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XLRI: Jamshedpur

BM 2015-17 and HRM 2015-17: Term V: Development Economics

Course Instructor: Prof. Prabal K. Sen
General Instructions


Composition of Groups: Groups comprising on an average 5 students each will be constituted in

each of the three Sections, so that there are not more than 12 groups in any such Section. Each group
in a Section will take up one of the topics listed below, in such a manner that no two groups in any
one Section will work on the same topic.


Allocation of Assignment The Class Representatives (CRs) of the respective sections may please
mail to the instructor at <> the file containing group-wise allocation of the
assignments typed in MS Word as well as Excel sheet strictly in the format appended to these
instructions, latest by Wednesday November 09, 2016.

3. Presentation: Presentation will take place in the last 2 sessions of the course. The order of presentation
in each Section will be decided by the CRs of the said Section, of course, in consultation with the
students concerned. Each group will be allowed 12 minutes for presentation, which will be followed
by a question-and-answer session of 3 minutes.
4. Word Limit: The Assignment report should be a brief one contained preferably within about 5,000 to
6,000 words. The report is to be printed in A-4 size paper (typing being done with Times New Roman
font size 12 in 1.5 space). No penalty however is envisaged for downward deviation in the word limit,
provided that such frugality in the use of words does not compromise with the quality of the work.
5. End notes, references and annexures: End notes, references and annexures may be provided if
considered necessary. These will not be included in computation of the word limit.
6. Date and time of submission of the write-up and the presentation: Both soft and hard copies of the
write-ups (typed in MS Word) and the presentations typed in PPT format (not PDF) are to be
submitted to my colleague Mr Dhiraj Shahi (Administrative Building: Ground Floor) through the
Class Representatives latest by 6.00 pm on Monday November 21, 2016. It is clarified that both soft
and hard copies are to be submitted to Mr Dhiraj Shahi.
7. Weightage (30 %). Evaluation will be made largely on the basis of presentation. The written
report will nevertheless be scrutinized to check originality and overall consistency.

Assessment of Learning Goal (AOL): It may be noted that, among other things, the extent of
achievement of the learning goal of decision making ability of the students constituting each of the
groups will be assessed, based on the performance of the respective groups in carrying out this

Topics for Assignments

1. Examine role of transport and communication in economic development
2. Can export be used as an engine of growth? Substantiate your stand with logic and with reference
to the context of a few countries of your choice

Design a plan of action for a less developed country to come out of the so-called Vicious
Cycle of Poverty

4. Appraise the role of non-economic factors in economic development of a country like India
5. Based on your study of Development Economics, suggest a road map for attaining accelerated
growth of a State like Jharkhand
6. Examine relative significance of agriculture versus industry in achieving the goal of alleviation
of poverty in a developing country like India


Examine alternative strategies for achieving inclusive growth

8. Appraise role of education in promoting development generally in the global context

9. Analyse factors responsible for relative backwardness of the Sub-Saharan Africa and suggest a
way out
10. Critically examine Rostows theory of economic growth in explaining the process of development
of a country like India
11. Appraise relative roles of state and market in economic development in a country of your
12. Critically examine the contribution, if any, of social capital in achieving economic development
in the global context

Prabal K. Sen
November 03, 2016

Development Economics
Allocation of Topics for Group Assignment No. 2
BM 2015-17 & HRM 2015-17
Section A/B/C

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