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Service Tax

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Service Tax Highlights

Service Tax Registration required if your service turnover cross 9 lakh

Centralise service tax registration is different
Service Tax Return need to be file on Half Yearly basis but tax is require to be
deposit on 5th of every month

Flat Tax Rate differ 15%

Central level Tax

Tax collected from service receiver
No service on Export, even on sale to exporter input service tax on purchase is
In case Form ST-2, Registration of Service Tax is not issued within seven days
of filing of Form ST-1 with all the relevant documents, the service tax
registration is automatically deemed to be granted.
In case any liasioning from department require for acquiring ST-2 - Rs. 2000/ST-1 Provision Registration in Two Days
ST-2 Take At least 7 Days

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ST Registration Process

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List of Competition-Price
Vakilsearch Rs. 5290/- (Chennai Based)
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Resource & Support for You

Query Support- Ticket to SRM-2
Tele calling Support
File Creation Support


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Landing Page

After Filling the form lead Captured in Lead

Squared as New Enquiry

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Auto SMS Responses

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Tax Registration. You may upload your all information
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Lead Stage Change

New Enquiry to Old Enquiry

If Phone Not Connected/Ringing/Call back Later/ Talk you Letter

New/Old Enquiry to Opportunity

If lead requirement freeze but not seems to Meet/Converted one or two days
(Complete Five Master Info- First Name/Caller Requirement/Mobile number with
+91/ Lead owner/ Lead stage)

New/Old Enquiry/Opportunity to Office meeting

If Lead opt to visit our office (Send office Address-SMS)
If Lead opt for Executive visit at his location (Fill the Report sheet on G drive)

New/Old Enquiry/Opportunity/Office Meeting to Postpone

If Lead in indecisive mode, but not denied, want after 15-20 days

New/Old Enquiry/Opportunity/Office Meeting to Prospect

If lead seems to Convert online in one or two days


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Lead Stage Change to Rejection

Old Enquiry to Enquiry Rejection

Opportunity to Opportunity Rejection

Before That try to convert in meeting at client place

Record the Reason for Rejection

Postpone to Enquiry Rejection

Record the Reason for Rejection

Lead Age Not Less Then 7 Days

Office Meeting to Office Meeting Rejection

If Phone 3-4 time Not Connected/Ringing/Call back Later/ Talk you Letter
Lead Age Not Less then 4 days

Record the Reason for Rejection

Prospect to Prospect Rejection

Record the Reason for Rejection

Note: Cross Rejection not allowed except Postpone to Enquiry Rejection" i.e. prospect to
enquiry rejection, meeting to prospect rejection Etc.


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All Relevant link

Service Tax Proposal
ServiceTax Prop. Ship Document Upload
ServiceTax Partnership Document Upload
ServiceTax Company Document Upload
ServiceTax Payment Link

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Who is liable to get register under service tax

Any person providing service is liable to get register under service tax when his turnover
exceeds 9,00,000/- Rs .
3.Association of persons(AOP)/ Body of individual(BOI)
5.Any Other body corporate
6.Any other business entity
Business entity : Means any entity carrying on any commercial activity.

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2. Who is liable for payment of service tax

Any person providing service is liable to pay service tax.
However exemption from payment of service tax is given , if turnover doesnt
exceeds 10,00,000/- Rs.
Although in some case person who receives service is liable for payment of service
tax which is known as Reverse Charge Mechanism(RCM)
RCM applies to 12 specified service only subjects to any new amendment(s)

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3. Procedure for service tax registration

Step 1- Create account on service tax site
Step 2-Once account is created login i.d. And password is sent on mail.This is the
first time password , user is required to change the same on login
Step 3-Now fill ST 1 online
Step 4- A provisional Service tax registration no. is allotted and once deptt check
the validity of ST 1 ,It updates ST 2 online and also send the same by courier.
Provisional Service tax registration no. is received on the same day however it may
take 7-10 days for ST 2.

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4. Documents required for service tax registration

1.Copy of PAN card
3.Proof of identity
4.Lease /Rent agreement , Non objection certificate and utility bill(Not older than 2 months)
5.Cancelled cheque

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5. Due date for payment of service tax

For Individual , proprietorship ,partnership firm , LLP
Payment is to be made quarterly.
Service provided during

Payment due date

April to June

6th July

July to September

6th October

October to December

6th January

January to March

31st March

For others -i.e. Company , HUF or any other business entity.

Payment is to be made monthly.
Service provided during

Payment due date


31st March

Other months

6th of next month

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6.Interest for delay payment


Period of Delay

Rate of Simple Interest Per Annum


Up to 6 Month



More than 6 months & up to 1 year 18 % for the first 6 months of delay;
24 % for delay beyond 6 months


More than 1 year

18 % for the first 6 months of delay;

24 % for period beyond 6 months up to 1
30 %for any delay beyond 1 year

However in the case value of total taxable services(I.e. Invoice issued) provided does not exceed sixty lakh
rupees during the last preceding financial year, such rate of interest, shall be reduced by 3% P.A. Page 22

7.Due date for service tax return

Half yearly Return in Form ST-3


Due date

1st April to 30th September

25th October

1st October to 31st March

25th April

In case return is filed after due date-Late fees is payable.

In case return is not filed- Penalty is applicable.

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8. Fee for late filing of return

For delay of 15 days -Late fee will be Rs. 500/For delay of more than 15 days but upto 30 days -Late fees will be Rs. 1000/Beyond 30 days -Late fees payable is 1000/-plus Rs 100/- per day from 31st day till date of the furnishing of
ST-3 Return.
However, the maximum amount payable shall not more than Rs. 20000 /-

9.Penalty for not filing of return

If return is not filed within due date penalty can be imposed upto Rs. 10000/In case assessee is providing more than one service ,penalty for delay in filing of return no separate
penalty is payable for each service.

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10.Whether a single return is to be filed for multiple services

Yes, only one return is required to be filed for all the service he is providing.
Return is filed under ST- 3
11.Whether filing of service tax return is compulsory to be filed
Yes, Once a person has registered under service tax,he is required to file service tax return on due date
12.Service tax registration No.
Service tax registration No. is PAN based
Service tax registration can be on local or central level.
Service tax registration No. is 15 digit no.
1st 10 digits- PAN No. of assessee
11th & 12th digit- Service tax code (It can be ST and SD)
13th ,14th & 15th digit -Registration no. allotted for premise.For 1st premise it would be 001, for 2nd premise it would be

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