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Un Me Jeans: Branding in Web 2.

Prateek Rastogi
Section A

Answers to the Case Questions:

What if any, of the 3 social media plans should Foley pursue? Why?
What benefits would Foley gain from each of the three social media
plans? What risks does each entail? How can Foley better reap the
benefits and mitigate the risks of each of the program? How should
Foley integrate social media plan into her traditional plan? Should Foley
take money out of the traditional plan to fund the social media
program? Why? Why not? How should Foley measure the result of her
social media plans? Which media metrics are best and least suited for a
web 2.0 world? In Un Me the right brans for brand building in social
media? Who so?

One time
Yearly charges
y-o-y growth
Age (12-24)

Zwinktopia (virtual




69% of youngsters and adolescent grown-ups use person to person

communication destinations and approx. 68% of them utilize these destinations
more than once every day this connotes a substantial number of target gathering
is accessible on social networking. Further division of clients could be possible by
researching demographics of individual profile focused around age, area, likes &
engages and so on. Since Un Me Jeans is a focused on towards youth so it ought
to try for social networking promoting on Facebook. Customers have a tendency
to purchase garments on premise on pictures the see and not features,
additionally Youtube has a greater amount of clients which are slanted towards
learning picking up and fun consideration never there is to purchase things.
Issues for showcasing on social networking
Users are as of now presented to 5000 publicizing messages every day, its
exceptionally jumbled.
Advertisement maintenance was just 1-3%
Social media can make a brand mindfulness yet can't make purchasing
Approx. 32% on online ad is one through flag/show promotions, buyers
now don't look it termed as 'Pennant lack of sight'. Active visitor clicking
percentage for standard advertisements dropped from .75% to .2%
Content is normally co- made so negative exposure is a real risk.
An individual can feel insulted if an ad is shown without his/her
Virtual world like application can't be played available held gadgets and in
this manner future for these is extremely constrained.

Execution measures of a brand on social networking

Brand execution is not just restricted to movement of clients or likes or offer
done by clients, it is considerably more than that. As indicated by me client
group gatherings can be made out of which one gathering will be just for the
clients who know & like the brand while other gathering can be a shut gathering
and can be joined just by the individuals who have an article of the brand this
will help to recognize the change degree from online networking engagement.
Shut gathering will encase each of the four attributes said like co making worth,
advanced outpouring toward oneself, offering & union toward oneself.
Online networking promoting ought to be incorporated in its fundamental
advertising arrange as pattern is changing individuals are moving far from
conventional media, TRP for unsurpassed high channels and shows is currently
altogether dropped. Significant Social media occasions ought to be exceedingly
promoted through nontraditional approaches to produce most extreme activity to
sites and user collaboration.