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Who Am I?

By: Haven Straughter

Be the change
You wish
To see in the world
- Mahatma Ghandi

Who am I?
My name is Haven Royelle Straughter. I am a hardworking, 17 year old who
doesnt stop till she gets to her goal. Some of my strengths are being outgoing,
being determined, and hardworking. Some of my weaknesses are being too
outgoing, and being grouchy as well. Over the past four years, I have been
involved in clubs, sports, and volunteer work outside of school. From these I
have built the skill set I will need for my future. I am personally proud of
achieving my goal of having a 4.0 gpa my junior year of high school. The most
important thing to me is being able to see people learn something after not
understanding it for a small period of time. Being able to teach them the
skills they need makes me feel accomplished. Hence the reason why I want to
become a Math Teacher for high school students.

Where am I going?
This year, I plan to accomplish many things. I plan to get straight As with my
hard work, and I also plan to graduate with a 4.0 gpa. I also want to be
accepted to CSU Stanislaus. After graduation, I plan to move to Turlock, get
my BA in Mathematics at CSU Stanislaus, and teach at El Capitan High
School in the future, I also plan to get married, and have 3 children. Career
wise, I want to gain my BA in Mathematics, and become a Math, and Avid
teacher at El Capitan. I want to show students that Math can be easy, and
that college wont be stressful. Hopefully, I can encourage students to do their
best, in the future.

How will I get there?

Over the past few years, I had believed I was going to become a photographer,
but soon realized that I loved it but loved something more. The classes that
helped me for my future career are all of the math courses I have taken. Some
activities that have helped as well, is FNL Mentoring, and AVID as well.
During mentoring, I had to teach the students verbally about alcohol use, and
had to explain everything, using a lesson plan. I am currently still contributing
my time into the mentoring to gain more experience. I plan to use this
program as experience for my future, and help me be more open towards

I believe that I will become a great teacher in the future with more of
training and education. I plan to come back to FNL Mentoring and help the
students for years and years to come. Overall becoming a teacher is my dream
that I plan to keep working on. I can see me as a great teacher showing
students the ways of math, and get them to love it as much as I do.