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Assignment #1 Animal Behavior

Research Proposal
You must individually produce a proposal for an animal behavior research project. The
proposal will include an introductory section providing background information (with proper
citations). Next, you will provide a feasible methodology including materials needed, and
figures describing their experimental design. The proposal will conclude with a preliminary
budget and justification.
Required Research Proposal Sections
The introductory section provides background information on the study system and the
question asked. This section should include information concerning the behavioural research
question being asked. What is known about this behavior? What is not known about this
behavior? Why is it important to study this behavior? Next, provide relevant information on
the species used for your project. The introduction section should be 2-3 pages, double
spaces, and should include at least 10 primary literature citations.
Methods and Materials:
The methodology section provides information on how the study will be completed. This
section should include information concerning how the animals will be collected (Field
collections? Ordered from a scientific website? Wild population? Lab population?). Next, you
should lay out the steps of your experimental design. This section should provide sufficient
detail so that a reader could repeat your experiment. Finally, provide a brief section outlining
your statistical methods. Which statistical tests will you use to answer your research
Budget and Justification
The final section of the research proposal will be an itemized budget, and a justification for
your budget. In this section, be explicit in how much money you will need to accomplish
your research goals. Include any materials purchased (could include species!), as well as any
budget needed for travel and transportation. Imagine this is a proposal that could lead to
funding. There is no limit to the amount of money you can ask for; however, you must supply
a detailed justification for each of your budget items.

Send an email to me with your proposed research question by ___________

Grading Rubric (100 total pts)

Emailed Research Question (5 pts)
Sufficient Background Information (30 pts)
Relevant Citations Must be cited properly in-text and in separate literature cited section (5
Clear research question / hypothesis / predictions (15 pts)
Methods and Materials:
Animal collection/use (5 pts)
Experimental Design (15 pts)
Statistical Methods (5 pts)
Budget and Justficiation
Itemized Budget (10 pts)
Justification for all Budget items (10 pts)