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Nick DeVries

EDUC 302
Professor Keeley, Professor Leo

Topic Statement

The topic for my unit plan has been the Articles of Confederation,
and the Constitution of the United States. Both these documents have
been the rulebook for the government of the United States for
hundreds of years. The Constitution establishes the powers of each
branch of government, it outlines the checks and balances between
the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch. It also establishes the
rights we have as citizens of the United States. These rights still impact
us to this today, despite being around for years. While learning about
the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution, students become
aware of the issues that the United States was facing while being a
new nation. They learn about the influences that the founders of the
Constitution were under and learn why the Constitution is framed the
way it is. This type of view on the Constitution, and the government,
allows students to have a better understanding of some of the issues
our country faces today, by knowing, and understanding our past.
Most of the information for this unit comes from the perspective
of the United States, focusing on why the founders of the Articles of

Confederation/Constitution created each document. However, I felt

that its important for students to get another perspective on our
government, and for students to look at another countries Constitution
as well, to see how other governments are formed. Understanding how
other governments work is important to know for students so they can
understand some of the worlds problems that we see today.
Another goal I had during this unit plan was having students
evaluate the Constitution. During the Continental Congress, members
had to overcome differences, and come up with compromises in order
to make everyone happy enough to sign the Constitution. I believe it is
important for students to examine primary sources, actual documents,
and interoperate them into learning. History is more than memorizing
what happens in-between dates, its analyzing and interpreting how
things happened, and the consequences that come from that.
Ultimately, my goals for this unit plan was to help educate
students in order to help them become better citizens. Learning about
the government, how it works, why it is formed the way it is, all are
important to know as a citizen. I believe that having knowledgeable
and good citizen is extremely important for a country to be successful.
History plays a very important role in doing this, and this is why my
unit I think is very important.