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Name: __Nathan Walters_________________________

Unit Plan: Assessment

The pre-assessment I did tested students on their knowledge of fables, and parts of a story. I
administered that and gathered and analyzed the results. The implications this had on my unit is that students
seemed to understand what a resolution is as well as what a setting is in a story the best. Therefore, I will stress
the other parts of a story more than these two. Students also did very poorly on what a fable is and what makes
it unique. Therefore, I am starting from basically ground 0 with fable and introducing the absolute barebones in
the first lesson.
The assessment I have in the first lesson is work that we will do as a whole class. The assessment will be
formative and be done by observing students reading the fable The Tortoise and the Hare, and asking them
questions verbally. I will gather students at the rug and the assessment of the class will be done as we
collectively try and fill out parts of the story on the easel in the front of the room. This is not a great form of
assessment but is important more because it is setting the standard of expectations and reinforcing what I am
looking for when they eventually do the work individually.
The second lesson is very similar to the first, except the students will have to fill in parts of the story in
partner groups rather than as a whole class. This assessment will be done by the Ant and The Grasshopper
worksheet that is in the folder. There also will be a craft to go along with this lesson. However, since the craft
does not reflect learning I figured it best not to make a rubric or grade them based off of it.
The third lesson is on the fable The Oak and the Reeds. The assessment of this lesson will be done by
the writing prompt and response they are given. As a class we will determine the moral and parts of the story,
and then the students will have to respond to the writing prompt seen on The Oak and The Reeds handout.
The fourth lesson will have two different forms of assessment. The assessment will be done on the
rubric for the readers theatre performances, and also on the worksheet that the rest of the class is filling out as
the performances are done in front of class. These can be seen in the Lesson 4 Assessment worksheet.

The fifth and final lesson is the summative assessment. This can be seen in the rubric attached to part 3
of the Unit Plan Overview.
All these assessments also go along with the formative assessment I will do as I walk around and
observe and answer students questions.