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Notify customer via SMS when estimation i

Cash desk receipt

Barcode Reader used for reading C

Security deposit amount automatically

calculated and defaulted based on
electricity meter size and water connection

Business Aim

The aim of this enhancement is creating and sending an SMS to the

customers to ask them to provide their readings within a certain period of time.
If the readings are not provided by the customers, an automatic estimation for
the readings is executed.

Print form for cash desk receipt. The customer should receive a document
when paying at the cash desk. The form should include all payment types
(cash, cheque, card), and detailed specification for the payment (customer
information, account information, Name of the Main Transaction for the cleared
documents, amounts etc.). Standard form:

A special bar code reader is used for reading the information printed on the
cheques received for payment (cheque number, bank number, account
number etc.) and enter them in the corresponding fields of the cash desk or
the cheque lot. An enhancement must be in place to cover this functionality.

EWA takes cash and non-cash security deposits. The security deposit amount
will depend on electricity meter size / water connection size the customer uses
and this amount should be defaulted when security deposit request is created.
Standard SAP will not cater to this need, but with an enhancement with Event

After the IDOC for the meter reading upload is uploaded, the user exit EDMFOLUP will be used.
In the user exit, a code should be written to create and send the SMS.
Based on the Contract value uploaded in the IDOC file, the corresponding Business Partner has to be identified.
For that, Function Module ISU_FINDER is used 2 consecutive times.
So to retrieve the address, it will be done first by a query into EABL table to link the Equipment Number EQUNR from the
meter reading document ABLBELNR.
After that Function Module ISU_FINDER will be used to extract the Premise and the Connection Object fields from the Equi
from the previous step.
Next a query to ADRC table will extract the other details of the address based on the Connection Object from the previous s
Function Module BAPI_BCONTACT_CREATEFROMDATA will be used to create Customer Interaction Record CIR based o
Partners. So all the SMSs sent to different Business Partners will be tracked through CRM.
Meter Reading Order Creation -: Transaction EL09 Execute Order Creation
will be the step of outputting the orders (Transaction EL35 Order Output).

To check on the source Contract Account:

Check the table DFKKOP
Where AUGST = 9 and AUGRD = 3 for the document (this means this document has been cleared by transfer)
To show the target CA information, we take the document No in field AUGBL for the above document.
From table DFKKOP where OPBEL = AUGBL
Check on the target Contract Account:
Check FKKKO where KERKF = 34 (that means this is a posting because of a transfer).
Then we check DFKKOP where AUGBL = OPBEL in above line

For the above two checks to know where this transfer is for a security deposit or not, we need to check the Main/sub transa
the following:
HVORG= 0020 and TVORG = 0010.

The form will be triggered from Cash Desk transaction: FPCJ

Receipt No. will be provided by SAP system. Could be used the field REPTNR in Table DFKKREPT
Date: DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS. System date for the generation SY-DATUM
Office: Cash Desk description (Branch Name). The description of the field RFKH0-CHDSK
Till No: Branch description (Cash Number). The description of the field RFKH0-OFFIC

In SAP Cash Journal transaction (FPCJ), for an incoming cheque payments, the cashier would have to enter manually cheq
Cheque number, Bank number and Bank account number.

For fulfil requirement, we are going to use this enhancement to be able the cashier to scan the cheque barcode and popula
cheque details in the screen (cash journal transaction):
Cheque Number
Bank Number
Bank Account Number

cashier will click cursor in the barcode field and when she/he scans the check barcode, barcode data would get populated i

Once we have the barcode field populated, we would use the EVENT 6060 to interpret and populate field inputs in respectiv
Check Number, Bank Number and Bank Account Number.

EWA takes in cash security deposit as well as non-cash security deposit using transaction FPSEC1.
In standard SAP after entering Reason for Request (One of the field in security deposit creation), user would have to manu
amount. By the enhancement explained in this FS, EWA would be able to default the security deposit amount using Event 0
amount would be derived based on electricity meter size / water connection
Event 0810 is triggered while creating cash / non-cash security deposit in transaction FPSEC1.

For the event to be triggered, user would have to input Reason for Request field in FPSEC1 input screen and press Enter
Event 0810 imports parameter I_SEC for cash and non-cash security deposit, from which we can retrieve contract account
2) How to determine the security deposit amount based on Electricity Meter Size or Water Connection Size.
Once we have the contract account number (VKONT), we need to derive the meter size (For electricity contract) and water
(For water contract) which would be available in table ETYP-FUNKLAS (function class) - material data.
Logic to derive ETYP-FUNKLAS from VKONT is given below.
a) Pass VKONT in VKONTO field of table EVER, and retrieve EVER-ANLAGE (Installation)
b) Pass ANLAGE in ANLAGE field of table EASTL, and retrieve EASTL-LOGIKNR (logical device number)
c) Pass LOGIKNR in LOGKNR field of Table EGERH, and retrieve EGERH-EQUNR (Equipment Number)
d) Pass EQUNR in EQUNR field of Table EQUI, and retrieve EQUI-MATNR (Material Number)
e) Pass MATNR in MATNR field of table ETYP, and retrieve ETYP-FUNKLAS (Function Class)
electricity meter size and water connection size can be determined from ETYP- FUNKLAS


EWA-FS-6-I-DM-Notify customer via SMS

for estimation

EWA-FS-021-F-BI-Individual Bill Transfer

Details v1.1

EWA-FS-36-E-FICA-Cheque Barcode Reader