hes got to do
with the story in the film,
alongside his serious expression
we question this as to why he
looks this way. He is central in the
poster and a key image, linking to
his significance in the film,