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I. Multiple Choice: Encircle the letter of the best answer.
1. Which of the following upsets ecological balance?
a. deforestation
b. presence of air pollution
c. production of air pollutants d. both a and c
2. How can rapid population growth be controlled ?
a. population information and dissemination b. family planning
c. death rate increase d. both a and b
3. It helps people know the bad effects of rapid population growth
a. population commission
b. population program c. population education
d. population migration
4. When people line up to buy nice then there is ______ shortage.
a. food
b. water
c. energy d. housing
5. The coming of more people to Metro Manila from the provinces is called _______.
a. urban migration
b. emigration
a. deforestation
b. ecological balance c. sanctuary
d. migration
14. Plastics are examples of
a. biodegradable materials
b. synthetic materials
c. natural materials
d. preservatives
15. Why is pesticide not always beneficial?
a. It destroys both useful and harmful organisms
b. It exterminates harmful weeds
c. It pollutes the soil and water
d. both a and c
16. They are all alike.
a. molecules of water and air
b. molecules of air
c. molecules of water
d. molecules of gases
17. Which is the solvent?
a. distilled water
b. coffee and hot waterc. air
d. sea water
18. Mother would like to enhance the color of the chicken she is cooking.
a. salt
b. sugar
c. achuete
d. vinegar
19. What are the materials that kill germs and prevent the spread of diseases?
a. additive
b. solvent
c. antiseptic
d. insecticide
20. Which solvent can remove a nail polish?
a. water
b. thinner
c. vinegar
d. acetone
21. Which of the following artificially created?
a. wooden chair
b. metal chair
c. monobloc chair
d. metal and wooden chair
22. What household materials are continuously improved by technology?
a. kitchen utensils
b. cooking appliances c. food containersd. all of the above
23. What causes health problems in an overcrowded place?
a. lack of food
b. dirty surrounding
c. lack of health services
d. all of the above
24. Why are your window grills, wall, furniture, roof and house painted?
a. because paints prevent the iron from combining with oxygen and moisture in the air
b. because it protects crops
c. it is used to kill insects
d. because paints are used before to remove stains in the clothes
25. How can we improve water supply?
a. by buying bottled water
b. by contaminating water
c. by conserving water d. by buying water purifier
26. Why is family planning necessary?
a. To help increase the number of children in a family
b. To help produce more labor force in the family.
c. To help control population explosion.
d. To help improve young generation.
27. Which of the following shows concern for a more healthful surroundings?
a. participating in tree planting
b. throwing away plastics into rivers
c. burying non-biodegradable materials
d. dumping biodegradable materials in a nearby canal

28. _______, a polymer, gives a waxy appearance to plastic bags.

a. plastic
b. polyethylene
c. turpentine
d. thinner
29. A red dye is prepared from the dried bodies of the females of the cochineal insects.
a. coccus lepus
b. dactyl coccus
c. dactylopius
d. rubia lopius
30. Herbicide kills harmful ________.
a. insects
b. pests
c. weeds d. animals
31. ___________ is a way of changing the arrangement of genes.
a. Geodetic Engineering
b. Genetic Engineering
c. Chemical Engineering
d. Electrical Engineering
32. ________ is the wise use of our natural resources.
a. reservation
b. conservation
c. separation
d. application
33. _______ are the fundamental units of inheritance.
a. genes
b. cells
c. molecules
d. matter
34. In this system, _____ is the solute.
a. glass
b. water
c. salt
d. fire
35. _______ is a substance usually made by the action of alkali in fat.
a. shampoo
b. detergent
c. soap
d. additives
36. _____ destroys harmful insects in plants.
a. fungicide
b. insecticide
c. herbicide
d. pesticide
37. _______ is used as disinfectant and deodorizer or as whitening agent.
a. bleach
b. detergents
c. soap
d. shampoo
38. The agents of spoilage are bacteria, yeasts, insects and _______.
a. algae
b. molds
c. ants
d. moss
40. What is the hardest substance?
a. rock
b. diamond
c. marbles
d. iron
II. True or False. Write True if the sentence is correct. If not write false. Write this on the blank.
_____41. Forests are homes to wildlife creatures.
_____42. Tarsiers of Bohol which are taught to be the smallest monkeys in the world.
_____43. Preservatives enhance tastes/color of foods.
_____44. Additives are chemicals which help preserve the quality of the food.
_____45. Pesticides become harmful when they contaminate ground water.
_____46. Forests play a vital role in the balance of nature.
_____47. Delayed marriage tends to limit family size.
_____48. DDT means dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane.
_____49. A red pigment may be taken from the rubia plant.
_____50. Plastics are examples of synthetic materials.
31. How may this message be relayed? Sonia told Lina, You are a very good reporter.
a. Sonia told Lina that she was a very good reporter.
b. Sonia told Lina that she is a very good reporter.
c. Sonia told Lina that you are a very good reporter.
32. Which is a reported command ?
a. Report on time before our rehearsal our teacher told us.
b. The doctor told the patient to have a complete rest.
c. John asked if Miss Santos is going to have a lecture today.
33. Change this reminder to reported request.
Nelia: Please stop playing wu\ith the switch, Ben.
a. Nelia asked Ben to stop playing with the switch.
b. Nelia stop Ben playing with the switch.
c. Nelia asked Ben to please stop playing with the switch.
34. Mario has sunburn because he stayed under the sun for hours. The underlined part is ______.
a. cause
b. effectc. independent clause
35. When the star player did not play, the team lost the championship game.

Underline the part that shows the cause.

36. The ferry man set the work for frenzy. Frenzy means____.
a. disappointment
b. discovery
c. excitement
37. The beggar sat hunched on the riverbank waiting for the free trip.
a. bent posture b. sit erect
c. looked up
38. Educated people are distinguished in their own right.
a. dignified
b. known
c. unknown
39. Wealth is to poverty as wisdom is to ________.
a. foolishness b. stupid
c. wise
40. Lions is to courage as weighing scales is to ________.
41. A careless school child on his bike is racing through a busy street without looking to his left and right.
a. He is likely to reach his destination earlier.
b. He is likely to be hit by a running car.
c. He is likely to skip by a running car.
42. (1)The diamond is the hardest substance known to man. (2)It is actually made of carbon which has been crystallized
by extreme heat and pressure under the earths crust. (3)It can be cut-out only by another diamond. The key
sentence in a paragraph is number____.
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
II-A Given a three-point outline below with a phase missing. Identify whether the missing phrase is:
A. heading
B. sub-heading
C. details
Enemies of Trees
I. Insects
A. Beetles
1. Eat the leaves
43. 2. ___________
44. II _____________________
A. Rabits, deer, squirrel
1. Grow the bark
45. B. _____________
II-B. Rewrite the words in the box correctly, following the correct form/order to create
beautiful poem. (5pts.)
In our home
Furry, white
Barks, run, jumps