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Volume 2

Issue #3
June, 2010
Letter from the staff
Hello Readers,

Here it is: the final issue of the year, and the last issue of THE PAW for four of
our staff members, including myself. Soon, David, Kate, Marianna and I will be walking
across that stage and leaving Tualatin High and THE PAW far behind. It feels odd to sit
down and write this letter as I have since the first issue of THE PAW, but knowing that
this will be the last.
I remember the first letter I wrote for this magazine; I was shocked that there was
even a magazine for which I needed to write a letter. My brief but disappointing experi-
ence with Tualatin Highs original literary magazine, The Wolf Gang Press, jaded me to
the point that I told myself not to be surprised if we did not recieve enough submissions
to make the magazine happen. But it not only happened, it took off running. And now
here I am at the end of my senior year, ready to pass on the torch. I want to thank all
those people who make up the lifeblood of this magazine: our advisor, Mrs. Payne, THE
PAWs fantastic staff, and all the creative students who submit their work to us. I know
that Ive been thanking you all in every issue for the past two years, so I want you all
to know that I meant it every time. Ive loved seeing every issue come out, and I hope
everyone will continue to contribute to the success of the magazine so that when David,
Kate, Marianna and I are all in college, we can return to our old schools website and
continue to see all of Tualatins great student work in each new issue. I am confident
that we are leaving THE PAW in good hands.

Well, I think Ive built up enough nostalgia for now. Thanks for all your hard work every-
one, and have a great summer!

Emma DeFontes, co-founder


Melissa Aust Chris Pauly
Margaret Campbell Madison Richardson
Emma DeFontes Marianna Saucier
Kate Galloway JJ Sayers
David Shumway

Staff Advisor: Susan Payne

Cover Art by Emma DeFontes


Thalias Words
Hayley Leeper
Maya Angelou knew With a dance?
Why the caged bird sings With friends refusal to wear pants?
And everyone knows In the head?
That the Annabel Lee of Poe In the heart?
Was his long-dead Virginia With a dose of Van Goghs art?
Faulkner had Emily and two old Or maybe
cities Tally is a product
And Dickenson was nobody Of caged birds, penny dreadfuls,
And William C. Williams depended and Annabel
on a wheelbarrow Of both Emilys: One with a rose,
But wheres little Tallys writing and the hermit in black clothes
Even supposed to begin? Of a wheelbarrow and of two cities
With a song? But also of nobody at all

Ray Richards
You did it, You keep looking over the compe-
you made it to the big stage, tition as they do the same.
the state tournament is next on your Each of them doesnt seem nervous
busy student schedule. like you.
On the way there, whether it be bus But they are.
or car, On to the field, the court or the first
you sit in silence, tee you head,
with only your iPod to listen to. you wish you could head back now,
When you see your turn off to the but of course you cant.
event, This is your time, for you, your
your hear starts to race, even when coach, and your fellow students.
there is no reason, This is for Tualatin High School.
faster and faster still, until it gets And Tualatin does not back down.
unbearable. Your mind starts swirling, round
Straight to the bathroom you head, and round and then
and, well you know, Here comes the first pitch,
you come out feeling a little better. the first serve, the first swing,
Get your gear ready, and its all over.
make sure everything is in place There is no more thinking, just do-
Now is not the time for a screw up ing what you love to do.
that could easily be avoided. Now that wasnt anything to get
Head out, start getting loose, nervous over.
neither is it the time for and avoid- The Beauty of State Nerves,
able injury. Its only because you care.

Dear Mom
Lauren Livengood

You are my rock, youre always No matter how far.
there, If I say Im really mad,
You always show me that you care. And hurt your feelings really bad,
Lainie Davis I may stumble, I may fall, Ill mend it quick and realize,
But you still always know it all. I shouldve never brought tears to
I need a break In hard times you bring forth light, your eyes.
I need more than a Kit-Kat Leading the way despite your Like I said, youre always there,
I need to breathe plight. No matter how far I push you reel
I need more than this smog-filled I cannot say we do not fight, me in,
air But you always make it right. And tell me not to go there again.
I need to sleep I act like I know, I say Im fine, Mommy I love you with all my
I need more than unconsciousness Except you can see when I cross heart,
I need to talk the line. And surely did from the start.
I need more than hey whats up My heart may break a time or two, We always have so much fun to-
I need to laugh But mommy, youre there to mend gether,
I need more than the miniscule it. And laugh non-stop,
spirt of a giggle You always do. I dont want that to change
I need to say goodbye I love you from the ground to the For my heart will drop.
Impossible stars, P.S. you know its true,
I need this too much No matter where were at, Mommy I love you!

Lainie Davis
Anna Black
I sit and watch the hands on
the clock slowly pass me by
I listen to the silence, and then
I wonder why
My phone isnt buzzing. That
certainly is not right.
Im pretty sure I didnt shut it
off for the night
Cell Phones
I check my pockets, and then Maile Honda
panic ensues
Maybe I left it on the couch Layer upon layer of cheesy,
while I was watching the melty delight,
news? I order you for Fourthmeal
No, its not there. Oh where after laying awake at night.
could it be!? Lying there, dreaming, biting
That poor little phone Its back a yell,
probably missing me. I hop out of bed, get in my
I know where it is! At least I car, and drive to Taco Bell.
think I clench my jaw and grip the
Nope. Its definitely not by the wheel, my whole body tense,
kitchen sink. Frantically I check my pock-
Ah hah! The car! Its got to be ets to be sure I have 99 cents.
there! When lo and behold, a com-
No, I cant find it mercial begins and down my
Its going to think I dont care. spine fly the shocks,
Crushed and broken, I fall to I hear none other than Charles
my bed Barkley the $5 box!
Then suddenly, I feel a vibra- But rest assured; no other
tion under my head
My eyes light up and I smile Fourthmeal gimmick, no deal can contend
With you, 5 layer burrito, my
with glee Conor Hinds cheesy, beefy friend.
My phone! I found it! Oh silly At last I am there May I
me take your order? she asks.
It was right here, under my A split second later she looks
pillow this whole time! up, smiles. Laughs.
Phew! I can breathe now, and I say Ill have the usual,
everything will be fine. Juanita, your specialty,
Drop the crumpled bill from
my hand, ORDER 163!
I take my seat, victorious after
another midnight run,
Slave forever to Fourthmeal, I
think outside the bun.

Dementia This is Me
Alexa English WhatIThinkWhenISeeA I am like a bucket of sand,
Fading in and out Little Bird Every tiny grain comes from a
Of the life in front of you -Hayley Leeper- different beach.
And the life in your head I am like a bag of a thousand
Little bird, how I envy thee skittles,
Will you recognize your Thy graceful wings Each new color and each new
daughter today? Fly thee to a place flavor,
Will you forget her name to- Devoid of ugliness From lime to grape to peach.
morrow? Free of spite I am like a patterned quilt,
What about your memories, Empty of human vices One square dotted, the others
Your ability to function? striped.
Of hate, of greed, or of preju- I am like a book of a hundred
Will everything sail out the dice letters,
window Make your own exodus Every font imaginable, written or
When you forget who you To thine own promised land typed.
are? Little bird, please leave this I am like a cascade of scales,
ugly place! Every note rings true, every note

Do not gorge thyself on waste I am like the pebbled path,

When you could feast on the Stones of different shapes and
bright fruit

Of far-off lands But together theyre never weak.

I can't imagine I am like the basket of fruit,

n Lazy lofty lullabies

Do not build thine nest of Every piece so different, every bite
so new.

t cry
fried food I am like the beaded bracelet,
Upset the child, make it Build it with twigs of tropical

e Close the door and

The colors fade together, from red
trees, to green to blue.

r drown the whines

Like little birds are to do I am like a box of chocolates,

p Leave
Little bird, I beg, What looks so sweet might really
Get thee to a new place! be dark.

the child alone to I am like the mysterious weather,
die Or else thine spirit shan't sur-

Secret sides that forever change,
- JJ Sayers vive Sun on the forest or rain on the

Among this grim race of mine park.

Use thine wings I envy so Every beaded strand, every grain of
greatly sand,

Fly high, fly far, fly gracefully This is who I am, this is who Ill

But, promise me, little bird, Never changing, forever

To never follow the trends of rearranging,

In every breath of life, this is me.

Chase Thompson

Darline Flowers

I am a superhero. A place to retreat to
insulting me,
when things get too hard.
I fly out of danger to Leaving them burned and
save myself I transform into a big
And leave others to fight hulking, sulking monster
I change the weather,
alone. when I get mad.
Make it sunny so I wont
I use my super-strength to I use my flexibility to
be all wet in front of
heft my burdens onto my stretch around things and
back, conform to them,
Like a puzzle piece thats
I see the future
Not letting anyone know trying to fit in but cant
And obsess about what will
what they are. quite do it.
I criticize myself in I use my force field to
the mirror with my laser I am a superhero.
protect myself from what I
vision. Because a superhero is
dont want to hear.
I read peoples minds someone who is
I turn to ice without
And worry about what Strong
theyre saying about me. Brave
And snap at those closest
I turn invisible when I Selfless
to me.
get hurt. Caring.
I shoot spider webs to
I shoot fire at my friends And thats what I am
spin a cocoon for myself,
for unintentionally Isnt it?

Gillian Down
With plenty of tales to tell.
Its my proof that I can fight. That bump has been through many
Theres a callous on my finger, Whether Im cramming for a math things,
Its right there on my hand. test, That bump has been through hell.
Some people think its ugly, Or writing an essay all night.
But I think that its grand. This callous has stuck with me,
My callous is rough and squishy, This callous has written so much.
Its on my right-hand ring finger, Rather like a marshmallow From pages and pages of textbook
Webbed with scales of dead skin. Its darker than the rest of my hand, notes,
They call it gross and creepy, And when I poke it, it turns yellow. To poems and stories and such.
And I can only grin.
Im proud of my callous, Oh! callous, how do I love thee?
My callous comes from writing. And how can I not be? Let me count the ways,
(I have a grip of steel) Some call it an awkward blemish, Translation?
I hold my pencils super-tight, But thats not what I see. Dear Callous, I love you,
I guess I just like the feel. Because youre with me every day.
I see a well-worn bump,
That lump is like a battle scar,
The Callous on my Finger

Collaboration of
The Open Green
Ivory Reeve-Yackley
Love is a thunderstorm JJ Sayers
Gillian Downey It's destructful, abusive
and yet entirely enticing Oh tiles in the ceiling
Yellow bird, sweet yellow bird. When you're in such a Why are you so porous?
What pretty songs have you roaring chaos, Has some unyielding bombard-
heard? Each lightning bolt is a
ment of pencils
What stunning sights have you new pulse to your heart
Befallen you?
seen? The adrenaline before
Perhaps you are attempting
And have you seen the Open each strike becomes an ad-
To achieve greater honesty
Green? diction
It electrifies your mind Have the sky's woes
The Open Green of meadows Been pressed upon you for too
A drug that's hard to find
untouched, long?
But utterly magical with
The rolling hills of daisies and the right dealer One can only imagine those end-
such, less tears
The clear sky, so deep and bold, Jealousy is like World War Eroding your stability
The brilliant sun, tinged with II So unhealthily continuous
gold. It's a holocaust to the
Have you seen any of these? heart
Oh tiles in the ceiling
Or even felt the gentle breeze? You try to talk yourself
Why are you so porous?
You haven't? Oh, that's too bad. through it,
Nor me, but I'd hoped you had Tell yourself it's okay
Can it be that life has abandoned
Seen the precious Open Green, But really, your heart's in
an oven you
The place for all things serene. Erosion eating at your many
It's burning away
Yellow Bird, sweet yellow bird, carcasses?
I've yet to know the songs Heartbreak is the atomic Does some fungi work at your
you've heard. bomb of emotions faces
I've yet to see the things you've When first dropped, hyste- Digging crevice after crevice?
seen. ria strikes I fear that it will become greedy
But pleasewill you fly to the Watch as every little Rapturously divulge its lust
Open Green? things comes crashing
And the many tiles shall cascade
I yearn to learn of the sky and down, crumbling to pieces
upon my head
the sun, A mushroom cloud of
Beating and bashing away
So please, sweet yellow bird, I twisted emotions towards
Pelting me into stooped submis-
need someone. the sadistic character
How could one put an- sion
Please go away to the Open And I lie still
other being through such
Green, The rain falls
And come back to tell me of the Your heart becomes and Sky weeps
treasures unseen. abyss of brutality I am made porous
You can only pray that Eroded
one day
The spark will ignite again


A Love Poem
Oh Algebra 2
Why are you so cold Water Mammoth
The Oxymoron We So adamant The shored addict
Made In your exactness? Wants nothing more than to return
To the unsteady heave of his
We are like to lovely words Seems to me
There is no cause nor reason for Vast narcotic expanse
So ambiguously lovely in look and
your apathy He yearns for the depths of suffo-
feel and meaning
You are as a broken wall clock cation
We slide off the tongue so slick
Presiding over those who suffer at To which his lungs are so well
your hands adapted
But no matter how smooth how Uncaring
A timeless replication of false hope When intoxicated
beautiful and perfectly wonderful
Offering solace in careers He holds his breath
we words may be
Whilst unflinchingly tearing out Suspended for lengths of time un-
We are never heard nor seen to-
our throats fathomed by the average mammals
No hesitation; who walk by him now
Such a tragedy that we are not
Precision Concerned at his predicament
For imagine, if you would a docile
tornado or a solid moonbeam Illogically bombarding innocents
Oh, how he yearns to be smothered

JJ Sayers
A sophisticated baboon with logic
Poor child In his beloved medium
Suffering His familiar sustenance
But despite the glorious absurdity
Turned demented Which holds him aloft
of such things
I would ask if your fury knows no Adrift
We are denied each other by cir-
cumstance bounds
But emotion His is a bass-ackwards existence
Oh, we tried
Once Does not compute
the sweet air deceives him
And we came to understand each
And just when we have nearly bled As the normal mammilian environ-
others meanings with greater cer-
dry ment
Comprehension of the outside Instigates the systematic crushing
And the gap between us lessened
Dissipating of his hidden flesh
But still
Your hands bound forward! He is deconstructed
There will never be any such thing
A sudden righteous ringing Slowly
as a Real Deity
Wakes us from our reverie Painfully
Regardless of how many times
Recklessly, we surge From the inside out
We might try to convince ourselves
otherwise Cages knocked askew
Trampling each other in great haste Oh, how he years for his precious
The confines of our sadistic reality substance
Or perhaps there might be
Falls Behind For though he cannot take healthy
Had we but been raised aside from
breaths whilst submerged
all these... realities
FREEDOM! Within it
Joy emanates on from every face He thrives
But here we are
Here we are We come into the sunlight
Thankful He does not wish to be dry
Laughter abundant

...F@#k....Monday morning

Hannah Mueller
The Department of Un- occupation imposed on him by Big why keep a secret archive at all?
truths was located on Sub- Brother. Simmons thought of the whole
level 44B of the Ministry of The soft glow of the great thing as a terrible inefficiency. He
Truths. It was staffed by a incinerator furnaces on the low- was perfect for the job.
single Inner Party member, est level flickered slightly through Comrade Simmons sat
a sullen gaunt-faced man clear pneumatic chutes that cir- alone on Sub-level 44B filing
by the name of Simmons. cumscribed his office. All of the scraps of paper, always awaiting
Every day, he sat beneath a memory holes in the building the day the transport lift directly
single fluorescent light band converged just above the ceiling opposite his desk would open and
and spent his time largely of Sub-level 44B in one point of give him something to do with the

Beneath the Ministry of Truth knowl-

he kept
staring at the plain gray wall David Shumway bottled within the Department and
print. No one ever came to his own mind.
down to this level. intersection. Where they met, no One day indeed, the lift,
Simmons remembered the less then four mounted high-speed which was kept well-oiled and
day he was assigned to the telescreens scanned the doomed maintained despite the fact that
drab basement. He remem- information and generated print- no-one ever used it, came down
beredthat was his curse. outs, which Simmons would then to Sub-level 44B and brought
The reason he spent every review. The content of his job was with it three somber agents of the
day far beneath the ground, to sort and file the discarded facts Thought Police, who were accom-
and took a special lift to into chronological folders sorted panied by a particularly high-
a flat without windows by history and importance. profile Inner Party Member named
squarely in the middle of the Essentially, and without Tibarn.
Inner Party quarter. The rea- muddling the details, Simmons As the cadre approached,
son he was never permitted was the caretaker of the entirety of Simmons quickly pulled up
to speak with anyone who the Oceanias unequivocal knowl- Tibarns history file on his modi-
did not have express gov- edge. His tutors were the old his- fied archiving telescreen. The man
ernment clearance. The only torians of Britain and the United was important to say the least; a
person Simmons ever saw States, before they were murdered direct apprentice of the key Party
regularly was the monthly by the Thought Police. He had military mind of the Civil War,
volunteer from the Junior been trained from birth to remem- which Simmons knew all about.
Anti-Sex league who was ber all of what he was taught, to Tibarn currently held control of
brought to his flat under the acknowledge it as absolute fact, the Ministry of Peace in Airstrip 1.
cover of darkness. He knew but to largely dismiss the knowl- Greetings Comrade Sim-
better than anyone what a edge as entirely worthless. How- mons said happily, excited to have
fantastic exercise in double- ever, a side effect of Simmons a visitor for the first time in recent
think those little visits were. awareness was his understanding memory.
This was sanctioned be- of what it meant to be human. Let us dispense with the
cause Simmons was the Hence, the Junior Anti-Sex League pleasantries, Comrade replied
only person in Oceania girls. Tibarn. There is only one reason
permitted to experience a It had always troubled why I would come to Sub-level
sex drive. He was the only Simmons that the Department of 44B, and it does not involve so-
person permitted to know Untruths existed. It didnt seem to cializing.
a lot of things. Simmons be in keeping with the philosophy The Thought Police fanned
thought of the Junior Anti- of the Party at all. If the past was out, each one of them standing at
Sex leagues relationship subject to what the Party believed alert. This made Simmons some-
with him as payment for the was best for Oceania as a whole, what uncomfortable. They didnt
say a word, but it was easy But he neednt have wor- know, we are currently at war
to tell how they might have ried. Tibarn gave no indication with Eurasia. It is greatly to
communicated their impres- of unleashing the Enforcers on our advantage to utilize every
sions in Newspeak if given Simmons, and the three agents weapon possible to defeat our
the chance: oldthinker, crime- wouldnt have moved without his enemy. Dont you agree?
think, un-goodthinkful. The orders anyway. Comrade Tibarn Simmons almost
Thought Police seemed loath clearly wanted something in the laughed. You cant be seri-
to consider that Simmons was Department of Untruths vaults ous, Comrade. Each of the
forced against his will to safe- very badly. three super-states is com-
guard these old ideas. Simmons cleared his pletely unconquerable. These
Simmons knew the throat. What can I do for you? wars are really just a kind
Thought Police members pro- Big Brother is formulating of dance in which we change
tecting Tibarn were Enforcers, a new three year plan. This par- partners every few beats.
not Strategists. These latter ticular plan falls under the juris- Eurasia? Why, we were just at
agents of the Thought Police diction of the minipax. Now why war with Eastasia not too long
were occasionally brought to would that be, comrade? ago-
him for a history lesson. This Tibarn smiled maliciously He was cut short by
was done in order to make as Simmons face went pale. Be- the quick motion of one of
them sufficiently aware of the causebecause it means the new the Enforcers, who slammed
full spectrum of human ex- three year plan involves nuclear a truncheon onto the surface
pression to relentlessly pursue weapons. of his desk. The gruff man
and crush it with squads of Correct, Comrade Tibarn yelled at Simmons in a raspy
lethal Enforcers. hissed arrogantly. As you may voice: We have never been
at war with East Asia! Ocea- was strangely taken aback. Europe and the British colo-
nia has always been against Whats all this, then? nies were to be fairly divided
Eurasia! Im going to tell you a in half between the former
Tibarn casually motioned story, Comrade. It begins at the allies. Britain would oversee
to the other Enforcer, who end of what the old historians the distribution of its colo-
quickly persuaded his partner once called the Second World War. nies, and France would help
to return to a ready position At that time, the great capitalist split up war-ravaged Europe,
against the far wall. Both men power was the United States of both for the meager price of
saluted and stood harmlessly America, and it was roughly based reconstruction and market
still. in the region where the New Ex- investment in their battered
Forgive them, Comrade, ecutive Palace is located. nations. This was seen as an
he apologized. I am well Airstrip 0? Tibarn clari- acceptable agreement by all
aware that we have had a fied. parties.
troublesome past with both Yes, Airstrip 0. The center The deal was espe-
of the other powers. But Big of Party executive power and the cially readily agreed to by
Brother feels that we can place where Big Brother resides. Russia, and this was perhaps
bring this war within a mea- Do continue. because the US was the
sure of its end by adopting Tibarn sat down in a chair only nation who possessed
a new military plan involv- provided for visitors to Sub-level nuclear weapons at that time.
ing atomic weapons. The 44B. There was only one, for it However, before the treaty
plan is, by a combination of was assumed that the amount of distribution was completed,
fighting, bargaining and well traffic to the floor was likely to the USSR also acquired the
timed strokes of treachery, to be light. He reclined, listening atomic bomb. And then the
acquire a ring of bases com- intently to Simmons account, and scales were equal.
pletely encircling one or other for much of the rest of it, remained The first trouble
of the rival states and then silent and contemplative. The started on a tiny island in the
to sign a pact of friendship Guards, for their part, said nothing South Pacific. The United
with that rival and remain on the entire time. Simmons contin- States sent a convoy of battle
peaceful terms for many years ued uninterrupted for the duration cruisers to secure a strategi-
so as to lull suspicion asleep. of the history, and a complex nar- cally valuable spot on the
During this time rockets rative flowed out freely from his island, despite the fact that
loaded with atomic bombs memory. it was deeded to the USSR.
can be assembled at all strate- The other great power in This small military action,
gic spots; finally they will all the world was the USSR, Soviet with one hand taking just a
be fired simultaneously, with Russia. After the war, these two little more then it was given,
effects so devastating as to powers were up in arms over the caused Russia to break the
make retaliation impossible. fate of Western Europe. Britain, treaty in a much more dra-
For that Tibarn paused. as Airstrip One was once called, matic way, and invade the
You need me. Simmons was economically devastated, and western half of Germany,
finished. You need me, so had very little voice in those and push towards the borders
because I have a complete re- matters. Another point of inter- of France. In response, the
cord and understanding of the est was the Old Colonies of the United States smashed Berlin
Atomic Wars of the late fif- British Empire. Both the US and and Stalingrad with a wave of
ties. You are planning to use the USSR had raging imperialis- atomic bombings.
those horrible weapons again tic desires, as the victors of great The next morning, the
and you want to know what conflicts are like to have, and were residents of New York City
youre dealing with. What at the brink of another war when woke to a hailstorm of mis-
youre risking. Comrade a British foreign minister and the siles launched from a fleet
you have no idea. French Major General stepped in of Soviet submarines off the
For the first time, Tibarn and offered a solution. Essentially, coast of the Chesapeake.

These were the first shots the reason the great capitalist
of the Atomic Wars of the powers fell was because their
nineteen-fifties. It was a populations were whipped
global war of bombing planes into such frenzy by the horror
and rocket missiles in which of the atomic bomb that it de-
hundreds of cities in US and stabilized their governments,
USSR holdings were anni- leaving them vulnerable to
hilated by nuclear weapons. revolution.
Britain was so badly reduced
that it filed to unify with
He thought about this
for several moments.
Golde, Im
America for security pur-
poses. Indeed, almost nothing
Using the bombs
is ensuring the death of the
Asking You a
survives from Britainnearly
all of the records that form the
Party itself.
Simmons nodded.
basis of this story were pulled Yes. That is the essence of Hayley Leeper
from archives in Airstrip 0. it.
Tibarn sat in stony silence, Tibarn straightened How do three little words
contemplating what he had up and snapped at the two So often get stuck in your
been told. Thought Police members, throat?
Eventually, the citizens bringing them instantly to at- As much as Id prefer a shout,
of both governments were so tention. I cant even get a croak?
tired of atomic warfare that Youve been most
they quickly turned to extrem- helpful, Comrade. Im sure
No whistles, or screams,
ist philosophies and revolu- that Big Brother will be Not even a whisper?
tionaries. To fill this void, the thankful for your assistance. Dont you think it sometimes,
Party appeared, and hoisted So helpful, in fact he Right after, God, I miss her
its banner of Ingsoc into the winked, that Im quite ?
hands of the wretched masses. positive the Ministry of Plen- Are you afraid, or do you not
The masses rose up, and, ty would be eager to arrange
aided by both the weakness for one of our fine young
see it?
of their war-weary politicians ladies from the Junior Anti- On the other hand, I guess Ill
and their own furious zeal, Sex League to thank you in a wait,
overthrew the governments of manner more appropriate. Cause then I know youll
their respective countries and He shuffled into the mean it.
elected the Party into power. lift, and before the doors
The rest, Comrade, is history. closed added,
The Party established a strict Long live Big Broth-
New Order in the world of er!
totalitarianism Prosperity to the
Simmons stared straight Party! Simmons answered.
into Tibarns eyes, endeavor- When Tibarn was
ing to emphasize the impor- gone, Simmons sat quietly at
tance of his point, and con- his desk for awhile before the
cluded, telescreens began to generate
That is why you cant printouts again.
use nuclear weapons. Your Turning to the slips of
scheme is a mere daydream, paper, Simmons thought sol-
impossible of realization. emnly to himself about how
Tibarn seemed to stir. I important it was, after all, to
believe I understand. You say remember the past.


Emma DeFontes
I should just as soon have the
word "frugality"Tattooed across
my ass
As expect you to recognize the

sed crevices of these lips

Or the crinkles of these eyes
Because the feelings of your

If the skies saw fit to strike you Have become calloused to the
blind varying locutions of this trans-
You would not be able to deter- lucent mask
mine friend from foe Yeah, the blue dudes had it right

For gentleness is alien to your Just because your eyes perceive

hands this
Which are mute and dumb and Does not mean you see it
thick as cattle
And your heart has been made
deaf to the distinction between Metallic roar
The clang of harshness and the
chime of praise But fear not
Diluting them to a distant Fear not
These will unstuck the seams of
your prism
These will liberate your hands
from their diseased skin
These will take hold your wrists
These will lay your naked
nerves upon this flesh
A great shrill cry
And your heart will be loosed
Your raw tissue will burn
It will be loosed
Your very sinews will be torn
It will let loose
Your tenderness will be re-

e rs
And you will see me

And then
You will pity the lame a
Jake Chamseddine





Im sitting at my desk with my Ticonderoga
And a beautiful girl peering over my shoulder
Mr. Dragg, you rat, tell me your story
If you insist, I reply, but you might find it boring
Mr. Charles was a man even God feared to smite
They say he couldnt lose, not a match, nor a fight
He had a stern, gorgeous face which even birth couldnt smile
He was so quick on his feet, he could out-run the mile
So strong, it was impossible to even think the word pain
So influential he decided when to postpone the rain
So smart he made the hardest math look like multiplication
So great he might just be the tenth reincarnation
Mr. Charles was born in a sanctuary
And he died in an asylumeventually
He was perfectly built, and perfectly wise
And all of this led to his perfect demise
When he looked in a mirror he saw grandeur and reason
But he shared Mephistopheles greatest gifts, theft and treason
He had a servant named Mohammed, his only true companion
But soon, the masters only flaw would find his servant abandoned
Mohammed loved the girl Maggi, whose smirk made men wild
But she was quite literally the Devils child
Mr. Charles was a suitor who kept women on their toes
But when he caught Maggis eye, that was the woman he chose
Mohammed was devoted, and showed nothing but loyalty
Charles betrayed his best friend, and still thought himself royalty
Until one day Maggi asked spouse to meet kin
Charles obliged not knowing hed be judged for his sin
These lovers of deceit marched through the layers of Hell
He saw demonic sights and crossed the most foul smell
Finally he met his new father of fire
The demon that punished all greed and desire
Suddenly Charles started to change into a hideous creature
And couldnt help but confess his lifes only evil
He had betrayed his one friend and now must atone
He lived the rest of his life ugly and alone
Back on the Earth no man would draw near
And when he tried to woo women, theyd cower in fear
Mohammed found love and lived his life well
While the man once perfect lived in a lunatics cell
I told you my story was boring and dry
I made nobody cringe, and nobody cry
But there was a moral here in this story of lovers
No one human being is better than others

Reid Newlin
John Cavassa
Knives can change lives
And skulls can chain hopes
To your mind
Repented Otherwise, they fly
Maybe someday I'll get out And then, you're left in misery
But, in the meantime, With nothing to see
I stare past the bars And no way out,
And to the outside No way to just be
Punished for sixty years And no way to just breathe
For an action that took less than And you can't run or hide
Sixty seconds So you lie there, sick inside

Wishing that you would just die

ng In your sleep, 'cause that's less

Than cutting or hanging Trees and Leaves


Or just waking every morning When the wind blows through the
To find that you have faded trees
Away, and there's no one you They almost look like they can
trust anymore breathe
No hopes to hope anymore So then, I wonder, as their leaves
No dreams to dream rustle,
No love to love Can they also sing?
It's all anger and hate,
And so, no one can relate Ash-Covered Ivory
It's all empty The ones at the bottom
But, let's move it along, Toil in the Earth
There's nothing more to see Waiting for the day
They can feel some worth

Tevye and Golde

Hayley The ones at the top
With giant waistbands
And money falling from their
Some words flow like water pockets
Some words, in your throat, get
Some simply get spewed out
Leeper Only look down from the top
To make sure the toil never stops
They laugh at the dreams of the
Like stale nachos from the stomach toilers
of a drunk For they never will escape
Some words heal ancient scars And laughter explodes down from
Others provide false hope their tower
But most of the time, its a lack of Self-explanatory Like hot steam from a malfunc-
words Couplets tioning boiler
That can ache on a massive scope Often feel like unfinished Back down in the dust
sentiments. The toilers look up
And feel sorry for those at the top
Life is Hard, But Beautiful, Too Whose wallets are full
It is poetic in its sadness, intense with primeval anger, and totally euphor- But whose hearts are so small
ic in its happiness. It is not life itself, I think, but the collage of emotions For the toilers know
you see through your perfectly unique looking glass that make it beauti- That as bad as the dust is
ful, as well as the people whose paths happen to cross with yours, who The ones at the top feel more sor-
lend a hand. row

Madison Richardson

The Memory Faded

Tegan Valo

Running, hurry,
faster, scurry,
bury all you left untouched;
It's best not to be left with much.

Urgent, sooner,
baby boomer,
Rip away from what you were.
Today it's for the best, you're sure.

Calm down,
small town
man of little understanding.
You'll see what comes is too de-

Nothing, nada, zip is left.

Though hard to hold,
they held your breath.
And now they're gone,
Alone and sold,
No longer there to make your mold.

Go back,
New stack,
Wait out for the rest of your days.
Later join the newest craze.

No more,
No more,
The future comes with no regrets.
But greater trouble it does beget.

Melissa Aust

Madison Richardson

I was born like this, I suppose
An unusual mixture of reasons unnamed and increasingly irrelevant
I was born this way, so that's the way I've grown
(That which does not kill you makes you stronger, apparently)
'Me' was easy because doubt was foreign and alternatives didn't exist
But on some questionably destined day, with previously undetected water swirling well above my
center of gravity, I saw the world bob to the surface
Causing me to realize, I guess, that when floating side by side with The Population, I wasn't what I
had called myself
Uneasy comparison between what was felt and what was seen lead to
Thick brushes and heavy glue, dripping with screaming adhesive
Helped to smooth my rougher edges with worded papers, helped mesh me with the current
Gluing secrets tight against helpless skin, chafing until the burn grew inconveniently unavoidable
I guess now I'd rather be wet and perhaps a bit more battered
Than be so so dry

A Dream

A dream is not a goal or a life plan

Its what you can barely achieve
But believe in anyway

A dream is what you stay awake at night hoping for

Knowing that if it came true it would cure all your pain
And forever stop the rain

A Dream is the light that pushes out the dark

The secrets that you keep close to your heart
To make sure they dont slip away

A dream is what so many give up on

Or never even have
Afraid they dont possess the courage it takes

Emma DeFontes
A dream is what keeps me going

Melissa Aust

Melissa Aust
Sam Ford


Emma DeFontes

JJ Sayers