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Imam habibi


Lesson Plan

: Senior High School


: X/1


: English


: News Item


: Writing


: 1x20 minutes

Standard competence
Expressing short functional written text meaning and simple essay which narrative,
descriptive and news item form in daily activities.

Basic Competence
Expressing the meaning and rhetorical steps of an simple essay accurately, fluently, and
understandably in daily life and to access knowledge in the form of news item.

Mention the function, generic structure, language features of news item.
Understand the content of the news item in text, or the others media
Make questions and answer of news item with the correct composition and grammatically.

At the end of the lesson, students are able to:
State the definition of news item.
Mention the function, generic structure, language features of news item.
Understand the content of the news item in text, or the others media.
Make questions and answers of news item with the correct composition and grammatically.

Imam habibi


Learning Materials
1. Definition of News Item :
News item is a text which informs readers about events of the day. The events are
considered newsworthy or important. (News item is a text that gives information about the
incident / event daily).
2. Social Function of News Item :
To inform readers or listeners about events of the day which are considered newsworthy
or important.
3. Generic Structure of News Item :


Newsworthy Event

is what event happened which considered as newsworthy. Commonly newsworthy event is a

place in the first paragraph. Newsworthy event tells the main event in a summary form.


Background Events / Elaboration

Can be the detail information of the stated newsworthy event or the outside background which
closely relates to newsworthy event.
Elaborate what happened, tell what caused the incident. It can be a background, participant,
time, and place relating to the news.



is the closing statement which can be from the participants, witness, or the official authorities.
4. Language Feature of News Item :
a. Using Action Verb.
Example : hit, attack
b. Using Saying Verb.
Example : said, added, claimed
c. Using Passive Sentence.
Example : Aceh was hit by Tsunami in 2004.
d. Use of adverbs in passive sentences.
Example : The victims were badly injured.;

Imam habibi


Example of News Item text :

Indonesian Maid Beheaded
An Indonesian housemaid has been executed in Saudi Arabia after being convicted of killing her
employer, the Saudi Interior Minister said.
The woman was beheaded in the Southern Asir province in what was the second execution in the
The maid was earlier found of suffocating her female boss and stealing her jewellery. Rape, murder
and other serious crimes can carry the death penalty in the conservative desert kingdom.
Last year, Saudi Arabia, which follow a strict interpretation of Syaria, Islamic law executed more than
130 people.
Taken from:
Generic Structure Analysis
1. Main event; an Indonesian maid was beheaded in Saudi Arabia.
2. Background 1; the maid was found guilty of suffocating her bos.
3. Background 2; serious crimes can carry death penalty in Saudi Arabia.
4. Background 3; Saudi Arabia executed more than 130 people last year.
5. Source; the Saudi Interior Minister statement.

Learning Media/Technique

Whiteboard, laptop/Drill

Learning Steps
Teachers Activity

Students Activity



Teacher greets the students

Teacher ask the students to praying

together before start the lesson

Commenting late comers (if any)
Teacher check the attendance list
Teacher asking simple question

Responding the teacher

The students pray together

Responding the teacher

Students share their

knowledge about news

and sharing about news item

a. Exploration
Teacher explain about the material
b. Elaboration
Teacher divides the students into


Students pay attention to

the material

3 minutes

Imam habibi

Teacher explains some what they

should do in news item task.

Teacher give assignment to each

c. Confirmation
Teacher asks students to show the


Students makes group

Students pay attention

Students do the

15 minutes


assignment and discuss

Teacher asks the students whether
they have question about their

material today or not

Teacher closes the meeting

Students discuss together

Students respond the

2 minutes


Olympiad-winning students need govts supports
Newsworthy event
Indonesia must support its most gifted young students in order to build a talented
workforce in the future, an Indonesian Olympiad chairman says .
Background events
Indonesian students took home three gold medals from the ninth Asian Physics
Olympiad in Mongolia on Wednesday, 30 th April 2008, defeated only by China with eight gold
medals. The

Imam habibi


medals add to a tally of over 50 gold medals already won by Indonesian students in
international competitions over the last two years.
National Education Minister Bambang Sudibyo said the government has no firm
programs to keep its world-class students at home to develop the nation. Theres no
problem if
other countries take them. As long as they are patriots, they will do something for the sake of
the nation, he told the press Wednesday after welcoming the successful students home
from the Mongolian Physics Olympiad.
The minister, however, acknowledged there should be an incentive to entice
outstanding students to work and live in their homeland.
Indonesian Physics Olympiad team chairman Yohaness Surya suggested the
government send students to the worlds best universities to retain them for the future. I
have written to the President and the education minister, calling on them to grant gold medal
winners full scholarships at the worlds best universities, he said.
By doing so, these children will be our countrys assets. We can expect them to
come back through, for example, a service contract mechanism, Yohaness said.
Yohaness said the governments lack of support of Olympiad-winning students has
meant most of them are now continuing their studies with support from other countries. He
said the success of Indonesian students in international competitions proved Indonesia had
a talented future workforce. All thats left to do is see how the government can polish these
remarkable students, Yohaness added.
Adapted from: (2nd April 2008)

1. Who were involved in the story?
2. When and where was the event held?
3. According to National Education Minister, what does the government view these
worldclass students in developing the nation?
4. What happens if the government grants the gold medal winners full scholarship at the
worlds best universities?
5. What is the consequence of the goverments lack of support of Olympiad winners?

Learning Source
Internet, English Revolution Book, Newspaper

Scoring System

Imam habibi

1. Technique
2. Form
3. Instrument


: Written
: Writing news item text
: Make questions and answers based on news item text

Rubric Assesment

Correct Answer
Uncorrect Answer
Number of questions
Highest Score