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Fused-Unfused: Exhibition of Paintings by Artist Pankaj Kumar Saxena

in New Delhi
New Delhi, Friday, 14 October 2016
October 14, 2016: A week-long exhibition of acrylic paintings titled FusedUnfused, by Bareilly born painter and artist Mr. Pankaj Kumar Saxena, was
inaugurated at the prestigious AIFACS (All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society) in
New Delhi. The exhibition displayed 30 paintings by the artist, in his trademark
style fused-unfused. This style is a unique concept. The terminology has been
coined by the artist to depict our lives today, which is a fusion of traditional
values and modern opportunities. Our lives today mirror a merger of these, and
at the same time, there is a point of divergence. His art style, therefore, also
incorporates elements of the traditional, the contemporary, and the modern, and
the vibrant colours he uses make his work stand out.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Shri Santosh Kumar
Gangwar, Hon'ble Minister of State for Finance, Govt. of India. Shri Santosh
Kumar Gangwar appreciated the work of the artist and lauded it as a great
contribution to art and culture. He also spoke about the role of art and literature
in helping build a better world.
Eminent poet and writer and Joint Secretary, UPSC, Ms. Neelam Saxena Chandra
and noted writer and poet and Joint Secretary, Rajya Sabha, Shri Ramakanta Das,
were the guests of honour. The inaugural day was marked by the presence of
prominent people from the art fraternity, such as Dr. Mahendra Kumar
(prominent artist, also known as the Picasso of Bareilly and winner of Presidents
Award in the field of Painting), Kumar Vikas (President of NGO , Empowerment
and noted painter and artist). An inaugural song was sung by bi-lingual Keralaborn singer, Mr. Vinod Kumar Pillai.

Some of the paintings were accompanied by poems by writer and poet Ms.
Preeta Chandran.

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Saxenas work has been displayed in galleries around the
world, including the Emmaus gallery in Italy, Galerie MP Tresart in Canada,
Lokayakta gallery and The India Habitat Center in Delhi, and the Uttar Pradesh
Kala Academy, to name a few. He has also done book covers for several authors.
He is the artist and co-author of the book, The Painted Verse, with writer and
poet Ms. Preeta Chandran. The book was also displayed at the exhibition.
The week long exhibition is generating a lot of footfall and media coverage. It is
indeed a great experience for art lovers.