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Regulating Act of 1773 to 1857

Consolidation of british rule through political structure

Development of administrative structure upto 1858
Colonial socio-cultural policy $ its impact
Introduction of modern education in india

In 1600 Ad crown EIC

Court of Directors
Court of Properitors
Corruption amongst the sercant of the EIC
EIC in loss
OFFICIAL in profits
The EIC applied for the loan of one million pound in 1772 due to lack of Judicial
In india
Changes in England
Raising of Voters Qualification
Regulating Bill of lord north
Changing in India

Gov of Bengal Gov Gen of Bengal

Funtions with 4 Council member
Decision Majority not Veto power till the end of 1947
Governor Gen Council
GGB given power to supervise the other two counsil in time of war and peace
Estb of Supreme Court at Calcutta
Prohibit private work by official servants