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TCS came into being in 1983 as a domestic courier company to fill a void that ar

ose due to the Government of Pakistan denying foreign courier companies the righ
t to operate locally. The TCS journey since its inception has been exhilarating,
and the Company that Engineer Khalid Awan established with his brother has foun
d itself in trailblazing roles, and developed an entire Industry that has withst
ood the trials and tribulations of cohabiting with the Government sector, and st
rove every inch of the way to find win-win solutions in the service of Pakistani
26 years into its existence the TCS brand has evolved, into a formidable symbol
of trust & reliability. TCS provides express and logistics services in the C2C,
B2B and B2C segments. This it does through a wide network of 139 offices making
it the biggest network in the country, along with over 265 retail outlets and 20
00 online and offline locations nationwide ideally located for easy customer acc
ess. TCS has 2 dedicated chartered planes including a Boeing 737, 187 fully equi
pped modern satellite-tracked ground vehicles, 2500 plus couriers and more than
6000+ employees to facilitate the swift and secure operations.
TCS: An Entrepreneurial Air-Express Company in Pakistan
by Walter Kuemmerle, Zahid Ahmed
33 pages. Publication date: Nov 06, 2002. Prod. #: 803027-PDF-ENG
Introduces Khalid Awan, co-founder of TCS, an entrepreneurial air-express compan
y in Pakistan. Awan has succeeded in building a sizeable company despite serious
obstacles, including pressure from the public postal system, an environment pro
ne to corruption, and a nonexistent market for venture capital. The firm largely
followed an organic financing strategy and made extensive use of leasing contra
cts. However, in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Awan is now faced with a n
umber of questions regarding further expansion of the firm. The tragic events of
September 11 will most likely put pressure on the firm's revenues and create co
nsiderable uncertainty. Awan is also starting to think about diversification of
his personal wealth, which is concentrated almost entirely in TCS. Decisions on
all these issues will impact the firm's future financing policies and growth.

1. TCS ("A Tranzum Enterprise") is a Pakistan based courier service. The co

mpany was started in 1983 and now it serves five continents and has over 2,000 l
ocations in Pakistan. The company also has an airline for cargo purposes only wh
ich it uses at many of the airports in Pakistan.
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