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Following our recent discussions, we are pleased to offer you employment with (Company), a
progressive organization with motivated core values of respect, team work, commitment to
consumers, innovation and efficiency in our operations.
As a member of the Company, we would insist on your commitment to deliver outstanding results
that exceed the Companys expectation. In addition, upon acceptance, you agree to be bound to
the performance standards as set in accordance with the companys strategy and goals.
Along with the terms and conditions of employment outlined below, we are committed to providing
you with every opportunity to learn, grow and stretch to the highest level of your ability and
1. Title: Marketing Officer reporting to the Managing Director.
2. Contract Term:
3. Start Date:
4. Job Location:
5. Hours of Work: Your prescribed hours of work shall be 40 per week. However, there may
be times that you shall be required to work in excess of the prescribed hours as are
required to fulfil your duties, including weekends, public holidays and evenings.
6. Scope of Duties: To perform all tasks assigned to the best of your capability. A copy of the
job description is attached, which the Company reserves the right to amend, from time to
time, in line with the business needs.
7. Policies and Procedures: You shall observe and comply with all policies, procedures,
rules and regulations as laid down by the Company from time to time.
8. Probationary Period: You will serve a probationary period of three (3) months, during
which your capability and compatibility will be reviewed by the Company.
9. Remuneration:
a. Your basic salary will
b. During the contract period you shall be responsible for all statutory payments in
relation to your remuneration including but not limited to

Your remuneration package is a personal matter between yourself and the Company
and you are therefore required to maintain the highest degree of confidentiality in
regard thereto.

10. Leave: During the contract period you shall be entitled to

11. Conflict of Interest/Non-Solicitation:
a. You confirm that there are no contracts, restrictions or other matters which would
interfere with your ability to discharge your obligations under this agreement. If,

while performing your duties and responsibilities, you become aware of any
potential or actual conflict you should immediately inform the Managing Director.
b. During the contract period, you will not directly or indirectly engage or be
interested in any business or do any other work/become involved in other activities
during or outside working hours which will restrict or take direct time from you so
as to affect the services you are to render to the business during or after normal
working hours.
c. You further undertake not to solicit and/or entice away any officer or employee of
the Company.
12. Confidentiality:
You shall not, whether during the period of this agreement or after its termination for
whatever reason, use, disclose or distribute to any person or entity, otherwise than as
necessary or as required by law, any confidential information, messages, data or trade
secrets acquired by the You in the course of performing your services under this
13. Termination of Employment:
Employment with the Company is for no specific period of time. Your employment with the
Company will be at will, meaning that either you or the Company may terminate your
employment for any reason, with or without cause. During your contract period,
termination without cause may be effected by one (1) weeks written notice by either party,
or as agreed otherwise. Notwithstanding the above provisions, the Company may, at any
time terminate your employment without prior notice, for reasons of gross misconduct and
gross negligence.
14. Other Terms of Employment:
Any other terms of employment shall be detailed in Company manuals or any
revision/amendment thereof and any other documents which the Company may provide
from time to time and communicate to you.
Yours sincerely
-----------------Managing Director
I hereby accept employment with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLIMITED on the conditions set out
Name: . . Signature:.. Date:


Marketing Officer


Sales & Marketing

To plan and oversee all company's marketing activities and campaigns; and play a key part in
communicating the company's marketing message both internally and externally. Ensure that all
marketing operations are successful in meeting the goals set by management by adding the
highest value to the business. Make key decisions regarding product distribution, budgeting,
branding and sales.
Main duties include but not limited to:
Planning and organizing
Prepare, plan and execute publication of all publicity materials to maximize brand
Planning marketing events and evaluating their success.
Develop and implement both internal and external marketing programmes
Plan, develop and execute campaigns within timescales.
Contribute to the annual sales and marketing plan of the company.
Marketing communication
Designing and updating company website, face book and twitter accounts.
Designing and producing marketing materials such as flyers and posters.
Plan advertising and promotional campaigns for products on a variety of media (social,
print, etc.) and oversee effective distribution.
Managing the supply of all marketing materials and identifying when stock needs to be
Public relations
Communicating with and maintaining a high client relationship and reporting all feedback
to management.
Ensure prompt follow-up on client requests and enquiries.
Coordinate the Company's presence at exhibitions and fairs and provide market analysis
post event.
Market intelligence
Monitor sales and marketing performance and adjust strategies as and when needed.
Maintaining a reasonable budget whiles ensuring cost effective marketing activities.
Evaluate the effectiveness of all marketing activities.
Adhere to and implement all company policies and procedures.

Degree holder (Marketing, Business or a related field)

2-3years relevant experience in a similar environment
Financial knowledge
Understanding of Business practices
Computer proficiency and Marketing software
Solid knowledge of Marketing techniques and principles
Thorough understanding of social media and web analytics

Skills & Attributes

Excellent communication skills including high standards of written communication,
grammar and spelling.
Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills
Creativity and commercial awareness
Team player with a customer oriented approach
Design skills including graphics and web design
High level of accuracy and attention to detail
Good influencing skills with a professional attitude
Self-confident and able to deal effectively with setbacks
Responsible and enjoy taking initiatives
Able to prioritize work and effective time management
Committed to success and focused on getting the job done