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Dear All,
He had predicted this terrible disaster for July/Aug but it happened in Sept www pls go to Vol 2 archives & see 3rd article
Below his justification/post mortem analysis in his own words

Russian Air Line Plane Crash 14 Of September 2008

Astrologer Constantine Semenov
In Summer 2008 I publish the article about Air crash
on Russian air lines and now prediction came true! Pls Read further.
Aeroflot-Nord Boeing
737-500 for Aeroflot,
flight SU821 from Moscow Sheremetyevo to Perm (Russia)
crashed into a railway line southwest of Perm on 14 September 2008about 3:10 AM
MSK (5:10 AM local time, or 13 September 2008, 23:10 PM UTC). Perm's police said
the crew attempted emergency landing due to an engine failure.[6] AFP reported 8
8 including 21 foreigners killed
at 5:15 AM Perm time.
According to controller's
interview given shortly after the disaster, the crew did not respond correctly
to ATC commands: they decided to go around despite the flight being cleared for
landing, and it turned eastward instead of turning westward. However, the crew
reported no emergency onboard and confirmed all commands given by ATC.[7] At 5:1
0 AM, radio contact with the plane was lost;
minutes later it crashed in the outskirts of Perm.
Aeroflot-Nord officially stated that: "The Boeing-737 carried 82 passengers on b
oard-including 7 children-- and 6 crew... All passengers were killed. As the plane
was coming in for landing, it lost communication at the height of
1,100 metres (3,600 ft) and air controllers lost its blip. The
airplane was found within Perm's city limits completely destroyed and on fire."
Investigator Vladimir Markin said that "there were 82 passengers plus a
baby and 5 crew on board, and by preliminary information, they are all dead as
the airplane fell into a ravine near the city limits."
So, now lets see the analyzing
of the prediction of this mourning event!
Why there was no plane crash in
the period of summer 2008 when Mars and Saturn were in Virgo in conjunction as
I told in my prediction published in Saptarishis Astrology May 2008? Probably
when Mars and Saturn were in Virgo in conjunction in the same time they were in
trine with Jupiter in Capricorn! About
conjunction Mars and Saturn in Virgo. In the moment of air crash sign of Virgo
and planet Saturn ascended! So, this vibration of bad constellation in Virgo was
valid all time, as I mentioned in my prediction! I guess this point
sign of
Virgo where was the conjunction of Mars and Saturn is vulnerable. Otherwise air
crash was in another time not when sign of Virgo was on ASC. It s very
important which Zodiac sign occurs on ASC or MC in the period of air crash! Prob
bad energies concentrated in this sign and were released in another time.

Constellation of Saturn and

Mars is weaker then Jupiter and Mars
as I mentioned in prediction, plane
crash occur more times when Jupiter and Mars are in aspect
than Saturn and Mars are. That s why it
leaded to disaster not every time. But aspects of Jupiter and Mars are too
stronger. So, when Mars created square aspect to Jupiter in September 2008
Russian airlines air crash took place! Astrology has many secrets. This predicti
came true in the right period with small delay in 14 day. In prediction, I menti
oned the probable period
summer 2008. Air crash on Russian airlines occurred 14 days after summer ended.
One can surely criticise the
failure of the prediction because the prediction was made in curtain period
summer 2008 and next month September, there was plane crash! There was no
such big air crash on commercial Russian airlines two years from August 2006. Pr
ediction would be failed if it d happened another period not so close to
summer 2008 the period I predicted big air crash on Russian air lines. May be in
October or November when will be no
correlation with aspects of planets I mentioned in article.
From another hand, we can
analyze prediction results in figures! There was no plane crash on commercial
Russian airlines 24 months from August 2006. So, in August 2008 I published the
article and did not do it after last air crash! This is the argument. In figures
it looks this way one month from
25 months when first plane crash on
commercial Russian airlines took place after last one in August 2006. 25 months
were without air crashes and only period I mentioned was under disaster! Really
interesting thing! One from 25. Another
words, I had to find the stuff in 25 pots - 24 of them were empty! I found what
I wanted in last pot! Of cause it would be a mistake if I publish
this article in 2007 when was no plane crash at all, and made wrong decision to
choose a period! But now in only half a month of mentioned period it happened,
prediction came true! I d be right if
also publish in summer 2008 and mentioned that in period of next several months
in Russian airlines will be next big air crash, and didn t wrote about planets
at all! This is rare event to occur.
Astrologer Constantine Semenov
Dear Mr.
We agree
in 2 yrs
is still

with your point of view that the prediction is no great though
there was no crash presumably and he predicted July/Aug which
close and such attempts must be encouraged some might say.

Speaking about the point you raised of conditions of Russian aircraft

not being stable, the same is the case with most of our aircrafts or
many such aircrafts of previous soviet union, could you write a
technical article on how to time the next crash in India or elsewhere.
Also could you write a technical article on how to time job gain, a
repeatable technique. We are most interested in this.
Warm regards