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This is a 350 word essay that discusses your analytical in terms of its use of any TWO of the

Attitude to language
Communicative behaviour
Dialectal variation

How to write it:


At least three sentences long

Briefly say what the reflective piece presented
Identify how the two elements enhanced what was presented in the reflective piece.
(thesis statement)


Identify the element (topic sentence)

Give an example of the element as used in the reflective piece
Discuss the use of the element. Some things you can consider:
- How appropriate the use of the element is for the content of the piece
- Whether it enhances a character, the setting, the conflict etc.
- Whether it adds to the overall effect of the piece
- Whether it makes it more realistic.


Re-state the elements you looked at

Re-affirm your thesis statement

The Sky is Falling presents possible deleterious effects of air pollution. Communicative
behaviour and dialectal variation feature prominently throughout this piece. Both elements work
together to create an interesting and realistic play which enhances its appeal and ability to deliver
its message to the audience.
The play features vocalics and facial expressions. Firstly, the characters vary their pitch
depending on their urgency. For instance, when Will is trying to warn his friends, he begins

shouting which is evident in the use of capital letters and exclamation marks in the line, RUN!!
The sky FALLING!!! Also, the characters emotional states are revealed through tone and pitch
as they all speak in frightened whispers when they are hiding from the falling sky.
Facial expressions are also present. For instance, the students eyes widen when their teacher
discusses the effects of air pollution which indicates their shock. In addition, the students
exchange worried glances when they hear crashing noises. This reaction would help to peak the
audiences interest. In this way, vocalics and facial expressions enhance the effect of the play
which makes it more appealing to the audience.
Throughout the play, the characters code-switch between mesolectal and acrolectal English
Creole. Firstly, when the students are in class with their teacher, they use acrolect. For example,
Phil greets the teacher, Good morning, sir. I have collected everyones projects. This is
appropriate as the context is formal since the students are in the classroom and in the presence of
their teacher. However, when the teacher leaves the classroom, the characters speak in mesolect,
which is clear when Phil exclaims, Is talk allyuh talkin so loud. This is appropriate as they are
interacting among their peers. In this way, dialectal variation creates a realistic portrayal of the
characters in a Caribbean setting which a Caribbean audience can easily relate to.
Clearly, communicative behaviour and dialectal variation are integral elements in The Sky is
Falling. They both help to enhance the interest and realism of the play. As a result, the play
becomes more appealing and more capable of relaying its message to the target audience.
1) Do you have an introduction?
2) Is there a thesis statement in your introduction that identifies the elements and explains
how they enhance the reflective piece?
3) Is the body arranged in sensible paragraphs? Did you discuss a point per paragraph?
4) Does each of your paragraphs have a topic sentence?
5) Did you use linkwords throughout the body of the essay?
6) Did you identify examples of the elements?
7) Did you discuss the use of the elements
8) Do you have a conclusion?
9) Is your work properly formatted? Proper identations? Proper spacing?
Did you proofread?