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Throughout the Bachelors of Science, Registered Nurse program at Bon

Secours Memorial College of Nursing I have learned too many things to list. The
things that I have learned are not limited to nursing skills but also experiences and
values I have developed along the way. Combined with my experiences as a Patient
Care Technician in the Emergency Department, a position available to me because
of my education at BSMCON, I have gone from a student who knew little about what
it means to be an RN to a soon to be new graduate Emergency Department RN.
I have worked with men, women, and children of all different backgrounds
with a multitude of health issues, and have learned something from each one. I
have worked with students, faculty, and other health care professionals who each
have their own expertise and a different point of view. I have learned that I am a
stronger, smarter person and nurse that I ever thought I would be and that I
continue to have much more to learn. I have learned that we all have personal
biases that we may or may not be aware of yet, because we have yet to face them
in our clinical practice.
I, like my fellow classmates, have come a long way from being scared to go
into a patients room for the first time and grabbing a partner to give a bed bath to
jumping in and performing CPR during a code and communicating my assessment
and recommendations to a physician. Throughout my experience in lab I was able
to practice assessments and insertions of IVs, catheters, and nasogastric tubes on
manikins, among other things. During my time in Adult Nursing Science I and II
Practicum, I became more comfortable talking with my patients, and performing
assessments on real, live people and then trying to put the full picture of their
health together in my head and in my concept maps. In my PCT role in the ED I
have inserted countless IVs, catheters, performed EKGs, communicated with
physicians, and performed CPR during a code. During my Immersion experience in
the Intensive Care Unit I cared for critically ill patients with multiple IV drips, on
ventilators, receiving dialysis, and on sedation. During this last semester of nursing
school I realized how much I have learned and grown and about how much more I
have to learn and experience to be a competent RN in the ED.
The experience I gained throughout ANS I and II and my 200+ hours spent in
the ICU for Immersion, is truly invaluable. I have: performed Q1hr neuro checks,
performed bladder scanning, completed postmortem care, maintained and titrated
cardiac drips, performed continuous renal dialysis management, administered blood
transfusions, performed trach care, administered TPN via a central line, performed
central line dressing changes, participated in charge nurse roles and duties,
participated and assisted in a code and other emergency procedures including
central line placement and intubation, removed arterial lines, performed train of
four; cared for patients: post operatively, from a rapid response on the floor, on a
ventilator, on sedative, receiving a paralytic, and at the end of life. Throughout this
time I also provided therapeutic communication and education to my patients, and
their family members. I was able to see and provide continuum of care for patients

and observe patients whose condition improved and patients whose condition
Throughout the previous three years, the experience and education I received
in the RN, BSN program have helped me to feel confident as a new graduate nurse.
Although I know I am still very far from being an experience RN, I do feel that I am
more experienced than other possible new graduate nurses coming from a different
nursing program, or who did have tech or ICU experience. I feel confident in that I
have the basic building blocks to continue learning in my career through my
preceptorship and other courses I will take as a newly hired, new graduate nurse in
the Emergency Department. I plan to obtain my Advanced Cardiac Life Support
certification and my Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification, and continue to
improve my assessment skills, learn to triage my patients, and better understand
the full picture, and a patients plan of care, all while also learning more about
medications, time management and prioritization skills from my preceptor.
After I have transitioned into feeling comfortable in my role as an RN in the
ED, I plan to continue my education and skill set. I plan to obtain certifications such
as being a Certified Emergency Nurse, and learning triage and charge nurse roles. I
also plan to continue to utilize evidence based practice and will research any gaps I
notice in implemented practice. I want to work with my team in the ED to
continually improve patient care and outcomes.