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III THE hl-3TTAB of an Appficati-on for Leave
to, or in -;?-the altcrni,tive , ,jcec ial Leave to
Appeal from a Juclg,rar;nt" of llis llonour * lvlr. l

Jr-rstice ifuiev,ral-at iti-ven on 1;h"e 23rd

Decenber 19ij8 in proceedings liiirnber" lQ[
of 1958 nenrl-irti.1 in tire Supren* liour"l; cf
ilfrl :il Of 1-,ifCt.n t.':trj,t-i tOr;'1 ,;j;,.r1,i- ilt 1'rf:
Appl icant i-:,t t'ein r i+rtre;r.'1, Ii i.-itli::ri, j ira, eippea)-ed,
fr:r:rri a (: iJnv j c t ion tlJrcLer lhe 1--,pgv isions of
Section 1[1 af t]:e Licenslni'l Or.':rinance of
il_.i 'kr't*ld!1lJ-R of t;he Jrid-ieiarl,' ,irct 1:iO3-1955

.ii"r...',i1,,1,:1..-Ii.'rf]'tlifLi o1' l,iri: il r:rtheln'l-'elri.tory

Su-il,r eine 1*l ou:: t t'ri inanc e 19 1-1. -r'; 51
f., i

rii! '.i':il;; jri ti'|TliR of' the; itrort.[e] i'; i , ,r,i
. _
"!.- fI

f I L-e n"s i ir iri' o1fr e L') 39 -"1(l :i 7

4lP,.is3 :li:j's*li.B a


gaBli''lt ri&AR P.t1r'{-r,l ite_9,-11;n1leA'!.

i'ii{!:: -i{Qr$*g thgt ol, Tharo d4fu-a

ltu,..'r',.';' *ffI*- it'';g ai, tirei
hour of tO-jO orcl-ock ln iire i'c'r'enoon or so $oon tr-'.ereaftei. sg
Counsel mey be heard" Application w:i-"i,i l:e niad.e tc) the Full CoriFt
of 1;h.e i{19}r Court of Australia on br,;hal-f of tire ,l i:;cr/en:-iilled.
AppLicant -$l QED}IB tiiat th"* i ryr: f'or f il i.n;r ar:C e;er.'ving of,
FOE 1,

lifotice of Airnlication for' Lsave o:t: Rneria]- leave to appeal frorn

the abcvi:;:r.ent.:.oned- Juilgrnr:nt of Hls lfonour Mr. Justice ]friev'laldt
be enlarged to si-rch Cate a;j to ttre irtrll Coulit of the iligh Court
nay seern f it so as to enahl,e .sr-reh applicat.ion 'tr: be rnade on
b.-:half of the Applicant S!11'_F-8E:{{ ORDER 'L:rat 'i,fre Applicant rnay
fr"ont the Juilgment of tlte Supreme Coirrt of the Nolthern Territory
constitul,ed hy Iiis iicnour il{r. Justllee Kriewald.t d.eIj-vered. on
the 2}rs day of llecembe:' 1958 upon the hearing of an Appea}
l{umberert J-914 nt l.!58 from ttre eonvietion of. and sentenee
l:iiposer.i l.r}rc')n the Applicant ?:y an Order: made on.l;he
ria;,r cf' Octnher 1958 by 1;l:e Cor,trt of S,ri.mnary Jurlsdiction
pt Ali.*e $nrj.ngs in t]:e, Territory cn the ir:aring of
:1 calni;"1*a-i-n'l vr].::reln the Respondent abovennmed. .,vas
conpl-*,!"nr-':nt anrl 1;h.e .Appl.icant abovenamed was Defendant

fu.r"*her cr other' as to tire llul1 corrt

iu!-p,.ii"Q3 "rucir
of the lilgi: $c'ur.t sharl seem meet upon .Lhe fol-]-orrrinq

1. That the Learned Judge was ,j,, in faw in

d.i,snissing tLie sald^ Appea.l_ againsh the said.
c onv ic t lon;
i:" !-'hat i,he facts before hi-m the i,earnecl Jud"ge

sircluld hevr: allc;ed the salc Appe;.r1 ancl siroulcl

itave set asi,de the Or,ler of the said Court of
Sunm:lry Ju_i:lsd-i c t ionI
f* That in tire ise of his cliscretion pi,rrsuant
to Sect j.on 1l+1" of t]:e Licensin,q Ordinance of
1,1:e saitl Territ;ory the Learned Jucl"ge should

have inrpos*d a J'j"ne of not less than gJO in

sutrstitr-ition for the sentence irnposed" by the
saici Cou::t of Srmrnarlr Jurisdietion.

lj,T$ll this &oL day of Febnlary 1959-

aaaeaa\ a a a a a s aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
Solic i 0ns fon the Appllcant.

gi'*g_ilictj-ce of liotion 1s taken,ou.t by l,{axniefr charr-es Finch of

thre firm of l;lesers, i,iei1-1all & cr.owthln h59 little coiri"u
$treet Helbcurnersolicliors for the Appricant.
The Fr'lnelpal Registrar, i{igh court of Australia,
rlv rrrg rrrffi ccflrRr oE AusrRAtrA )\*-
1\oo 7 of 1959'
IN THE ]',,iATTER of an Applicatlon
Leave or"r in the alternative, Speblal .
I-:eave to Aplreai fncm a ;uagirenl oi fffn
Honour, Iulr. Justice Kriewald.t given oa
the 2Jro clay of December s 1958-in
r:roceed_ings -Tr-irn'ber 191+ cf j 95B pend.ine
rn tjre S'.r1,retne CoUrt of tiie ,Uor.thern "
Tcrritory '.;hei.ein the Applicant herein,
Albert apFealed_ from a
conviction under the pnovtgions of
Sectlon 1l+1 of ihe Licensing Ordinance
of the said. Territon.rr
of the iucllciary Act 19Oj-
- and -
IlV Tiffi of the Norther"n Territory
Orcl*nance 1911-1954
and -
I1.S llm.I'il,q$ffi of the l{orthern Teruitory
Licensirrg Ortllnatlce 1 939-1 957

BETtrIuffiN: 4.J,BERL i'rAli g\f J{RA A3:pJ-icant

arrd- *
glRtprir_m.G4g &d,tBE Respond-rrt r

I, ETlIJaE--CffilER of Tod.d" $treet Alice Springs ln the i{orthe:-n

1. Ti4q r arn a Barrister and. solicitor. of the Gupreme court
of the ldorthenr Territory of Austra-lia and al; the soLicltor fon
the.abovenamed. applicant havc irad. the conduct of this matten .

on his bebalf.
2o THAT on the 1 Bth day of sei:tenrber 1958 the applicand was
changed. by the abovenamed. respondent before a Justice of the
Peace for the }lorthern Territory of Australi-a fo:: that on the
26th day of August 1958 near llerinansberg in tlre said. ?erritory
lro niA
qrs orrr--1
u s1:LirJ " liquor to one Henoch F.aberaba, aL person
aa,|.Jd., a IJEI'UUII who wag
a v'vard. within the meaning clf the ffelfare Ordinance 1953-1957,
contrary to section 141 of the licensing Ord-inancb lglig-1gll,

f4";a i,$
I 3. THAT on the {jthi'.elay of September 1958 a Summons to a

Person on Complaint vras served pers ona113r on the applicant by

the Rdspondent at iVlorcis Soak in the saiiL Terrltory requirring
hiin to appear at Alice Springs Ccurt House in the sald.
Temltory on the 22nd. d.ay of Septernber 1958 to ansrver the"
charge. iiovr prod-uced" a-nci siiorin to r;r.e nrar"icecl rtArr is tile saii- .
Surnnrons rvlticir also contains an aver,trient ancl a certifi-cate b;r the

Crolr,n l,al:' Off icer in the saio Terr.itory rrl ating thereto.'

4. TEA! on the saio 22n<1 d.ay of' Septeniber i95B the said. Suru;rons
coming on for hearing j.efor"e J.E.Lenra"ire llsoulr"e, Stlpend.ia.ry
l,lagistr.ate at Alice S_r,ri-ngs Cou::t iicuse aforesrirl" i- 1qi;
on beherlf of tire aplrricant ancl tlie respond.ent airlear.ed" to
5. TILAT the learned. Stipend.iary i{aglstrate ad.journed- the
irearing '.rntlL the 6th d.ay of October , 1958.
6. TiIAg, on the 6tn and Tttr d.a.ys of' October 1958 the Su.rrurrons
Yras hearcl before S. Dod"ds lisquire, Stipend.iary ll'lag;lstrate at

Alice Spr.ings Cor-irt ilouse e-foresaid.. T a1,,pear.ed" on behal-f of

the appellant ancl the respond.ent rti)r;,3&reii to ;trosecute.
7. ll!{! the applicant pieacled. rr.irot gtilty" of' tire offence
l,rith vriiich he ylas charged and eviclence \ryac led. hy the
pr.osecution and. bJr ffus c]efence. 'LTo\n/ produced. and sirorvn to me
marhed" rrBrt is a trariscript of such evid.ence which I have
perused. ancl whlch as I ver.lly beiiq:ve sets forth acclrrately the
proceed.ings and qviclence glven at the l:earlng of' the.sald. charge.
8o THAI at the concluslon of the said" on the 'sa.ld
22nd. d-ay of September the lear.ned. Stiirencliany Magistrate
ad"iourned to consicler the evidence anil" on the 7th d.ay of October
1958 delivered juclgment whereby the applicant was convicted.
and. sentenced. to lmprlsonment wlth irard. labour for six months'.
lfour produced and shol'nr to me marked llCrr 1s a true eopy of the
learrrecl Sti"pend.iary lVlaglstr.atef s lleasons for Jud.grnento .

9. THAT by a l'Totice of Appeal beanlng d.ate the lOth d.ay of

Octoben 1 958 the applicant gave notlce of hls intentton to
lnstltute an appeal tr: ti:eSupreme Cc"i:rt af the ea.ld_ Territory
against both the convlction and the sentence aforementioned.
subh appeal was on the 13th day of october 1g5s duly set doryn
for heaning ai the next sittlngs of tire saicl Supreme Court to
be held at Alice Springs. Nov/ procluced. and shovnr to rne narked.
rfDil is a true copy of the sald. liotice of Appeal.

10. $I4! ttre next sittings of the said- Sr:pre:re Court at Alice
spnings coiTurerlcecl crn the lJth clay of ,iovei,iber-1958 anc- in the
course of such slttings on tire 17th day of l,Iovember t95B ilis
llonoun ldr. Justlce Krj.evlald.t ordened-, by consent, tha.t the
hearing of the said. Appeal be ad.journed. to Danlvin to a clate to
be fixed. and. further ordered", bJ' consent, e.s follotrs:-
rfcYr the appllcation of both counselo that the
appellant and. the res3ronclent each have an opl orti.nity
to ' evld.ence regarcling tirc' cirer:nistances of thb
alleged off'ence, if the c-uestion of mitigatin5; the
penalty imposed b.y the 1o\'/er cou-rt a.rises for
consi-d.enation. Both parties to hErve the right to
tencler such evlclence by afficlavits cr. viva voce at the
hearing as the;,' may be ad,vised bui, if evid.ence is
proposed. to be tendered. by affldavit a copy of the
affld.avlt shal-l beflrnished. tc tire other iiae irot less
than five Iry" befor.e the da;' appoj-nted. for the hearing
ancl if notice be given vrithlri l1U hours that the
d.eponent is required. to be present i'rrr cross-exanj-natlon
then the pa.rty tenclerlng the affid,avit shalihave the
d-eponent so availabl.e or. lvlthd.rnrv the proposed. affioavittf .
Thereafter the of' the said_ Appeal r','a.s l-1stec1 for the
11th day of Decenrber 1958 bui on that C"ate on tire airplicantrs
application lt was adjounned. io the 15th d.ay of December 1gSB.
11. TLIAT on the sald 15th day of Deccrrber lgfi the sald.
Appeal numbered. 191+ of 1958 came on for" hea.::ing before Fils
Honorrr ljr. Jr-r.stice Kriewald"t. At the hearing of the said. Appeatr-
the grorrrds stated 1n the applicantrs iTotice of Appea.l r/r/ene,
by conseb.t, amend.ed. by the a.C,dition thereto of triyo flrther
gnounds nu.nrbered. 1A and. JA as follows:-
rrlA. That b;r reasan of -
(r) the inr,'aliclity of tire V/elfare Ord"inance,
(l) the lnvaliclity of tire punported. Declaratlon
of lienoch Raleraba as a litard.
t,he convictlon is lnvalld..
3A There was no evidnce or n0 sufflcient eylclenee that
the penson all"eged to be suppllod ffrlth liquon was a
Ward. withln the rrreanl,n{f of tbe Helfare Ord.inance.
At the said. heari-ng certain d-ocumentary evidence not before -'
the learneiL stipend.iary Magistnate vras admltted. by consent
namely Northern Ternitory Government Gazette 1{o. 1l+B of 14th
May 1957 ancl the learned. Cron'n Law OfJllcer vrho a; for
the respond.ent to the appeal mad.e certain aa:irisslons lvhich
are set out in ful-l- on page 14 of tlte judgment of tLre l-earned.
Ju|ige hereinafter referred. to" In rlci,irtion certain ora,1
evid.ence lvas led. refevant to the appl-:'::antts Appeal- in so far
as it tvas an4lpeal agalnst tlie sentence imposed. by tire learned.
Stipendiar.y Liagrstrate. ltlovr produceci end siro\',rn to me marked.
Itprf is a transcrrpt of such evid-ence ir.nich i perueed" and.
wl:.ich I verily sets forth accurately s..-rch oral. evid-encen
12. THAT on the 2Jrd d.ay of Deeenrber 192B the learned" Judge
uv+r irrater{
YvI vs irrrtgment in .t,he said" ap_ilesil tlismis,glng t}ie a.ppeal

agalnst conviction and allorving the a;tnea.J- a55airrst gerttence to

the extent that the periocl of imprison:nent imposed. oil the appllcent
be red.uced. froin six months to three rtontirs" The leltrned.
fl-ir.ti:er ord.ered. that time fon the a.pplicant to appear to
abid.e the d-ecision of the Supreme Court be *xtend.ed. to the 15th
day after the flrst sittings of the }iigh Ccurt 1n the year
.1959 and tlrat tirere lre no orcler for costs. i{or,v "pr"oduced. and.
, /JJ

sfuovrrr to me iirarked. rri.'t i-s a true co]Jy of the Reasons t'on

Jud.gment of the learned. Juclge.

13. !$$S for some vreeks after the d,eJ-ivery.of jud.grnent as
aforesaid" Senior Counse] for the Apirl.icant lras ebsent overseas
and. of the two irielbourne Junicr Corrnsel for the Appli-cantone
was overseas and. the other rvas interstate. Irr these circ'rrmstaneeet
it was not appreciated, by the l4pl.icant ts 1egal advilers t,hat
time ran for the giving of i'lotlce of iiiotion for Leave to
Appeal to the I'ul1 Court of this lionounable Court durlng the
long vacation dncl ac,:ord.ingly such I'{otice c,f i,,{otion was not
served. ancl filed within the tlme preserlbed by the RuLes of thls
Honourable Court. Such Notice of [,{otlon v/asl: Bubeequent]-}r served.
lri: l

flled onthe 20th d.ay of February 1959 srrd .lt j.s

respectf\rIly requested. that the time f or the ftHng'arrd servlce '
rr+o jE! rrr (,'r(rvr- l,u tcnE rrre lral.lcaty Of the NOfthefZf
Tenrltory Vfelfare Ord.inance 1953-1957 a wnlt has been issued. 1n,.'
! f,ii:

.the supreme court of the said. ferr.itory. Iriow pnoduced and.

shown to rne rnanlced. llGft is a tnue copy of the said. l,/rit. The
issue of this wrlt is respectfully brought r.:nc1er notlce
of thls llonourable court so that this court rnay determine, if
it seems to it proper so to do, that tire issues naised by the
said- V/nit should be hear"d and. determined. at tire same time as
the hearing of thls Appeal. shoulcl such a course be ad.opted.
tlie Appllcant vrill wrd.ertatce to expedlte the stating of a
point or points of law in the first place ln the said. supneme
court and. thereafter befor.e tiris ilonourable court,
15" Tllar the lssues concerned. ii: tire llearing before IIis
Honour ]r{r'- Justlce Kriewald.t frorn rv.hich the Appllcant d"
to appeal upon the gnouncls set forth in the r{otiee of Appeal
exhiblted. hereto and. tnarkecL trDrl and. in the irTotice of i{otion
henej-nbefone referred. 'bo ana lvhbh grorurcls were d.ebated. before
His Honour and az"e consi dered by liis llonoun in his said.
Reasons for Judgment raise matters of great public and" 1egal
importance ancl irnportant questions of constitutional and
adninistrative law botjr so far as cortcr'rrg the sa:d 'jJer*itor"y
and generally and. it 1s respectfuliy r.equested. tha-b the
Applicant be given leave or" alternatively sireclal leave to
appeal to the Full Court of the i{-lgi-r Court of Australia from
re rJuLrurrisrru
irtd rmrenf. AnC[
and. OfQ.ef Of -r,..-
Of d.ef 01' t hc Srrrrr.e
vur/trw.,.v ftr
tnc, vt)ll-Tt Of the l,iOf.thefn
Ternitor.y of Australia above referred. to:
SI,'IORN at Al1ce Springs 1n tl:e

Itiorthern Temitory of
Australla t"i,ls
of -?-d'r.*-/
2s day {,/'^a
Before rne:

(,..-(ffi**, a.-r
"" '
t jrlire oi th+ {<r,tt:'r, *ndf$r
i," Norllffi 'I'cniury of .d:a*r-,,ro"


"fustices Ordinunce" X.928-199,g
Sees. P,il, 57.


To ALbert $A}fi,AfJIRA of Al-1. ee $prlni4e o ii , $.

IVIIEREdS you have this day been ch;arged by Sor,llon Se*.9crr. ir"JtABS
of Altee SprXnge , S*ngeant *f Pollee
before the undersigned, a .trustice of the Feace for the N*rtteer.n Territorv of
;lustralia.,for that on the " , 26th" ,, day of Aug;raCI&
e" w
/,fA* L!58 . {#k wt-r?"a , in the Northern Territory
of r{ustralia, yo1r &teJ" aupp}y }itlur:I" *o strtt,, ii;"*ritr:fl ;r;irirlitAl'As B $}eirsgiS

who ie & uuerd wi*h.[l.i the cnea$"in*, oi [Fre r';eif,ss.* *x.d*i.&an$* 1*5-]*195'{;
Ocntr&s";r to {isti&& 'N4t sf Si:e &.r**lsrsig *rctar:anem 1$}S*1957 ,

And Lht* s&idrrri'ordsn i{dger i{*fu\$rJ, &v*t'$ li:ai'fr L}re r*nfd" I{enor:h HASj:jit*
ASSrs to svhor{ liquor wae st}S}$}}i,s&u fe a tser{l ff}r.:.'{}es I fasr*. *:1 ths
8t*tlrr ctay $l' AugLLnt 1!'58s drlthic? dhe ffiean*nr, *-f t;tre i;*lfare*e
Fh .ft 'rlr
,;J 0o
,x FaCS /
i':Fl {J I
i;+ dr{ it
{}mr{6 ,\,'t
ii i,) "* rD I
rFJ p '-:-l I
s \r
S{t o *.1 r
t fi*t -;r
(l-P 4
S-ts" (D i "r-\3
gr{OF '", -,0
.G tlirt ,':'o-
t-.r m 'rt E ;r l;l- *
F. #.t.r d
C$g3m r\o
$; m S fi- t--r o
n{ 6.i-u.C \ ' *
;:r $ i-'i -*]'u i']':i *
F,( S{ g{ m .: ',."
6 0 6 '.:q
:{slrJ' E! \ tr
r? ..- s.c llhese are therefore tc comrnand you to be and sppear on
dft'Uuvv *
fu'+r y{ day,
|t S*., E4 411!
5.( F*r 6
{,#,,noL day of ,/r/-ertm&"'*., ,lss ,
*"D@t) /a{
$ Ft.r *l a{, ten o,clock in the f,ore mo{rn" A&i.*e Spx-*ra6n S*ur& Hsw"mg
-15 ,r{
;r" r{
in the said Territory before me or such other Justice or Justices clf the tseace for the
,6 e.qm
,""{ .r4 *} d
said Territo:'y as may then be there, to ansrver tlee said cluarge" and to'be frsrther
'p ;J F"r I
fi 1364t dealt .ll'ith aecording to lalv.
#dl J:g
4r +tSfi Ilatetl this /{.H, ' daY *f Se5:&eaii:ea"
L:.Nt O O
'rJ 6 t"* P.E{ at ALlee SprunEe
I:t "se q{.r{
, in the said 'ferritory,

{' f{ ,,,,{;_
Thie 1s the Surmtori,s irrarked rr'r rr r.c:f'*r7:ecl lw*ti*e .lf tke Feaee.
to in lrlragrrph 3 in the i.ffli,avit cf i,;i:ja}:. t$tsE
ilarter plaoC.uced. anC sirovJil to hirri :.t the tin:c^
of svrea::i"ng iris Aff id.avit bef cre l?,e "bhi.;: fli4f
' j !'.t



I, af

rnake oath and say that I did on tho i day of

, 19 , between the hoa.lrs of and

in the noon, &t in the said

Territory, duly serve the rvithin-narned defendant with the rvithin summons by

delivering a duplicate thereof to him personally.


SWORN beforc me at I

aay dr ls, I
l ..

Jusflse of the Feaee.

* 5 t{AR, 5951
rrEglr T rIlltlBr Tlv** tLIgE $-r'frlti$ F-i:AIgX ffilItr
FltilFt$rfrfli;t{ ffi':t*"*Ag
sl$F$SASf, cs.H[effi

e$Y 8$g:Er
Ss:arteble of
Foffuo atati.c,rsed at AJ"l,c* topriaga
I kn':b the seft s $ beftire Lhe *s$sbe r kr:r,is b$.n aa dlbr& ffnettjtra.
su the 'l:rth hy of $+pt tit$r
3rcar I eec?s6 tire alefa yl,th a s$,Bs*s, to
e .bsrssa *ca gwtrlEilit fil Horrl* fionk
,; w?sesg r*Htr& & FfinoF 0F sff;rfis

.F - ".3 ?hts le tdr* *rig**,*l of *br ms#r+Ep$ i *errwt $n 6he d.fL f.het d,a&sr
E (\ tu
""'u(lnJ a)
r *r.}siEsd thc satutrs +f the &umoog t,:,the d6f,t tril,&r"
r 6r,Ld
tl?ra f*r I rd]"A eryl*lrl i* ta 3e* r
H:l \ fiqr 5ef*'ra er@aas here y*ra
Fq E
t.N o Ff
I *t*r.ned 4tb*rt c$I"d r9lre*e elrtst I**b rr*8r! F

F. H $ g dost glvo e bnrg:;ar, ;' e.ultettor r+tJ.I flr thtr apr
\\ .;
jiri h0 \ +) StS$i{'}$$ f$ffi$:r$g,n SXHI$Jf |SS
&l'l fi \'",{
co {)
rtruart, tirw **nases t}rs *rm,ro&E r{,r $sd .u*
H x ,{ tt rr hr.s lo*otr
g^ 4 $,t'$TEs
&* th* t1** I ssrrsd tk srw*** I ffir k;r.*u ji,$
cJ ($ q-r
m Ln
r r#*S ?si; sl,IS $*iffis s*)eAR
i6 &sd. t,&s rqrdr
.dh t*a.e.&& *ssh$ .Jlt"{iT rsrii ssI$r ffi
\Oqi O gl 3s tffi$''i ${$wse Hs,& st!'t4"r,pr} r$ em&$ &ffrJ k:ss
' -d.f; s
._ qr i:l
"e *, W$&rft& {i$ fsg a6ffi sf,x *F
t0 $8s{tss fftt* hrfKlr4 $ti: $igrisrs{""i ,,rF ri{!j r.{ai,pAfti[
gCI +: f-r enl,rs*ffitr xgfXlgF
'r{ ,cl O 'Q
tr P.q
I tbla t&at uae on lts I re*d *bs lrrse*nc out.
ir-l S
cud qr X rswser $.t, b** th,osa rw*de*,
S'rl +r O
bfhm trlbert n*ysqeod t"he eie*as .ilp
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