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Sharing vs Saving.

His parents could be worried that he would be taken advantage of by the other
students once they figured out that he would just give away anything that he owned. Jim's parents could
also be worried that he would develop bad habits like selfishness through the American value of saving
for oneself.
Cooperation vs Domination: Due to Jim's cooperative nature, he is more susceptible to the other students
bossing him around. Jim may also have problems in the classroom if the teacher is not cooperative. His
parents could even have similar problems if they just go along with the EP without questioning it because
they do not believe in questioning a formal authority.
Non-Interference vs Competition: Jim's parents may be worried that he will become too competitive and
then become aggressive with his siblings. If Jim does not become competitive, he will most likely lose
any school competitions that he takes part in and that could cause self-esteem issues.
Sense of being vs Aggression: The parents may be worried that he will learn to be aggressive and then
have behavioral issues or that he will not respond well to another student that acts aggressive towards
Importance of the tribe and extended family vs individualism and the nuclear family: Learning these new
behaviors could cause fights with his siblings. Jim could become more self-reliant and stop helping out
the family in favor of doing more stuff for himself instead.
Harmony with nature vs Mastery over nature: Jim's parents may be worried that he will lose his sense of
Culture if he decides that it is better to be a master of nature instead of being in harmony with nature. On
the other side of the issue, Jim Could be at a disadvantage because he does not know how to use the
machines that the other students may know how to; and they could make fun of him for his lack of
Present-time orientation vs Future-time orientation: Jim may have trouble connecting with the other
children because he does not think about what he wants to do in the future, like what he wants to be when
he grows up, he is just focused on the here and the now. They may fret over the fact that if he focuses
more on the future and less on the present he may have a loss of his sense of himself and who he is as a
Preference for explanation of natural phenomena according to the spiritual realm vs Preference for
scientific explanations of everything: Students may make fun of Jim because of his religious or spiritual
beliefs. They could also be worried that if he adopts this idea of scientific explanations and suffer a loss of
cultural beliefs.

Deep respect for elders vs Reverence for youth: Jim could get taken advantage of by the teacher or older
students in his school since he has such a deep respect for elders that he would do anything that was asked
of him. His parents may also worry that he will lose his respect for his elders and this would lead to bad
habits such as disrespectfulness and ignoring what his elders ask of him.