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Lesson Plan Template


Note: this Lesson is related to the course 2803, which created for special need learner (autism case).

Name: Nour Obaid

Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on to grow professionally?

To create effective lessons plans that pupils learn and have fun from it.

To achieve in classroom management.

To arrive the information to the children in right way they can understand it.

Create learner-cantered lesson and classroom.

To teach in the appropriate time and avoid extra time.

Grade Level:
level- EnglishSection: M

and Lion

Learning Outcome (School code and

The pupil will connect two animals
puzzles (one animal then giving him
the second animals puzzle.)
The pupil will name the animal.
Note: his case can name and do more
than one puzzle. I noticed and asked
my MST and he was able to achieves
these levels of tasks.

(what Preparation (what do you need to make
materials/equipment will you and or check before class?)
the students use? Be specific):
As a teacher, I need to prepare the
o PowerPoint illustrate the lion
resources that I will use in teaching.
and elephant in a story with
Preparing the suitable place to learn
their sounds.
and apply the tasks.
o Video about these two
Prepare extra activities.
Essential vocabulary
o Puzzles activity.
Animals names. By the time, practicing and
o Ipad (powerPiont can work
training gradually, the autistic child will be
in Ipad software).
able to learn, familiarize, recognize and
vocabulary component.
Current vocabulary:

Time: 20 Whole


Introduction and lesson implementing:

In Hamads case, I need to focus in his teaching so, he is able to learn. Due
to the poor concentration and the delay linguistic skills among to the other
children in his class. It is essential to teach him separately and in
modification way. As introduction, I am going to set with him beside his
home assistants the shadow teacher not the special need teacher. I am
going to use the iPad in order to show the story and video. I am going to let

Select (S):
Identify a lesson and what standards are you addressing:
It was very suitable for him. he could learn and do the tasks.

Describe (D):
Who is the lesson for? Hamad, mild autistic child - the second level.
Where did the lesson take place? English, learning vocabulary.
What were you trying to achieve in your lesson? Yes, he loves playing
and the video. He were concentrate
What did the students do?
Student saw, play with puzzles and learn.

Analyze (A):
Why do you think the students responded the way that they did? Yes,
by his reaction and concentration.
How well did your teaching relate to the students
understanding? By asking the teachers and observing him.


How well did you engage the students?

By using iPad, story and video.

Appraise (A):
Explain the nature of the experience from the students perspective
I think the child liked it so much because of his strong concentration,
participating, their reaction and their great work during the differentiation
Did your lesson meet your teaching goals?