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Broadly the main areas of focus include the following topics, although authors should not feel limited by them. Unlisted but related sub-topics are also
acceptable, provided they fit in one of the following subtheme areas:
Health Science and Technology

Aquatic Science and Technology

EHealth: From Sensors To Homecare Services

Health Effect Of Pollutants
Medicine, Life-Science, Bio-Medicines
Public Health And Cities
Natural Product
Cosmesceutical and Nutraceutical Chemistry
Bioinorganic Chemistry

Aquatic Conservation
Biotech For Sustainability
Biology And Biodiversity
Biology Conservation
Aquatic Materials And Corrosions
Aquatic system and structure
Marine Animals And Their Ecology
Ecological Sustainability
Fish Health Sciences
Fisheries Biology And Ecology
Fisheries Trade And Marketing
Fisheries Management And Capacity Building
Fisheries And Aquaculture
Maritime Operations, Safety And Security

Energy Science and Technology

Electrical And Electronic Materials
Energy economy
Engineering And The Law
Fuel Cells And Energy Storage
Hybrid Vehicle And Its Integrations
Nanotechnology For Sustainability
Power Electronic And Applications
Power System Stability And Reliability
Renewable Energy Systems And Sources
Sensor And Instrumentation
Smart Grid, Smart Building Power Management
Sustainability And Green Information And Communication
Sustainable Material
Chemical Sensors
Theoretical Chemistry

Agricultural and Food Science and Technology

Functional Food
Food Service
Food Processing and Technology
Food Science
Food Chemistry
Sustainable Agriculture And Organic Farming
Green Agricultural Technology
Food Safety And Organic Food
Innovation in Food Quality and Processing
Food Sustainability
Food Supply Chain & Distribution Systems
Societal Challenges in Nutrition and Health
Future Foods
Global and Local Food Safety and Security

Environmental Science and Technology

Forensic Science
Disaster Management
Environmental Remediation
Environmental Quality Monitoring and Assessment
Solid and hazardous management
Safety and environmental management




Air And Noise Pollution

Pollution Control And Management

Social Science

Waste Treatment (Industrial, Domestic, Natural)

Sustainability Related Public Policy, Legislation, Laws And

Water And Soil Environment

Regulations And Practice

Sewage Treatment And Utilization

Sustainable Tourism

Bioremediation Of Polluted Sites

Ecological Economic

Structural Sustainability
Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation
Green Chemistry
Environmental Modelling
Coastal Infrastructure Developments
Beach Erosion And Sediment Transport
Polymer Science

Human Dimensions And Socioeconomic Problems

Maritime management
Psychology Community
Fisheries Legislation, Policy And Governance


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