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Welcome to name of your institution
Introduce Yourself
Acknowledge the presence of the TESDA Regional Expert Panel
Members/TESDA Representatives/CAC Manager
You dont have to worry about their presence because they are here to oversee
the conduct of competency assessment and to check if the conduct is in
accordance with the prescribed competency assessment methodology and
procedures. They will not assess you.
Check the Attendance of the Candidates
Collect the Admission Slip and a valid ID
Instruct the Candidate to sign on the Attendance Sheet
Compare the signature of candidates on admission slip against the
signature on the attendance sheet.
Provide overview of the Qualification to be assessed
(State the Competencies of Microfinance Technology NC II)
Assessment will focus on the Core Competencies but the Basic and
Common Competencies will be integrated as stated in the National
Assessment and Certification Arrangements.
Check Self - Assessment Guide
I have here with me your accomplished Self-Assessment Guide (SAG). You
have answered YES in all the criteria. This is an indication that you know and
can perform all the Units of Competency enumerated in this Qualification
Orient the Candidates. Explain the following:
Context and Purpose of Assessment
Qualification and Units of Competency to be assessed
Tasks to be performed, Time Allotted and the Evidence to be collected
Role of the Assessor
Assessment procedures to be undertaken
Needs of the Candidates to be considered during assessment
Allowable/Reasonable Adjustments in the assessment procedure
Legal and Ethical Responsibilities
Rights to Appeal System
Dos and Donts during assessment

9. Seek feedback regarding the Candidates understanding of the

Qualification/Unit of Competency to be assessed, Evidence Requirements,
and Assessment Process
10. Make the necessary announcements just before the start of the

11. Assessment Proper:

Provide the Candidates with the Rating Sheet. Let them filled up the
required information such as Name of Candidate, Name of Assessor, Date
of Assessment, and Assessment Center. Then collect the Rating Sheet.
Provide each Candidate with a copy of the Specific Instructions to the
Candidates. Explain instructions clearly.
Administer the Written Examination
Assign a number to the Candidates
Provide the candidates with complete materials, tools and equipment
The candidate will now demonstrate the Tasks __________________.
Observe the Candidate while performing the task and keep notes of
the performance
Conduct oral questioning
Record on the Rating Sheet details of evidence collected
12. Make Assessment Decisions
Based on the evaluation of the evidence requirements such as
Written Exam and Demonstration with Oral Questioning
13. Record Assessment Results
14. Accomplish the Competency Assessment Results Summary (CARS)
15. Provide Feedback to Candidates (Competent and Not Yet
Identified tasks performed well
Strong Points followed by Weak Points
Clear and constructive feedback
If the Candidate is COMPETENT
You have perform the tasks within the standard
requirements of the Qualification. Congratulations!
You were not able to perform within the standard requirements of the
Qualification. You have to review/practice the Tasks/Activities related to
the Competency Requirements (State the TASKS to be reviewed further).
Explain Ways of overcoming any identified Gaps in Competency
Advise the Candidate of available reassessment in line with TESDA policy
and procedures.
16. Let the Candidates properly signed the Rating Sheets and Competency
Assessment Results Summary (CARS)
Make sure that the CARS is signed by the Assessment Center Manager
before giving the copy to the candidate.

17. Issuance of National Certificate

o After 3 working days (weekend not included)
o Monday to Friday
Morning 8:00-12:00- Processing of Request.
o Afternoon 1:00-5:00 Releasing of NC.
o TESDA PROVINCIAL OFFICE Address: Gabaldon Bldg., Brgy.
Timugan, Los Baos, Laguna.
Requirements :
o 2 pcs. Passport size pictures (White background, chemical print
and with collar)
o valid ID
o 50.00 Pesos (certificate)
o SPA (representative)